FB2-62 "The Morning After"

FB2-62 "The Morning After"

A Chapter by dw817

After a few chimes and sounds of a computer establishing a deep encryption for the lock to Arkos' inner sanctum, the massive protective door opened and a huge and mostly empty room was presented.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© December 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 62 - "The Morning After"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

My Mom trilled her voice, "Wake up dear !"

Huhmm ?" I said sleepily. I opened my eyes and saw my Mom looking down at me. I was still in bed in my underwear and peered my eyes to the side at my clock on my dresser. I could see I had overslept slightly. I knew today was a school-day and I was supposed to have my party over at Scant's later after school.

"You've overslept." she said with a slight smile in her voice. "Oh, and Happy Birthday, sweetie !" and without waiting for another reason, she reached over to kiss me straight on my face.

"Aww Moom ..." I said in embarrassment feeling my face pink up on me, but I smiled back at her. I really didn't mind her kissing me long as no-one else could see it. I was supposed to be too old for that sort of thing, secretly, I told myself.

"Get up sleepyhead !" she said seeing I was wordless at her show of affection for me, and then left my bedroom so I could have some privacy.

Looking at the clock I could see I had only 30-minutes to get ready and be out the door so I hurled into the shower and scrubbed to get ready for school.

Meanwhile back underground Stefani's own clock had chimed her awake. She leisurely got herself ready and finally opened up the dirty clothes hamper where Tyr was still sleeping, her finger, like always, back in her mouth for comfort and she was slurping on it.

"Up, sweetie. It's time to meet our host." she said politely. And then slapped Tyr not so nicely across the face to wake her. Stefani then immediately looked to her hand to see there was a slight brown smudge where she smacked her.

She gasped in horror and at once pulled out a bottle of hand cleanser from her skirt and vigorously washed both her hands as if there were a contractible disease could be gained from the contact. As she lifted Tyr out of her "quarters," Stefani's own bracelet chimed an incoming message.

She set Tyr down on the floor who looked positively filthy from the abuse she had given her the past 3 days. Tyr still was woozy with a fever and toppled over trying to curl back up and go to sleep. Stefani ignored her for the moment and turned her attention to the bracelet.

"Yes." she said with an irritated voice into the intercom.

"Stefani." the reply came back evenly. it was Mr. Arkos, The Director addressing her !

She swallowed hard but was prepared for this moment.

"Yessir." she said, at once alert and attentive.

The even and casual reply came back, "Stefani, You are NOT bringing that filthy girl here. I know how you do things but you've gone too far this time. You get her cleaned up first, with a meal, a real one, not your DISGUSTING babyfood."

He continued, "And THEN I will call for you once she is presentable. That is all."

"Yessir." she said sweetly but her bottom chin was trembling in rage at his demands.

"Goddamit !" she said after she clicked off the receiver. Tyr moaned uncomfortably being awoken from her exclamation. For all Tyr had eaten the past few days was in fact, Stefani's wretched babyfood, and she coughed sickly, not at all feeling well for it.

"Well sweetie." Stefani said in a condescending tone. "Today is your lucky day. I guess you get a real bath and meal today, just don't get used to it. Once you've performed like a good little puppy for Arkos, it's back in the toilet you go !"

Tyr murmured sleepily but couldn't really comment. Stefani scrunched her face up in disgust at her disheveled appearance and with a slight degree of concern put her fingers to her forehead to feel. Yes, she had a slight fever alright sleeping in that cramped and stinking clothes hamper.

Tyr's face, despite her abuse, still shone with a beauty that could not be quelled.

Tyr, realizing that she could speak, meekly added, "I feel sick, ma'am."

* * *

Stefani added, almost as if ignoring her comment, "I guess it wouldn't do for you to be puking your guts up on our founder as your way of saying hello to him." she said acridly.

"Very well." and then led her rather roughly into her own private bathroom to strip her down and then bathe her in the luxurious bathroom and combination bathtub and whirlpool using wonderful scented and floral shampoos and body washes.

Tyr moaned dreamily in pleasure and squirmed excitedly at this change of treatment, not even minding the violation or fact that someone else was bathing her at her age. This was ever so much better than what she was issued earlier.

Stefani was beside herself with rage. She was muttering under her breath that all the hard work she did to break Tyr's morale down was going to be all undone in a single day because the, and she raised her voice in a cynical tone, "director" wanted her to be all pretty and sweet-smelling.

"Fine." she added angrily. And then she scrubbed Tyr's filthy hair with her best and most expensive shampoo.

"You'll be so pretty he can kiss your perfect little face and floral scented soap bubbles will blow out your butt, but after THAT you're mine to do with as I like, sweetie." she said threateningly and glowered down at her, trying to frighten her again.

Tyr just nodded, absentmindedly, her eyes half-closed feeling sleepy again. She was too far gone in the wonderful smell of CLEANLINESS to even pay attention to what Stefani was saying at the moment.

Stefani huffed in rage but dutifully continued to wash and bathe her from head to foot until the horrid smell of sewage was clean from her. Tyr's own beautiful red hair looked dazzling and beautiful in the pinpoint lights Stefani had perforated in the lavish bathroom.

Finally Stefani dragged her out of the bathtub, like a non-living ragdoll and without waiting for her to even dry off, dressed her roughly in a standard Arkos regulation dress she had put on the side for emergencies if Tyr was ever to make a public appearance to show how properly she was treated.

Then she went into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator.

She at once smiled widely and rolled her index finger tauntingly above one of the several chilled "babyfood" jars she had in there.

"I'll give her just one jar to eat. The Director will never know about it." she said, trying to convince herself of this.

Then she let go of the refrigerator door and the hard spring closed it back again. "No, he'd know." she said glumly. She would have to wait. Instead she hit an intercom button.

"Cafeteria." she said curtly.

"Cafeteria here. How can I help you ?" a cheery voice answered on the other end. Stefani then said who she was for the order she placed, and requested a sumptious breakfast for Tyr, with pancakes, sausage, hash browns, orange juice, milk, cereal, and a little teacup of espresso with 3 sugar to wake her up as well as two aspirin for her fever.

Meanwhile back with Dev on the surface, both Lilly and him were walking to school and they talked a bit more about SIM. Choo-Choo rode on Lilly's shoulder adding a few comments of his own. It was odd to have a talking squirrel, but really quite delightful, and he could spy on things the pair never could.

Back at school Scant met Dev in the hallway and he reminded Dev of the "wonderful" Birthday party they were going to have back at his place after school. Dev was more than a little suspicious but even the gang that hung out with him today seemed to be a bit more accepting of Dev's presence than last time.

Perhaps Scant was being sincere ?

Dev painfully missed Tyr after lunch but Lilly was there to talk to him in the library. And they made plans for what they would do in case Dev's party at Scant's home turned ugly.

She assured Dev that she would be at the birthday party and would personally kick Scant's fat and pimpled butt all over the pavement if he so much as tried to lay a finger on Dev, so that put his mind at ease for the party after school.

As Dev continued his studies at school, back with Stefani underground, she had already bathed Tyr, fed her, and was just now at the moment outside the door to the Director, Arkos, himself awaiting an audience with him.

After a few chimes and sounds of a computer establishing a deep encryption for the lock to his inner sanctum, the massive protective door opened and a huge and mostly empty room was presented in near darkness.

Tyr, in high spirits entered first, being almost giddy and had convinced herself that these were the final preparations for her to leave this terrible establishment and be returned to her mummy. At least Stefani wasn't certainly going to tell her otherwise on this as it kept her quiet and behaved to this point.

Ahead the darkness loomed even more ominously, but off to the side was a more inviting bright blue and pink glow directly to the right where a small playroom, apparently and perfectly designed to occupy children resided. Tyr was immediately drawn to it like a magnet seeing bright and colorful expensive Polly Rocket dolls strewn on the floor in there along with other toys of interest.

Stefani focused ahead, ignoring Tyr and her playing. It was so dark in the room outside of the glow of the playroom that it took a moment for her eyes to adjust.


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