FB2-60 "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 3)"

FB2-60 "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 3)"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr kissed me so hard that I couldn't even breathe any air except what what she was breathing out. I tried to pull away but she suddenly grabbed the side of my head with her hands to hold me in place.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© December 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 60 - "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 3)"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I turned my head back, rolling my face across Tyr's underside as she was definitely attempting to smother me and it was then I sensed something terrible.

I groaned and my stomach murmured unhappily not liking it no matter how subtle it might have been.

I heard Tyr squeak in surprise for a second, obviously aware that I had just licked her down there inadvertently. I was certain no-one else either noticed or heard her with all the laughter and noise going on around us.

Tyr punches me hard in the stomach and I return with a strategical counter-attack move by slurping her butt in appreciation. Wow ! there's retaliation for you !

"Want mored ?" she asked generously and raised back up her pantied globe while looking down at me with a cruel smile seeing if I did, matching her pretty violet eyes with mine. The students began to chant, "More, more, more !" Tyr turned and nodded her head up and down excitedly to the crowd, eager for the attention she was getting from them.

Shortly after that I heard a soft, gurgle above me which, I had hoped was from her own belly and not from where I thought it was.

Without an immediate answer and Tyr, eager to answer my unspoken question about whether or not the sound came from her butt or belly, she started to lower herself back down on my face again.

Just before she smothered me again I squeaked out utterly terrified, my voice completely pathetic and muffled from beneath her, "I agree to ... whatever ! I ANYTHING ! Just let me go !"

She paused her descent and maintaining her position, leaned over for a good look at me, "Really ?" Her voice sounded like we had been long-time friends.

The students were still laughing, not at all wanting to let this beyond ridiculous moment pass and offered loud comments and suggestions to her, "Don't believe him !" "Squash him good, girl !"

I answered back immediately NOW knowing the rules of this rude game and eager to quit it immediately.

"Really !" I called back, as friendly as I could and tried to smile, rather shakily, as she was looking down at me intently now with her pretty violet eyes. She had a tight grip on my hands so I still couldn't pull away even if I tried.

"Hmm ..." she said thoughtfully, and letting one of my hands free, put that hand up to her mouth to suck on her finger for a bit, watching me over her shoulder, and considering if I was being sincere to her. She wagged her end playfully as the tip of it brushed against my nose. I steeled myself as I felt my lunch lurch up in my stomach but held my resolve.

Comments continued from the crowd though the laughter had died down somewhat. "No !" "Flatten him !" "Make him smooch ya there !" There was more giggling from the last comment.

Tyr was not one to listen to crowds though, and after a good moment finally released my other hand and cheerfully bounced up turning to me saying, "Okay !"

As soon as she did that she untied her blouse quickly to have it fall around her panties and flop back down against her knees covering them again. Then she hurled herself down on top of me saying passionately, "Sweetiepop, you can call me Tyr !"

She reached in her pocket for a kleenex to wipe my the tears from my eyes which, unbidden, had welled up in them. I thought this gesture of friendship was rather nice of her, however.

"Awww." said some of the girls standing around, and clasped their hands beatifically, watching the signs of affection we were apparently playing out for them now.

She looked straight at me and for a second, I saw her as a beautiful young girl, attractive, and sweet, with pretty red hair and dazzling violet eyes. I could tell it was time for me to speak.

"I'm Dev." I told her nervously, glad to be out of that terrible predicament.

Tyr replied to that by suddenly planting a big wet kiss on my lips while probing her knee with intense curiosity against the middle of my shorts.

* * *

The students cheered and clapped like it was a great show come to an end. I heard Marty from the crowd yell, "Dev's gotta girlfriend ! Dev's gotta girlfriend ! Way to go, Dev !" I turned my eyes to give him a mean look, and there was more applause and laughter.

I tasted delicious cherry lollipop candy on Tyr's lipgloss, which was a welcome flavor at the moment. I tentatively returned the kiss, wanting to be on her good side. Try kissed me even more eagerly in return. The applause got louder.

Suddenly she reached up and pinched my nose closed. I brought my own hand up to take it off but she slapped it hard and painfully with her other so I desisted, wondering what she was up to.

I then realized that her lips were pressed rather hard to mine ! so much so that I couldn't even breathe any air except what what she was breathing out. I coughed and tried to pull away but she suddenly grabbed the side of my head with her hands free hand and forced me to stay facing her. She kept her lips mashed up hard against mine and still didn't give me any air to breathe !

I coughed again, quieter, and she replied by licking my lips sensually and then breathing more warm cherry lollipop candy breath in my mouth. I could taste it all around me now. The laughter started to sound like it was underwater and quieter. My vision started to blur and I felt a little dizzy and sleepy at the same time with a weird kind of headache.

Tyr had stopped kissing me but continued to keep her lips locked onto mine. Then she breathed for me as I couldn't anymore, with her still pinching my nose closed. Rich sweet cherry lollipop candy filled my lungs, but it wasn't air, it was her carbon-dioxide. She was robbing me of all my air ! She breathed in harder and longer, denying my own lungs to work and continuing to starve my brain for oxygen.

I jerked my muscles in an unconscious reaction to get air, but she held me down firm, wrapping her muscular legs around mine as I lay flat on my back in the grass. I couldn't move at all now.

And then I was breathing again, but so very slowly, and Tyr was forcing me to at the rhythm she wanted. As I breathed out, she breathed in my breath. As I breathed in, she breathed out her mouth for me. But every time I breathed in, the cherry lollipop candy was stronger until I was drowning in its flavor.

My lungs were completely filled with the taste of it now and I would've licked my lips of the flavor were she not pressing her own so hard against me now.

My eyes wilted sleepily and my brain was unable to stay awake with as little oxygen as she was giving me. The muscles in my body finally relaxed in surrender. Tyr held her gaze firmly on my eyes watching intently, as a hungry owl watches a mouse scurry on the ground.

Finally she grunted, satisfied that I was just about unconscious from what she was doing. All I could hear was my heartbeat now and nothing else now. I just wanted to sleep despite what she was doing to me. My eyes closed entirely.

She continued to hold her lips on mine and breathe slowly in and out for me. Then she pulled the free hand away from my head to reach down the front of my shorts, apparently HER prize for the day.

I felt her fingers tickling me gingerly between my legs, testing to see if I would react. But I was just about unconscious. Deciding she had free reign over me finally, she caressed me harder there determined to get a response, conscious or not.

Suddenly there was a flurry of movement and light in my eyes as a bold teacher stomped up to roughly yank Tyr off of me while yelling at her, "To the principal's office, NOW young lady !"


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