FB2-55 "Rude Accomodations"

FB2-55 "Rude Accomodations"

A Chapter by dw817

Stefani told Tyr, "This is YOUR bathroom, don't you EVER think of using mine. And don't you flush anything down there except what is intended ! No paper or you'll be fishing it out I promise you !"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 55 - "Rude Accomodations"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Tyr also noticed there was no toilet paper or dispenser for it.

She asked Stefani about this and Stefani shrugged and left for a moment to return with a dingy gray washcloth and marked it "Tyr" with an indelible marker she had in a drawer.

"This is YOUR bathroom, don't you EVER think of using mine. And don't you flush anything down there except what is intended ! No paper or you'll be fishing it out I promise you !" she said angrily. Then she handed her the washcloth. "If you need to do your business, you do it with this. You clean it in here, and you keep that in your pocket at all times !"

Tyr knew it could be worse. Much worse, so she gratefully took the cloth and put it in her regulation dress pocket. Then Stefani showed her the obvious handle to flush the commode, as if she might somehow forget.

The only other exit besides the door, which was oddly rubber-tipped around the edges to make it vacuum tight was a round smooth portal to the right, just big enough for a person to squeeze through, where the dirty undergarments were piled up from the panel outside the bathroom, and it stank from perfume, use, and sweat in there besides.

Tyr was remembering all of this and had apparently lost consciousness for a moment deep in thought.

Suddenly she felt a gentle tapping on her head. She looked up to see she that she had curled up on the carpet to the entry to Stefani's bedroom where the computer had entered screen-saver mode, completely asleep where she was, exhausted from her chores earlier.

"Wake up sweetie." Stefani said politely who had knelt down beside her to tap on her head with the flat of her knuckles, in an almost loving sign of comfort.

"Huh ?" Tyr asked.

"You're not done cleaning yet, dear. Go and see !" and then Stefani chuckled in the back of her throat and stood towering back over her, waiting for her to stand back up to investigate. Tyr noticed a glimmer of reflected light from Stefani's palm and saw she had an odd hexagonal-shaped silver key wrapped around one finger.

Tyr puzzled her lip with her finger for a second and walked back to the little bathroom. To her shock she saw the notice that Stefani was working on earlier.

Taped over the metallic sign of "Guest Bathroom" was a single page printout that now read, "Tyr's Pryvate Quarters" and there was a cute little fairy besides pointing to her name to confirm the new permanent living arrangements.

"Wha ?" she said thoroughly confused that anyone would condemn someone to live in so small and filthy a room. She opened the door and as there was only the commode she had been scouring the inside of the past few hours, she stepped inside to look and see that Stefani had decided to use it herself without flushing afterwards. A real floater.

Tyr whirled in a 180 suddenly sensing Stefani behind her only to have the door slam shut, nearly smacking hard against her nose and locking the door in her face besides.

Startled, Tyr almost fell over backwards into the wide opening as there was scarcely room to stand around it but caught herself by bracing her little arms against the sides of the "room." The space in there was so small she could do that.

Tyr looked around for a moment and bit her lips, fighting back tears. She still had her terrible phobia of wide openings and this one was a beaut. She also realized that she had accidentally left her scrub brush outside.

"Ma'am." Tyr inquired politely trying to keep fear out of her voice. "I don't have my scrubber." She tapped politely on the door hoping Stefani might re-open it to hand it to her.

Then Tyr heard Stefani speak, walking away as if ignoring her, "Clean up this mess of yours and if you're good, you'll get fed later."

Tyr looked down for a moment at the filth Stefani left for her. It was a 2-ft long smooth snake of crap pudding curled out like it was pushed from a play-doh machine, the thickness of a silver dollar floating on top. It was all Tyr could do to not gag at the horrid sight of it. To make the matter worse her tummy rumbled in anticipation of Stefani mentioning food.

It was not a good association at the moment !

She reached for the flushing lever and found that an odd key-locking mechanism on it prevented her from doing so and, quite obviously something was removed from it earlier. That damned hexagonal key in Stefani's fingers earlier !

This was definitely no ordinary commode. There were still stains on the sides of the bowl and without her scrubber, there was no way she could possibly get it clean let alone flush it which it desperately needed now.

With the door locked, the room airtight, and the water from the commode bizarrely heated the way it was Tyr suddenly realized the smell from Stefani's "offering" would quickly stink up the tiny room that apparently was now her personal and "pryvate" bedroom so for refuge she dived into the opening to the right which had the hamper where the soiled underclothes were.

* * *

It was a different kind of smell, somewhat foul and perfumed both but tolerable compared to the first. At once she tried to escape but found the bottom hinge locked, and she could only peek her fingers out the top entry slot. Despite how frightened and scared she was, she soon fell asleep again directly on the pile of garments.

Stefani returned an hour later whistling contentedly to herself after heating up in the microwave a jar of her special "babyfood" taken from the refrigerator, and the first thing she did was use a key to unlock the underclothes hamper to see Tyr sleeping on top of it, as she predicted she would to get away from her earlier "house warming" present.

"So sweet. My poor baby must've been tired and fell asleep." she said, her voice full of treacherous venom.

Then Stefani rolled out the basket gently halfway and pulled Tyr's finger out of her mouth, as that was invariably where it was when she slept. Tyr opened her eyes part-way, curious to the movements, but was still half-asleep.

Stefani popped the lid off the jar and forced a warm spoonful in her open mouth of confusion. "That's a good baby, eat it all up."

Tyr was so hungry and tired from her chores earlier she didn't care what it was she was being fed and dutifully finished the jar licking her lips sleepily of the above-neutral flavor as Stefani shoved the contents in there.

"Up up up ! Eat it up. Good girl !" Stefani said appreciatively and then patted her on her still sweating head. It was certainly warm in the laundry basket. Stefani pulled back the empty jar with a leer on her face to watch Tyr reel in dizziness from an obvious fever and fall back against the garments, asleep once more.

In less than a minute Tyr's finger went back up into her grimy mouth and she sucked on it deep in dreamland.

Stefani then hiked up her own skirt to strip out of her panties making sure to wipe them hard up the crack of her bottom and up the front of her crotch before "cleaning" Tyr's face with it from the "babyfood" and then deliberately set the fabric on top of her face giving a beatific expression of bliss in the action.

Tyr moaned uncomfortably for a moment at the stinky panties on her nose and Stefani thought a moment about jamming it up in her face to suffocate her while she slept. But that would end the game too soon, and besides, Arkos wanted to see a demonstration of her telekinetic powers tomorrow.

"Goodnight little princess." she said sarcastically and reaching around her sleeping form, picked up a pile of dirty socks and underwear to cover her over with just her head sticking above the unwashed pile. Tyr shifted slightly but she wasn't going anywhere. There was a moment of silence and then the soft slurping sound of Tyr sucking on her finger for comfort.

Stefani laughed cruelly at this meek sound and kicked the laundry basket back inside with the front of her hard-tipped shoe locking the hamper's door in the process.

Then she unlocked the bathroom door and holding her nose fitted the hexagonal key back in flushing the mechanism and pressed the lever. At once the crap was sucked down under the turbulent water into the darkness below and she removed the hexagonal key and put it in her pocket.

She then tossed Tyr's scrub brush to the side of the commode, locked the door pushing it hard and closed on its air-tight grip and fetched a deodorant spray to fumigate the outside of the door. It was obvious she was going to keep Tyr in foul living conditions, but she wanted her own room to be flawless, smelling sweet, and perfect besides.

"Pheeo !" she said as she sprayed an ample amount of the canister and coughed for a moment choked by the mist lingering in the air.

After that she went to the kitchen to hit an intercom button.

"Stefani Charteiris. Kitchen please." and then she sneezed suddenly at the strong smell of the odor-killing spray she used earlier.

"This is Arkos Kitchen, how can I help you Ms. Charteiris ?"

"I need a late night meal for me. A good baked potato with the skin still on, fresh whipped butter, chopped chives, fine, salt, pepper, real mayonnaise, not that gluck you have in the cafeteria. A little diced ham on the side in a cup, please. Piece of wheat bread. Glass of iced tea, sweetened. Oh, and a slice of peppermint cake, separate."

"Sure. Anything for your guest ?"

There was a moment's pause when Stefani realized the staff was referring to Tyr. She knew all the computers in Arkos listed which "guest" was staying with which counselor so she couldn't hide that fact.

"No." she said hesitantly. "No thank you. She's already been fed and she's in dreamland right now."

"Sure thing. We're sending it up now." and then the intercom light went out.

Stefani started to prepare her own bed for the night. Tomorrow, after all, would be a busy day, especially for Tyr. She would make certain of that.

And it WOULD be a monumental day as Tyr would be introduced to for the first time, the founder and owner of the Arkos Institute himself !


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