Dream Diary - January 26th 2016

Dream Diary - January 26th 2016

A Chapter by dw817

The Master Of Disguise / Liberal Quaker Oats / The Bad Doctor / Tough Flowers / Skip The Superhero / Black Rain / Killer Dolls / A Friend From The Past / They Shot My Mother / Nowheresville



  Dream Diary   


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© January 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed that I was over at Dad's house. The police came by and said that both him and me did not have what was called a, "License Break."

I really didn't know what that was and neither did Dad, so we went with them back in the police car to the station.

Then the 2nd police officer turned around and I saw it was my sister. She had a wide grin on her face and said we're going to make a stop first.

She said there is going to be a change.

I asked, "What ?" but she wouldn't elaborate.

Then she said, "Look at your face. You have ink all over it."

"Ink ?" I asked. Then felt my face. It was wet and cold and when I pulled my hand back, it did have ink on it.

"What is this from ?" I asked her.

Before she could reply the scene changed. Now we were on the street and I was with my sister and apparently running from the law.

Then my sister spoke and pointed at my hand that still had ink on it. "This is so you can be disguised. You'll look like someone else and you can go and get help."

With that she smeared my hands on my face and gave me a beard and greasy mustache.

"Now go get help !" she told me.

The scene changed again and me and my sister were entering a taxi from the back. Suddenly a policeman beared his head in the open door to give her and me a hard look.

Then he smiled, "You two haven't seen a boy about yon high, wears glasses, have you ?"

I realized he meant me and that my glasses were in my pocket. I disguised my voice and spoke deeply, "Nossir."

My sister shook her head too.

With that the policeman apologized for disturbing us, closed the taxi door, and we were off. I woke up shortly after that.


[2] Dreamed that Quaker Oats announced that they were a gay company. This really didn't affect me one way or the other, but I remember going to the grocery store and there was a fight of customers that broke out.

It all had to do with Quaker Oats. There were people throwing the heavy cardboard containers at people and the others were shouting and yelling.

Then there was a gunshot and I hit the ground instantly. I had hoped it was a policeman, but no, it was some riled up customer. He was yelling to the other customers, "Are we going to stand for this ?"

"No !" came back a yell of people.

"What are we going to do ?"

There was only a moment's pause before someone said, "Burn down the store !"

At that point I was running out, top speed. Behind me I heard another fight break out, another gun shot, and people scream. Then the scene changed and I was very young, 8-years old, and I was working on the TRS 80, writing a videogame. Then I woke up.


[3] Dreamed that for some strange reason, a psychiatrist came to visit Dad. It wasn't a friendly call but apparently a real session, taking place in Dad's office.

Being a little snoopy as my Dad was involved, I sat on the floor outside the door and tried to listen in.

Suddenly the door opened and out stepped the psychiatrist. I might as well have been invisible as he walked right past me. Then I heard Dad say, "The bathroom is on the right. Just there."

The doctor left. I had suspected he was needing it but apparently not. Instead I heard what sounded like something unzipping and a metallic sound.

I opened the bathroom door as it wasn't locked and I saw the doctor had brought in a valise, apparently hidden under his jacket and inside were all kinds of wicked looking needles.

He saw me that time ! He grabbed one needle and went running after me. I was trying to find my sister's bedroom but for some strange reason there was only a wall, a dead end.

Smiling the doctor approached me. I tried to punch him but I guess I was too small and missed. Instead he grabbed my arm and injected me with the needle.

Suddenly - I didn't care - about anything. I just wanted to sleep.

The doctor chuckled watching me fall over in a clump. Then he went back to the bathroom, closed the door, and continued working on his needles. I knew this 'doctor' was going to take my Dad way, but suddenly I woke up.


[4] Very strange dream. I was in prison but all the tough hoodlums were dressed up like flowers like they were in some children's play. I wasn't, and it was so weird. They were teasing me like I wasn't 'macho' enough to wear a flower costume.

I didn't dare argue with them as they were quite a bit taller and more muscular than me.

"It'll make a man out of you !" said one burly guy who was dressed up like a pink daffodil.

Suddenly all the prison doors opened and everyone started running out and I have to admit, I laughed seeing these great big dangerous criminals falling all over their feet in their haste to escape while wearing these crazy outfits.

Then a large woman appeared at the entrance. She had a red face and red dress, red shoes, and everything. She looked a little like a tomato.

She yelled at the escaping criminals, "You'll have to get past me !"

Suddenly I woke up and I was still laughing.


[5] Your basic weird dream, good guys vs bad guys, superheroes and villains, and somebody named Skip who was always squirting oil on where the bad guys stood so they would fall over.

There was something about a bunch of Ronald McDonald robots attacking people shoving Big Macs in their faces. I was watching from an alley way when suddenly someone from behind managed to drape a thin wire around my neck.

Then he pulled hard on it. I remember crying out, "Hey, this isn't an R film !" or something like that. But it did no good. He finally killed me in the garrote. Then I woke up clutching my neck.


Dreamed there was some very strange weather, like a nightmare. It was black rain. The rain itself was not clear, it was black and dirty. So dirty that if you got it in yourself you really had to scrub to get it off.

If that wasn't bad enough the water that came down was so filthy that it smelled like backed up sewer for miles around in the city. Water reserves were quickly dwindling and people were starting to panic.

I remember I was in the street with an umbrella watching it rain. Someone was running, they quickly came up to me and said, "You'll be home soon." then touched me. Where they touched me it spread all over,a  blackness like wet tar, and I was stuck and couldn't move now.

There was no sunlight, only these weird black and purple clouds. Then someone was running top speed in the streets. He was yelling, "It burns - it burns, get it off ! GET IT OFF !"

I watched and it looked like the black rain had hit him pretty hard, but what was strange is there was a cloud of dark vapor following him along with a nasty hissing sound.

"It's acid !" someone said and suddenly ran indoors to get away from it.

But it did no good. The rain was so acidic it started to melt the very copper out of the buildings and skyscrapers. Then I felt the burning on me, there was no fire but it felt like there was and I was roasting in it ! - When suddenly I woke up.


[7] Dreamed that all dolls around the world had come to life. It had something to do with this chanting that was occurring in a foreign country. It was as if all the stuffed animals originally had life in them and this was removed by the toy makers in secret so there would be no problems later.

The dolls were furious, they wielded sewing needles and stabbed anything that came near them. Some dolls were set on fire, others were put into boxes and tossed overboard into rivers.

Many dolls still wandered the streets and they made this nasty high-pitched sound. This went on for weeks.

Some scientists were trying to communicate with the dolls but all they could understand was that the dolls were in excruciating pain constantly, especially around their glass eyes - and there would be no communication between them and us. Only hatred and destruction.

Finally I woke up from this horrific dream.


[8] Dreamed that Wayne was somehow an important emperor of a country. He also had all these beautiful wives, about 20 of them.

I remember visiting him one time and each in turn came up to kiss a different part of my body. It was certainly exciting !

The 20th woman came to me but I think I recognized her from one of Dad's parties. Instead of kissing me, she took me by the hand and spoke.

"I recognize you. You were in the room playing with your toys. You were this tall to me then. You wouldn't be friends with me. Would you be friends now ?"

I nodded eagerly. She spoke, "Well that's fine. And you're fit." she licked her lips sensually, then leaning over kissed the very center of my hand, directly in the palm, where no-one had ever kissed before.

I woke up suddenly shaking with excitement all over.


[9] Weird dream. Instead of living with Dad I was living with Mom, and I was about 12-years old.

Three people came knocking at her door. They said they were from the Kraunch. I didn't know what that was, but apparently my Mom did. She was very cordial and bade them enter.

She invited them for lunch which was just some simple bologna sandwiches.

Then we sat on the couch to talk. I heard a thump from upstairs and loud music started to play, the bass turned all the way up. I realized then that Mom was living in a downstairs apartment.

One woman from the Kraunch spoke and said, "We got your letter. We're here to help."

So saying she pulled out a wicked looking black pistol and fired it straight into the ceiling, stopping the pounding music entirely. Suddenly there was yelling and screaming upstairs and a bunch of profanity. I heard the upstairs neighbor's door open up and suddenly they were running down their stairs.

A moment later there was heavy pounding on Mom's door, "Open up you frockers ! This time you've gone too far !" I heard a woman's voice screech.

The woman from the Kraunch then aimed her pistol at the door and fired once. A heavy thud was heard a few seconds later. Then a man's voice, "She's dead, what the frock ! That was my wife ! You motherfrockers are going to get it now !" and another bullet fired, but this time from outside the door.

The Kraunch team were ready and suddenly the couch we were sitting on was capsized backwards. Another shot fired randomly. One of the men from the team put a special camera on his pistol.

Looking into it from the side I could see it was a heat sensor. A red blur stood to the side of the door. The guy from Kraunch fired once to the side of the door and there was another heavy thud.

Then I heard a police siren. I was too stunned to say anything - completely shocked by the murder taking place !

The woman from Kraunch spoke easily as if there was no problem. "That should take care of the bit of noise you've been hearing upstairs. A pleasure to see you again."

Mom was unfazed by what they did and spoke politely in return. Then they easily walked out stepping over the two dead bodies of the upstairs neighbors.

Then a gunshot fired into the room. It hit Mom and her shoulder and she bled terribly. She shrieked to no-one in particular, "You b*****d !" Then she got up and pulled out her own pistol and fired two shots back from where it came.

I was so horrified at what I was seeing, I was crying as this was such an insane scene that could only end in her death.

A retort of shots now hit Mom in her leg and chest. She crumpled over. A woman, a policewoman stepped in to investigate my Mother as she was laying still on the ground.

Suddenly there was a loud sound as Mom fired her pistol straight through the policewoman's chest and staggered up, bleeding profusely all over. Then two policemen came in and fired a volley of shots straight into my Mom's head turning her face into pulp.

Then another policewoman arrived, a young oriental and very attractive woman. She came and saw me sitting on the floor watching everything. She held up a pistol and pointed it right at me.

At once I raised my hands to show I didn't have a weapon. Then an oriental man stepped in. He looked around. He was wearing some kind of trenchcoat. There was a wooden seat knocked over. He went to it, pointed to me, and patted it. He wanted me to sit in the chair.

Then he said something really weird, "You work for me now."

I wasn't going to argue, though I was still balled up in tears I managed to say, "Yessir."

Then he pulled up the couch up close to where I sat. He leaned back in the couch so his legs were in my lap and then he held his gun out, pointed to my face.

I didn't know what he wanted so I just started to massage his legs. He put the gun away. "That's it. You're a fast learner." he rumbled in pleasure.

Then my Mom, shot up as she was, got up, horrible looking sight and spoke to me saying, "I need to lay down for a bit."

Then she staggered, still bleeding to the bedroom.

I felt I could speak now without getting shot so I asked, "Is everything going to be alright now ?"

The oriental man spoke matter-of-fact, "Your Mother, if that is who she is, she is going to die soon. She has I predict about 10-minutes before she bleeds to death. But you need to stay here with me. Understand ?"

And I was so scared at what was happening, all I could say was "OKAY." and then I woke up crying to the point my pillow was all wet.


[10] Dreamed I was on a beat up old school bus. The driver was supposed to take us to this place where this really great and wonderful bus, beautiful condition was waiting for us.

But the driver of this bus I guess got lost. Finally he let us off in this really rundown part of town.

"We're not supposed to be here." I told the driver as he was wanting us off the bus now.

He spoke, "Bus 410 will be here soon. That will take you to where you need to go."

He drove off in a cloud of dust. A sign here read, "Nowhere."

I knew somehow I was in danger if I stayed here. A car drove by to look at us, abandoned where we were. Then drove by, but not before I ran up to it to ride on the fender and try to get back to known civilization.

Then I woke up.

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This is so interesting! I love dreams, they can tell us so much about ourselves and what we are working through in our heads. I have been thinking of keeping one too for a long time. They make really interesting and fun to read stories.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Hi Jellycat (Jellyfish ?) Yes. Well not all dreams are good. That one about my Mom getting shot. Tha.. read more

5 Years Ago

Oh I'm not saying that they are good, but like in what they have to say and what they reveal that pa.. read more

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