FB2-64 "A Show For Tyr"

FB2-64 "A Show For Tyr"

A Chapter by dw817

It was if the finest military leader of our Homeland Security had smoked both crack cocaine and pure cane sugar from the same dime bag and picked out this crew of hapless teenage girls as defenders.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© January 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 64 - "A Show For Tyr"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Stefani clicked her heels together.

"Sure thing, sir. I'll bring Tyr back here." She smiled to herself, eager to see what horrible scheme that he had in mind for her. And he wanted to see her cute little face screw up in a terrible scream of fear at Arkos' "handsome" visage.

As Stefani walked to the playroom, Arkos watched intently and then depressed a button from his tray console where a motor wheeled his chair back into the chair behind his office table where there was a special recession it fit into. There was a soft beep as it snapped into place and a green light showed at the side of the arm rest that he was docked perfectly.

He tapped another button and the chair and his wheelchair combined turned around to face the screen again, showing only the tall black velvet vector of the back of the chair again, his face hidden from view.

Stefani walked over to the playroom seeing Tyr sitting on her legs on the floor, hugging one soft stuffed version of the Polly Rocket doll under her arm and with her little fingers from both hands she was holding the sides of other action figures, bobbing them left and right to make them appear as if they were walking around on the floor.

Stefani heard her giving dialog to each of them, apparently playing out one of the episodes from the silly show she was so fond of. Stefani watched half-interested for a moment, but then remembered that Arkos was waiting for her to retrieve Tyr back into the main office.

Tyr saw her approach and turned around and looked up with a big smile on her face and blurted out excitedly, "Isn't it great ! I never had the whole collection before !" she said and then took the small Polly Rocket figure and had her "blast off" with a slobbery whooshing sound from her mouth as she swooped it around in front of her face with a look of absolute wonder.

Stefani coughed contemptiously. "Isn't that nice, sweetie. But I think it's time to meet the Director. He has some - final preparations - before we return you home."

Tyr looked puzzled and dropped the plastic figure of Polly Rocket as if she was shot down by an unseen ray gun but continued to cling onto the softer cotton and fabric version of her under her arm.

Tyr, who had often had her head in a cloud mostly from not feeling well due to the special diet that Stefani put her own to this point, with a rare moment of clarity, suddenly saw things around her the way they were.

"But ma'am," she began meekly, "I thought you said I would never be able ever to - " and then her mouth opened wide sideways showing the sides of her perfect little white teeth as she started crying at the sad memory of Stefani telling her earlier she would never be leaving Arkos now.

If there is one thing Stefani despised working in this company was all the rotten children in it wailing, crying, and bawling about every little thing as if they needed to get their diaper changed every minute of the day.

She bit her lip angrily at the unpleasant wailing Tyr was now doing but maintained an even voice in reply while retrieving a handkerchief for her to blow her nose in.

"Well now, sweetie, things can change, didn't you know that ?" she said leaning down so Tyr could soil her expensive Egyptian cotton and imported Chinese silkworm handkerchief before tossing it disdainfully on the floor in disgust. And then her voice took a harder edge. "Why don't we go and find out what he wants ?" and then grabbed her arm.

Tyr pinched her elbow to her side to hold on to the soft stuffed version of Polly Rocket, determined to take it with her for comfort. Stefani looked at her for a moment and then tried to tug it out of her arms but Tyr fought her and whined plaintively and selfishly that she wanted to keep it, even though it was clearly not her own personal property.

* * *

Stefani yanked on it again with her free hand, grunting, still holding onto Tyr's hand with the other but she couldn't get enough leverage to pull it out of Tyr's tight little grip under her armpit.

She didn't want her to have it because it was possible that Arkos might hold her responsible for its absence from his diversionary playroom for his younger guests, but she also didn't want to keep him waiting either.

"MINE !" Tyr said in a loud and purely selfish voice and gave a fierce look up to Stefani that she would clearly fight for blood to keep possession of the beloved and desired doll.

"Fine," Stefani said in frustration, "Keep that - thing, whatever. Let's go." and then dragged her back to the chair as Tyr hummed cheerfully, determined she was going to keep the doll as a parting souvenir when returning to the surface.

But when the pair returned back to the darkness and Arkos massive dark desk, he had his chair turned around again where you couldn't see him just as when Stefani first entered.

Stefani stood with Tyr directly in front of the desk. She knew he was behind the chair, out of sight, but wondered why he wasn't going to present himself to Tyr as he promised earlier.

She looked around a moment and finally said politely. "Sir, Mr. Arkos ?" but there was no reply. There a long moment of silence. Suddenly Stefani heard a soft slurping sound and looked down in reproach to see Tyr had put her favorite finger in her mouth for comfort and was sucking on it comfortably, scared not only of the darkness but the absence of the expected host.

Before the day was done, Stefani was going to break her of that disgusting habit, she promised herself that.

But it was clear why Tyr was concerned. She was expecting something bad to happen, and Stefani was beginning to feel the same way at the moment with the Director deliberately ignoring both of them.

"Sir, you said to -" Stefani said with a bit of fear in her voice, and stepped towards the desk but suddenly the 40-foot tall screen lit up in bright pink and neon colors and Tyr's favorite TV show logo appeared on it, "The Adventures Of Polly Rocket !" and the matching theme music, all of 5 silly notes from a chord blared out of the speakers holding longer on the last note.

Stefani just about lost 2 fingers of her own in the brief struggle as Tyr pulled free of her suddenly with an incredible surge of energy and then ran around her to stand in awe of the massive lit up screen, her mouth as wide open as humanly possible.

"Waaow ..." she said quietly with great respect and reverence for the cartoon icon, saliva easily dripping down her mouth as she stared and drooled at the almighty image.

Then she shifted the doll of the same image from under her armpit to her chest and hugged it tightly with both arms. Finally she sat quietly down quietly on the floor Indian-style to watch and see what would happen next.

The narrator for the show, sounding suspiciously like a game show host spoke to the young viewers as if it were a matter of world importance. "Follow the star-crossed adventures of Polly Rocket with the help of her star-studded musical band, the Rockettes, as she tackles the evil minions who threaten to unbalance the peace of the galaxy !"

The narrator then went on to introduce each of the characters in the show, Polly Rocket of course, and there was a zoom shot of each of her companions, each looking sillier than the last.

It was if the finest military leader of our Homeland Security had smoked both crack cocaine and pure cane sugar in the same plastic dime bag and then proceeded to brainlessly pick out this hapless crew of pre-teen girls to be the unlikely defenders of our freedom.

Stefani walked slowly over to the screen where Tyr was sitting on the floor realizing Arkos had something else in mind instead of a direct introduction to the small girl and her eyes glazed over in disgust and actually felt her cerebral cortex tightening around her brain in an effort to stop the barrage of utter and moronic stupidity it was being subjected to at the moment.

Her eyes physically hurt from the bright and painful pastel colors of the show as if it were a kind of carefully designed visual mental torture thought up by sadistic CIA specialists to inflict their victims with to get them to talk their secrets.

She winced at the above-board poppy display of it all.

"Nice." she finally said sarcastically, feeling her voice returning. Tyr turned around crossly, angrily, that anyone would DARE to make fun of the incredible Polly Rocket and yelled, "Shhh !" to her before whipping her head back to the show, her just washed pretty red hair flipping around her face. She didn't want to miss a vital second of it.

The narrator continued with the same hyper-dramatic tension in his voice, "This week's episode - The Great Gift." it said in the title space and the theme music changed to a cadence that implied an incredible story was about to unfold.

But as the title started to fade there was brief message appeared that appeared boldly on the screen, almost impossible to see unless you froze frame and it read it.

It said, "Sex before marriage is against the law and will throw you in jail."

It was an obvious attempt to interject subliminal messages during the show from the psychotic producers to reach little girls, which, as it turned out were all married women, and few people realized it because it appeared so quickly.

Stefani did notice it however as she was very sharp on details all her life and smiled softly to herself wondering just how many of these would appear during the vapid show.

She was also curious to see what would happen if she brought this little illegal detail up to the broadcasting company that sponsored the show as subliminal advertising, to her knowledge, was still strictly illegal, and to do it to children was just immoral !

She smiled to herself tapping the bottom part of her lip with her index finger thoughtfully and wondered if they could start to do that here in Arkos for better child control.

(Now as I wrote this chapter, during each new scene of this broadcast episode, a new subliminal message is revealed to the viewers every 4-minutes of the show, but I will not list them all until the end of this NEXT written chapter as they would clearly distract from the continuuity of the story I wrote here. So until then, back we go !)

Stefani started patting the hem of her skirt in frustration but realized there must be a reason for all this seemingly unplaced madness right now.


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