Dream Diary - "Golden Serpent Coin"

Dream Diary - "Golden Serpent Coin"

A Chapter by dw817

Dreamed that I was going through this jar of change that I found in the garage. While there was indeed old currency in it, I came across this interesting coin that appeared to have tiny jewels in it.



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© September 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so. This particular entry is of a single long dream I had the night before.


[1] Dreamed that I was going through this jar of change that I found in the garage. While there was indeed old currency in it, I came across this interesting coin that appeared to have tiny jewels in it. 3-rubies and 3-diamonds.

On the front of it was an ornate picture of a snake.

I showed it to Dad. He went back into his study to reach in a drawer and took out a jeweler's loupe he had. Then he gazed intensely at the back of it with the loupe.

Then he spoke, "I can't say these are NOT diamonds and rubies." He looked closer. "We need to take this by a jeweler to be sure."

So saying, Dad was out the door with the mystery coin and I followed him. He hopped in his '66 LeMans and I jumped in the back seat. After a few traffic turns, we were there.

We entered and a bell jingled at the top door. There were no other customers so we were greeted warmly by the proprietor, apparently the owner.

"What can I help you with ?" he asked friendly enough.

Dad stepped forward and handed him the coin, "Are these genuine ?"

The owner took his own loupe in hand and examined the back of the coin.

"Hmm ..." he said thoughtfully. Then turned it over. "Oh that's nice."

I had no idea why he was looking at the front of it.

"What is it ?" I finally asked unable to keep quiet any longer.

He let the loupe fall back on it's string. "This is GOLD, 24 karat to be precise. Excellent milling." he said pointing to the front. "And on the back, despite their small size are exquisite jewels. Appears to be 3-rubies and 3-diamonds. Very small, but very beautifully cut. Incredible workmanship."

He placked the coin on the table and said, "I'll give you $1,000 for it."

I quickly picked it up, "It's not for sale." I told him.

The jeweler eyed me, not wanting to lose this prize. "Are you sure ? How about $7,500. That's the highest I'll go."

I thought about it. That would buy a lot of candy. I could get that good expensive candy I like too. But I shook my head. "No thanks." I said.

The jeweler shrugged, "You won't get a higher price anywhere else. Come back when you're ready to earn some real money."

Dad and me left the store. He addressed me, "Now what do you want to do ?"

I scratched the back of my head, "I don't know. Let's - just go back home."

"Okay." he said agreeably. And we were back in Dad's car and he drove back home. Back home, Dad didn't say anything but retired to his own room for a nap. I went to my room which was just across the hall.

Once there I saw toys from when I was 12 and 13-years old so that showed how old I was in this dream.

Finally I pulled out a paperclip. While there were indeed 6-jewels on the back, in the center of the design was a little area that looked wobbly. Like you could push something in it, but it was too small for my finger or fingernail.

So I took a paperclip from a plastic cup nearby and pressed gently in the center.

At once the coin reacted ! It started to get very hot and made a loud whistling noise, like a teakettle. I dropped it, blowing on my hand as I was nearly burned !

Dad was in my room in a minute, hands over his ears. "What did you do !?" he said, yelling at me.

"I just - pushed - " I didn't continue because now the coin was on the ground and spinning out of control.

Dad's and my own eyes got wide watching. Then it seemed like something snaked out. A tail ? The tail grew longer and it looked like the coin itself was melting away.

Finally all that was left was this beautiful small and golden serpent writhing its tail on the floor, apparently not liking the fact the floor was cooler than it.

Dad asked me, "Where are the jewels ?"

The snake hissed in immediate response, "Right here." and so saying spit up the 6-jewels at a perfect arc to land in Dad's outstretched hand.

Dad's eyes got even wider when the snake spoke. "This is some sort of trick." he muttered to himself, not believing what he was seeing and hearing. Nonetheless he pocketed the tiny jewels.

"You." the snake hissed, turning it's head towards me and it's own velvet forked red tongue lashing out to taste the air.

"Me ?" I asked it.

"Yes, you." it hissed. "Come closer, boy."

Dad immediately intervened, "Now just a minute - " but the snake shot out some kind of gold thread from the tip of its tail and Dad was immediately wrapped up in it. My Dad couldn't keep his balance now and fell over tied in it, partially outside my bedroom door.

The snake hissed quieter. Then in a syrupy sweet voice, "Come here boy. I won't hurt you. I have something to give you."

I knew the snake could hurt us terribly if it wanted to and I didn't want to make it mad, so I approached until it was just at my feet.

"Pick me up, boy." the snake offered invitingly.

I looked to Dad who was still struggling with the gold thread. Biting my lip, I lifted the snake up with both hands to look at it.

Now I will be honest, I have always thought snakes look ugly and scary, and yet, this particular snake did not seem to be so. If anything it appeared quite handsome for a snake, and it's eyes shone with a wisdom spanning the full life of any grown man.

My own eyes swam in the snake's. My mouth opened in amazement at the beautiful hypnotic patterns I saw. The snake maintained perfect eye contact and stretched up in the air from my hands to face me completely.

I remained motionless with my mouth still open. "I would like that, boy." it hissed at me, tickling my chin with it's tongue. "Perhaps later."

The snake retreated back to my hands. "No. You found me. You are the finder. You are granted a gift."

"What ?" I asked him, finally recovering my senses.

"A wish." he said. "What is it you wish for, boy ?"

"Any wish ?" I asked him.

"What would you like ?"

I thought for a moment, I really wasn't sure. There were so many things I wanted in this world !

As I was thinking this very strange orange and red chicken came in passing Dad in the hallway.

I was certain the snake was going to leap out of my hand to attack the chicken, but it did not. The snake did flicker its tongue and move around my palm to keep the chicken in sight, however.

Suddenly the chicken spoke in an alarming voice, "Bad things are going to happen to you, David ! Bad things !"

"Before or after my wish ?"
I asked the chicken.

The chicken started to speak again but suddenly the golden snake was out of my hands in a second and at once bit the chicken hard in the neck with it's silver fangs. The chicken squawked horrible once and flopped over, laying dead in a pool of its own blood.

I woke up in fright.

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