FB2-66 "Meet Sping Turr !"

FB2-66 "Meet Sping Turr !"

A Chapter by dw817

Then the music turned sour and there was a telltale crack and bolt of pink lightning rightdown the center of the screen that sparkled showing a scene change, it was obviously the bad guy of the show.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© January 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 66 - "Meet Sping Turr !"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Stefani smirked and smiled at the not so subtle attempt of Arkos, the Director, to reach her by injecting his own voice into the show Tyr was sitting down to watch and realized now that she was probably going to be somehow worked into the dialog of this ridiculous show to intercede for a line of indirect interrogation regarding her unusual telekinetic ability.

For her line of work, it was not uncommon to do this to get children to open up this way to their probing methods here, a kind of gentle brainwashing, and from what she could tell of this show, it was certainly more subtle than the cartoon's weak attempts at teaching motherhood by flashing a frame of text subliminally during the show during scene changes.

She smiled down at Tyr with a condescending sneer and petted her head comfortingly as Tyr was thoroughly absorbed by the incredible adventure, shaking her head left and right when Polly Rocket from the show appeared directly to ask Tyr a question and she didn't know the answer to it.

And then Tyr sometimes nodded her head up and down vigorously and spoke out loud to the massive 20-foot screen while bouncing up and down on her butt as if that would add emphasis for Polly to choose her instead of the other children the show was for within the 10-second time-limit for other vitally critical questions Polly asked her.

While the bulk of the program was prerecorded, Tyr was determined to believe that all the episodes were a live broadcast and transmission solely for her benefit and that Polly could never solve the mystery without her own vocal support during the show.

Stefani was also having a weird feeling coming over her the more she watched the show. It was like a ticklish cough in the back of her throat like she wanted to laugh maniacally for some reason, and her brain felt oddly drained and numb.

She dismissed it though and continued to stay by Tyr's side as the show continued. She gave more thought to what Arkos might be up to.

The show was also so pink and brightly colored in scenes that it almost illuminated the dark room entirely and you could just make out movement of Arkos from his shadows of his looming chair to the far side of the viewing screen.

Slight movements from the shadows on the floor near the chair indicated that his spidery fingers were quietly pressing a few selective buttons on his wheelchair console in preparation for something sinister - likely for Tyr later.

Obviously Tyr was infinitely more interested in the syrupy-sweet show portrayed on the 20-foot high screen than the almost imperceptible movements of a creepy shadowy figure in a control chair only a few feet past it's edge.

Then the music turned sour and there was a telltale crack and bolt of pink lightning down the center of the screen that shimmered with what clearly could only be textbook magic sparkles, showing a scene change, and then the screen displayed the obvious bad guy of the show.

It was Mr. Sping Turr ! And he was sitting on top of what really looked to be a pile of dried and fermented brown manure. His empire, as it were.

He was a strange looking fat and greasy haired and mustached old geezer of a man whose own lips clearly showed that someone in the artist's department drew a perfectly puckered and grotesque anus on his cartoon face instead of a regular mouth as a mean joke to the production crew and then got promptly fired for doing such a rude thing.

Sketched directly on top of this nasty gaping orifice which was drawn days later into the cel by a much poorer artist was a crude set of luscious female lips under his sinister black handlebar mustache, apparently to detract little girls from guessing what the original cel drawing actually was.

To complete the horrible visage was a great gob of bright cherry-red lipstick smeared over the whole affected area in an obvious attempt to hide the obvious vulgar imagery it still implied.

Over this villain's fat and bulbous body he wore really not much else except a pair of bright white BVD underwear. Where the fly began was a stark and familiar global symbol of NO ENTRY; the circle outline with a right-facing slash going through it and it was drawn with a bright pink marker.

* * *

It was apparent that dubious Polly had sketched this symbol on his underwear in a prior skirmish she had with him as a gentle reminder and warning for her that entering through this seemingly innocent portal to get to this particular bad guy was definitely not a safe thing for a brave and sweet-hearted little heroine like her to do.

Mr. Sping Turr's own voice sounded oddly female too, as if for all male appearing characters in the show, save the narrator, that castration was a definite requirement of the entire Polly Rocket universe or it wasn't even genetically possible for you to exist in it.

He then cackled in an annoying high-pitch of cruel laughter about his plans of world domination involving what appeared, for this episode, to be gigantic robotic vibrators, why not ! With greedy arms on them that clutched randomly at the air as if there was an on-running contest to see which one could flex their grip the most without actually touching anything.

They moved without legs by vibrating upright where you would insert the batteries in an angry buzzing sound and you could hear a voice over of someone speaking a ragged, "Ehhh ..." into the speakers, apparently not finding a suitable stock sound effect for the ghastly situation.

Stefani's face at this point looked really weird now, possibly because she had read every single subliminal message to this point while keeping silent in addition to watching the mind-numbing animation and even made a feeble attempt to grasp at the plot. This was not a good idea if she planned to maintain her sanity for long.

So it was an army of torpedo-shaped horrors invading other worlds and terrifying planets from other galaxies that were oddly and apparently only populated by screaming little girls everywhere all crying to be saved by the ever vigilant and dear-hearted Polly Rocket !

Where is Polly Rocket ! We want Polly Rocket !

Tyr's face, perfectly serious, clenched up in fury and as she pushed the doll against her chest in an effort to protect it from the giant evil vibrating d****s, and you could hear a squeak of the fabric against her own Arkos regulation blouse, apparently both being made out of the same shiny material.

She then showed her little bottom teeth in anger and growled deep in the back of her throat vowing her worshiped heroine, Polly Rocket, to take vengeance against this dastardly and evil villain for scaring everyone with these vibrating torpedoes of doom.

Despite Tyr's keen powers of observation and Polly's incredible ability at solving puzzles and even more baffling mysteries, the not-so-subtle entry for Stefani's verbal request by Mr. Arkos to leave the room apparently went right by them both. An important clue to be sure to solving today's amazing and astounding episode.

(Oh, and as I promised in the prior written chapter, during the Polly Rocket Show there are always a total of 8 subliminal messages per episode, so just imagine that they appeared every 4-minutes of the show you just saw. In this week's episode they are):

[1] "Sex before marriage is against the law and will throw you in jail."
[2] "Any anal sex automatically pushes stinky poop up in your brain."
[3] "All boys are dogs. All girls are p*****s. There are no exceptions."
[4] "If you masturbate at all, you'll pee out your bellybutton."
[5] "The very best Mother your boyfriend can ever have is you."
[6] "There is no greater career opportunity than to be a stay at home housewife."
[7] "Condoms are made out of stinky old toad skins."
[8] "Attempting an abortion will cause your body to grow a penis."

(My G/F helped me with a few of these and we could probably think up some more later if you like) *Grin*

(And yes, Captain Circumference also has 8 secret subliminal messages during each episode of their show as well, that Dev is perfectly unaware of, but that's for a different chapter, and we're not there right now, so back we go !)

The expression on Stefani's face now was as if she had swallowed a whole peeled lemon dipped completely in fresh ground Chinese mustard, and then she asked for a double-helping of wasabi dressing to wash it all down and right after that, smile for an important photo opportunity and then hold that perfect expression of cheerfulness for several painful minutes without moving.

She had done all she could at this point by not puking up her own toenails from forced tension in suppressing her own derisive laughter at this more than vapid and brainwashing show.

Stefani breathed deeply, still in control, but she had to get out of here or she wouldn't be able to hold back for much longer, and her sudden and uncontrolled screech of maniacal laughter which HAD to come out at the outright stupidity and opaqueness of the show and it's producers, just might detract from what Arkos The Director had in mind for the captivated girl.

She put a firm yet sweating hand on Tyr's head, almost apologetically feeling her sweet little brain being sucked out by a sugar-coated crazy straw from the vacuous show and said with as much control as she could muster, "Honey, you enjoy the program. I'll be back in a bit, okay ?" and then stepped out of the office.

"Uh huum ..." Tyr said dreamily as if in a trance a full minute later after Stefani had left, obviously unaware of reality around her being caught up in the hypnotic and entrancing colors, pretty sparkles on the screen, and delicious and savory looking controls in Polly's spaceship as they all appeared to made out of sweet gumdrop candy.


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