Dream Diary - February 3rd 2016

Dream Diary - February 3rd 2016

A Chapter by dw817

The Play Is The Thing / Follow The Penny / Cut For A Cut / Super Gramma / Hiding A Girl / A Time For Dying / It's Difficult To Stay Alive / Team Terrorist / Waterflow Glasses / Bugs In The Computer



  Dream Diary   


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© January 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed that I was in some type of dark musical, a play. What was odd was all through this dream I had paper in my mouth. I kept spitting it out but it seemed that when I did so, the actors, or whomever was with me was whispering harshly saying, "Stop it."

The scene to start with is I was a passenger of a lady driver, she was driving down the road and singing and there was a great orchestral accompaniment. I can't remember all the words but it was something silly like, "Here we drive down the road. Look at the sky, it is so pretty. I'm with my boyfriend, he's mighty witty, all he has to do is try."

Then she turns to me and it's clearly like I lost my lines or something. I spit out more paper from my mouth and it seems there is no end to it. She turns and gives me a dirty look. "Stop it, will you ? Say your lines !"

And of course I have no idea what to say. Despite this the "play" went on. She finally parks the vehicle in front of this garishly colored house, and we enter. And everything is like it's 2-dimensional or something.

She is really pretty, but has no thickness to her at all; she is like a moving photo.

We are in the room. To the left can be seen these huge rolls of toilet paper all unwrapped but not pulled open, stacked neatly. On top is this silly looking cartoon-like cat which Miaows when he sees me.

To the right there is this very disheveled looking gentleman who is smoking a bent stogie. He sees me and says, "Oh, you can't go there. Can't you see the cat is there ?"

At which point I hear laughter and applause. I whirl around and see that there are hundreds of people seated in rows and there are hot stage lights.

I don't say anything. He repeats, "Can't you see the cat is there ?"

I shake my head. "Idiot." he says and draws a long drag from his smoke. There is light applause to this.

Then I hear myself speaking but I don't think it's me but someone else. "Well, I tell you what. Why don't I take the toilet paper and you can take my wife !"

Whereupon I thrust the woman who was driving earlier to him. It is now I can see she is really quite pretty with blonde curls and a youthful lovely face.

The fellow shakes his head, "That's not right." then going to where I stand he rubs my back, "Maybe I like you more."

At which point there is whistling and thunderous applause.

I'm not liking where this is going so I step off the stage much to the confusion of everyone. But when I do, I am met by a large fearsome black spider wearing a top hat and sitting in a seat marked, "Director."

Seeing me he jumps up into the air with his fangs right up against my face. And any dreams that have spiders usually end pretty quickly because of my fear of them.

I woke up shortly after this.


[2] Dreamed me and a friend of mine had super fighting powers. We were fighting this other team for a long time.

I remember being really tired, not wanting to do it anymore and said with exhaustion, "I just want some coffee."

There was a scene where me and my friend were in an alley. A voice appeared and said, "Follow the penny."

I looked around and sure enough there was a penny simply floating in mid-air. As I approached it floated off in the opposite direction. So both me and my other friend (I never could see their face clearly to identify) went off after this penny.

Suddenly the penny darted straight down into a rain gutter. My friend patted me on my back and spoke in a serious tone, "We'll find him here."

While I didn't really know to whom he was referring, I had some idea it was a person, some type of bad guy that we were hunting for a long time.

He picked up the grate with one hand and crumpled it in his muscular grip. Then jumped straight down. I followed after him but when I did, I felt cool, kind of like when I was in Spelunker's Cave years ago at Six Flags.

I shrugged off the feeling. Then I saw him. He was an easy bad guy to spot, dressed in black with red and silver lining, he really did look like a cartoon.

He spoke, his voice echoing as if we were in a cave. "How long you have searched for me. Surely you must be tired."

He then thrust a gloved hand forward and a piece of paper unfurled from a table near him and shot within easy viewing of us.

Written on the page were our superhero names in addition to our real names.

"Quit being a superhero now, retire. And I won't publish this."

I started to say something but then the dream changed and I was riding a ride, and it was Spelunker's cave, just like that at Six Flags before it shut down. Suddenly I was hit by a blast of cold air and woke up.


[3] Dreamed that Chris was involved in this popular movie company. He was one of the directors in it. He was doing a serious scene to show how deranged this one fellow was.

He gave him a plastic razor and at the word of ACTION, lunged straight at me. I grabbed a razor too, but mine was real. I had difficulty holding on to it as it was so oily and sharp with no wrapping around the bottom.

The other guy lunged forward and cut a deep gash across my face. His razor was now real !

I was angry and trying to defend myself I lashed out and cut him hard across his shoulder.

This was a very bad dream as we were exchanging cutting each other with lethal razors. Finally I reached for his throat and tore it open and it unraveled like red wet yarn from the gash. I woke up in fright.


[4] Very strange dream. I am an old woman and I am in hospice, apparently just about ready to die. I know a family visited me, it was ME, my sister, and Dad, although he said that he was my son.

I was moving so slowly and could barely look up from my wheelchair. A nurse came in and said it's just about time for me to move on. And I knew by that she said I was going to die.

She went over to my IV and exchanged it for another. At once I felt really good and sleepy. I stooped my head over, but when I did, suddenly the wheelchair was empty !

Outside a beautiful and youthful woman appeared from the ether. This was apparently her - or me - reborn ! I had super powers, I could float and shift items by moving my hands around them without touching them.

I also had the ability to teleport. This was a lot better than my normal ability of flying which was always a lot of work where it required me to push the air under my hands.

Now I just had to LOOK at where I wanted to go and suddenly I would WHOOSH over to there. I could finally get past those accursed electric wires in the sky that all my dreams had !

I looked at a cloud and suddenly my body hurled forward squeezing impossibly thin and between the electric wires. I bid it to be night by blinking my eyes hard and night came suddenly on, and there was the moon. My ultimate destination - from many many dreams.

I looked at it and bid my body to soar to it - and started traveling rapidly up and away from the Earth - when my alarm clock went off - and I woke up. I set the alarm to go off after another 30-minutes and although I was asleep in minutes after that, I could not recreate the dream.


[5] I was in a hotel, I think I worked there. A young girl not even in her teens introduced herself to me. She first asked if I had seen anything peculiar since I was working there. I told her there was not.

She then said, well, if something strange does happen, you contact me.

Who are you ? I asked.

She didn't have time to answer though because suddenly there was this team of bad people wielding swords working their way down the halls of the hotel to us.

Because this girl was so small I picked her up easily in one hand and fled to an adjacent room, locking the door behind me.

Inside was a strange sight. There was a cigarette burning on an old couch. While I was certain this would start a fire what was even weirder was this huge host of flies buzzing around the cigarette as if the smoke and heat was something they wanted.

The flies were everywhere ! It was like there was a thick cloud of them in the room !

Just then I saw a medical needle on a table in here. I absently picked it up and suddenly jabbed it in the young girl's shoulder.

What are you doing !? she demanded to know. Then she wilted her eyes and got sleepy. Then I heard the bad guys just outside the door !

I picked her up and gently set her under the bed in here. Then I hurriedly got up to sit on the bed to try and look all innocent.

The door suddenly flung open and one of the bad guys threw a sword, but not at me, the window behind me.

The window shattered and suddenly the lit cigarette and cloud of flies followed it all outside.

One of the agents came and put a sword to my throat with a simple question. "Where is she ?"

I shrugged, "As you can see, she's not here. She saw you and kept running down the hall."

The bad agent leaned over to look at me. I just smiled innocently.

"We're wasting time." one of them behind him said seeing the room was empty.

"Then let's go !" and with that they left.

Once they were gone I looked under the bed for the girl but she was gone. Then I woke up.


I started out running in this dream. It was Chris and me and we were both trying to get away from this mob of very angry hoodlums after us.

They were dressed in kerchiefs, chains, tattoos, and motorcycles. It was really bad. For a moment it looked like we might get away but I stumbled twisting my ankle.

The gang then easily caught up to me. Chris turned to try and help me, but it was too late, he got caught too.

The leader pulled out a gun and held it to my head. "Didn't quite get away did you."

I didn't know what he wanted so I just shook my head to say no.

"You will die. I guarantee. It won't be now. It will be 16-hours from now. I want to see how you make peace with the world, that is knowledge you will share with me. And then I will shoot you dead to make it so."

Chris was there and then his wife showed up. In real life Chris doesn't have a wife, but there she was in the dream.

I realized they, too, had to be in great danger so I whispered harshly, "Get out of here, both of you !"

Chris didn't want to. "I can't leave you here to these - these BUTCHERS !"

The leader smiled when he heard that. "Yes, we are butchers. But you - you are little pigs, for the slaughter. If he hadn't fallen, you might've gotten away, with your curly tails between your legs !"

So the dream continued where I was given the right to call everyone in my family and tell them I was going to die in less than 16-hours. They all wanted to know where I was, but I was told by the leader if I breathed a single word of where I was, he would kill me right then and there.

And, it was a weird feeling in my head, realizing I would die that very day and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

Finally it came time. It was all done very much like it was something good for me. The leader was acting like he was my best friend, and that his advice was the best thing in the world for me.

He was saying how much life was miserable for me. The things I planned to do but never did, that I have no place in existence now, and that I need to move on.

He was just getting ready to pull the trigger when I woke up. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to learn something from this dream. Cherish life, every moment.


[7] Classic trash truck dream. Well, if you don't know me, that's when I'm walking down the road and vehicles are out of control trying to kill me.

They are so out of control that if I just kept walking I would die. 18-wheelers overturn and hurtle at me. Another is a dump truck, squealing on oil spilled by some other vehicle and I have to move a certain way, this and that.

Then a trash truck and it's trying to squash me against the pavement. Once again I am running and darting all around. It's almost like a puzzle now to stay alive. Vehicles from all over are trying to run me down but I know that they can't occupy the same space as another and that is when I can move between them.

So I time my movements getting cut and lacerated by the sharp metal of the vehicles but still staying alive, blood coming out from me all over. Finally I wake from this horrid nightmare.


[8] Dreamed there was this terrorist team local to Texas called, "Mama's Team."

Bombing subways and libraries was only the start. This was a very bad group of people that wanted to literally terrorize everyone - and they were succeeding at it.

I remember being in a library reading a book and one of her goons shows up. It's like a bad episode of 1960s Batman though because his name is clearly written on the black shirt he's wearing. And he's also touting a black bowler's hat.

Written on his shirt it says, "Sleeper." He lunges forward and strangles me until I pass out.

Then I arrive at this weird country setting. It is like everyone here is inbred and they are all part of "Mama's Team." Whereas at first I believed the team to be no more than 20 deranged people, I was now set upon by HUNDREDS all laughing and pointing at me.

Then this HUGE woman approaches me. She is built like a diesel truck and just as pretty. She says, "I'm Momma - and you do what I say or I will BAKE YOU INTO A PIE !"

I'm confused at that last part so I repeat, "A pie ?"

She is not happy, "You got wax in your ears, boy ? Yes, a pie ! Half of us here are cannibals and you're looking mighty tasty at the moment !"

Then I see three guys approach me, they bare their teeth at me but it is then I can see it's a type of sharp and rough crystal teeth with blood all over them. He grabs my hand and looks hungrily at my small fingers.

"Could just EAT YOU UP, BOY !" he says with a smile. I'm shaking in fear now.

"Thattaboy." Momma says and whacks me on my back, hard enough to launch me several feet away. There is more rude laughter.

"What do I need to do ?" I ask her.

"Just what you are doing now. Listening."

There is a moment of silence, I raise my hand up to ask what's going on but she yells, "I said TO LISTEN !"

so I get quiet then. A full minute passes in complete silence. Then she starts to speak. She wants me to carry this time bomb into a government building. As she is talking though, suddenly I wake up.


[9] Dreamed it was the future. Eyeglasses had water inside of them. It was revealed through science that crystal clear water had properties improving anyone's sight no matter what their problem was.

To clean them, you would pop out two lenses per eye and reverse them. The water then 'cleaned' the lenses and you were looking through the part that was where the water was originally.

There was also this giant spaceship called, "Union." It orbited Earth and sent strange waves that kept people pacified. Sort of like a mild shock treatment but it affected the brain and caused an unnatural flow of endorphins.

Because of this, everyone that wasn't a city official was pacified and pretty well went along with whatever government had in mind for them.

There were hologram road signs and cars - well at least finally in my dreams - were air cars. They no longer used wheels and instead used a type of magnetic polarity to float in the air and take citizens where they needed to go.

I remember I was working in an office on a computer. The computer was so advanced all I had to do was look at it. It would read my thoughts and shape itself accordingly by my thought up code. I was distracted by a loud sound that was a bit like a gunshot. Then I woke up.


[10] Dreamed I was working on my computer. But I was using bricks to hold it up at a 45 degree angle.

I had learned long ago that this allowed all the circuitry to breathe correctly. Not vertical or horizontal where you could place stress on the circuits, no DIAGONALLY.

I knew that insect legs were great conductors of electricity and the term 'bug' in computers was no longer negative but positive. Living insects were housed inside computers and a 'lifetime' supply of food was fastened to wherever their mouths were.

Waste was blown out by a vacuum every week. As strange as this was, these computers were 100 times faster than the most modern ones today.

I woke up actually pondering this, then realized the dream was utter silliness.

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