Dream Diary - September 8th 2015

Dream Diary - September 8th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Mall Antics / Sound Assumptions / Revenge Of War Of The Worlds / New RPGMaker Idea / Early Graduation / Razor Sharp Wit / The Molecular Laser / I Am Not Ready / She Plays Well / Train Transportation



  Dream Diary   


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© September 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed that I was in a shopping mall, and oddly enough I was taking a school class there.

I remember the class ending and I went to the cafeteria. Instead of selecting what we wanted, sandwiches were already made. I pulled out my wallet to check my finances and saw I had a $20 and two $1 bills, so I smiled and told myself I should be able to afford this. The two sandwiches came with a bag of potato chips and an off-brand cola.

Then I am apparently wearing a vest of some kind. I reach in my left pocket and pull out a wrapped peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. I set that beside the plate.

Then I am looking in the distance and I see a strange sight. Two little girls are swinging a jump rope and there is an old woman jumping to the tune of their chant; something childish and unimportant.

I turn my head to look back in the cafeteria and see what I believe is the Mother with her daughter. She is talking to the daughter, but suddenly the daughter is wrapped up in what appears to be cellophane. The Mother crossly speaks, "You always do this when I ask a question on how well you are doing in your studies !"

I shake my head at the strange sight and am at the register.

"That'll be $20." Before I can protest she has already taken the large bill out of my hand and deposited in her register. "Thank you, next !"

I am about to protest of the high cost of this lunch but look behind me and see other people already having out their $20 bill - so I figure that it must indeed be the right price.

I walk outside and there is this swimming pool and several seats. All the seats are taken so I take my shoes off and sit by the pool, dangling my feet in the water.

A woman approaches me and speaks, "I'm going to teach you something."

"Oh ?" I ask.

She nods. While it wasn't there before, it is now, a type of coat rack but added to it are tiny little hooks on it to carry smaller items.

She takes off one of her hairbands and throws it at the coat rack. Her aim is so good it catches on one of the hooks. I nod in approval. She then takes another hairband off and tosses it. But this one twists in the air and chooses the hook above the latter.

Because it is still spinning when it lands it dislodges a necklace to catch on the hook below.

At this point I am applauding her expertise in tossing.

I stand up to retrieve the necklace when my pants fall down. Suddenly I wake up.

[??] Had a very brief dream about this race of beings called the, "Dichotomies." While they had invaded Earth to attack us, if you knew about them, they couldn't hurt you. But if you didn't know about them or did but didn't believe they existed, they could come and kill you.

I'm not certain if I was to learn something from this.


[2] Dreamed I was in some kind of fancy hotel. There were two people, my grandmother and my grandfather whom I've never met, but the memory in my dream told me who they were.

They tell me they want to hear some nice music while they are waiting. Just ahead is a stereo system. I nod, get up, and go to it turn it on. But before I do I set the volume to zero.

Then I click it on and am surprised to hear music. For a moment I wonder if I am dreaming but then rapidly dismiss it.

Then I hear cracking and crunching. I look up and see that the ceiling is breaking apart. My grandfather yells, "David, we've gotta get out of here !"

I start to run away and they follow me. Everywhere I run though it seems as if we are going to get pulverized by the collapsing roof and ceiling and other items above us. It is like we are in a shopping mall and there is an earthquake.

Suddenly I see some water and dive towards it. There is a bit of a pretty waterfall here spraying water at my wait and there are also penguins all around. I duck under this very sturdy looking column of stone near the water's edge and beckon my gramma and grampa to join me.

The rumbling continues but I see now we are safe. The penguins come up, look, make a little noise, and go back. Shortly after that I woke up.


[3] Dreamed I was detained after class by this teacher I knew. We were good friends but he was concerned about my grades and my ability to pass the class.

We talked into the evening and suddenly saw strange glows outside the window. We both looked and saw that it was indeed UFOs. We both went out to investigate. They were dropping boxes.

We took a look in the boxes and didn't see anything, but suddenly a flea bit me. I flicked him off of my wrist with a finger when I saw a dark gray cloud move towards me. At first I thought it was smoke but then quickly realized it was a bunch of fleas !

I started to run away and felt like my back was on fire as I was set upon by thousands of these transported insects. I looked behind me and saw my teacher covered up in fleas, his face all red from bites, and lying on the ground, not moving.

Then more UFOs came into range and dropped more wooden boxes. I realized that these aliens planned to decimate all of mankind by the mass of these insects and there would be little we could to stop them ! Then I thought to the original War Of The Worlds in how we beat an invasion earlier with bacteria.

And this was there way to get back at us !

I ran back in the school shutting the door and now the air was deafening with thousands of buzzing fleas trying to get in everywhere they could.

I grabbed a mop and in a fit of strength ripped off the bristly part and stuffed it under the door. Then I heard people outside shrieking in surprise and pain. Then pounding on the door to be let in.

About that point I woke up.


[4] Dreamed I was programming and building a new RPGMaker. I had based this one on the concept of Arcana in that everything was all about playing cards.

Hearts represented gaining hit points. Diamonds represented gaining wealth, Spades represented random encounters, and clubs stood for a crossed path, where you can go 3-different ways from here, either to maintain your original course, to take an easier longer journey, or a shorter quicker more dangerous one.

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

I was working in a graphic editor and building special cards to go only with the original deck of 52 including critters, armor, weapons, spells, and even people you might meet in your travels.

There was no North, South, East, or West, either. Instead it was like a series of cards overlapping one another, where you can't see what's underneath until you have conquered what's above first.

The only position you had was 4 but they were more azimuth than actual direction.

I woke up but remember it well. Perhaps in time I might do something with this idea and make it manifest.


[5] Dreamed I took this test in class which required me to enter in what I was seeing on the blackboard directly into this machine I had in my lap.

I looked around and realized that every person in class had one too. There was a QWERTY keyboard beneath the display so I was rapidly typing in it, although in the dream I had no real idea of what I was entering.

At a level I realized the machine was teaching me grammar and spelling, though words only flashed on the screen for a 100th of a second before vanishing, and then expecting me to not only know its usage but its definition and where it can be used in a sentence.

Finally I raised my hand in confusion.

The teacher, an attractive woman with her red hair done up in a bun answered, "Yes, David ?"

I faltered in my speech, "I don't really understand this !"

"Oh ?" She went to come stand beside to me, to the left of my desk. Then she took the machine from my hands to look. She set it back in my lap immediately and patted me on my back.

"Well that's just perfect, David. You are done here."

"Done ?" I asked.

"Yes, done ! You did everything perfectly ! You won't need to enter another class. You can go home if you like and start planning for your career !"

"Career ?" I was really surprised now.

"Yes, David, your career ! Here - " and she took the machine from me. "You're done here, go on. Get out, so the rest of us can try to live up to your greatness."

That received some mean snickers from half of the class.

"Oh - kay ?" I said, my voice quavering again. The class laughed. I started to put together papers from my desk in the folder I had on the desk.

Again the teacher stopped me, "You won't need those."

"NONE of them ?" I asked.

"Not a one. You're good to go !" and with that she stepped back and held out a magnanimous hand to the door.

I shrugged, got up and left.

I don't remember the walk home but I do remember going home. At this point I realized I was 16-years old, and Dad was there.

"Graduated completely ?" he asked. I nodded. "Well done !" and he patted me on the back.

I shrugged, "It doesn't make any sense, what about college ?"

"You won't need it." he said flatly.

I guess it finally sank in me that I wouldn't ever need school again. "Yahoo !" I admitted.

Dad smiled. "Why don't you call your sister and tell her the good news too ?" My Dad offered.

I agreed. I picked up the phone and called her.

Before I could even say "hello" she was already muttering about something. But I couldn't make it out. I tried to get a word in edgewise but it was no good. It was like her end of the phone couldn't even hear me, and then I heard her voice get quieter, as if she were talking to someone else.

I hung up the phone but still heard her talking. At that point I realized I was dreaming and woke up.


In this dream I am apparently part of a gang, like you might find out in the street. A street gang. I was riding a bicycle earlier, but have parked it now. I am talking on a public telephone to someone and they are telling me to beware of this one girl in the gang who is 12-years old.

In the dream I feel like I am 16-years old so I tell them, hey, I can take care of myself. But the voice is insistent.

"You are in great danger ! Get away while you still can !" and then the line goes dead.

I hang up the receiver and look at her. She appears small and frail. I smile and start to ask her a question when she interrupts me by lashing out with her sharp fingernails and easily cuts my bicycle into two pieces. It falls over in the gutter in a noisy clash of metal.

She holds up two fingers from each hand and I can see her nails aren't just sharp, they're metallic and at least an inch long !

She is waiting for me finish my sentence but I am too scared to continue. She turns around and slashes with her four fingers again. The car behind her is neatly cut into 4-pieces and clatters in the concrete with a heavy metallic ringing sound.

In my mind, it is telling me that this little girl is in league with the devil and must be destroyed.

I pick her up like a piece of paper and tear her into tiny bits so she is just confetti. I start to walk away but then this impossibly tall and incredibly thin man with an empty face goes over to pick up the confetti, blows it out of his hand and she is restored, and angrier than ever !

I try to grab her again as a piece of paper but I can't and all I get to show for my efforts are cut hands and wrists where she claws me with her razor-sharp fingernails.

Then Santa Claus appears to the left and right of her - which is pretty weird. Apparently I am supposed to talk to one of them but refuse and want to talk to the girl in the middle.

Finally I get my question out. "Where did you learn to cut like that ? I mean, who raised you to do this ?" I ask her.

"Google." she replies in a single word.

At this point I am laughing but quickly stop from the look on her face. It is then I realize, at least in this dream that Google is so sentient that it managed to create a daughter in it's soulless and uncaring vision - this girl.

Realizing this is a dream now, I wake up.


[7] I am on the Internet. I am in chat room. There are 4280 people in there all busily chatting about everything.

I'm not sure why I'm here as usually I don't enter chat rooms if there are more than 4-5 people. In any case I am reading the text and see someone is talking to someone else about building a protoplasmic laser gun.

I touch the screen on these two people and the rest of the conversations turn light-colored and only these two stand out.

Suddenly, even though I haven't said a single word, one of them writes me and says, "Get out of here. We don't want to talk to you."

But I write back, "I'm curious about your conversation, I'd like to know how you build this weapon you are describing."

Then I receive a private message from someone else named MAPLE. She says, "Drop Carrier now or they'll be by to see you."

I answer back, "How can they do that ?"

Maple replies still in private message, "Believe me, they can. Get out now !"

I'm frightened with that. I turn off my computer and step outside. No sooner have I seen the starts at night when this weird purple beam strikes my entire apartment from above. It stays there. I put my hand forward and there is no temperature difference.

Then my apartment appears to be weeping or running water. The beam stops and when I look again, instead of my dwelling is this huge bowl of gray wiggling jello. Protoplasm, I tell myself.

Then the beam turns on again for a wider focus and I am running away.

Then I wake up.


[8] I guess it's my Birthday or something. I can't seem to open my eyes entirely and everything is pretty blurry and fuzzy. I feel like I am 14 or 15-years old. I look down and see I am only in my underwear but it does not seem to bother the people around me.

I look down and see many many gifts for me. I'm still not sure what the occasion is. Nothing daunted though I tear into the packages and am delighted to find they are all the toys I've lost in my life.

Even this toy ball I had when I was 1-year old. It was interesting to me because it had water in it and a toy boat that always stayed on top of the water no matter how many times I turned it around.

And - I can't stop. There are more and MORE presents to be unwrapped. I hear someone talking in my ear but it is a buzzing sound, like a bee. I turn to look at them but they vanish.

There are still more people around me, but then I realize I have a choice. Continue to open the great presents or stop to talk to my relatives which is whom they were.

I chose the presents, until suddenly everyone vanishes as I have completely ignored them over the gifts.

I am then in a dark hallway. The presents seem worthless now being all alone. Then I hear deep heavy footsteps from ahead of me.

A voice speaks, "It's time to go, David."

"Go where ?" I ask it, still holding the water ball under one arm.

"To things of greater importance." the voice replies in a riddle.

"What could be greater than this ?" and I hold up the water ball to show the unseen speaker.

"You will know, and you will learn. Everyone does, in time."

At this point I am crying and upset, certain that I have died and this is some spirit to take me to the beyond.

"I'm not ready to go !" I cry, tears rolling down my face.

The voice laughs gently, "No-one is ever ready. But TIME, yes, TIME is ready for you. That is how it always is, David."

My hands are feeling funny now. I set down to ball to look and see they are old and wizened. Not the nice young ones I had earlier. My tears have collected into a pool by my feet.

I see my reflection now and I must be 80 or 90-years old. The tears fall more freely and the ball I had rolls away of its own accord.

"Where is everyone !?" I demand.

"They are already here - waiting for you."

Suddenly my head starts jerking up and down. I can't control it. I wake up and my head is still vibrating. I grab it with both hands to stop. Get up, get a drink of water. Use the washcloth to wipe my tears away, then eventually fall back asleep.

In the morning I try to look up what happened and the way I felt. I may have been having a small seizure or tinnitus. It's not the first dream I had when my head is vibrating, but usually those dreams are associated with being in a mental ward and unable to control my limbs.


[9] Dreamed that I was looking through someone's window, a bit of a peeping Tom I guess. There was this young and attractive woman who was playing the piano, but there was no sheet music.

It was her own original music and it was really quite lovely. As I watched, I saw pretty rainbow-colored bubbles come out the top of the piano. As they collided into the ceiling, they made a sound of drums until it was a perfect accompaniment for the music she was writing.

The scene changes and I am in a grocery store. It is sometime in the future and shopping carts run on gasoline. I remember holding on to one as it zoomed down an aisle. It vibrated so much it felt like the bones in my hand were vibrating, like holding onto a jackhammer.

Then the scene fades and I wake up.


[10] Dreamed that I had bought a house. First time I have ever dreamed something like that.

I remember it being late at night and I was looking over all the paperwork involved. Then I go to my bed to lay down. But it feels as if I am moving.

I look out the window and see the world moving sideways. I open the window to peer down and see that my house is in fact on wide train tracks and gaining acceleration traveling rapidly to my left.

Then train tracks appear directly in front of me and a type of metal apparatus fits in the front and back of my house, a metal bar that glides freely over the tracks.

Thinking I can stop this "train" I push the metal bar out against the new set of tracks and with a shower of sparks and a loud screeching sound the "train" and my house stop moving.

Then several people all wearing train conductor hats come into my home and talk politely to me. "We're very interested in your home." they say.

I shake my head. "What's going on ? Where are we going ?"

One steps forward, a woman with jet black hair trailing down from her hat. She says, "We're going to meet the queen and YOU don't want to be late."

With that they all go out the front of my door. I lean my head out the window by my bedroom again only to have it blown back by air of great force. Then my window closes and locks and I can't reopen it again.

In a short amount of time the train starts up again and a moment later it feels as if we're now traveling a little over 300mph !

Then the train stopped and my house popped open like a gift box, all 4-walls falling down and around. I step out onto this lovely grass that's tinted blue. Everyone is there.

My Dad is, Kay, Emma, even Chris. They are all sitting on a picnic blanket and many food items are there.

They wave me over. I go to greet them. As soon as I sit on the blanket though I wake up.

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