FB2-57 "Death Threat"

FB2-57 "Death Threat"

A Chapter by dw817

For a moment, Sharon saw her own reflection in the water, as if she herself were already trapped in there. She was beside herself with apoplectic fear. The reflection mouthed the words, "Kill me."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 57 - "Death Threat"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Stefani then said before they sign the paperwork, can she look at something important first ? Sharon set down her coffee cup and said sure, eager to be on Stefani's best side.

It was so odd, Sharon had heard terrible tales of this Stefani character in Arkos and yet here they were having a delightful cup of coffee and she is apologizing for her behavior ! This kind of juicy gossip, the weakness of Stefani being a good person after all, could not be contained once she left with the paperwork signed.

Stefani then got up, walked slowly over to Sharon to stand behind her, and put a friendly hand on her shoulder. Sharon suspected, however, something was wrong as she could barely make out a slight chuckling sound from Stefani when suddenly her arm was painfully wrenched behind her.

Sharon then jerked up and screamed as loud as she could but Tyr's quarters were custom made, sound-proof, so it was to no avail and only made Stefani smile the wider at her desperate attempt and cry for help.

Then she grabbed her other arm and hammer-locked them behind each other to hold tightly in her one vice-like grip, and forced her into the guest bathroom, and without waiting for any objection grabbed Sharon's head with her free hand and dunked her head completely in the commode maintaining an iron grip on both of her arms with her own.

Angry little bubbles popped up to the surface and she struggled, kicking her legs around her, but the bathroom was physically just to small to get any kind of leverage.

Stefani patiently counted out loud to 30. Before she reached her number the angry bubbles had already stopped. She pulled Sharon's face out of the bowl and waited quietly for her to regain consciousness. When Sharon coughed hoarsely and started screaming for help again, she gave her another swirlie, adding 10 more seconds each time she did it.

Over and over again, until Stefani was nearly counting past a minute.

Finally Sharon roused again for the umpteenth time and was hysterical with tears, keeping silent this time, knowing she would die horribly if Stefani continued this cruel game of adding time to the drowning period.

All of the terrible and horrible rumors she had heard about Stefani were TRUE ! They were all TRUE ! Sharon wanted to be home right now. She wanted to be away from this horrible woman !

When Stefani noticed that Sharon was no longer going to cry or shriek out loud for help like she did earlier, she made her move and whispered intently in her ear, still holding on to both arms with her single hand and caressed her hair as she spoke.

"This is the way things are, sweetie. Better get used to them." Stefani cooed seductively in her ear, and then bit it hard enough to make it bleed. Sharon cried out suddenly for the pain in her ear and then coughed hard to get the water out of her lungs which was still there.

Stefani continued and spoke with great venom, "Now listen carefully, I suggest you leave and tell all your funny and furry little friends that I run things here."

She added, "If you so much as LOOK in my direction again, or at ANY of my clients, then you had better want to be my "special" friend," and then Stefani's voice took an ugly edge, "because the NEXT time we cross paths, you'll be on the other side of this particular toilet bowl kissing my bare and naked a*s every day to show your affection to me !"

She then loosened her grip on Sharon's wrists momentarily so she could look into the commode herself. Sharon could see this was no ordinary one and it opened up fully at the bottom to scary blackness below. And then she noticed the little handrails on the side.

As she looked, Stefani reached around the commode with her free hand and hit a switch.

There was a spring that snapped and an oddly clean and shiny set of thick metal crossbars jumped into place from a 2-inch circular opening right at the rim, causing Sharon to jump back slightly.

Then Sharon looked again, it would definitely trap someone if they were inside, but still allow them air to breathe, putrid thought it might be, if they held onto the hand rails, but with a terrible view for the rest of their life.

Which she was certain Stefani would ensure wouldn't be very long.

For a moment, Sharon saw her own reflection in the water, as if she herself were already trapped in there. She was beside herself with apoplectic fear. The reflection mouthed the words, "Kill me."

* * *

"Oh my god, you're f*****g serious !" she could barely slur the words out loud in fear and felt like she could vomit at the implication of Stefani's horrid threat.

Then she started shaking so hard in fear at what Stefani just did and what she just said that it was like she was freezing over in a blizzard naked even though it was uncomfortably hot in the bathroom with the warm water in the commode and airtight door.

There was a loud click as Stefani depressed the button again and the bars snapped back into their slot, allow the wide opening again.

"Do we have a deal, sweetie ?" Stefani challenged her.

There was a moment of silence. Finally Sharon leaned over to look again and spoke trying to control her voice, "How do - " but couldn't continue because her mouth felt all numb and funny as she spoke.

"Do we have a deal, B***H !?" Stefani said louder, reaching around with her free hand to assist the first and then pulled harder on both arms and wrists so something painfully and audibly popped in it.

Sharon cried out in pain but spoke, "Yes." she said quietly, though her tongue felt numb in her mouth and even that single word was a tremendous effort to speak. It was like she was wanting to faint. She couldn't possibly believe what she was seeing was real, she must be asleep and having a nightmare.

She wondered if her own brain was still oxygen-starved from what Stefani did earlier causing her to be woozy-headed.

"I honestly couldn't make that out." Stefani said louder with a wicked laugh in her voice and started to bob her head back in the opening as if she was going to hurl her in and carry out what she promised. Sharon suddenly realized the bars were retracted so she could certainly do what she threatened !

Sharon blinked her eyes rapidly, forcing consciousness into her oxygen-starved brain, "YES goddamit, I agree ! Now PLEASE - " and she couldn't continue speaking for she was racked with sobs and crying now, her mind literally shattered and broken at the depravity and insanity she saw before her.

Stefani let go with one hand and reached around with it to massage Sharon's shoulder comfortingly with it while maintaining a tight grip on the other.

"You are almost as good a client as I already have." Stefani said seductively, as if that were a compliment to her.

Then while Sharon was lost in thought, trying to decide what to do next, Stefani grabbed her head and turned it around, hard, for a kiss, straight on her still wet from the toilet trembling lips, probing her tongue in her mouth invasively, as she was still numb with shock at what just happened.

Sharon gagged but held her position, blinking her eyes in rage, realizing if she did something to Stefani now her life might well be over. Stefani finally let her go sucking on her lip, reluctant to leave her innocent and violated mouth.

"Delicious." Stefani commented in a voice that indicated she was tasting her very soul, licking her own lips sensually as she pulled back. Then to her surprise, she let her go completely. Sharon whirled her arms back forward into her lap, deciding what to do next, and continued to shiver in rage and fear, uncertain if this was a trick of hers.

Stefani slowly stood up in the small space allowing and opened the door behind them fully to let Sharon exit. Welcome clean, cold air filtered through and made Sharon want to gag realizing how putrid the stale air was in here, now that she had gotten used to it.

"Now get the f**k outta here !" Stefani said venomously as if she was a terrible playdate and her time was up for the day.

"Yes ma'am." Sharon sobbed, not ever wanting to be in this position again and stumbled to her feet to step around Stefani. But just before she cleared the doorframe, Stefani who was standing beside her, latched on to her pretty blonde-hair with one hand and pulled on it.

"Oh," Stefani added in a kinder tone, "And Sharon, feel free to come back anytime you want to - " and she lingered on the single word to follow like it held a deeply reverent meaning to her.

"Play." and Stefani rubbed the side of her hip suggestively. Sharon wasn't paying attention to this however and was just concerned about getting her hair back. She turned her head to say something obscene for her pulling on it, but then her eyes panned down to Stefani's hips where her fingers were pointing out an obvious invitation to it.

There was a moment of more than awkward silence as Sharon continued to stare, her mouth open in confusion and words completely failing her at this point. She swallowed hard, unable to pull her gaze away, having never seen behavior so shocking in anyone. After several uncomfortable seconds Stefani hummed contendly and rubbed her hip seductively.

"No." Sharon barely squeaked out with a choked voice that betrayed her sense of perfect innocence, finally finding her words again and tore her sight away from Stefani while slapping lightly at her hand to pull her hair free from her outstretched fingers and then ran out fumbling with her own passcard to exit the quarters.

Stefani smiled indulgently. She gave Sharon the space she needed. She was frightened enough and there was no need to give her a heart-attack besides.

The door hissed open and Sharon ran full-tilt out of there, clutching her throat with one hand, like trying to control herself from retching, and bouncing her other hand up and down in denial of what happened combined with frustration.

Stefani patted her knees playfully for a moment in Sharon's absence, then she closed the bathroom door behind her and then went to lock her own front entry door, chuckling in satisfaction, confident this particular trainee would be no more trouble. Finally she went to check on Tyr in her secret room downstairs.

Her high-heeled shoes audibly clicked down the metal spiral staircase below, eager to check on Tyr. She had setup a little futon for her to sleep on along with one of Petrov's extra-strong canisters of Tangerine with a matching mouthpiece for Tyr.

As she peered in on her, she could see wet around her eyes from tears little dried crystals of it appeared on her cheeks. Stefani commented to herself with a false sense of concern, "Aww ... She's been crying cause she was left alone in this big scary room all to herself."

And then she cradled her in her arms and started to lift her up to take her back. "Poor dear, let's put you back in your bed." And then started to ascend the stairs to put her back in the dirty clothes hamper.

As Stefani recalled these events, she smiled knowingly to herself, and finally fell asleep having absolutely horrible dreams, much to her delight.


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