FB2-54 "Tyr's Private Privy"

FB2-54 "Tyr's Private Privy"

A Chapter by dw817

Stefani was interrupted by hearing a tired whimper behind her and looked to see Tyr, in a too-pink Arkos regulation uniform dress, that was stained from grime, and she held a scouring brush in hand.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 54 - "Tyr's Private Privy"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Dev's parents, apparently not "zapped" by the SIM's effect found Dev still talking to Lilly and shrugging off the odd experience left the school, the party was over, and took them both home.

Meanwhile back underground at Arkos in its artificially generated atmosphere, Stefani was in her own bedroom looking at her computer at a glowing red blip overlaid on a top-view grid-line map of the town of Wanabee. Despite her letting Dev go she had installed a small transponder directly into his wrist so she could monitor where he was.

She wasn't going to let him get away that easily, despite Arkos' wishes to let him be now.

The blip soon stopped moving for several long moments inside an oddly shaped rectangle. She tapped her long and painted fingernail gently on the expansive screen and a pop-up window appeared beside it reading, "Borne Residence. Time 8:47pm."

She bit her lip hungrily. Soon, quite soon, she would have him again and once Mr. Arkos was done with Tyr, she would have them both to herself, and oh ho ! What fun she planned for them ! For she wanted to pick their minds now with an advanced prototype device Mr. Arkos promised her that looked directly into their dreams and nightmares.

Once she knew what their hearts desires were and what they were deathly afraid of, she would have perfect control over both of them !

She brought up another window which had a banner she was working on. A kind of notice for Tyr, who was staying with her. But it didn't look friendly enough so she tabbed to another page to bring up some bright children's clip-art. Finally she found what she was looking for.

A cute little fairy pointing in one direction with a mischievous grin like she had been up to some curious wickedness. It was perfect for her.

She was interrupted from pasting it to the notice by hearing a slight and tired whimper behind her and looked to see Tyr, in a too-pink Arkos regulation uniform dress, that was stained from grime, and she had a toilet brush in one hand.

She also had sweat beading down her little forehead like she had been working hard at something earlier and her legs trembled as she struggled to stand. It was obvious she was exhausted at it.

"Yes, what is it NOW Tyr ?" Stefani asked stepping up from her chair to tower over her, with more than a slight hint of irritation in her voice. Stefani looked down to see Tyr's pretty red hair was dingy brown in patches, filthy from what she had been doing earlier.

Tyr responded meekly, "I'm done, ma'am. Can I sleep now ? I'm really tired please ?"

"You scrubbed it thoroughly ?"

There was a moment's pause as if she was not sure. Then finally Tyr said quietly, "Yes ma'am." and yawned.

A curious device provided by Mr. Arkos himself prevented Tyr from using her telekinetic powers. With Less than half a day's surgery, a pretty little jeweled "barrette" with above-sharp pins was mashed straight into her head into the small additional holes drilled through her skull with a stainless and sterile neurological drill.

As agonizing as it all sounded, it was a perfect procedure and it only caused her considerable pain if she tried to remove it. After a few hours of her attempts, the pain was too much to bear. Tyr was, after all, only a little girl, and had a very low threshold of pain, much to Stefani's delight.

An added benefit is that it required a bit of electricity to operate to limit her abilities, which when tapped directly from her brain made her compliant and sleepy most of the time. You could see this as the barrette put out a slight glow blue all around it from small LED lights.

An indulgent smile played on Stefani's lips as she looked down at Tyr, all poor and pathetic looking now. Not at all the scary sight she was earlier when she was flinging her trained agents around outside with her powerful telekinetic ability only days before.

There really was no need for Tyr to do any housework while she was in Arkos as there was a staff for everything. But Stefani enjoyed the fact that she could, to keep her busy, and to keep her doing despicable and nasty tasks of debasement to break her morale down even further than the electric-barrette would do.

* * *

Stefani had started Tyr to scrubbing the inside of the guest toilet clean at 5pm that day so she had been working at it for longer than 3-hours now. Or Stefani had better hoped that was what she was doing.

"Cover your mouth when you yawn, dear. You want to be a proper lady now, don't you ?" Stefani chided her still seeing her still yawning from physical exhaustion.

Tyr put her hand to her mouth suddenly but realized she had already stopped yawning so she put it down, embarrassed suddenly. Stefani greeted her with a slight smile. Oh she was looking pathetic alright.

For it was tomorrow morning she was to present Tyr to Mr. Arkos and she wanted her to be completely demoralized and subdued so there would be no fight left in her. Everything would run perfect to plan.

Stefani cocked her head at her quizzically and spoke again, "You said you're done cleaning ? Well that's a good girl. Why don't I go and check then ?"

And with that Stefani got up and walked around Tyr, patting her on her head, noticing she was quite warm, possibly sickly from overwork, and went into the guest bathroom to look around.

Tyr wiped her forehead from sweat and saw a stain on her hands which wasn't there earlier which could only mean her face was smudged and dirty as well with what she was doing. She felt sick at her stomach again for the umpteenth time. Geez. Just when was she gonna let her take a bath and sleep anyways ?

Tyr could recall very little about the past few days except that she knew she was doing both laundry and housekeeping for this strange woman and while she seemed kind, there was a kind of sinister attitude about her that showed she wouldn't be released from this strange servitude anytime soon.

And there were these terrible nightmares she had about the pretty glowing barrette in her hair which she couldn't remove. Stefani told her that it was a wonderful gift she gave her and that it accidentally tangled in her hair somehow and if they found time she would cut it free, but doesn't she look so beautiful in it ? And Tyr believed her so she didn't disturb it.

She looked around to see Stefani's odd little custom-made quarters. There was one big kitchen, one bedroom, two bathrooms, distinctly different from each other, a living room, a locked storage room, and one big metallic locked door that you could see from a glass pane at the top, a spiral staircase leading down into the darkness.

The bathroom on the left belonged to Stefani and was lush and lavish in both appearance and function. Stefani prided herself on how beautiful it was. Tyr recalled the memory of when Stefani gave her a tour of it earlier.

It was sparkling clean in every way and included a large heated whirlpool to the right of the entrance with floral and fruity shampoos every scent and color of the rainbow. There was also a tall sink with 3 huge cabinets carrying everything from false eyelashes to mascara, makeup, and face powder, to body glitter.

And to top it all off, Stefani had a fancy toilet found in the far left upon entering the bathroom making the most expensive Japanese bidet on the market look like a gas-station reject. The top lid was heavy marble and on either side of it was a touch-screen display controlling several features of its use.

When Tyr implored gently about it, Stefani showed her a few features, including the bidet and seat warmer, but deliberately avoided explaining other controls that were bright red with Japanese lettering on them.

Stefani's bathroom was further adorned with polished mirrors at every corner. For Stefani was the very definition of VAIN and wanted to ensure she looked every moment like a drop-dead knockout beauty queen.

Stefani then showed her where the laundry should go, as Tyr would now apparently be responsible for that. There were 2 slots that closed on rubber hinges to keep odors from escaping before they were washed.

One on the left of both bathroom doors and one on the right of them. On the right, closest to the guest bathroom is where all undergarments went, panties, underwear, socks, and so forth.

On the left is where the regular clothes like Stefani's and Tyr's dresses, pants, and uniforms but it was a regular open slot. Stefani told her if she ever mixed them up she'd be terribly punished, and there was a clear metallic sign above each one of which said, "Undergarments" and the other "Uniforms."

Underneath each slot in the laundry hampers was a bigger locked opening so each of the larger rolling baskets could be pulled out to be brought to the laundry room. Tyr wondered where her room would be from all of this as there appeared to be only one bedroom and she doubted she would actually be sleeping in the same bed with Stefani, nor did she want that.

Then Stefani showed her the guest bathroom which would kill a claustrophobic person outright on the sight of it. The entire "bathroom" was a mere few feet across with room enough for one grimy toilet that had never been cleaned but apparently amply used in the past, and only space enough to stand up and turn around in.

The commode itself was also not a normal one. Instead of a small hole at the bottom of the bowl, the entire bottom was opened out a full 4 feet in diameter, with a foot of space from the top, big enough around to accept a fully grown person standing inside if need be and extended infinitely into unseeable blackness below.

The top of it was warm too, as if the water inside was heated for some bizarre unexplained reason.

Tyr looked fearfully at it with the front gray seat of it raised, like a grave marker at a cemetery, and wondered if this might be her fate if she ever angered Stefani. Maybe there were already other dead bodies in it ? There were two large metal supporting handrails at foot level on both sides as well. Odd to place them so low to the floor.

Even stranger still, when Tyr looked closer, there were two smaller handrails INSIDE the toilet opening. The only person who would ever need that would be ... ! Tyr didn't like the looks of this room at all !


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