Dream Diary - "The Curse Of Madness"

Dream Diary - "The Curse Of Madness"

A Chapter by dw817

Dreamed there was some really strange curse affecting people. It was worldwide. It happened overnight and as near as I could tell, everyone was affected. Everyone that is - except me.



  Dream Diary   


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© February 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

This is a special entry. It is especially nightmarish so - you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

For those of you curious about what I ate to cause such a monstrosity. I know I was craving vegetarian chili about 11pm at night. So  I heated up a can of that, ate it and watched a few old Disney cartoons, and then went straight to sleep.

This is what I dreamt.


Dreamed there was some really strange curse affecting people. It was worldwide. It happened overnight and as near as I could tell, everyone was affected. Everyone that is - except me.

Dad had turned into a large black woman. Kay, my sister's hubby had a new mouth growing out the side of his head, and my sister had a kind of veinous flap growing out of her back. She wore a tight fitting sweater around it but it still stuck up like a hump.

Other people were not so lucky. Those who were not asleep in bed got the worst of it. Masses of people turned into small plastic balls, one person's body was melted at the torso and a shiny pink misshapen ball was all that was left of where his legs would be.

Some people were killed outright, as if a razor of unimaginable sharpness cut them neatly in two and then set their corpses in orderly rows in the street as if we were cannibals and would appreciate the cuisine.

Other people still had weird large metal gears and electronics bursting from their chest and no-one could get near them without being badly cut up.

It was truly a nightmare to end them all. And yet in all of it I wasn't affected somehow. And fortunately no-one seemed to notice. I think they were more caught up in their own misfortunes to notice how lucky I was to be free of the curse - because that is what it was, a terrible awful curse hit all of mankind.

And stepping in the streets you could hear people shrieking, yelling, madness. Oh madness was definitely in the air. One person crawled by with a good leg and what had to be an octopus's tentacle for his other leg.

"I'm thirsty." he kept saying. He took one look at me. His eyes were crusted over by some yellow gelatin, but he could still see me. He watched unblinking, then continued crawling on his way.

It wasn't just people that were affected. It was like all of reality was warped. I know later Dad said we were all going to go by the doctor and see if there wasn't anything he could do to help us.

We drove down one street, turned down another, and somehow maddeningly it was the same street. Like all the laws of science and nature were affected; not just us.

Finally I jumped out of the car. Nearby I heard a phone ring from a phonebooth. I went to go answer it and was delighted to hear my Mother's voice !

"So how are you ?" she asked friendly enough.

I couldn't get the words out fast enough. "I'm fine, wow, yes, I'm fine ! It's so good to hear from you I was worried that - "

She interrupted me, "Why don't you come visit anymore ?"

I sighed finally I replied. "I'm sorry Mom, I just get busy, you know ? Things add up."

She asked again, "So how are you ?"

I was eager to continue the conversation so I added, "Well if you're wondering about Emma and Dad, they're doing fine too. Now there was something crazy that happened last and I was wondering if -"

But she interrupted me AGAIN ! "Why don't you come visit anymore ?"

Apparently my earlier answer wasn't enough. "Well now Mom you keep changing addresses. I really - I really could use some cheering up right now, considering - everything that has happened. Where are you living now ? What street and address ?"

She replied mechanically, "So how are you ?"

A thick and cold kind of fear crept through my back. "Wha - What ? I just said -"

"Why don't you come visit anymore ?"

I stayed silent. This was apparently more madness. A warp in reality or something.

"So how are you ?" her voice sounded weird now, like echoing down a long hallway.

I held my tongue and was preparing to hang up when a new deep voice spoke.

"Where are you boy !?"

"I beg your pardon ?" I replied.

"Where the FROCK are you !?" it demanded. "And how did you ESCAPE my curse !?"

I hung up the phone. As I did something burned up in the receiver and in seconds it was a puddle of melted plastic on the metal floor of the phone booth.

I ran away ! I ran as fast and as far as I could. Finally I got back to Dad's house. Dad I guess was still driving in that weird reality loop and that was fine with me. I heard a meow and went to the back porch where I could see Quasar, our cute black cat wanting inside.

I reached for a bag of cat food when suddenly my cat gave a weird meow as if in serious pain. As I watched it was like a green haze enveloped the cat. The cat itself batted its paws all around trying to fight the mysterious vapor when it seemed like skeletal hands emerged from the mist and peeled back the skin of the cat revealing horrid muscle and sinew.

The cat screeched in excruciating pain, then something changed in it. It's pretty blue eyes turned a horrid yellow and they had a kind of glow to it. Then the cat grew larger and looking at me with razor sharp teeth started clawing at the door. Pieces of wood were easily carved out.

"No !" I told myself, clapping a hand to my face in complete fear of what I was seeing. I looked at the lock. Somehow it was turning on its own as if invisible fingers were helping fate along. The 'cat' would be on me in seconds and I knew just by its touch I would then by affected by the strange curse !

I shrieked in fear and suddenly woke up.


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