Dream Diary - October 6th 2015

Dream Diary - October 6th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Horror Conversion / The Razor Bird / Running After Dad / Nails In My Underwear / Interrogation / Crab For Dinner / Melting Blue Beads / Level One With Ants / Treacle Tarts / Superhero Base



  Dream Diary   


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© September 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.

My recent dreams for some reason have been pretty horrific and nightmarish. As Halloween is approaching, I'll go ahead and post them. Still I don't understand why I would have them. My meds are presumably balanced at this point.


[1] I was with my Dad. We were sitting talking on the couch about something or other. Then there was a strange sound outside. Both him and me went outside to look and it was some kind of meteor that was hurtling down.

I guess what was strange is after it impacted, it took straight off again back up into the sky and outer space.

Dad puzzled over this. He made a few calls using the telephone to some friends of his who knew more about sky phenomenon then he did, when the phone cord suddenly reached out and started to strangle him.

I ran to help but the electric cord from the electric knife wrapped around my legs and pinned me down with the help of the cord from the toaster.

We were certain we were going to die, the knife would cut my throat or Dad would be strangled, but no, we were merely being held in place for SOMETHING else.

Then I heard it, clunking on its corners, down the hall and finally into the kitchen where we were. It was the television and despite being unplugged it had some strange video on its screen. A series of horrible looking little black scribbles and circles around a painfully bright white background.

As I looked it felt like the breath in my body was being sucked out, my fingers flattened, bone marrow bent at an impossible angle and the very sinew in my body was made into paper.

I looked at Dad and he was terrible sight. It was like he was being stretched out into an oblong circle. His very bone and muscle being flattened out into a thin sheet of paper, as was I myself.

Suddenly I couldn't see correctly. I saw everything as a thin twitching line, and apparently the conversion was complete. I could faintly hear screams all around me as my hearing was increased in intensity, as everyone around the world was also converted to these horrible paper circles.

I then definitely woke up in fright, my breathing was shallow and my heart was beating very fast !


[2] Strange dream of metamorphosis. I had a kitten I was keeping as a pet, when it turned into a bird and tried to fly away. I was at Dad's house in the living room. Suddenly the front door flew open from a strong gust of wind.

The bird flew out but came back with another bird that wasn't really a bird. It was a piece of metal in the shape of a bird. It flew down and made deep cuts in my across my face, arms, and legs.

Then the scene changed. I was in some type of chat forum with about 30-people but it was really weird. Everyone was posting, "Where is my Daddy ?"

I started to respond when the computer I was using exploded in my face, bits of metal stuck in me apparently still connected to the power supply so my skin burned and I glowed from painful electricity.

Dad runs into see what the problem is and the speaker of the computer laying on the side speaks in a guttural and harsh voice, "Listen to me."

It was then I woke up in fright.


[3] Bad dream. My Dad for some reason is a drunken fool and he is bleeding down his shirt from some stupid fight he got into with someone in the street. Then I saw him, he was running down a set of stairs as fast as he could, and I am chasing after him.

He falls smashes his face into the concrete because he trips, but keeps going. I fall but don't hurt because in this dream I am immortal.

Then my sister is with me, but instead of being bigger and older, she is smaller, like a little girl, and she's adorable and cute. Then we are downstairs and there is a strange display on rocks.

She is running rapidly too and falls over the rocks. Then she sits down crying. I come up to look, the side of her leg is bleeding badly where she tore it on a rock. Near the display strangely enough are souvenir headband made from some towel material. I take one and because I'm super strong, tear it apart and tie it around her leg to stop the bleeding.

Then I tell her to stay there, I am about go back after Dad but a security guard stops me and says I need to pay for that headband I tore. I tell him it's more important for me to catch my Dad, but he won't listen.

He takes me to the front register where it rings up five dollars. I open my wallet and like every dream I have ever had, I only have receipts for previous purchases, fake money, counterfeit money where a five dollar bill is glued to a one dollar bill, and money that is from foreign countries.

I have credit cards too and while most of them are fake or made of paper, one seems to be correct. But she says there no balance on it. I sigh in frustration.

I dig deeper in my pocket and find a checkbook. But she says, we don't take checks here.

Finally I wake up feeling tired and frustrated.


[4] I was about 10-years old and for some reason my parents were still staying together. I came in to see them at Dad's house and they were both watching a television show.

I came to Dad to ask what the show was about when he handed me a check for $85.00. I asked him for what ?

He said because I'm always doing good things for them.

So I nodded, and took the check and said okay.

I went to my room and saw a fellow there organizing my socks and underwear. It wasn't the maid we had when I was growing up but someone different. A fellow in his 40s. He smiled at me, picked up my hamper of dirty clothes and started to go to the laundry room.

I looked on my bed and there was this nice looking underwear. I closed my door, took off my clothes and put on this new underwear. But it was then I found it had rusty nails in it that cut into my legs.

I tried to take it off but that hurt even more. Then I heard Dad knocking on my door, asking if everything was okay. I opened the door and showed Dad.

He ignored the fact my legs were bleeding and said, you just need to get used to it, and that I needed to wear them.

I asked why ?

He said for stability and support. It will help you bicycling.

Then I woke up.


[5] Dreamed that my career led me to becoming a well-paid security guard for the military.

I looked around and there was this prisoner with handcuffs on in a room sitting by a table. I was sitting in a chair opposite of him and apparently we were talking about his living conditions.

This prisoner though was not angry or vengeful. If anything he seemed to be a nice fellow, complaining that the handcuffs hurt, but other than that he is being treated well.

I stood up for a moment to stretch my legs and it was then I noticed I was in my underwear, but worse, the back of it was cut out. He spoke and said, I need new underwear.

I nodded in agreement, not knowing how or why I was dressed like this.

I sat back down and picked up a cloth to wipe my forehead. It was very warm in there. There were 3 pole fans blowing air. Looking at his chest he was not wearing a shirt. Satisfying a bit of curiosity, I looked under the table to see that the inmate was wearing only underwear himself.

There was also a television stretched out on an extendable swinging arm. Not knowing what else to do in there, I turned the big knob to on.

But somehow my own hair caught in the knob, apparently blown from one of the pole-fans, and I couldn't pull free of it. My hand knocked back and hit the cover of one pole fan. The cover bounced off of it to the floor.

I reached back further and my fingers were sliced in the fan. Then I woke up.


Dreamed I was over at Dad's house again. It was somehow in the future and Dad was still alive. I was a kid though which broke that rule.

Still, everything around us was futuristic. Safety was a high priority in the future and all furniture and appliance covers had this type of squeezable foam around it so you couldn't hurt yourself with it.

I was in my bedroom when there was a knocking. But it didn't sound like a hand, more like a metallic thump.

I opened my door to look and there was this robot. I recognized it as the one that prepared meals for everyone in the household. The robot spoke and said I would be in a lot of trouble if I didn't return its keys.

For some reason I had its keys in my pocket. I pulled them out and handed them to it. It took them and started to roll back down the hallway to the front door. The robot left and as it did it left the door open.

Two security guards pushed in and pinned some notices on the wall in the kitchen. I went to go look but it was all gobble-de-gook. Most printed messages, especially of any appreciable length cannot be read in a dream.

One of the guards tipped me a jaunty salute, and they both went out the door. I heard the door automatically lock behind them. Then I heard keys being used and the robot returned. This time it closed the door behind it.

In one of its mechanical arms it had a live crab. The crab had used its claw to attack one of the robots fingers, but was not strong enough to crush it, but held on nonetheless. I stepped out of the way not wanting to get the other claw on me.

"Fixings for dinner." the robot told me. I stood back to watch.

The robot pulled out a big metal pot, filled it with water, put it on the stove, and turned the temperature up to high. At that point I stepped back because there was this weird green vapor that seethed out of the stove.

The water was boiling in seconds so it was some type of controlled radioactive heat. I felt a weird warmth so I stepped back even further as I didn't want to be affected by it. As I did, I tripped over a chair behind me. As I fell, I woke up.


[7] Dreamed I was with this girl in her bedroom. She had a bunch of blue plastic beads and was using some type of small oven to melt them to make this gooey something or other. As I watched, she was crying.

Finally she yelled out tearfully, "I suck !"

I shook my head. I finally asked, "Just what are you doing anyways ?"

She didn't answer. I continued, "I mean if this art or something, you're gonna get sick. The fumes from burning plastic aren't good for you."

She got mad then and said, "Well don't mess with it, it's almost perfect !"

Curiosity got the better of me and I tapped the side of the substance. It wasn't hot, but it also wouldn't let get of me !

In fact, the plastic started to move right onto my wrist, and where it touched it paralyzed my muscles.

"No no you're ruining it !" she told me.

I pulled back further when suddenly the oven lifted from the floor still attached to the blue goo and flinging upward, burned my face. Then I started coughing up blue beads myself, choking me, making it hard to breathe. Then I finally woke up.


[8] Dreamed I was playing this strange videogame that required you to use a VHS player and it had cardboard pieces with metallic fasteners.

I guess I wasn't very bright or something though. I had only played a small portion of the tape where it told me to stop it, until I could solve the first puzzle, but it was too complex for me to figure out.

I fought the puzzle for an hour, shifting this bit around and there, and watching everything all moving around in a myriad of a mess.

Finally deciding to cheat I pushed play back on the player, but all it did was repeat the instructions for the first level.

I took the tape out. Hit the OPEN button on the side to look at it. Inside were ants ! They started crawling on everything. It was like a million ants lived in it ! I was running out of the room when I woke up in fear.


[9] Dreamed it was Halloween and I was at this carnival. There was this haunted train ride which nobody wanted to ride.

I came up to the proprietor and asked how much. He was wearing a strange black hat that had a purple velvet stripe down the side.

He smiled at me and said, FREE, as I was the first person to try it out. My payment was to tell him how much I liked it and what improvements he could make.

I nodded, that seemed fair. While everyone else was riding other rides. I got into the train car at the front. He pulled back a long lever and with a loud metallic click, the train started through a dark plastic portal, and then I was plunged into darkness.

Suddenly the train stopped. I thought maybe it was part of the ride but it didn't go anywhere and I still couldn't see anything. I then pushed up the protective bar and pushing the air beneath my hands floated into the air to check out the rest of the ride since the train wouldn't move.

What I found was scary, there were sharp nails in the ceiling and ground. I had to float just at a particular level or I would be cut up by them. I looked behind me to see the train going in reverse. It went through the dark portal and then a metal wall slammed up preventing me from leaving.

I was trapped in here ! I kept my floating process up and started to move towards the walls to find something to stand on, but the walls themselves were also full of very sharp nails. I wondered now if this was a trap built just for me.

Suddenly I saw a train car ahead going in reverse to meet me from beneath, which was just as well as my arms were getting tired of flying. I got back in the car and watched. It suddenly lurched forward. There was a blue light ahead and apparently a type of underground picnic area.

There were other teenagers already sitting around the table eating what the box said was Treacle Tarts.

I got out of the train car, sat down with them, and tried one of the tarts.

But they were nasty ! It was like worse than pickled herring. I felt so much like throwing up. I woke up feeling nauseous, but fortunately it passed. And I went back to sleep.


[10] Dreamed that I was one of a bunch of superheroes. We had lost our main office due to bad financing. We were traveling in mixed groups, trying to find a new place to go.

I know I was with this woman who could walk through walls. We used an elevator to go to the 2nd floor to talk to this woman. She said that we were welcome to use all of the 2nd floor for our headquarters as superheroes were always welcome.

I thought that was really nice and neighborly of her. The superhero woman with me walked away and started walking through walls, I guess to get a layout of the place.

She came back after a minute, smiling, and said this will do just fine. They she reached for her wrist. There was a device there with a black circle on it. She put her finger on it and trailed a little triangle on it. The device beeped acknowledgement.

She told me, the others will be here soon. I nodded and seeing a chair, sat down in it.

I hadn't sat for long when suddenly there is a terrible explosion and the whole building starts to tilt to the side. My chair starts to slide with it. I get up and grab onto a metal pipe that is fastened on the right side of this room.

Transparent girl has nothing to grab on to for some reason and goes straight through the wall, gravity pulling on her. I hear her shriek followed by a terrible sound that must be her guts being pulled out.

I woke up in fear.

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