FB2-51 "Advice Or Abuse"

FB2-51 "Advice Or Abuse"

A Chapter by dw817

I thought deeply on the touch of those fingers. Interpreting them. How they felt against me. Was she pushing or pulling, was she caressing, was she rubbing, was she torturing or rewarding me ?




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 51 - "Advice Or Abuse"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Lemonie saw all the fight was out of me completely now and let go of my head carefully watching with curiosity as I was unable to raise back up from dizziness.

My head bobbed around the hole, the suction from the turbulent water keeping it perfectly held there. Her hairclip continued to hod the flush mechanism.

The water jetted around the sides of my lips to escape through the open hole. "Nice." she commented leaning over and closely examining her handiwork.

I started to breathe in and out of the hole perfectly now, and my head started spinning, dizzy from the methane and hydrogen sulfide build-up in there. I moaned, feeling sick to my stomach, feeling like I was tasting everything that had oozed through it, and started to pass out. She watched, delighted at hearing my breathing start to slow down.

"That's it." she said leaning over the bowl and talking soothingly in my ear, rubbing my wet hair comfortingly. "Go to yas place of comfort now."

Then the tightness in the back of my calves that had been there all this time gave out and she dipped down on my back a few centimeters. A full minute passed in silence except for my hoarse breathing and the sound of the flush lever being held down by her hair-tie. Not one muscle in me moved now. I even think I started to snore.

My own brain-cells had to have been dying from the poisonous fumes in there now. I think I even started to dream, terrible nightmares of waves of sticky brown, and I was swimming through it.

She finally spoke breaking the silence and waking me in the process, "You doing real good, Dev. Just another minute and I'll let yas go on to yas precious party ! Just yas remember who the REAL winner is next time !"

She returned her grip to under my chin to make sure my nose was tight inside the hole along with my mouth. "You LOSE next time, got it !? Don't forget ! Or next time yas gets worse and Ise makes yas my bestest GIRLFRIEND ! Understand !?"

To emphasize what she said she reached ahead to retrieve her scissors again from the flat pipe and leaning down in the bowl where my wet chestnut-colored hair was trailing in the water, clipped off a slice of it. She held the clipping in her fingers in front of my tearing eyes, making certain I could see it.

I watched as she opened her fingers slightly to let the current suck it down the hole. She waved her hand at it in plain sight against the bottom of the commode. Her point had been made, amply. Bye bye, she was saying to it.

I spoke so quietly and I felt I could go to sleep again at any moment now from lack of oxygen. "Okay." I echoed in the hole.

I thought for a moment she couldn't hear it, but then I knew she had by feeling her straighten up on my back in confidence, letting go of my hair and returning her scissors back to her skirt pocket where it clinked with loose change and perhaps her keys.

My own breath then started to sound really wet and disgusting in the hole and I felt my lips go numb from the incessant water smacking against them and I was starting to drool now. I coughed weakly and it felt like my lungs were full of wet crap from the terrible gas in the u-bend.

"Thatta boy." she added in reply, and tickled her fingers from both hands on the back of my damp neck, being nice to me for agreeing to such horrid treatment and making sure I stayed right on that damned hole all this time.

Then she reached around to smack me once playfully with her right hand on my own bottom like we had somehow made an agreement and that was for sealing the deal. I understood her perfectly. The next time I challenged her at chess, I should lose against her, or she'd cut off my wiener, though I really couldn't feel the smack she gave me.

* * *

My brain was too numb from oxygen deprivation and I was breathing from the inside of a commode, once again, just like Stefani forced me to do, days before with her great "magic trick." That damned u-joint all over again.

And I felt more tears start to fall from my eyes again burning against my face, crying at the futility of it all. Then I cried louder and my wailing echoed in the hole, loud enough where Lemonie could hear it.

But she was apparently not completely without pity as she rubbed my shoulder comfortingly and spoke, "There there, Dev. We's almost done. Its hurts yas head to be sucha smartass all the time don't it ? I promise I wont does this to yas anymores."

But her voice trailed off in thought, "Tomorrow, well ..." and then I heard her laugh out loud in sinister thought. And then I felt her delicate fingers return to touch around my head, eager to feel she was in total control of me again.

It was then that it hit me, but only after I felt her fingertips on my head and the way she held them there.

With consciousness waning on me, I concentrated on those fingers she held my head with. THEY were the only things telling the truth right now. From the moment I set eyes on her when she approached the chess table. She was telling LIES all this time ! I'm not a girl !

Well ... I didn't know that for certain. I'd have to ask Lilly later cause I trusted her to tell me the truth.

But I still thought deeply on the touch of those fingers. Interpreting them. How they felt against me. Was she pushing, was she pulling, was she caressing, was she rubbing, was she torturing, was she punishing, or was she rewarding me ? Which was it goddammit !?

And then it hit me. This was FUN for her ! She wasn't doing this for my medical benefit ! She'd LIKE ME TO BELIEVE it was so I went along with it, but it wasn't !

She was not a nice girl ! She wasn't doing this to help me with my "problem" at all like she said earlier ! She was being cruel and terrible to me, trying to twist my mind to think I actually deserved this !

SHE LIED TO ME AND I BELIEVED HER ! She would dearly love it if she could in time break my simple reasoning down so far that I actually held out my hand to shake it and thank her for torturing me like this afterwards !

NOT because she cared about me, not at all ! She only did it because she was a self-righteous little b***h that enjoyed the F*****G power trip it gave her, being in control of someone else's life and making it as miserable as humanly possible to eke a meaning to her own shallow life !

I'd never finally get "cured" so she would never stop doing this to me ! She would see to that ! It was game on tomorrow ! I could see that now !

Then I pondered on a more serious point. How DID I get myself into these things ?

WHY do people keep putting me in here ? I don't like it here ! I never did ! I never will ! Can't anyone EVER understand that ? And yet, here I am again, by popular demand, apparently ! I don't care ! F**K the logic in it ! It's wrong, it always will be !

We already agreed that Lemonie is here just to get her power trip so she doesn't count in this vote !

People aren't meant to be jammed headfirst into toilets !


Then I felt my shoulders shake in raw rage at this revelation. Before she could retrieve her scissors seeing I had changed, I suddenly shrieked out loud, unable to hold my desperation for lack of a logical answer to this penultimate question anymore.


As I cried out there was an unexpected flash of light all around me and a deafening noise like thunder had hit the whole building followed by pitch darkness. There was one thing I was certain of, my anger was unleashed and it had become manifest !


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