Dream Diary - October 13th 2015

Dream Diary - October 13th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

The Massive Mansion / Truancy / Thieving Dance / Construction Abduction / The Hot Spot / Cold Hands, Warm Heart / The Candy Bucket / Robbing The Mall / Interview With The Riddler / Screw The Internet



  Dream Diary   


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© October 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed I was escorting this young girl back to her Mother who on the 3rd floor of this absolutely beautiful and HUGE mansion I was in.

We were on the first floor and it was wall to wall books. There had to have been over 100 people or more poring through the hardbound tomes. I know we passed many hallways. There were these robots that kept firing lasers at us - I guess we weren't supposed to be there.

Finally we found an elevator. There were already 3-people aboard it. Now in most of my dreams, elevators are bad things, but usually they are only that way if they are empty when the doors open. As this already had a few passengers in it, I felt it would be safe.

We entered. I faced the controls but someone was already there, a fairly heavyset woman.

"What floor ?" she asked me.

"Three." I told her.

She hit the button and the elevator started to ascend. But then it tilted slightly left and right and I knew we would die unless we all worked together. It got to the the second floor and half the distance to the third.

I told everyone to help me, we grabbed the floor and put our full weight against it. The elevator shuddered but moved up slightly. Then I told everyone to get out quickly !

The little girl and me managed to get out along with the heavyset woman but the other two suddenly fell away as the cable snapped behind me. I woke up in fright.


[2] Dreamed I was young, a teacher was essentially dragging me by my ear from one hallway to the next. We were headed towards and class that I apparently tried to skip out on.

Then we were outside, apparently heading for a different building. She let go of my ear and I saw a beautiful Easter basket. I looked inside and there were nice chocolates, but they were all smashed open by someone, and their were gooey contents, like you might find in a box of chocolates if you mashed your fingers down on them.

So nothing was edible.I was following the teacher and glanced across the way. To my right were two bullies conversing with each other. They saw me and gave a wicked smile. I moved closer to the teacher until I grabbed on to her side. She looked down and grabbed me by the ear again getting a round of laughs from the bullies.

But now we had entered into the other building. I didn't feel good in this building so I knocked down the teacher and started running down the new hallway. Then the building suddenly ended and it was like a maze of barb wire.

I pushed the air beneath my hands to float and try to get around it. I got caught on one fence and woke up.


[3] Odd dream. I was talking to a hotel owner about computer software that was apparently not working on a floor. In my head, it was some type of master computer that controlled all the videogames on the floor beneath it. It also controlled the doors in the hotel as they were all electrical.

Well in the dream, the doors were messing up and closing on each other and even having arrived to the arcade, the moment I put a quarter in, the machine would power down, then power up with no game for me to play.

I took the elevator to go to the floor where the master computer was, but it took me a floor higher. There was loud music like from the 50s and everyone was tap dancing and dancing to the beat.

I asked if someone had seen Debbie. In my dream, she was my girlfriend. The people I spoke to said, no, they haven't seen her.

I watched the dance a little more and realized all the women were robbing the men. While they danced they would dart their hands around their male partner and managed to pull out their wallets from behind.

I was getting ready to say something when the floor tilted suddenly and all I could see was floor moving beneath my sight. Then I woke up feeling a little motion sick.


[4] Dreamed I was part of some construction crew and we were setting in pipes to pump clear water to houses and residences. I know we were digging in the ground with this piece of equipment and hit a GREEN geyser.

It bubbled out like jello and looked really weird.

"Stop drilling !" one of them yelled. I was wearing a white construction hat and walked over to examine it.

"Don't touch it !" someone yelled at me.

I was about an inch away from doing so when there was a flash of light. Like someone sweeping a flashlight across my path. I looked back to see that suddenly I was alone and was the only one out on the field examining the ruptured pipe.

I looked to see if there was anyone operating the power drill, but there wasn't, and it was turned off. It looked old somehow, like it was rusty.

I turned back around and the green goo didn't look so nasty now. No, it looked like liquid emeralds, really pretty. I put in a gloved hand to examine it.

It shone like a million diamonds.

Then the image changed and I was watching what my friends were - and I wasn't there.

"Did anyone see David ?" I heard one of them yell.

"I thought he was investigating this rupture !" said another, pointing to where I stood but now no longer.

"D****t ! What'd he do, go on break ?"

"I don't know." someone else spoke.

Then I realized it was a separation. Somehow we were in two different time zones and couldn't see each other. Then I woke up.


[5] I was walking in an alley with Dad. In my head, I think we were taking a shortcut to meeting someone.

A woman in a car drove by and said cheerily, "Take care, darlings."

For some reason that really irritated Dad and me. She drove on and Dad scowled. We walked on in the alley and I had pulled out this weird little pocket game I had.

It wasn't electronic at all and used little silver balls with rotating gears and wheels in it. A type of 3-dimensional maze where the walls kept rotating, I found it really fascinating to play with.

Dad and me finally reached the end of the alley, but something was wrong. I was burning up with heat, and so was Dad. The woman who drove by earlier was shining a spotlight, like you use to trail streams in the sky for advertising.

But she was pointing it at me and Dad. I felt like I was going to melt, and woke up in fear !


Dreamed I was in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I was in one very cold room where Willy was working on new types of shapes for chocolate. They were miniature solid chocolate Hello Kitty shapes.

What was unusual is half of the chocolates made had a weird kind of shine to them, like reflective metal. I asked Willy about it and he just shrugged and said, that happens to a few of them.

Then a woman, apparently a worker, suddenly lifted up the back of my jacket and stuck her hands down the bottom of my pants to my butt !

"Wha ! What are you doing !?" I demanded, turning my head to look at her.

She just smiled sweetly and said, "Warming my hands. You don't mind, do you ?"

Well her hands were like icicles, but I liked the way it felt so I didn't say anything and turned around to watch Willy making other shaped chocolates.

Finally a little bored I walked over to this large circle. It was warm on it, so I sat down. Then I felt sleepy, so I curled up on it and found a silvery reflective blanket. I pulled it up over me and went to sleep - then I woke up.


[7] Dad was just now driving to church in his 1960 LeMans with the top down. I was with him and we were all dressed up for Sunday Service.

He drove beneath this underpass and suddenly the road directed straight into the sky.

This is a nightmare I have had before, where the road suddenly dips straight up into the sky, and as I am afraid of heights, I always feel terrible vertigo. It's like a roller-coaster road making twists and turns and I'm always frightened that I'm going to fall off of it.

As we reached the top I looked to the left and right and there were no concrete barriers or protectors to stop you from driving off the edge into the ground below.

As Dad drove, we saw this bunch of monkeys playing up in the cables holding the roads up. Then Dad went through this low tunnel up in the air. It was so low that both Dad and me had to lower our heads or likely get them cut off !

Inside the tunnel it was weird, like sort of an amusement area. There were bright lights, mechanical people that looked like they were woodsmen or something.

There were also little pails of delicious candies. I read the sign, "Take one." So I reached out to lift it into the car and checked to see what I had.

It was a mixture of Easter and Halloween candy along with some loose candy like M&M's, roasted peanuts, raisins, and dried fruit. Really quite nice to be free.

Then we were out of the tunnel and descending back to the ground. We arrived at the church. I was going to carry the candy pail with me as with the top down on Dad's car, anyone could reach in and take it.

My sister was already there and she tried to take away my candy pail, but I wouldn't let her.

Finally I reached in past the candies and pulled out a big wrapped chocolate bar. I handed that to her and it seemed to satisfy her.

Then we were in the church. It was All Saints, like I went to go to years ago when I was just a kid.

We go to the dining hall where these women are selling loafs of green board. I take a sniff of one of them and am reminded of moldy gym socks. I shake my head.

I look behind me and see a bunch of kids are looting my candy ! I reach down to shoo them away when the bucket tips over and candy spills ALL over the floor, more so than what was actually inside.

Now there are screaming and laughing kids everywhere, down on the ground and scooping up great handfuls to stick in their pockets.

I finally laugh at the silly scene and wake up.


[8] I am a teenager, in this department store changing room. Apparently I am trying to make out with this girl in there with me. It's not a very sturdy changing room either as more than once I had to grab onto a handle of the walls to keep them from falling over.

I'm just about to take off her skirt when there are loud gunshots fired and people start to scream.

The girl I am with sits down on the bench behind me and holds on to my waist clearly wanting me to protect her.

I put my shoes back on, the only part of the clothes I have removed from myself. I tell the girl I am with to stay put, stay HERE, and then I go out to investigate to see what is happening.

I see a friend of mine. They speak and say, "It's robbers. They're robbing the mall !"

"The WHOLE mall !?" I ask in disbelief.

He nods and then runs away. I am looking closer now and see it has to be about 100 men and women wearing scarves over their mouths and all are wielding vicious looking pistols.

In piled corners I see collections of dead security guards, police officers, and other guards. They do indeed have the mall to themselves now !

I am working my way around the edge to get out of the mall when a different woman comes up to me yelling, "You owe me money !"

"What !?" I whisper harshly back at her. Then I add, "Keep your voice down !"

"I will not !" she shrieks even louder. Suddenly there is a gunshot and she falls over dead in front of me.

I look and see one of the gunmen have shot and killed her. I raise my hands but they motion with the gun that it's okay for me to leave. So I do. I run out of the mall as fast as I can. Then I hear a whole bunch of people screaming. The screaming turns into the sound of a loud calliope with weird musical tones.

Then I wake up.


[9] Dreamed I was at Dairy Queen and I had ordered the steak fingers with an orange soda to drink. And I was preparing it the way I liked it. I opened up the pepper container by unscrewing it from the top.

Then put half the container of pepper on my food by shaking it out. I was just about to take a bite from one of the steak fingers when someone suddenly tapped me on my shoulder.

I set down the fork to look at her. She was fairly attractive and had a bright yellow checkmark on her shirt with little yellow shorts.

"Yes ?" I finally asked her.

"He's coming !" she said exuberantly.

"Who ?" I asked.

She wouldn't answer though but suddenly started whooping, hollering, and clapping her hands.

I looked to see this overweight fellow enter the front door of the restaurant I was in and he had a silly superhero costume on. It was so poorly made it led me to believe that his Mom must've made it for him.

Despite my rolling eyes, other people seemed to think he was something nothing short of magnificent and also applauded loudly when he entered.

I ignored the lot and started into my steak fingers.

He didn't say a word but got into the booth behind me. Everyone already in the restaurant quickly formed a rough line so he could give signatures.

"I love you so much !" one teen girl yelled.

"You're the greatest !" another fan girl shrieked.

I smirked but held my tongue. If one thing my Dad had taught me was to be polite even under such situations that encouraged me not to be. I felt like I needed to pee so I got up for a moment to weed around the fans.

The restroom was empty, I did my business, washed my hands and returned to find a fan girl sitting backwards in my seat so she could talk to this 'famous' hero.

"Where's my food ?" I demanded from her.

She looked at me and gave a sheepish smile. "Oh. You. Can you - yeah, sit somewhere else ?"

"Where's my food !?" I repeated louder.

I just set it over there. She pointed to a counter where take out orders were received.

Naturally it was empty, someone took my food !

I was mad now. "You owe me meal, my drink, =AND= my seat back !"

She fumbled out of the seat. "Oh, okay. Geez ! Sorry, alright ?"

I finally realized who it was that everyone was getting autographs for. It was Frank Gorshin, the Riddler from the original 1960 Batman series ! Well shoot ! I think I would like an autograph from him, too.

I was surprised at how poorly his outfit looked. Then suddenly everyone backed up and encouraged me to ahead of them.

"Really ?" I asked them. They nodded.

So I was now first in line to get an autograph.

"I don't have anything to write on." I told him, but he had already brought a pad of paper.

"Here you go." he said and signed his name on the piece of paper.

Then I spoke, "I just want to say - what great work you did in the original ! I was wondering if you were ever going to return - "

Suddenly my alarm clock went off, so the dream ended.


[10] This was a rather strange dream. I was some type of celebrity because I knew where to go on the Internet to get things that were free or at a very good price.

I had written a book called, "Screw The Internet" and was apparently famous for it.

I was at this very nice Chinese restaurant signing the backs of the books with my names when suddenly this man reached forward with a pen and pricked my hand with it.

"Hey ! Watch what you're doing !" I told him. But then I felt really dizzy and sleepy.

He had drugged me. A bunch of people dressed like medical workers wheeled in a gurney to carry me away.

I spoke, "They're not real !" before falling on the floor.

"He's delirious." the man who drugged me said with an oily smile.

They lifted me up on the gurney and started out the restaurant when I woke up.

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