Dream Diary - September 15th 2015

Dream Diary - September 15th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

The Amazing Puzzle / Sleeping Gun / Turn The Music Off / Quite The Adventure / Ruination Of Ruins / Unwanted Guests / Quest For Cat Food / Hosing Chickens / The Sequel In Blood / The Real 16th Century



  Dream Diary   


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© September 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed that I was in a toy store playing with this puzzle that had a decidedly Egyptian theme to it. I'm not really sure why, but it was open and it seemed to be an invitation for me to play with it.

As I'm solving it, someone comes by and puts a new price tag on it. Originally it said $2, then he put a $6 tag on top of that.

"Why did you do that ?" I ask him.

"It's obvious this is a bestseller, since you're playing with it."

I smirked. "You could at least wait until I was done with it first."

He didn't say anything and walked on.

The puzzle I was working on was actually pretty interesting. It was not just a jigsaw puzzle. While it had the rudiments, when you rotated the pieces, the picture would change depending on the angle you inserted them at.

I finished the puzzle and the edges lit up pretty like Christmas lights. There was some tinny music playing too. I picked up the puzzle to look at it properly, and all the pieces stayed together with connectors.

Then I saw on the side there was a slot to insert a small and thin key. I looked around but didn't see anything to insert into it.

Then I saw the box the puzzle came in. Apparently I had opened the box to get at the inside. Sure enough taped on the back was the key I wanted.

I pulled it off and started to insert it when that guy came back again. "I sure hope you are planning on buying this game now that you've opened it." he told me crossly.

"Yeah, whatever." I spoke back.

He didn't leave, apparently curious to see what would happen when the key was inserted. I put it in and it sounded like a motor started up. Then apparently the entire toy store started rotating like a merry go round.

I could see this because suddenly people shopping fell over and started sliding on the floor as centrifugal force took place. Suddenly I couldn't stand up anymore and I started heading toward the pane glass from the outside.

Just before I hit, I woke up.


[2] Dreamed I was at Dad's house. I wasn't James Bond but someone similar. My memories were filled with missions I had gone on in the name of the President.

I reached down to my waist to see I had a utility belt a little like Batman's. Instead of silly gadgets though I had packets of poison, truth serum, sleeping powder, really all kinds of things.

Then I left Dad's house and I had this neat gun. It shot out needles and apparently had an infinite supply. I saw people who greeted me warmly and I viciously shot them all in the neck with the gun.

Then policeman came but I was too fast for them as well. With a few quick shots they too toppled over like pins in bowling. I was having a grand time until someone had sneaked up behind me and smacked me over the head with a belaying club.

Then it was my turn to fall down.

Before I slipped into unconsciousness I heard a voice speak, "That'll be enough of that."

"Who does he think he is ?"

"Don't know, we'll get some positive ID back at the station."

Then I woke up.


[3] Dreamed I was in my own apartment prior to the home I'm in now. There was loud music playing downstairs and it was already past 11pm at night. Then I looked at my alarm clock and it was strange because music was coming from it too. Different music though.

Now this has always happened as I have had this kind of dream before. My neighbors are playing loud music because I have somehow been unable to turn my own off.

In the dream, it always tells me that if I can turn my own music off then my neighbors will turn theirs off and we can all go back to bed.

But that's the problem. Even after I turn off my own stereo system, SOMETHING in my apartment is still playing. I go to find the TV, I turn the volume off, but it still makes noise.

I try to unplug it and get shocked. The radio is then playing, I put the volume to zero and it gets louder. I hear thumping from upstairs now because I'm making so much noise. I pull out the plug and it's like a thousand volts is running through me. I get hurt every time I try to make it quieter.

It's only when I pull out a plug and that something is still playing, does that tell me that I am dreaming, and I can wake up.


[4] It was like I was playing Dungeons & Dragons, except it was for real !

I had to acquire my weapons, armor, and everything, while in the game as I started out with nothing, not even gold-pieces to purchase stuff. And the easiest way to do this was for me to pick up items from my comrades who were being slaughtered left and right as I cowered in fear and stayed out of combat's reach.

I did manage to cut myself badly reaching for a battle axe as some type of horned monster picked it up to use against me. And I wrestled with him for possession of it. There were telephones in this adventure too. I remember finding a phone booth and calling someone.

I picked up the receiver and without dialing I heard an old man's voice. Then the operator interrupted and said, "72 is your best year, though."

Then the old man spoke in difference and said, "You told me that when I was 48."

I could tell by his voice that he was dying though. Then he was there, outside the phone booth.

He was indeed old but had the face of a pig. He was wrapped in a blanket. The first words that came to me were, "Pigs in a blanket."

I laughed but he greeted me with a sneer and glowing red eyes.

"Sorry." I offered, holding up my hands in defense and dropping the receiver of the phone.

He wrapped the blanket tighter around himself and took off into the fog. Because that is what it was now. While it was clear earlier now me and the phonebooth were encircled in a thick gray fog.

I step outside to go after him. He hasn't traveled very far. The cloak is dirty and not at all clean. I touch him on the back and him and the blanket turn into a gray kitten. The kitten turns to look at me with green eyes and is crying.

I had never seen a cat cry before so I reach down to pet him some more, telling him it's going to be alright.

Then there is a loud noise. My memory tells me we are close to the entrance of the next level of the adventure game. I then see dark shadows moving in the mist, monsters far stronger than I have ever met and avoided yet.

They point their weapons at the kitten, clearly wanting him for something. The kitten jumps up on to my shoulder and whispers in my ear, "We must leave now."

So then I am running top speed and randomly through the fog as the monsters and villains behind me curse under their breath, losing me quickly.

I stop for just a moment and I am nearly run down by this warthog faced creature that is twice my size. He reaches out with fat and muscular fingers for the kitten but I fall over backwards and run in the opposite direction.

Then I was aware of a scroll I had. It summoned spirits to help me. I pulled it off the side of my belt and read out loud, "I need two strong warriors to help me right now."

There is a flash of fire and thunder and these two people appear. They are beautiful and handsome. One is a nude woman, the other is a man, but they do not have any legs, just floating mist.

Nonetheless they nod towards me, apparently having received their instructions. And then I am set upon by all the creatures of the next level. My two genie defenders launch themselves into the fray with sharp double-edged and bladed weapons.

There is a clash of weapons as they collide into each other in mortal combat, then I fall over and the kitten runs away. Then I wake up.


[5] Dreamed I had a landspeeder like Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. I was streaking across a desert terrain and I was aware that there were these ruins around me, and they contained rare golden coins that would fetch a high price at the market back at base.

I am not navigating the craft very well and it veers drunkenly to the left and right. Finally it turns in a tight spin and the engine overheats spewing smoke from the front. When the smoke clears I see I am at one of the ruins.

There is a glyph in the door. In my memory, I am told that if I trace the glyph the correct way with my finger, I can gain admittance.

But somehow this one cheats. It's not a single line but one that turns into two. So I trace it down with my index finger and then add my middle finger as the paths branch off in different directions - and apparently that is the correct thing to do. As a moment later the entrance to the ruins open up and I can enter.

As soon as I enter a purple beam hits me and I am shrunken to the size of a fly. But that doesn't stop me. I trudge through what was easy sand before is now thick and hard to move through.

And then SPIDERS were after me. And as you know from my dreams, once spiders show up, I am trying very hard to wake up at that point. Suddenly I was bit in the neck by one from behind.

Then instead of the dream ending, I am a different person. Normal size. I pick myself up in the palm of my hand and separate the spider from me.

I squish it under my heel and try to breathe life back into the smaller me.

Then the smaller me is okay but just sleeping. I put him in my pocket and travel on in the ruins. Suddenly a large stone dislodges from the ceiling and smashes down, killing me instantly. Then I wake up.


Dreamed that I was in Disneyworld, and no, I had never been before.

I was not a guest though but an employee. I was keeping track of who got in and who got tossed out. Admission was $3 which told me the year had to have been pretty early.

One nice thing we had outside of places to eat and where you could ride the rides was a library. In there you could read up about all of Disneyworld history including all the characters, Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy, Donald Duck - everyone.

There was this one fellow that arrives in a pick-up truck. In the back he has this nuclear reactor with which he is cooking a barbecue. I am told by management that we cannot have this here. What if the reactor blew up ? Many guests would be injured or killed.

So now I am out of my guard's shack and waving him down. In the back are two dangerous looking teenagers, like bullies. Driving the vehicle is also a similar looking adversary.

"You can't stay here !" I am telling them.

"Why not !?" one in the back of the truck snarls.

"It's too dangerous ! What you have here could hurt people."

"Ah, go back to your shed !"

Then I am pulling out this gun which I know is a taser. "Leave now !" I tell them.

"Or what !? We're going in whether you like it or not !"

I tase the first guy in the back and he falls over quivering and is finally still.

"What the hell did you do !?" And then I am set upon by these guys from both sides. My taser needs 30-seconds to recharge, but I don't have the time as the guy from the left reaches out and kicks me in the chest, knocking me over.

"Yeah, get him !" the other guy yells and kicks me in the stomach as I am on the ground.

I grimace in pain, I still have 10-seconds to go before my taser is ready. They leave me now. The driver gets back in and putting the truck in 1st gear accelerates in full reverse towards the gates.

Naturally as soon as he hits the gate the reactor goes off and there is burning orange and yellow sensation all around me along with a high pitched sound that hurt my ears. Then I wake up.


[7] Dreamed my sister, Emma, gave me some money to buy some cat food. I told her I won't be long. I step out the door and what a mission it is !

It was like I was pole vaulting over people in the street as everyone was going in the opposite direction. I would grab them by the front of their shirt and climb up to bounce on their heads.

Finally I arrived at this strange elevator. It was unusual in that it didn't just go up and down but side to side as well. Elevators usually spell disaster for me in my dreams so I was surprised this one didn't kill me.

I stood in the middle watching the sides around me break off, which would've finished me if I were standing there. I've learned in the past that elevators can be deadly.

Finally I arrive at the pet store. I am going over to where the cat food is when I slip on the floor from what is apparently a spot where the janitor was cleaning. It is so slippery that I am sliding on one foot around the store. Then it is a bit of a puzzle.

I have to slide in a particular direction and distance in order to reach my goal, the boxes of cat food. Finally I grab a box and slide back. I go to the checkout. I look down at my pocket for an instance but when I do it is like the floor is taken out from under me and I flip down on the floor.

Then I wake up.


[8] I'm back at Dad's house. Emma, my sister, and Kay, her husband are there. I am told that I can earn extra money by cleaning chickens.

I knew my sister raised chickens on her farm but I didn't think there would be any here in the city. I go to the backyard though and instead of seeing the swingset the Coushar's gave us, there are chickens all running around.

"They need to be cleaned !" my sister tells me.

"How ?" I ask.

"Hose them down." Then she hands me a water hose.

I point at one chicken but he runs away.

"No, you have to catch the chicken first, then hose him down. Then let him go."

"Won't he scratch me ?" I ask.

"Not if you wear gloves." she replies.

To make things more difficult I guess there was this old woman out there and she was - well - the best way to describe it, lecherous. She had her hands on me, telling what a good boy I was, rubbing my back, my butt, my shoulders.

It felt pretty good but she had a ghastly stench to her, like an old nursing home.

Then the scene changes and I am younger, somehow running after the school bus as I must've missed it.

It's bad enough I'm running after it. I have to duck through dirt holes in the ground, climb through pipes, and all kinds of obstacles. And penguins ! There were penguins everywhere taking nips at me with their sharp beaks if I slowed down any.

There are kids laughing and screaming out the window of of the bus telling the driver to go faster and faster. Finally he comes up to a stop sign and everyone groans in disappointment.

He opens the door and I am truly winded, dirty, and exhausted.

"Get on if you're getting !" he yells to me.

I climb on and everyone pinches, prods, and pokes me. Apparently they wanted to see me run all the way to the school and likely have a heart attack in the process.

I sit down for a moment wondering what school I am going to. For a moment I realize I've graduated middle school and it is then I wake up.


[9] Dreamed I was building a strategy-based game. A type of RPGMaker but using paper, cardboard, dice, and pencil.

It involved many different elements not standard with common RPGs.

It used a series of plastic squares that could interconnect in different ways. For instance, to give a weapon to your player, you would take the chit, and connect a sword or axe right above him. Then as two pieces you could go into combat.

But if you wanted to open a door to get further in the game, you had to lose the weapon and replace it with a KEY chit. It was really a fascinating and interesting game the way I designed it. And it was being built at a time when computers were just now coming out.

Then I am seeing the future, where my game is on the shelf and then I am seeing sales. My game is better than Yahtzee, better than Monopoly ! I've cornered the game market !

Everyone wants to see me make a sequel board game better than what I did.

I am now working in the wee hours of the night. There is a knock on my door. This short fellow comes in without permission as says that he is a pal of mine.

"I don't know you." I tell him.

"Sure you do," he says. "Or you will. You'll want to. That's for certain. Here. Here is a check for $200,000. Yours to keep. Spend as you like. Isn't that nice of me ?"

I take it skeptically and look it over. It seems real and official. "What do I have to do ?" I ask him.

He shakes his head, "Nothing at all. Nothing, really. You just relax, take it easy. And do what you want - that is - except for one thing."

"What's that ?"

"Your game. You're making a sequel, right ? That check is yours - if you stop. Just stop what you're doing. Instead, go out, have a nice time, get wasted, get laid, whatever. But don't build a sequel to your game. Simple right ?" and he holds a hand out to shake on the deal.

I set the check down. "I appreciate this, but I can't stop. Not really. Game making is in my blood."

He turns his face down in disappointment. "In your blood, is that right ?"

I nod. He then pulls out a gun. He shoots me unerringly straight through the heart. "There now, is that in your blood ? Is that your blood on the floor ? Thought so."

I only have moments to live before I die. I see him go to my drawing board where I have all the notes for the sequel and he sets fire to it. Then I wake up back in bed.


[10] Dreamed I am publishing this book. It is about true 16th century. It is an unusual book in that all the information from it, I receive from dreams.

There is talk that I am communication with the other side, or that I am reliving one of my previous lives for that time period. But one thing is certain. What everyone seems to have already known about the 16th century is one big lie, deliberately fabricated to confuse history and confound historians.

In a short amount of time my writing is considered the correct way 16th century happened - even though I am receiving it all only from my dreams every night. I am contacted by historians everywhere who want to have their picture with me and to have deep discussions about my dreams.

I show up at one signing and someone asks if I did any illustrations, drawings in the book of what I see in my dreams.

I tell him, I'm not sure. But then I open up my book and see that every left page has a beautiful illustration describing what is written on the right page. People crowd in deeper and it is then I realize I'm going to be signing books for at least an hour.

My sister and Kay are there. They say they'll order me out a sandwich. I say thanks.

I am trying to talk to people about the book but there is this radio that is welded to my table. Even with the batteries out it is playing loud static. Finally I realize that a radio can't make noise without electricity and I wake up.

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Haha you have weird but fun dreams :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Long time, CM ! Good to see you. :D

Yes, well, not all my dreams are fun. Halloween i.. read more

5 Years Ago

Good to see you too :) Haha yeah most of my dreams that are weird are actually scary.

5 Years Ago

I did make some progress recently, however. When I have a dream that I am 7-8 years old, I am in Dad.. read more

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