Dream Diary - "Pain Therapy"

Dream Diary - "Pain Therapy"

A Chapter by dw817

The whole dead end of the wall rotates where the mop and bucket stay, as if glued to the floor, and above me now sliding on a rotating pendulum is a door, earlier hidden by the ceiling. (more)



  Dream Diary   


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© January 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.

This particular writing focuses on one long dream.


* * *

This entry is Rated: TEEN

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so. This particular entry is of a single long dream I had the night before.


Very scary, bizarre, and long dream I had. I am on my bicycle riding by this factory. I see a pump that is streaming brown liquid into the air People dressed in protective gear are running all around, then they finally dash into a door deeper in the factory.

And I am left alone to see this pump spewing the liquid.

For some reason, I feel that I can fix it. I ride up, get off my bicycle, then walk up and grab the pump's handle and rotate it towards me.

The results are worse, however, and the pump sprays the brown straight up - high into the air, and it hits a commercial jetliner !

Then the whole plane catches on fire and they start to make an emergency landing.

At once I turn the nozzle in the opposite direction, the flow goes down but it also hits someone who has just dashed out of the factory to see what is going on. Then he too is covered in fire.

The horrible scene melts away and I find myself sitting in a chair. The chair is much bigger than myself and it makes me feel very small indeed.

My Dad and Dottie are there in chairs behind me. There is someone ahead of me sitting at a large black desk. He is taking down information about me.

Finally I speak in a quiet and timid voice, "Do you need my social security number ?"

Dad hisses behind me, "Don't bother him. He knows what he's doing."


"What ?" My Dad asks.

"Krenville, that's my name." the guy behind the desk says.

"Oh." is all my Dad replied back.

Well, Krenville, or whatever his name was starts to write busily on paper. Occasionally looking up at me - not so much the way a person looks at another but the way a serpent hypnotizes a bird with its immutable stare.

Just then I see Krenville reach over and hit a large red button to the side of the desk.

In a short amount of time this person arrives. They look like they are dressed in a cross fashion of a doctor and a military person.

"B-6 ?" he asks Krenville.

Krenville nods tersely. "Yes, Morgan. It's a case of B-6."

Morgan then speaks placing a hand on my shoulder, "David is it ? You need to come with me ?"

"What's going on ?" My Dad is out of his seat in an instant, protective.

Morgan raises a defensive hand, "No worries, sir. We'll take good care of your son. We'll bring him right back. You just stay here."

"How long ?" Dad asks.

"No more than a few minutes."

"We'll go with you." Dottie, my step-Mom offers.

The doctor's hand which was lowered is now raised again. "No need, we'll be done before you know it."

There is no objection now. He adds, "David. Come with me."

And I do. I get up out of my oversized chair and walk with him.

As we do and his heavy feet click into the floor he speaks, "B-6 will do a world of good, let me assure you."

"What's going to happen ?" I ask more than a little afraid.

He smiles widely, "We're going to take care of you. We're going to HEAL you. Remember that."

I don't say anything. Then we come up to this dead end. There is a little yellow sign that says the floor is wet, and indeed you can see that it is. Closer to the wall is a mop and bucket. There is nowhere else to go.

He looks around and it is just him and me in the hallway. He steps forward and I watch his feet. Despite stepping right in the water, it does not yield to his weight. Is it perhaps dried GLUE ?

But he steps on it with no problem. Then reaches out one arm to squeegee the mop. Then quickly steps back to where I am. The whole dead end of the wall rotates where the mop and bucket stay, as if glued to the floor, and above me now sliding on a rotating pendulum is a door, earlier hidden by the ceiling.

"Through here." he says.

With little choice I step in and notice the ceiling is a bit like they have with bumper-cars. That is, it is ELECTRIFIED ! Many wires come down from the tall ceiling to connect to metal cages.

As if that isn't strange enough, inside the cages are children, sometimes an older teenager or man or woman. It is clear they are feeling the electricity though as their teeth are clenched in pain yet remain silent.

"You're hurting them !" I say at once.

Morgan shakes his head. "Not at all. We're HEALING them, and we're going to HEAL you the same way." He motions me to sit in this large metallic chair that is ahead. I see quite clearly a line is leading down from the ceiling, so surely the seat is electrified !

"No !" I yell and try to back away. I don't get very far. This huge bulk of a man picks me up like a rag doll and slams me down in the chair.

I expect to be stung by electricity, but I'm not. I look to Morgan in confusion.

"Any pain ?" he asks me with minute concern.

I shake my head.

"And you shouldn't. We haven't turned on the electricity yet." As if this story isn't strange enough a very attractive young woman comes in wheeling a beautiful pink Birthday cake. Written in it's center is, "Congratulations on your recovery !"

Morgan claps a hand to my shoulder and asks me, "Would you like a piece of cake ?"

Now, I guess I was a kid and cake always tastes better when you're younger so I can't help but nod.

* * *

"Dempsey, if you would, please." Morgan says to his side.

Suddenly rough huge and muscular hands grip the side of my head. Then presses down, not painfully but firmly.

"Hold him in place." Morgan directs. I try to struggle but the grip of this huge man is incredible. Not only can I not move my head, even though I'm beating on him with my free arms it doesn't make any difference.

I gasp in frustration and exhaustion after a few minutes and my hands collapse to my sides.

"My, do you feel better now after all that ?" Morgan chides in a sinister and mocking tone.

I don't reply. A quiet moment passes. "Time for cake, ey Dempsey ?" Morgan says. Then I feel a sharp pain in the back of my head and I hear what sounds like a wood drill.

In a short amount of time I realize that the doctor is drilling a hole in the back of my head !

"Stop, it hurts." I lie, because it really doesn't hurt very much, but I do want him to stop. What if my brain falls out ?

Dempsey tightens his grip around my head until it feels like my skull is being crushed. Now I cry out in real pain, not from the drill, but from the pressure he pushes against me.

Then I hear him speak and I'm not sure so much if I heard a human mimicking the voice of a gorilla or the other way around. "Hold still and I'll loosen up." the deep voice says simply.

I stop struggling. The doctor continues his drilling. Then I feel pressure and the doctor, Morgan, struggling. Then he laughs to no-one in particular, "Stuck like a cork in a bottle. Daisy, give me a hand, will you ?"

I feel pressure going back in my head and wonder if they are using a metal fork like you eat with to try and pull out the round section of the back of my head they cut.

Suddenly I hear a wet POP and it feels like my ears have been cleaned of all wax. Voices are really loud and have a strange echo to them.

"Here, give me the light." I hear Morgan say. Then suddenly I am seeing bright beams of light shine directly through my skull and out on the floor ahead of me !

"It's pretty dirty in there, doctor." I hear a female voice say; it must be Daisy.

The doctor sounds really busy with the tone of his voice. "Yes, lots of cobwebs. Okay, if I can just get you to shine the light - here - yes, that's perfect. Okay. Hold it right there."

I don't dare struggle and Dempsey hasn't let go of my head yet.

"What's your favorite flavor, David ?" Morgan asks me.

"Wha !?" I ask in bewilderment.

"Flavor !" He says, his voice a little excited now. "What's your favorite flavor, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cinnamon - tell me quick, what ?"

"Err ... strawberry, sir ?" I squeak back.

"Perfect !" the doctor says. "Open wide !"

And despite how weird that is when they are behind me, I do open my mouth for nothing in front of me. Then I feel a weird metallic syringe squeeze what can only be some of that fresh Strawberry Flavored Birthday Cake is squeezed right into the back of my head.

And despite how frightened and scared I was, I actually -tasted- it. And it was wonderful, it was as if my tongue all my life had cheated me out of the REAL taste of food.

"Oh god !" I say in excitement at the overwhelming sweetness and salivate so hard it puddles out of my mouth.

"Not too much or we'll never get the balance right." Morgan says to Daisy, and instead of giving me more cake, they close the hole back up.

"More !" I cry out like a nicotine addicted smoker down to his last drag.

"Maybe later," the doctor chuckles, "if you're good."

Then I am let go of. The first thing I do is reach around the back of my head and feel the metal bolt sticking there. I finger it for a moment when the doctor speaks with some concern, "I wouldn't pull that out if I were you. Just sit still for a moment, will you ?"

I am still in the seat. I look around and see there are actually several cages, all waist-high, and inside each of them is some child, teenager, or adult, being zapped with high electricity. But they don't make a sound. They chatter their teeth in the pain and shake a little, but that's about it.

As for me, while I might now have a chance to escape, I WANTED MORE DAMNED CAKE ! And the way I was fed it too. OH GOD that was so delicious ! Words couldn't describe it - I'll try.

It was like being lifted up on a beautiful and spongy cloud made of the world's finest and delicate sugar and I was laying on my belly tasting the sweetness. Then it rained, the most beautiful and delicious rain I had ever known, Strawberry Rain ! And I couldn't get enough of the taste of it.

I would drown quite willingly - end my life submerged in this sweet sweet Strawberry rain ...

"Cake." I heard myself say like a hardcore drug addict. All thoughts of anything else, even common sense, had left me.

"Perfect balance." I heard Morgan say. "Let's get to the next step now."

But right then it felt like something was in my head, something strange, something I didn't want. I tried to push it back in my thoughts, tried, tried again ! But this time I failed. What was it ? A snake ? A weird and slimy snake ? Go away ! I don't want you, I want cake ! Give me the cake, all of it !!

But no, I couldn't suppress it any longer. it was survival ! SURVIVAL ! My instincts of survival were kicking in despite the extreme sugar rush I was given. Suddenly I bolted out of my chair and without a thought in the world and only adrenaline to fuel my waning intelligence I ran to what clearly had to be the exit to this nightmare laboratory.

I looked back over my shoulder to see the grim expression on Doctor Morgan's face. His face betrayed a flicker of a message. There is someone in front of me it was telling me ! I whirl around but not in time as Daisy has grabbed my loose arm and rapidly injected something into it.

Just then it felt like the floor gave out under me. I fell over like a life-sized toy and a silly smile crept up my face. I felt GOOD, really GOOD. That in combination with the sugar pumped into my brain I could just curl up and go to sleep - the most delicious sleep there ever was.

"He's fine now." I heard Daisy say capping the needle and she crouched down to look at me. As I was flat on the floor I could see right up her short skirt to her pink panties

All I could do was just smiled inanely and yawn. She returned the smile, but not a nice one. "Yes, he's fine. He's not going anywhere now. We can begin." and she stood back up.

With that Dempsey reached over and picked me back up easily with one arm and dragged me back to the metal chair again. This time the electricity was turned on, but I can barely feel it.

Then I am being pushed and pulled in all directions. I try to see what's happening and it's like copper wires and bits of metal and machinery are being form-fitted all around me, like a nightmarish futuristic steel cocoon.

I speak, "This is not fair, this is going to hurt, isn't it ?"

Suddenly a panel pops open from the ceiling and I see all these cute kids with rainbow-colored yarn for hair and they start singing happily:

Don't worry 'bout the doctor, he'll fix you right as rain !
Now do as he says and please do not complain !

By the time he's warped your head, you will always know
Into our arms of safety and control you'll surely go.

And then they start laughing, cheerily, happily, crazily, like muppets ,from a twisted version of Sesame Street.

I am feeling a lot of pain from the electricity now and my body wants to shut down, unable to cope with it. "I'm tired." I say to no-one in particular.

But apparently Morgan heard me. "That's fine David, just fine." he assures me. "If you want take a little nap now, you go right ahead. We'll get things done here, no worries."

I feel myself start to drift as more and more pieces of metal are fastened around my body, my nose, my eyes, I can't see or feel anything now.

Then I woke up.

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