Dream Diary - December 8th 2015

Dream Diary - December 8th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Improperly Placed Guilt / Bad Toilet Design / Theft Of Toys / Adventure In Paris / Ballistics Camp / Fairy Godmother Syndrome / The Idiot Bird / Your Rings Are Safe / Electric Forest / Rocket Control



  Dream Diary   


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© December 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed that Chris was messing with my computer. He had the task bar appearing over he edge, my program icons had garbage data and terrible malware and viruses on it. I tried to use it but it kept showing horrible pop-ups, finally the whole thing bombed to the "Blue Screen Of Death."

I was very angry with him. Then the scene changed and I was outside. For some reason I accused a complete stranger of the problems my computer was having. He said he was very sorry and then proceeded to lower his head and bash it against this large rock, splitting open his skull instantly.

It reminded me of myself when I got frustrated that I would bang my head against the wall until I felt better.

I awoke in a fright.


[2] I dreamed that Dad made this massive underwater toilet system. It was really strange. There were 3 toilets beside each other and instead of having water in them, they just had a gaping hole that led to a lower level, what looked like underground catacombs to some cave filled with water.

I was telling Dad how inefficient this was and that there was no plumbing so despite the crap going down for 30-feet, it is still dirtying up a cave somewhere.

To make matters worse when I took a closer look I saw what appeared to be gang members living in this cave and looking up angrily at the toilet openings a good 30-feet from where they stood.

Very bizarre dream. I finally woke up.


[3] Bad dream. For some reason I brought my favorite teddy bears to a movie, apparently for them to "enjoy" the feature too. But then they all got stolen when I got up to get a refill on soda. No-one knew where they were or anything about them.

I was really angry and started to look around. Dad was there too but he wasn't very helpful and had this staple gun with which he was trying to shoot me.

Then I said, "Top Attic," and climbed to the top of the movie theater on this large copper ladder to see all kinds of stolen items, not just Teddy Bears but dolls and other stuffed animals too.

There were some kids up there too, trying to give me back my teddy bears, but the ones they selected were none of mine. Not a single one they brought me matched the ones I owned.

I was also wearing these strange gloves, I guess like Iron Man where they propelled me up in the air, but I wasn't very good with them and kept careening and toppling from side to side.

Then I woke up.


[4] Dreamed that my Mother and me were living in Paris and for some reason we were both completely naked and it didn't seem to bother anyone at all.

I guess I was in my 20s and Mom was in her 40s. Everything was fine. We were at a bistro enjoying coffee and pastries when policeman arrived to arrest me for indecent exposure.

I didn't want to get Mom involved but I did ask them why was it just me they were arresting. They changed the subject by saying I was disturbed, and took this metal circle that had a pin in the middle of it, and slapped it to the side of my neck.

At once my balance gave out and I toppled over. A dark blanket was thrown around my head and body and I was dragged away.

They didn't get very far. I felt my strength returning. I reached for my neck to pull off the metal disc and ran away from them. Then there was a Taxi that stopped and opened the door for me. My Mom was already in there and dressing, someone had apparently given her clothes.

Then the taxi took off with both me and her in the back seat. There were 2 other women there too, strangers with us, but they didn't say anything about my nudity.

Finally the taxi is pulled over by the police. They are very suspicious of Mom but she is now fully clothed and doesn't match any of the accusations of seeing a nude woman earlier at the bistro.

With no evidence to hold her, they give me a quick look, smile, then leave. The taxi drives to a wharf where a boat is waiting for us. I'm not sure why we were trading transports of what awaited us in the water, but we got on board nonetheless.

It was a simple boat with just a few people for the crew. A motorboat to be sure that had 3-floors to it. An upstairs, the level we were on, and a level downstairs. I marveled at the construction of the ship and how it could house all this and travel as fast in the water as it did.

Then the water turned blue. We were issued to get out and we rode this giant plastic log. Then it was like a log flume at Six Flags. It was silly then. It was like we were riding the flume through foreign countries. People behind desks asked us if we had any papers, anything to declare.

I finally stood up in the plastic log, nude and all and saluted one of the office workers saying, "I'm just declaring myself !"

It was a woman I was addressing. She looked up from her papers, then at me. Then between my legs. A terse smile passed her lips but she shook her head and started writing down what apparently was infractions of travel, and I was pretty sure nudity was one of them.

Finally we are bouncing over wooden boards. The flume snakes hard to the left and right causing us to hang on for dear life to the sides. Finally I passed one fellow who was using an eyedropper, I guess to check the quality of the water.

Then I woke up.


[5] Dreamed Dad sent me to this camp for kids. I guess what was unusual about it was that the counselors were teaching kids how to use missile launchers, surface-to-air missiles, bazookas, and other deadly overkilling weapons of destruction.

When I stepped off the bus this missile flew right near my ear. For a good long moment I couldn't hear anyone except for a buzzing in that ear.

As I stepped away from the bus, someone grabbed my hand and shook it saying, "You're very brave, aren't you ?"

"Excuse me ?" I asked, confused of the whole affair.

He smiled as if I couldn't hear properly and not that I was just confused, "Don't worry, your hearing will come back. Welcome to the camp !"

Then my brain brought back a memory that I was here 30-years ago. I was 40 now in this dream so I had to have been here when I was 10. But dreams do that, they give you memories of things that have not happened.

And that can be confusing when you wake up trying to differentiate reality from dreams.

Anyways, I spoke, "Don't you remember who I am ?"

He nodded but ran away as if he had something more important to do then jaw with me.

I turned to look behind me and bumped into this cute 20-year old girl who was wearing a T-Shirt that was apparently the motif of the camp.

I asked her to show it to me. She smiled shyly and pulled on the bottom flat so I could read it now.

"No one is a loser." Then I gave her a look of query. She smiled toothily at me. "No-one." she said.

"I guess not if you know how to use a bazooka, right ?" I smiled back at her.

She grinned and took my hand. "You're funny." she said. "Come on, it's just about time for them to teach us how to use fuses."

"Who exactly are we bombing ?" I asked her in all seriousness.

"The other team ! They live across the lake. They are our rivals."

We started walking and I saw some amazing things. There was a bunch of people seated around a bonfire. He was moving his hands through the fire and 'pulling' it out to use as glowing paint. He told a story of a very old wolf who was going to die.

It was such a sad story that everyone around him was teary-eyed.

"Special privilege !" someone yelled ahead of us. And then the girl still holding my hand suddenly shifted her grip to my wrist to start running and drag me with her.

I was still caught up in the sights and saw this strange creature that was a cross between a praying mantis and a llama. Nearby was a fellow wearing a T-Shirt with the same image as the creature.

Then I woke up.


This dream was a bit different from the others. In it Fairy Godmothers were apparently a well-known fact of life and many people advertised and talked about them constantly.

But it was like the hand that couldn't see, that was the logic, it didn't make any sense to me, and perhaps it didn't to others, but it was there nonetheless. Like the loop in the rubber-band, it just happens.

Fairy Godmothers could grant wishes but it was a dark magic, not good, and the wishes seemed to be done by mostly by the indentured servitude of trolls. They were considered beneath humans and as such were downright slaves. I didn't like it, but I didn't rebel publicly against it as likely I would've met with great anger from others.

Then there was a scene where a 'half-baked' Fairy Godmother appeared in an oven. I was with a woman much taller than myself. I felt like I was 12-13 years old in this dream. She was in her 30s, and my Mother but she didn't look anything like my real Mother.

She put a comforting hand on my shoulder and said, "She's not ready yet. She doesn't have the right color of dress. She needs a few more minutes of baking."

"Pop-Tart ?" I asked. And then suddenly there was thunderous laughing from people who were behind a curtain in the kitchen. They were wielding all kinds of cooking devices too. Like an egg beater, electric knife, meat tenderizer and other implements.

Then a troll showed up and everyone booed. My 'Mother' took her hat off, which I now noticed was conical like a witch. She placed it on the troll's head and suddenly the troll started to disappear up in the hat !

In a few moments, nothing remained but the hat. "Eaten." I thought to myself. It was scary to watch. Then I woke up.


[7] Sometimes I dream of technical things. This was one of those dreams. It was of a large mechanical bird that was 30-feet across. I was on an assembly line and it was my job to hook and wire in a telephone mechanism.

The metal of the bird was really old and rusty and in my head RUST was something to be revered and adored, more so than any other precious metals.

I was originally on a bus traveling to work when I saw the large copper bird. People came to pat me on my back and congratulate me for having such a great job.

"The Great Bird !" they called it.

"What does it do ?" I finally asked someone. They gave me a look like I was completely insane.

"What do you mean what does it do ? It just does !"

"Yeah." agreed some other people, surprised I would ever ask such a crazy question.

In any case, I got off the bus, put on this smock, put on these special gloves that had magnifying lenses at the tips and got to work installing the telephone equipment.

The bird itself was utter chaos. It was pieces of rusted metal stuck together at weird angles and supporting metallic beams. In my head I realized this 'bird' did nothing at all, but yet somehow that was important to other people.

As if 'industry' and 'usefulness' was silly talk and you could be arrested for trying to make things that served a purpose.

As I worked on the telephone wire, suddenly the makeshift phone I attached rang. I ignored it, thinking it was a loose connection or something when the phone rang again.

Hesitantly I lifted the receiver. "Hello ?"

A gravelly and scary voice spoke, "Is the deal on for tonight ?"

I didn't dare give an indication that I didn't know what it was about so I just spoke with more confidence than I felt and said, "Yes. Yes, the deal is on for tonight."

He snarled, "You better show up this time." then the line clicked dead.

Then a woman came by me wheeling a cart full of what could only be described as junk metal. She was perspiring about her head and spoke blearily, "I have to connect all this to the bird by tonight."

Then one of my superiors came to me to watch me work for a bit. Finally he said, "You're doing good work here, David. Keep it up." and he left.

Then I woke up.


[8] Dottie was showing me her collection of rings. I was back at Dad's house, about 20-years old, and the house itself had a lot of changes made to it. All were nice but it was difficult to recognize that I was in Dad's house except by a few prominent doors and entry ways.

In any case, Dottie was showing me this one ring that was really pretty. It was gold all around but had a thin line of silver tracing the complete middle of the loop.

I told her, "That's really pretty."

I think maybe she thought I was going to steal it or something because suddenly she took it back from my grip, replaced it into the jewelry box she had. Then reached in her pocket for a piece of candy to place in my mouth.

At this I told her I would never steal her rings. I would never take them from you. I have my own that I'm buying from EBay for the holidays for everyone.

My sister listening by the door piped in, "Yeah, I'd never take your rings either, Dottie. I have my own too."

Dottie smiled and addressed us both, "That's very kind of you. Nonetheless I'm locking up this room now so you two need to go somewhere else."

Outside her door was a collection of neat little toys and stuff like Cracker Jack prizes. Dottie never said anything about these so me and my sister filled our pockets with the toys.

One toy I picked up was this squishy face that was just ugly. Then I woke up.


[9] This very dysfunctional family goes on a picnic. Chaos ensues as everyone screams and yells, not getting their way, not getting what they want, and not being 'paid attention to.'

"Babies." I told myself watching this scene. I couldn't really tell where I was. I was either at the picnic grounds watching this or viewing it through a television screen. It was hard to tell.

Then the scene changes and I am with my own family, we are having a picnic, but everything is nice and good.

Then Dad asks me if I brought the food. Suddenly I panic and realize I left it back at home.

Dad just smiles, "It's no problem, tiger. I'll go back to get it. Everyone just stay here, I'll be back in a moment."

Then I go to examine the trees but realize there is a circuit board printed on the back side of each of them. Curious I touch one with my finger to receive a nasty shock.

Then I look down at the grass and see it's electrified. I am having to walk a particular way or I'll get burned by the high voltage and electricity.

Suddenly I receive a terrible shock and a deep voice drones in my head, "How many cubits are in a speaker !?"

"I don't know !" I shriek in pain. "I just don't know."

"You don't know or you won't tell me !?" challenges the voice.

"Let me go !" I yell back.

The pain increased, apparently not the answer the voice wanted. Finally I call back, "Eight, okay, it's eight ! They are eight cubits to every speaker !"

"Eight what ?" the voice asks.

"Eight cubic OCTAVES !" I say, clarifying myself.

Suddenly the pain is alleviated and I am back in the forest again. The trees don't have circuit boards now but they do have cryptic writing. But I've had enough curiosity for one day.

I go back to where we set down our picnic blanket and wait for Dad.

The scene changes and I am somehow beneath this large camper trailer. There is an argument going on above me and I am doing my best to try and wriggle out from beneath it.

Then I wake up.


[10] Dreamed I was back in High School. For some reason I was going around telling the students that I had control over the 3 rockets. In my head, I didn't know what these rockets were but they were apparently of vital importance to everyone.

Several students, however, didn't believe me. I motioned my hand and one rocket crashed through the wall to hover by my raised hand awaiting any movement to control its direction and destination.

Then a teacher showed up and said, "Okay, David. Let's see you do it then."

"Do what ?" I asked her.

"Control this rocket, what else !" she retorted angrily.

I nodded but just then the scene changed. The rocket turned into a cheap little plastic toy rocket that ran on water pressure and it fell to the ground fizzing in a circle.

Everyone including the teacher guffawed with rude laughter.

But I wasn't licked yet. In my memory it told me that I still had control over the other 2 rockets. I told the teacher, "Turn on Channel 5.5" and you'll see.

She did so and on the screen it showed a helicopter view tracking two other rockets. A voice spoke, "We can't get near these folks as they could detonate at any moment."

Then this brown liquid fell from the sky onto the rockets.

"What is this ?" the newscaster asked.

I replied where I was. "It's rocket fuel. The rocket has no choice but to go up and kiss it, that is it's lifeblood."

Then I woke up from this strange dream.

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Well there other night I dreamt I was living in the world of Minecraft, so you're not alone in your bizarre dreaming :P

Posted 5 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Hi. I never have played Minecraft. Too busy working on other things. But I do dream about Star Trek .. read more

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