FB2-68 "A Heroine's Costume"

FB2-68 "A Heroine's Costume"

A Chapter by dw817

She read more, "I have provided you with this costume for the sake of Tyr, our current project. She is called Polly Rocket, apparently a heroine and role-model for girls of her age." (more)




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 68 - "A Heroine's Costume"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Stefani was still wracked up in mental anguish and pain and was picking up the pieces of her shattered brain from the memories of the bizarrely PINK show.

It clearly tried to force womanhood down her throat suddenly when Stefani suddenly squinted her eyes tightly shut and she started laughing maniacally, completely insane and ready for the mental ward, as long and loud and as hard as she could.

She knew she had to get this out of her system or her heart would literally die in a failed attempt to suppress it. Her head bobbed up and down at a frightening rate as if she were having a seizure.

Tears streamed freely out of her eyes from the crystallized derision as she now brayed like a donkey, the back of her jaw actually hurting with the laughter being forced out of her, making frightening wheezing sounds now as she sucked in each new breath, her strength was so terribly spent right now.

It was several long minutes later that she could finally breathe and try to collect her senses. She coughed as hard as she could and tried thinking of something else, ANYTHING else except for the nuclear mind-bomb she just saw earlier that had almost vaporized every intelligent brain-cell she had in her head within the short 7-minutes she was subjected to it.

She finally got up and crouched down on her knees breathing heavily and blinking her eyes rapidly, fighting for control of her senses.

She reached up to feel her eyes which of course were very wet from earlier tears of uncontrolled laughter and her beautiful mascara was ruined.

Although weak as a kitten after her ordeal and hoarse from braying like a farm animal for the past several minutes in derision to the subliminal messages she read, she did see in fact suddenly see a door-shaped panel open up directly to her right, and then a bright red arrow lit up on the floor under her sweating fingers pointing the direction to it.

A second later a dim light suddenly clicked on from within the recesses of the newly revealed location.

Still coughing to regain her breath, she realized she was being prompted to enter this room, so she did, and seen clearly from the bright neon lights inside above was a costume carefully laid out in sealed cellophane on a long heavy looking and hi-tech table.

She ignored this for the moment and headed into the a bathroom which was also in here to fix her makeup as her mascara was seriously smeared on her face after her derisive and rather painful laughter.

When she was sure her face looked perfect again, she returned back to the room with the table. Beside the costume there were two notes.

One was attached to the top of the hanger that had a letterhead showing it was directly from the desk of Arkos himself. The other was stuck with tape to a head visor placed deliberately aside from the rest of the costume.

She read the garment message out loud, "Stefani, one of your greatest skills towards acquiring gifted children is winning their trust. This has often been done through a variety of costumes that you have in your employ."

* * *

She read more, "I have provided you with this one for the sake of Tyr, our current project. She is called Polly Rocket, apparently a heroine and role-model for girls of her age. I need you to win this child's trust with it that you may ask her some direct questions.

"This will be quicker than with undue drug intervention, and will get more accurate results with her conscious and aware."

"Put on the outfit in the changing room provided and then finally the 'space visor.'"

The message continued, "Once you are fully dressed, return to my office door and knock. I will let you re-enter and we can begin the process of interrogating Tyr regarding her source of telekinetic ability."

Stefani set down the message and picked up the visor to see that unlike the rest of the plastic and foam costume appeared to be made out of an expensive metal and seriously high-technology to boot. She glanced briefly at the separate message of use for it and realized she needed to be in costume first before it could be worn or activated.

Stefani sighed. This certainly was a weird company she worked for, but she remembered the time she dressed up as a secret agent to win Dev's trust when he initially appeared in Arkos and, while it was a failure with him, to other more imaginative children, it was almost always a success.

She pulled off the cellophane and took a good look at the outfit. It was harshly pink, glittery, reflective, and had broad shoulders in it, apparently to makeup for a small girl's frame.

Beside it was a silvery belt studded with plastic pastel hearts and an array of apparatus including a communicator that was rounded suggestively like a rubber n****e on top, a ray-gun that really looked more like a badly melted plastic eggbeater that was dipped in glue and then in an overdose of pink glitter.

To complete the set was a set of stylish white super-heroine gloves and finally a plastic set of sparkly pink handcuffs with little hearts for the keyhole openings. The rings to bind the hands on it were so small that there was room only for Stefani's two fingers in them. It was definitely only for children and a toy that likely didn't even function.

Stefani was familiar with dressing in disguises so she took the uniform and entered the dressing room. After trying it on she realized it was actually pretty tight. Polly's skirt was shorter than her own and apparently the heroine was also a little shorter in height too, giving a bit of distortion to the fabric.

There was no way that she could hide the appearance of her panties with these discrepancies as the hem of the skirt was only a few inches lower than her waist.

She growled and pulled down on the skirt to cover her hemline, but after releasing it, it bounced back up, being made of sturdy foam rubber. She prayed she wouldn't have to wear this outfit outside of Arkos' quarters because it REALLY looked ridiculous and silly on her like it got shrunk in the wash. Apparently Arkos thought she was a bit more slender and short.

Then she put on the top part with the foam padding for the shoulders and strapped on the sparkly pink wig provided that had its hair extend past her shoulders.

She looked in the full-length mirror provided in the dressing and room and commented quietly to herself, "That's rather pretty, really. I just might keep this one." and vowed she would add it this wig to her collection back at her own residence for future costume use.

She then put on the helmet seeing that it had a pink rubber chevron at the top of it that instead of ending in a sharp point like a spoiler for a car ended in a fat round tip that had a flanged head, also suggestively phallic. Stefani cringed at the sight of it seeing even a dot hole impression at it's center radius and sighed before putting it on and tying it around her chin.

Then she returned to the long table and strapped on the belt, the play ray gun, communicator, and handcuffs. She slipped out of her own shoes and put on the curiously curved and shiny black high-heeled ones that Polly wore, which fortunately fit her feet well.

She then slid into the stylish white gloves also telling herself she would keep these when she returned to her quarters as they fit her quite well and actually looked attractive on her.

Finally she looked to see she had everything else she needed to wear and carefully reached over the table to pick up the space visor to look at it. It was quite heavy, clearly not a toy, and the left eye-piece was etched with a complex grid directly into a lens that was definitely not plastic.

The right eye-piece had a series of darker lens cut indentations directly into which seemed to be back lit from tiny powerful LED lights, currently off.

She set it back down on the table and read the notes for usage, also written with an Arkos letterhead meaning it was a personal letter from him to her. She read what it said.

(To be continued).


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© 2016 dw817

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That was very amazing. I am truly in love with your writing skills. I wish that i can write like that. Excellent Job.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

I will tell you a secret I use. Lots of conversation. Not so much internal turmoil and thoughts but .. read more
Tsubaki Kuro

5 Years Ago

Thanks a bunch. I thought about doing that, but thought it was a wrong thing to do

4 Years Ago

Ah ! 11-months ago and I never replied ! :D No, dialogue is good. Think of how many movies where the.. read more

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