FB2-58 "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 1)"

FB2-58 "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 1)"

A Chapter by dw817

Once outside I held out my hand politely to Tyr, but she wouldn't have anything to do with it and smacked it away painfully with an incredibly high kick, her skirt flying up for a second.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 58 - "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 1)"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

While Stefani slept in her luxurious bed, Tyr did likewise, though not as comfortably in her terribly cramped and musty laundry basket.

Back on the surface in his own home, Dev finally fell asleep too, missing both Tyr and his Teddy Bear, Teepo, for comfort. Where was Teepo anyways ?

Dev's dreams were fitful and restless and finally he dreamed of his initial encounter with Tyr. It was like he was at a recitation because he could both hear the words of the narrator, himself, and see the scene that played out.

(( Tyr had met me in 2nd grade when she was 7-years old. She fell HARD in love with me, I don't know why ? It was the CRUSH to end all crushes. She HAD to have me.

At this time in class, we were going to play a game on what we learned last week, using chairs facing out to make a circle, where our teacher, Ms. Dreskill, asked us a question, and if we got it right, we stayed in the circle, if not, we were sent back to our desk, out of the game.

There was supposed to be a gift for the winners too. Little bags of sugar-free candy. I was especially eager to win one.

Tyr had her eyes on a different prize. Her pretty violet eyes burned with desire looking straight at me and licked her lips hungrily. She waited until I was sitting down in one of the chairs in the circle and then she decided to make her move on me.

Tyr was not very good with eloquence. Out of turn from Ms. Dreskill's game, she ran over to where I was sitting in the chair and straddling her legs over mine said in a loud voice as she held onto my shoulders for support, "You gone to be my boyfriend, okayed !?"

Ms. Dreskill groaned uncomfortably and the class watched to see what would happen next. The teacher looked on and sighed, knowing if she interfered, Tyr would do something even worse, and REALLY disrupt class. She hoped what she was doing would end soon.

At first I didn't say anything, perplexed by her forwardness. So then she gave me an evil smile and sat down in my lap grinding her butt hard into my shorts as if she was spreading sand out. The class hooted in laughter, delighted at what they were seeing. Ms. Dreskill groaned and rubbed her forehead with her fingers.

The class knew Tyr was a real hellcat when she wanted something, and I was just now learning this as well.

Feelings in me I never felt before were aroused between my legs and my face burned in shame and confusion. Tyr was obviously aware of this as, based upon the look in my face, and a big smile appeared on hers. She opened her mouth seductively for me, wetting her lips.

When I still didn't answer her, she pressed her chest forward against mine and grabbed my head to touch her warmer sweating forehead. Her beautiful red hair had a trace of wetness to them too, also from sweat and excitement.

For a moment, I had to wonder why she was sweating so hard right now. Did she really like me that much ? As I pondered this she said angrily, "Riiight ?" and then bounced up and down on my lap playfully. The class only laughed louder at my discomfort. I realized her legs were sweating too.

I - had - no idea who this crazy girl was, and I didn't want to play this game anymore. Coughing and speaking with as much maturity as I could, I said sternly to her, "No, I don't think so. Please get off me." and then I pushed her off my lap, rather roughly. She fell onto the floor in great indignity. The class then changed to laugh at Tyr instead of me.

Tyr gave me a look, like I had NEVER seen in anyone before then. It was like her pretty violet eyes had melted in a pool of boiling lava ! Oh, she was going to get even with me for this ! She screamed in rage, "You and me are having it out after school, boyyy !"

I tried to object but the other students piled up against both her and me and patted both of us hard on the back, eager for the fight to occur. I saw Ms. Dreskill reach in the drawer for some aspirins. My best friend Marty said, "Dev, you're not afraid of fighting a GIRL, are you ?"

I swallowed hard as the class got quiet to hear my reply. "Well, no. But do we really need to fight, I mean, can't we just be friends ?"

Tyr was smoldering in fury and wiped some of her sweaty hair away from her head before replying, "You hadden your chanced !" and then swiftly kicked her leg out with great accuracy knocking me out of my chair so I was also flat on the floor. The class hooted with more laughter at both of us now, though my friend Marty helped me back up.

Our teacher, who had a drink of water and two aspirin then spoke, held three fingers on the side of her forehead speaking directly to Tyr, "Are you done ?"

Tyr, her rage fading suddenly was all sweet again, "Yes, Miss Dreskill Teacher, Ma'am."

We continued the class game, and I had won one of the bags of candy as I studied the night before. I thought that would be the end of it, I mean, whoever heard of a girl initiating a fight with a boy ?

During lunch, I saw that Tyr had not forgotten about me and was sitting in the very spot I normally sat in ! And top top it off, she was talking to my best friend, Marty. The little traitor !

So I sat as far away from her as I could, near the teachers. She looked over to where I was having lunch and blew kisses at me. I really was confused now. She loved me, she hated me, she wanted to hurt me, and now she wanted to kiss me on top of all that !? Could ANYONE EVER understand girls ?

It was then I realized that the fight she wanted with me wasn't going to be so easily forgotten.

After school, I tried to hide out in the library like I usually did to get out of a fight, but my FRIENDS, or whom I thought were my friends, dragged me out of the reading repository and threw me through the front double-doors to see Tyr angrily waiting for me outside, ready for the fight.

I was wearing my backpack which had all my schoolwork in it. There were some other students nearby too, eager to watch.

She had a Polly Rocket backpack on which she unstrapped and handed to one of her girlfriends before facing me with her fists clenched. She had a look on her face to melt steel, though somehow worked a disturbing smile into that. I kept my backpack on. I was certain a handshake and a heartfelt apology from me would solve all this misunderstanding.

I really didn't want to fight her. Once outside I held out my hand politely to her, but she wouldn't have anything to do with it and smacked it away painfully with an incredibly high kick, her skirt flying up for a second so I had a good view of her undies beneath.

I shook my hand in the air for a moment to get feeling back into it, and marveled just how high she could lift her legs. As I looked back at her she suddenly ran straight at me and whaled one big punch into my stomach !

I stood there perplexed, and clutched my chest in pain. "Whoa, dju see that ?" some of the students commented, amazed at her brazen demeanor.

I was taught by my own Mom NEVER to hit a girl under any circumstances so I just stood there motionless, bewildered at what she just did. Tyr had a look on her face of complete innocence and stood to observe her fingernails for a moment when she realized I wasn't going to hit her back.

Just then I felt sick at my stomach and reeled dizzily for a bit. With that, Tyr looked back at me, unconcernedly, and reached over to gently push on my shoulder causing me to fall over in the grass, my homework papers and books flying right out of my backpack from the top, as if a small cap of dynamite exploded from the bottom of it.

My eyes were closed in tears, and my chest felt on fire as I hit the ground. As I lay on the grass rubbing my chest trying to ease it in some way, I heard Marty whisper politely in my ear, "I'll hang on to these for ya, Dev, if ya survive that is !" and he laughed cruelly and pulled away.


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