FB2-65 "Holy Space Sneakers !"

FB2-65 "Holy Space Sneakers !"

A Chapter by dw817

Polly's face was seriously intent and sweat beaded on her forehead under her adorable heart-shaped hair barette like it was a matter of life or death if she couldn't rotate her peppermint drop in time




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© January 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 65 - "Holy Space Sneakers !"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

In the show Tyr watched on the massive screen, science was apparently mistaken about the universe being black with standard quasars and stars as outer-space was instead bright pink like a delicious trail of strawberry milk sweetened with savory and smooth 5-pointed gumdrop stars and soft edges.

These candy stars bobbed peacefully with a life of their own floating in the sea of pink and were clustered with tantalizing crystallized sugar on their galactic surfaces that sparkled like twinkling lights.

And then it showed Polly Rocket streaking in the sky in her rather phallic and purple and pink rocket.

The top portion of it was a translucent yellow and was perfectly and roundly shaped like a giant rubber baby's n****e from a baby bottle and it actually made cartoon wiggling sounds as it jiggled from unseen space turbulence.

Stefani continued to watch the video, and felt her breakfast lurch in her stomach watching the n****e's movements as the cameraman seemed absolutely fascinated by it and zoomed in on and focused way too much time on the suggestive oral piece. She gagged and coughed in the back of her throat, amazed the show made it past it's first pilot appearance.

The rocket also made silly noises as it streaked through the pink goo of space which sounded more like a washing-machine bubbling over its load with sticky soap bubbles popping and blorping into the air instead of something even remotely space-worthy when suddenly there was a polite chiming sound as if a doorman were delivering a present for a birthday party.

The screen cut to show Polly Rocket herself in her galactic standard regulation beanbag chair filled likely with sweet jellybeans, the artists apparently spending an inordinate amount of time to make her appear all grown-up and then somehow still diminutive so children everywhere could still relate to her heroic image.

She stood up suddenly to face a control panel that for all sake of appearances looked more like a box of sweet round multi-flavored disc-shaped candies on a pink pedestal for a good little girl rather than an even conceivably possible operational computer console.

To her right there was a silvery looking robotic parrot placed directly as the results of a badly celled CGI insert on a perch that swung to the movements of the ship's momentum as if Newton's theory of gravity still applied in zero-G space.

Then Polly spoke in surprise in a voice that was obviously meant to empower strong female virtues in young impressionable girls everywhere, "Wow Crackers ! Did you hear that ? I think we've got an incoming transmission from the Fallopian Galaxy ahead !"

Polly then reached over the candy board and twirled a knob that looked more like a round peppermint with red stripes with one of her white gloved hands and and you could see the tip of her tongue sticking out the top of her mouth as if she was calibrating it with great delicacy.

As she did so the camera started panning in on her delicate fingers forcing the audience to see the importance of her movements.

Out of synchronization with the show, the theme music then suddenly thumped loudly like a staggering heartbeat and took a uniquely serious edge as if the entire universe itself were in a time bomb and would rapidly be vaporized in mere seconds if dear Polly couldn't get the frequency right on this random and unexpected communication.

From the speakers in the ship you could hear an extended canned warbling AM radio effect ripped from a sound stock library as a garbled voice finally echoed into focus, unfortunately for the eager viewers, it was unintelligible.

Polly's face was seriously intent and sweat beaded on her forehead under her adorable heart-shaped hair barette like it was a matter of life or death if she couldn't rotate her peppermint drop to the right location.

Tyr watched with breathless anticipation and was unaware she was stroking the doll in her arms hard with one hand as if it might help soothe Polly to concentrate on getting the right frequency from her box of candies.

Then the voice was very clear, it was Arkos, the Director ! This suddenly startled Stefani as she was felt herself careening in one direction, about to lose her balance standing and fall over, her brain numbing up from the sheer stupidity and death-by-pinkness of the show.

It was definitely and unmistakably his voice, "Stefani, I need to see you outside please."

The camera returned to show Polly's perfect little pristine face and she jerked her head up suddenly and then gave a puzzled expression to face the screen. "Holy Space Sneakers, Crackers !" she said, using her tell-tale exclamation of surprise that she used for every episode.

She continued in the same serious tone, "That message certainly wasn't for us. Does anyone know what it means ?" and she looked to her robotic parrot as if it might glean more intelligence than she had on the matter.

The parrot whistled in a silly trill and then spoke in a weird voice-over whose pitch hinted at a man who was subjected to a particularly torturous and painful castration before they would hire him for a part in the show.

"No Miss Polly." came the strained and androgynous sounding voice of the metallic bird.

Polly tilted her head and there was a moment of silence in the show where all you could hear was the consistent sound of her powerful rocket engines bubbling in the background like a microphone placed over a bathtub full of overactive suds.

It sounded like the foam was actually exploding around the edges of the bath from some wayward and naughty child who insisted on using an entire box of bubble-bath for it out of pure meanness to see if he could somehow blow up his parent's house with the unique effort.

Then Polly jammed her heroic face directly in front of the screen and spoke beyond her youthful estrogen and sweet strawberry-milk soaked universe to reach a uniquely new one, audience participation ! "Hey, do YOU know what that message means ?"

And like all shows of this nature, the volume in it got quiet for a moment giving the audience no less than 10 lingering seconds to call back their own intelligent suggestion on the matter. As the seconds ticked by, you could hear a stopwatch in the distance clicking off each second.

To assist the viewers, a new music played to put them into thinking mode, if that was even remotely possible as the only viewers outside of eager young children who could possibly have tolerated the video cavity to this point would clearly be vegetable in design, and that would be eggplants and a special variety of soft turnips.

The camera focused on Polly as her pretty face screwed up in serious concern and she suddenly cocked her head hard left and right as if she were actually listening to and thinking and considering the verbal suggestions that were being tossed audibly at her by the concerned good little boys and girls watching this episode everywhere.

After the 10-seconds had elapsed there was a happy ding like a fresh apple pie had just finished baking in an oven from old B&W sitcom and she reached up her white-gloved hand and snapped her fingers in finality. "That's a good idea to be sure." she said directly into the reflection of the camera recording her. "But hey, Crackers ! I'll bet you what ! It's a secret code !"

The parrot, Crackers, bobbled a bit on his perch as his stiff metallic bird legs and walked from one side to the next as if it didn't know how to find the center of it.

Finally it whistled in a more serious trill and fluffed it's steel fan of wings behind it and you heard the strangely effeminate male voice speak a half a second off queue to it's robotic beak, "Gosh Polly, you could be right ! Let's contact our main headquarters back at planet Voovula to see what they have to say !"

"Holy Space Sneakers !" Tyr whispered breathlessly, her eyes unblinking and wide, completely fascinated by the show's toilet-paper thin plot, and the expression on her apt face was mirrored only by Polly's own serious determination to find the source of this elusive and secret message.


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