FB2-67 "The Laughter After"

FB2-67 "The Laughter After"

A Chapter by dw817

The parasitic show continued to slurp both it's cerebral-wet tongue and pink puckered tentacles gently around Tyr's infantile brain cradling it blissfully in a cocoon of its own sugary saliva.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 67 - "The Laughter After"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The parasitic show continued to slurp both it's cerebral-wet tongue and pink puckered tentacles gently around Tyr's infantile brain cradling it blissfully in a cocoon of its own gooey and addictive sugary saliva, making comforting little suckling and kissing noises around it as it fed on her delectable and impressionable surface.

To cover these subtle sounds from her consciousness, the show whispered suggestive and honey-sweet thoughts to the pleasure centers of her brain to distract her from it's real business at hand which, of course, was to flash all the retarded subliminal messages to her subconscious during each episode to make sure she had lots of babies the moment she entered puberty.

And that was what the twisted women producers of the show wanted to do. To push their unrealistic stereotypical female viewpoints directly down the throats of all the little girls who watched the brightly colored lollipop driven show.

And they did it by candy-coating this distasteful medicine of theirs with bright pastel colors in every image frame, sexy and fashionable skirts for Polly and her Rockettes, pretty sparkling special effects, and a delicious edible looking universe of sweet and delicious candy that could put anyone into a diabetic coma.

It topped this all off with suggestive phallic imagery seen literally every 10-14-seconds of broadcast that ultimately made its girl viewers hungry for raising children, eating lots of candy, over prolonged watching of the series, and causing them to the salivate to the sight of anything even remotely shaped like a penis.

In addition to this, the show also sucked (well, you knew that), no, what I mean to say is, it SUCKED with great force and voracity any and all intelligent brain-cells free from the little girls minds, as if any shred of intellectual thought later in life might confuse them or cause them undue distress after they were happily married and had several children of their own.

And the producers couldn't have that !

One problem of the secret messages though which were geared strictly and only for girls was that the producers couldn't very well write on the video boxes they sold to say the show was dangerous for boys to watch or they would have to explain why and their secret would be revealed and the show would be canceled for their illegal usage of brainwashing children.

Further secret research by the Polly Rocket producers was conducted in private and indicated prolonged viewing of the series by impressionable boys would seriously warp their sexual sense of identity and ultimately convince them over time that they were in fact girls with undersized breasts and perfectly capable of giving birth to children themselves out of their own butt.

And this was a problem because it required serious hours of deprogramming and psychotherapy later in life for the 'infected' boy.

They couldn't have this happen with the general population, so the solution of the advertisers was to douse the video boxes in a sickeningly-sweet aroma of a candy-scented perfume that only a girl would like in the hopes it would disgust boys enough to avoid interest in watching the series at all.

They were partially successful and while the boys didn't collect or watch the episodes because they didn't want the stink of the sweet perfume in their bedroom, some boys still collected the action figures, trading cards, and wall posters often for the mere reason of drooling after Polly Rocket and the Rockettes and their sexy figures, w***e outfits, and profiles.

And the producers of the series were quick on the mark realizing this and never discouraged the provocative appearances despite the young demographic of the product and in fact risked quite a bit by shortening the skirts of all team-members by another half inch to reveal even more babyfat butt and ever-pink pastel panty-line on them.

And that increased sales of the toy store line tremendously, so they didn't cut back on this appearance and in fact marketed on it hoping to captivate girls with their entire line of products and hormone-driven young boys primarily with the figures, posters, and cards. It was a win-win situation ultimately.

And it should be noted that while Sping Turr had to have been the worst possible idea anyone in the creative department had ever come up with for any cartoon series with his trademark and repulsive and gaping anus shaped mouth, die-hard girl fans did in fact purchase the ghastly plastic thing if only to complete their Polly Rocket collection of action figures.

* * *

Disaster struck the company, however, when a 3-ft tall soft pillow doll of Sping Turr was test marketed in a few cities and then it was shockingly revealed weeks later that several angry calls arrived to the manufacturer from multiple calls across the state by enraged mothers.

The mothers were furious and threatened to sue the toy company saying that several of their young boys had purchased the plushie only to masturbate with them in bed.

So the offensive plush toy was promptly removed from the market, causing several perverted young boys (and an even smaller collection of truly perverted men), to cry for them, indeed making it a rare collector's item and the world's most sought after pillow doll today.

Oh, and the men actually had charges brought against them by the toy company requiring them to undergo serious and extreme psychiatric treatment on grounds of a new "Pillow Passion" clause they had as part of their new product warrantee and usage claim).

Despite all this, the history of the Polly Rocket company was completely unknown to Tyr, and she sighed happily and shivered in pleasure with the delicious feelings of her own brain-cells screaming and dying horribly like a mental ejaculation release to cover up the slight pinprick of the counter brainwashing messages of the show.

And those messages, of course, encouraged her to get married and have as many babies as her womb could physically spit out as she was still in 4th grade Elementary.

She was completely hypnotized by the bright and sparkling pinkness of the show unaware of the irreparable and permanent damage the show was subliminally doing to her brain by watching it.

Once Stefani was outside Arkos' office and the soundproof door closed quietly behind her she felt her cheekbones tingle as if raw electricity was dancing over them and she could not stop shaking.

"Ohh, I don't feel so good ..." Stefani said unsteadily feeling really weird all over now, possibly from the effects of the subliminal messages, and touched her face with her hands feeling it was ice cold and sweating and completely numb there from tension of suppressing her laughter to this point.

She then fell over as if crippled, all the strength gone from her legs and she clutched weakly at the floor and she started hyperventilating there uncontrollably. Her brain felt literally raped to the point of homicide earlier by the raw stupidity of what she saw in there on the screen and she had to get it out of her system.

She finally took a deep breath like she was preparing for a deep-sea dive and then screeched so hard with laughter at the stupidity of what she just saw on the big screen that it felt like she was going to break all her ribs in the effort.

She had NEVER seen such a stupid or suggestive or opaque show for children in her entire life ! God, even Captain Circumference's worst episode wasn't this much of an infinitely powerful bone-breaking rectal-sucking seething galactic-sized black-hole of an absolute-vacuum show like this one was !

Her ribcage actually ached and burned now like it was on fire she was having such a hard time stopping her insane laughter now, as if her brain would never recover from what she saw and read in the subliminal messages and that she would forever be mentally scarred from witnessing it.

It took several long minutes for her to get the insane "pinkness" of it out of her system. She was now shaking her head hard left and right and groaning as if she was suppressing a scream that had to come out. She held onto the sides of her chest with a pincer-like grip from her fingers her sides hurt so much now.

Just as she felt she was regaining control, she felt a new wave of "pinkness" rushing in her brain so she quickly fell onto her back and spread-eagled herself on the floor, gripping the solid floor tightly with the tips of her sharp fingertips, and clapping her shoes against the frames of the doorway, her whole body in a perfect X in front of Arkos doors, her eyes wide open and darting left and right in fear of what would happen next.

It was like she was puking up a deadly poison out of her system, and she actually felt herself retching and her chest heaved up and down as if something nasty were living inside and trying to come out. It was the distasteful attempt at teaching motherhood that was forced down her throat by the subliminal efforts of the producers of the show.

Then she unexpectedly farted, long and loud as if her digestive system was going into an emergency plan of evacuation so at least her fresh bowels could be free of the terrible show's influence from the poisoned brain above it.

She tightened her hips suddenly and grunted uncomfortably, squinting her eyes, to prevent their desperate escape, her belly giving a clearly frustrated gurgle in reply at being denied this, although she perfectly sympathized with them and even patted her groin area comfortingly with a free hand to tell them that she well understood their fear.

At least that part of her body was obeying her for the moment.

"It's so PIIINK !" she suddenly shrieked to no-one in particular as if this might help her cope with the mental truama she was experiencing right now. Unfortunately for her it just brought back more derisive memories of the vapid show.


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I just have one question: How old are Dev, Tyr, and Lily. I would think that they are 11 or 12 by the way they act as I don't see a 15-18 year old behaving the way the do :). Other than that, good story!

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Sira YR

4 Years Ago

I'm sure you will find some one. It's nice to see that although you have went through some pain and.. read more

4 Years Ago

I'm a firm believer of SYBOK and his teachings.

Oh, if you want to learn a bit more a.. read more
Sira YR

4 Years Ago

Thank you and you as well :)

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