Dream Diary - September 22th 2015

Dream Diary - September 22th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Kindness From Billie / The Secret Pyramid / Ruining The Birthday Party / Sticky Fingers / Scenario 3 / Blind And Rude / Shut The Hell Up / Chris Gets Shot / Halloween Monster / Powering The House



  Dream Diary   


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© September 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed I spent the night at Billie's house. Now this is the very first time I've ever dreamt of her. She was one of the women that worked with me when I volunteered for 12-years at the local church food bank.

In any case, she let me sleep in the front of her hall, and there was a panel I could open up that had extra pillows, Susan, and some books I was reading. It was during the middle of winter and her place was nice, cozy, and warm.

Then my Dad showed up and said that I couldn't stay, that I was encroaching on my stay. He said I had to sleep outside if I didn't have any other place to stay. Then I was thrown out with a sleeping bag and Susan, not even a tent. I asked for my books but Dad wouldn't let me take them even though they were my own.

Outside the wind whipped up nastily and snow billowed all around me. Dad said I could sleep in her yard but that I had better find new living arrangements the day after.

She I took my sleeping bag and threw it in the snow. I took Susan and went inside the sleeping bag. Just then some papers blew by. One of which was in the shape of a triangle and read, "End of school - Summer is on its way."

"In a pig's eye." I said and shivered. Then I zipped the sleeping bag up all the way around me. While I didn't feel the wind, the cold bit right through the blankets. I trembled to the chill but eventually I was asleep.

The dream changed slightly. I was on stage doing some kind of performance to the music of a radio that was welded to the floor. The music stopped and I heard a buzzing. I went to look at the radio and roaches were coming out of it. Then I woke up.


[2] Dreamed I in elementary school working with these little plastic bits. They were square with connectors at all 6 points, about the size of my little fingernail. With them you could build 2D colored pictures of 3D sculptures.

I was working on a 3-dimensional pyramid whereas the students around me were just making simple 2D pictures like a house with their family or a scene from a park.

But then I was running out of pieces. The teacher was congratulating the fellow to my left who was almost done with his, a simple scene from a park with a picnic table.

Then she came to me and was mad. "What are you building, David ?" she asked in an angry tone.

"It's a pyramid." I told her. "A really neat pyramid."

"But you don't have enough pieces. Do you know what you get when you set out to do something that is too big for you and you don't have enough time or tools to do it ?"

I shook my head, "No ma'am."

"NOTHING !" she screeched at me. "Nothing at all !" and then she picked up my pyramid and dashed it to the floor. Little squares fell in all directions and the kids around me grabbed for them so they could finish theirs.

"That's not fair !" I said, and felt tears coming on.

"Life isn't fair. If you do something, make certain you have enough time and tools to do it in. If you don't, you're just wasting your own time and ours."

I cried some more. She finally told me to go sit in a corner until I understood what she was saying.

I did. But then I looked at the corner, and the corner of the corner looked like a pyramid. I whispered to myself, "I can see the pyramid but no-one else can. This is my own private pyramid that no-one can ever take from me."

The teacher saw I was talking to myself and asked what it was.

"I see my pyramid." I told her.

"Really, where ?" she asked.

I pointed to the corner I was sitting in and then the floor where it joined two walls. The small space of triangle at the bottom - I pointed, "There it is, but it's off angle." so saying I reached down with my hand and grasped empty air, then I turned it 90 degrees to the right.

In doing so the whole room where everyone was tilted as well. As I was already in the corner, I did not get hurt, but everyone else was lacerated by glass and sharp metal objects. They were screaming and crying out in pain.

As for me. I reached down and picked up the empty air pyramid. Suddenly it glowed blue in my hand and I vanished from sight.

Then the scene changed and I was out somewhere listening to a speech for some political campaign. I remember holding up my hand and he spoke.

"Yes, what is it, son ?"

"I can't see what you're talking about." I told him.

"You can't see ?" he asked completely surprised.

"No, I can't." and so saying with the yellow glasses I was wearing, the right frame suddenly popped out and hitting the hard concrete broke in many pieces. Then I woke up.


[3] Dreamed I was over at Dad's. For some strange reason all the doors in the house the handles were hard to turn or the cabinets were hard to open. It was like everything was glued down.

Then Dad came to me and told me it was my Birthday. I said, really ?

Yep ! he confirmed.

How old am I then ? I asked him.

He said you're a big boy, you're 13-years old as of today.

Then we entered this party room and there was all kinds of treats including a lit Birthday cake. Many kids were seated around, apparently waiting for me.

Around the table were many wrapped presents.

Dad pushed me from behind, "Go ahead and make a wish !"

Then my senses came back to me. "Dad, you're dead. You died 6-years ago."

A cold and icy wind whipped through the room and the lights were blown out. A terrible green glowing globule fixed itself to the ceiling. Dad withered away in front of me like blown ash.

I looked to the presents and suddenly I could see inside them. There was nothing but dust and cobwebs. Everyone else turned into skeletons and started to fall in to the ground, right through the floor.

I woke up in fright. I realized then if a dream is going nice for me, I shouldn't impede it with reality.


[4] Dreamed that I was in Dad's backyard. The weeds were so big that they leaned over and bit people who were there. They had these type of sharp pieces that were sticking out from their blossoms.

There were other problems in the yard too like the grass would suddenly give way causing you to slide left or right, and there were wild animals out there too.

The scene changed and I was trying once again to wash my hair. I was in a church I believe. I was trying to find a bathroom so I could rinse the soap out from the sink.

But I came across someone who handed me a frozen wrapped package. She said it was bacon and needed to thaw.

I told her I wasn't interested in any breakfast right now but that I needed to get the soap out of my hair. She pointed me down a hallway. There was a boys and girls bathroom. The boys bathroom door was locked.

I tried the girls bathroom and while it wasn't locked, inside were two girls who were struggling. I didn't know for what until I looked more closely. Their fingers were stuck with each other. Her thumb was stuck to the other girl's thumb and vice-versa, for every digit.

It looked like a nightmare. Then they came to me and started swinging their stuck fingers above and below me singing some strange song. A red tint surrounded me, then I woke up.


[5] A fantastic dream. A beautiful woman had moved into the apartment to the left of me. What was neat about this dream is, she was a worldbuilder from old S2 times, and while up in age, like me, she was still very interested in S2 and wanted to know when I was going to release S3.

Her name was "Reanna" and she invited me over to meet her two sons, "Kip" and "Tyler" who were in their tweens and we talked for several hours about what I had been doing since S2.

While she wanted to know everything about S3, I told her that I had abandoned the project in lieu of writing.

"Writing ?" she asked, a little dismayed. "Writing what ?"

"Well, everything." and I told her about my book Barrier, Nancy Principle, and some documents regarding advanced programming techniques and video encoding.

She was really mad now. "Where does that leave us Worldbuilders ?" she asked angrily.

Then Dottie showed up somehow and told me that this woman and her 2-kids were homeless and that they broke into this house and did not have any right being there.

I asked Reanna if she really was homeless and she was furious and said, "It's none of your damned business !"

She then ran out of the house and jumped on a weird type of motorcycle that I know used a nuclear housing for its energy.

There was a motorcycle wheel left. I got on it and pumping this switch up and down I managed to keep up with her.

She got mad and finally said, "I hate you ! I hate that you've abandoned us ! You have no feelings for your Worldbuilders ! Stop following me !"

Well, then I got mad. I pulled over, and picking the box engine out of the wheel I smashed it on the ground. Which was not a good idea. It was nuclear too.

It started vibrating and shaking and a terrible blue light came out of it. I knew I didn't have very long. I was climbing this ladder to get away and suddenly Reanna and her two kids were climbing after me. But they were beneath when the explosion went off.

The ladder atomized beneath me, I was safe, but she and her kids were gone. Then I woke up.


Had a disturbing dream about working for this company that handled blind girls.

It wasn't so much of a problem being an employee is the girls themselves were foul-mouthed, angry all the time, and never satisfied with things around them.

In a way I could understand as being blind takes away one of the greatest gifts our creator could give us. The bounty of sight, color, movement, light, and shadow.

We were in some kind of clothing store. I had 6 blind girls I was to keep track of. They were in the dressing room trying on clothes to see if they fit and wanted to 'look' good in them.

But they were angry and spiteful. Arguments seemed to start from the smallest little thing and the store manager came to me and politely asked that we leave.

I told them we're going, they didn't want to. Security was called out and then we were thrown out of the store. The girls screamed and yelled and said it was all my fault.

"Really ?" I asked in a tired voice. I knew that when I got in I was going to quit this job. It was just too stressful for me.

Finally it was time for me to get off work and this other fellow took over for me.

"Good luck." I told him. He shook his head at me. Yeah, I could tell he didn't want this job either.

I got back in my apartment and then woke up.


[7] Dreamed Dad came to spend the night with me. He slept on the couch and I slept in bed.

We both awoke to hear this high-pitched hissing sound. I found Dad in his robe in the kitchen. In his hands he had this old-style tape-recorder and coming from it was the annoying sound.

Already I heard my neighbors pounding on the walls in order for us to stop it.

I was still rubbing my eyes from sleep. "What is it ?" I asked him.

"This cassette player." Dad said. Then loud tinny music played from it. Neighbors on the opposite side of the wall now pounded on the wall.

"Here, let me see it." I offered.

Dad handed it to me. I somehow managed to tear the back open without a screwdriver. Inside I saw the speaker connected to a wire. I pulled the wire free. The sound didn't stop, but it changed, to a more annoying whine.

Grimacing I opened the side of it to see if any batteries were in it. There weren't.

I rubbed the back of my head trying to figure out how to silence the stupid thing. Dad asked for it back. I handed it to him.

He then took it and smashed it hard against the kitchen floor. Pieces went flying everywhere yet the center black lump was still making noise and now warbled up and down in an even worse sound.

Then the neighbors above me were now pounding on their floor echoing in my ceiling.

"Better do something." I told Dad.

He nodded, reached in the drawer and pulled out my big hammer, the one I call Goliath.

Dad leaned back and yelled, "Shut the hell up !" and gave it an almighty whack and when he did, not only did the sound stop from the player but all the power in my apartment went out too.

The scene changed. Me and Dad were watching a television show. Dottie was playing some kind of game show requiring videogame skills. She was doing quite well.

Suddenly the announcer spoke straight to the viewers and said, "Look in your refrigerator for your prize."

I got up and went into the kitchen. Opened the refrigerator, and sure enough in there was a big box present with a pretty blue and purple ribbon. As I reached for it, I woke up.


[8] Dreamed that Chris had a beautiful town home. He invited me to stay for the weekend. I remember I was in the den playing with his Sony Playstation 2, some kind of silly role-playing game.

Then I got bored of that and went on his computer. From the green screen display it told me the year was 1980 despite him having a PS2. I brought up a menu that said Star Wars.

I brought it up and a game using single line vectors showed a demo of a video game using the ti-fighters from the 1977 movie.

I didn't get very far in the game when I heard a knocking at his door. I went to go investigate. Opening the door were 2-people that wanted in. Behind them were 2-other people. They didn't look very savory or friendly so I didn't let them in.

They tried to open the door but I closed and locked it just in time. They pounded on the door for a second then were quiet. I looked through the eye-hole and saw they weren't there. But I didn't re-open the door. I kept it locked and closed.

Then I heard a different door open. The back door ! I ran quickly through the hall, through the kitchen to where the back door was and saw the 4 of them entering. I saw Chris yelling at one of them. I looked in the door handle where the lock was and saw they jammed a pair of scissors in there, apparently bypassing the lock.

While it did seem that Chris knew these people, he didn't want them here. I joined Chris by his side and said, "Yeah, you need to leave. You're not welcome !"

Chris patted me on my back for supporting him when I heard a gunshot and Chris suddenly pitched forward, dead !

A 5th person from behind, an old man was wielding a pistol. He stepped around everyone else, the chamber still smoking and pointed it at me. "Is there a problem with us entering now ?"

I shook myself and suddenly woke up in fear.


[9] Me and Chris were in his garage. Halloween was just a few days ago and he wanted me to help him build this Halloween robot that looked like a monster and ran on wheels that could rotate in any direction.

Chris has the remote control for it and was testing it out. The left arm rotated in its socket to move up, then down. Then he checked the other arm. Then he checked motion. It rolled back and forth and could turn.

"It's not scary enough." Chris said.

I commented, "The only thing running around Halloween will be kids, Chris. You don't want to scare them too much."

He nodded, patted me on my back for thinking ahead and then said, "Okay, I guess we're done for now then."

The "face" of the robot was the coolest thing. It had 16-colors of 16-palettes and could rotate them. Chris hit a button a picture of Frankenstein appeared in the screen. He hit another button and the face reacted by growling and appearing to turn its head visually.

He hit another button and Frankenstein was replaced by this ghostly figure with wavering eyeholes and mouth. He turned a knob and the speaker was turned on. A ghostly wail emitted from it.

I smiled, "Chris, you're gonna terrify them with this thing !"

He grinned back, "That's the whole point."

The base of the robot was actually a vacuum cleaner. I was watching him screw the back tight when I saw a rat running from the top handle of the vacuum cleaner below to the mother with the wheels.

"Look out !" I told him.

"What ?" he asked.

"A mouse, rat, something, just jumped into the motor below !"

He turned over the robot and suddenly ants started pouring out of it. I woke in fright.


[10] Dreamed I was in a 2-story house. I was apparently an orphan and adopted by these 2-adults.

Everything in the house was made out of stone. You had to be careful if you ran around silly because if you hit a wall, you could easily get a concussion.

There was a swimming pool on the lower level in the bathroom and I was playing in there. I felt like I was 10 or 11-years old. As I swam this weird green glow started to emit from me.

I got out, still in my bathing suit and went to see my adoptive Father.

"Dad !" I told him, "I'm glowing. Make it stop !"

He looked at me carefully and shrugged, "I can't."

"Why not ?" I asked him.

"Your radiation is just too darned useful." he told me. Then before I could say anything he put this metallic shell around me and stuck me in the side of the house. Suddenly my skin burned all over.

Dad was using the radiation from me to power the house - and I guess the heck with me !

The pain increased and suddenly I woke up.

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