FB2-61 "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 4)"

FB2-61 "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 4)"

A Chapter by dw817

I couldn't even find the strength to sob now I was so humiliated at what she just did to me, and what she COULD'VE done to me had I not agreed to be her boyfriend ! (more)




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© December 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 61 - "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 4)"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

It was then when Tyr was dragged away that my hearing had returned to normal and the crowd was still there, rollicking with laughter at what she had been doing to me all this time, and me just about losing consciousness to it all to boot !

The teacher then looked down at me and seemed concerned for a moment. I had to have looked like a squashed frog against the grass. I raised up, coughing in my hands to get my breath back, as I tasted only cherry lollipop in my lungs, noticing flashes of light in the corner of my eyes.

As I did so, my brain tried to recollect itself from the starvation of oxygen Tyr gave to it and I blinked my eyes blearily trying to get normal sight back into them.

For a moment I looked down in my hands and I saw a perfect Saf-T Pop cherry-red sucker with a loop in it attached to my wrist instead of my fingers. I shook my head and blinked my eyes disbelievingly to clear the mirage losing my balance and tipping over on the ground again.

"Hey, are you okay ? Do you need to go see the nurse, son ?" The concerned teacher wanted to know if I was alright. The crowd of children started booing but got quiet when the interfering teacher looked up at them dangerously from her kneeling position in the grass next to me.

I coughed a bit more but I couldn't answer her. I bolted away with her head turned, holding my shorts with one hand and tried to raise them back up as the crowd continued to laugh at my discomfort. I saw my belt on the side of the grass and went to retrieve it fastening it back on hurriedly.

Marty, as promised, was indeed holding my school stuff on the side, but it was in a terribly messy pile without a care in the world.

I realized my face was burning like it was on fire, I was so far gone in shame now. I grabbed the pile of my school stuff from him and, without a word, crammed it roughly down the sides of my backpack, hearing some paper, undoubtedly important ones, homework, tearing in the process.

Marty patted me on the back like it was a good thing that Tyr did to me. And then to the disappointment of the crowd, I was a blur and ran home as fast as I could.

I couldn't even find the strength to sob now I was so humiliated at what she just did to me, and what she COULD'VE done to me had I not agreed to be her boyfriend ! Turn me into a brown and very smelly pancake !

I just wanted to climb up in my bed with Teepo, my teddy-bear, pull the covers over my head and go right to sleep till morning, forgetting this terrible awful miserable day !

Tyr, back at school, however was FURIOUS ! She was not used to being disciplined by anyone except her Mummy, so she leaned back and kicked the teacher extra-hard in her knee for pulling us apart and apparently scaring me away besides.

Then, completely taking the teacher by surprise, she ran back into the school as the teacher fell over howling in pain, bewildered at Tyr's mean action of retaliation.

Once there, seeing no-one in the hallway, Tyr ran quickly into the girl's room in one of the bathroom stalls. It was very quiet and there was no traffic in the halls. She had to go potty after that stunt with me, so she did, using lots of toilet paper.

* * *

Then Tyr stopped to listen carefully. She had exceptionally good hearing. She thought she could hear the faint sound of high-heel shoes as the teacher she kicked in the knee was storming and walking loudly down the hall towards the principal's office to "obvimously" lodge a complaint against her.

She was still a good distance though, as the school was huge, and covered several grades of education.

Tyr had to do something NOW to stop her !

She gritted her teeth and stretching out the fingers in her hand calculated a distance, closing her eyes against what would happen next, she SMACKED herself REALLY hard once across her cheek with her own hand, knocking herself off of the toilet seat, which immediately brought tears to her eyes.

Then, getting to her feet and running out of the stall she looked in the mirror by the sink for the telltale red mark. Perfect.

Then she ran out of the bathroom as fast and quietly as she could to the principal's office doing her best to not cry out at all from the pain and to keep her own footsteps as quiet as possible. The teacher was so far behind her she knew she couldn't have heard anything.

Once she caught sight of the principal's office she started crying at the top of her lungs so teachers who were still in the classrooms even after the students had left had to look out their doors to see who was wailing so unbelievably loud now.

The principal of Waialaia was out in a heartbeat and very concerned for whom could be so hurt to have such a tremendous voice.

Tyr, with real tears in her eyes from slapping herself earlier in the bathroom, explained to the principal that the mean old teacher from outside just smacked her in the face. Then Tyr started bawling like she was back in pre-school and sat on the floor to rock back and forth, sucking her finger and whimpering like a whipped pup.

The principal, not believing Tyr, especially from her antics earlier in the year, immediately looked down to see her face was red and there was a distinct red handprint. Big enough for a teacher's grip, he told himself. This was not a trick, not this time.

"Oh my God," the principal said, shocked anyone employed would have done that to such a little girl, despite what he saw outside earlier or even what she had done earlier that year.

Tyr was insistent and didn't back down from her story, even when the teacher showed up minutes later and called her a baldfaced liar for her accusation. The principal defended Tyr.

"Tyr is an unruly child." the principal said to the accused teacher in a level voice, "I'll grant you that, but she has NEVER lied on anything."

Tyr smiled secretly to herself, she never got CAUGHT lying, that was the difference !

The principal continued, raising his voice and drowning out the teacher's defensive alibis, "What could POSSIBLY have possessed you to strike a child, Ms. Meacham !? Especially in the FACE ?! What will her parents say to me for such uncalled for behavior !? Look ! You can see it right there !"

It went very bad for that teacher then. Rumors floated. Accusations flew. Other teachers and educators whispered behind her back, shocked that anyone would strike a child, even if it was Tyr, let alone in the face, despite what the child may or may not have done to her.

That same teacher appeared before a group committee 2-days later and publicly apologized to Tyr, her Mummy, and the committee. Tyr acted completely innocent throughout the proceedings, continuing to suckle on her finger and cried the whole time at the sight of the offending teacher as if she was somehow going to get hit her again.

Then the same teacher quietly and voluntarily turned in her resignation the next week following. She was not seen in schools again.

Such was the power of one little lying girl. Other teachers, still not entirely sure if someone would've smacked Tyr in the face for her belligerence (though secretly they all really wanted to), started rumors amongst themselves to STAY away from this mean little girl or she could do the same kind of blackmailing to one of them and force them to quit as well ! ))

As I slept on, my dreams changed to that of Arkos. For I had been there already and I would have to return back to the secret underground organization to rescue Tyr, hopefully with the help of Lilly and maybe even Choo-Choo, her now talking pet talking squirrel.

Hopefully then SIM's powers, instilled within me earlier by Darceon's technological incantation, would kick in to assist.

And despite dreaming and thinking about all these things, many that they were, tomorrow - yes, tomorrow was still just another day, not even here yet.


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