Dream Diary - November 17th 2015

Dream Diary - November 17th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

The Helicopter Fight / Accident Prone Mom / Deadly Teddy Bear / Mafia Mom / Going To Heaven / Belittled Mermaid / My Mom The Mouse / Shocking Discovery / Dreamwalking Again / Screwy Church Services



  Dream Diary   


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© November 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed it was some type of invasion from a foreign country. That's what was going through my head.

I know I was running away, there were these helicopters everywhere and they had machine-guns on them gunning people down who were leaving grocery stores or the bank.

I saw myself running too, trying to climb through this metal mesh of a fence. I knew there was a full missile launcher on the other side. I had already gunned down several helicopters with these other weapons I had, but now they were empty of ammo.

I was pushing and pulling through this fence and mesh, my fingers were bleeding, but I finally got to it. And just in time, an enemy helicopter was right above me and started to strafe with bullets.

I picked up the missile launcher and aiming at the helicopter depressed the firing mechanism.

There was a jet of fire that appeared out the back and suddenly an almighty WHOOSH as the shot was fired from it.

It collided solidly into the helicopter, but now I had another problem !

In the pilot's vengeance, he tried to steer the wreckage to fall directly on top of me !

I started running away and was suddenly lacerated with sharp metal from the ensuing explosion. Then I woke up.


[2] Dreamed that Mom came to visit me at Dad's home.

She was going around telling me what to do and for advice, she went into Dad's office where he had this interesting lamp that shone a rainbow above it on the wall.

She went to it and said things like, "Now Mother, we talked about this."

She was also very accident prone. Anytime I was around her she was getting hurt in one way or another, especially in Dad's den, where he originally kept the Apple computer.

In my frustration I said, "Is there anyway you can NOT get hurt by me ?"

But she merely laughed and looking up said, "I don't think so. God really does have it out for me."

Then this guy was knocking on Dad's door. It was the pizza guy, or so we thought.

Dad spoke to him but it was gibberish and definitely not English.

While Dad, Mom, and my sister were having pizza in the dining room, he took me aside into a room and closed the door saying he was my boyfriend.

"How is that possible ?" I asked him.

Then he showed me a printed out page I posted 20-years ago saying I was looking for a partner in life, but I didn't state whether it was male or female.

He started to take off his clothes in front of me making me feel very weird inside and about that time I woke up.


[3] Rose and me are driving to see this new neighborhood. As I'm driving some motorcycles, choppers, and other scary vehicles pulled up beside me.

I'm now telling Rose to take the wheel as I look behind me to see if there is anything useful in the back seat.

I see this very ugly teddy bear with razor sharp metallic teeth. I pick it up and toss it out the window.

Suddenly the bear launches into the guy's throat who caught it and his motorcycle skids and careens to the side. But the murderous teddy bear isn't done and starts running after the others.

Then the bear came up to my window and spoke in a weird and scary high-pitched tone.

"You are the boss and I have to kill you."

I shook my head vehemently, "No, it's not me ! Remember ? I collect teddy bears. I have nothing but love for them !"

The razor toothed teddy bear looks at me for a moment and then jumps to the side, apparently believing my story and leaving Rose and me alone for the moment.

Then the dream gets weird. We are driving by buildings but then they are on wheels and the very buildings themselves are chasing us. Then I wake up.


[4] Dreamed of Dottie being involved with some type of mafia. I know I was with her in a restaurant when I see a waiter toss a playing card at us.

Curious, I try to catch it but miss, which is just as well as a moment later when it is laying on the ground, it explodes blowing out the entire front window of the restaurant and patrons are all knocked out of their chair with debris around them.

Suddenly Dottie stands up and speaks into her wristwatch, "It's going down." she says simply.

Then looking right at me hits a button on her watch and she vanishes from sight. A moment later someone is forcefully raising me up and asking where my step-mother went.

I told them, she just vanished. And while I might've expected them not to believe me, apparently they did.

They talk to themselves for a bit, let me go, and go out the window back to their waiting vehicle. Then I wake up.


[5] A very scary dream. I was in church with Father Jon and he was doing some type of ritual that would force everyone to die right then and there so, as he explained to me earlier, they could all enter heaven.

Seeing what he was going to do, I leaped out of my pew to confront him. "What if there is no heaven ?" I asked, hoping to distract him.

He was not phased however and spoke in a deep voice, "Heaven is there if you believe it. If you don't, you go straight to hell !"

I was going to say something about this when the roof of the church was ripped off and there was a giant bird with a round razor mouth, much like the one seen in Fantastic Planet.

I realized this was impossible so then I woke up.


Dreamed that the Little Mermaid underwent some type of genetic process to see if she could get legs.

What came out was much worse. It was her pretty head with a dozen nasty looking tentacles beneath her neck.

She wrecked the laboratory and killed the scientists saying they were the ones responsible for making her ugly. Then she fell over and started changing into something even more nightmarish.

Finally I woke up from this terrible dream.


[7] Dreamed Dad left his house in my care for 90-days. He went away on some type of sweepstakes vacation package.

I had Bradell and Josh and his friends were there with me at the house. They were eating all the food in the refrigerator and cabinets and consecutively trashing out all of the rooms.

Suddenly the front door opened so fast it slammed against the wall causing the house to shake. Right there was Dad, apparently having come home early from his outing.

Seeing all the people and the mess they were making he was furious and demanded they all leave.

One of Bradell's friends brought my Mom in, but he brought her in a little glass case in his hand. Somehow my Mom had been turned into a mouse.

Then he released her on the ground and this cat went chasing after her, and I did all I could to prevent the cat from catching the mouse, my Mom.

Suddenly the mouse jumped up to my face and started kissing me all over. I laughed as I remember her doing this to me when I was a little boy, and then woke up.


[8] Very busy dream about a woman who is trying to get away from this mental ward. There are bad people, terrorists there with guns and they are shooting them randomly in all directions, apparently bored and hoping they can hit someone with a stray shot.

The woman opens this one door and inside are these beautiful paintings and computer consoles of great technology, clearly centuries ahead of our own.

And each painting has a shadow of the other painting so the first painting dictates what the next will look like, and so on. A real interesting mathematical arrangement. The silhouette creates the new picture.

There is a crystalline bracelet on one table in there and the woman puts it on.

Just then there is a gust of air and she is airborne ! Floating out of the room she confronts the terrorists. The bracelet shoots out little wedges of electricity that immediately goes for the throat.

Each of the terrorists fall down to the ground clutching their throat as they are mercilessly shocked.

Then they start to shoot at the woman but she has turned into this beautiful flying pixie or sprite. She flutters easily out the door and the terrorists are in hot pursuit.

I remember seeing her fly across into this lush grove and her wings sparkle like a million diamonds. Then I wake up.


[9] The same similar dreamwalk. I am in bed and suddenly my bed is on wheels and rolling, rolling faster and faster, and somehow my room has gotten 100 times bigger to make up for the space covered by the wheels.

I finally get up and feel very groggy, my vision is blurred. I reach for my glasses and pinch the bridge of my nose to force me to focus.

It is the same as many repeated dreams. There are flights of stairs going up and down and I can see all the toys I had when I was an infant.

Finally I am climbing down these stairs and run into a group of people I haven't seen since I was a little boy.

The dream wavers, hesitates, and suddenly I am awake again.


[10] Dreamed I had attended one of Father Jon's church services, but everything was going wrong.

All of the congregation was singing the wrong songs. Red jello showed up instead of the sacramental wafers. Total chaos.

Father Jon did his best to keep order but people were mumbling to themselves louder and louder about how messed up everything was.

Suddenly they all got up in a group and left, leaving me alone with the Father.

Seeing I was the only one left he pointed an accusational finger at me and shrieked, "This is all your fault !"

About that point I woke up.

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Ha, I am glad it's not only me with the wacky dreams!

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5 Years Ago

No indeed. I think a great many stories we write for our books and novels - they all come from our m.. read more
Valkyrie Warrior

5 Years Ago

Too right dear

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