FB2-69 "Ridiculous To A Fault"

FB2-69 "Ridiculous To A Fault"

A Chapter by dw817

* Polly Rocket * Pacifying Ray Gun * Another fine product of SLAMMO toys ! "Warning, This toy may present a choking hazard if used properly."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 69 - "Ridiculous To A Fault"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

She then read the note addressed to her from Arkos:

"Stefani, once you have the visor snapped to the helmet, turn it on with the switch that can be found to the right of the temple piece. Messages will appear in the goggles that only you can see, and you are expecting to repeat what you read in them once you have returned to my office."

The message continued, "Play along with the story provided by me and read only what you see written there in your best acting voice. You are to convince Tyr that you are Polly Rocket from the show and have come to save her from her imprisonment here."

She nodded and then put the visor over her costume's helmet and clicked on the power switch. She had to focus for a moment but the system appeared to work perfectly when a series of pinpoint lasers darted over her eyes determining where her pupils were.

"Ow." Stefani said suddenly as the invasive lasers blinded her momentarily and she reached up to rub her eye which stinged a little but stopped her hand halfway realizing she had heavy lenses in the way of them.

There was a flash of bright light within both eyepieces and then she could see properly again, although the lens darkened her vision slightly, and a perfect green text floated and flickered like a hologram a foot in front of her face that read:

TextLens v2.87 (c)Arkos Institute 2011

It lingered for a good 2-seconds and finally vanished. Then a new message appeared along with some icons she didn't recognize. The message said:

Establishing communication with host. Please standby ...

There was a loud double plaintive beep from the glasses from a tinny speaker which she was certain was used only to signal important announcements and alarms and a final message appeared before the illusion vanished:

Reception established. Awaiting remote signal to begin program, "Polly."

Stefani smiled to herself. As idiotic as things were in the company she had to admire the uniquely high technology it had.

She had read in newsletters published only for its employees long ago that a good deal of the hi-technology and devices and ability to maintain this underground utopia was due entirely to the exploitation of every gifted child they have come across and the ability to work their skills directly into existing designs.

There was a long mirror behind her outside the dressing room that she didn't see before as it was part of the entry door. So, she looked at herself.

Well, aside from the skirt riding up a bit to show a bit of her butt, the rest of the outfit looked pretty good. It was fortunate Arkos' office was dimly lit so it was likely Tyr would not notice the difference between her and the cartoon figure in the show.

She straddled her legs suddenly like she was posing for a professional cosplay photo and then whipped out the laser gun in an imaginary draw facing the mirror to kill the imagined target ahead of her and depressed the trigger on the pistol, actually expecting something spectacular to happen.

* * *

She was underwhelmed however as the ray gun seemed to hiccup uncomfortably for a moment as if it were capable of coherent thought and hoped no-one would ever use it in it's lifetime.

A moment later it emitted a strange pre-recorded sound from a small microcircuit that was suggestive of a thick and nasty gelatin being shot out of a rubber tubing with compressed water.

As the sound played, a ring of bright pink LED lights closely clustered and equi-spaced near the muzzle shimmered and sparkled invitingly to its intended victim.

She continued to hold the trigger down and her dangerous pose in the mirror, still holding her breath in anticipation, half-hoping something more amazing would occur besides just this electronic failure, the expression in her face in the mirror still of terrible intent.

She was rewarded with her patience finally when a full second later a small spring activated to push and pop out a squishy and fully transparent pink rubber n****e from the end of the firing nozzle, nearly a half inch in diameter, looking quite similar to the top of Polly's ship.

It was as if the show intended the bad guy was going to somehow be distracted from his evil life of crime and instead suckle on the end of Polly's amazing pistol and be pacified by it.

Stefani's mouth changed from a victorious sneer to one of dumbfounded shock at the sheer stupidity of the way she looked right now in the mirror with her fired n****e gun. An unbidden vision of old man Sping Turr appeared in her mind, nursing like a baby on the end of Polly's gun as she held him sweetly in her lap cooing down to him and explaining the virtues of Motherhood.

Stefani bobbed her head up and down, unable to control herself now and snorted wet out her nose forcing herself not to explode with laughter this time, feeling the pink poison enter her brain again at the horrific insane imagery. So to regain control she shakily held up her other gloved hand and then clenched and unclenched it, calming herself down.

She turned the toy over in her hand to look more closely at the exposed n****e and squeezed it with the fingers from her other hand gently feeling it's texture. It was definitely soft and inviting, and just the right size for either a boy or a girl's mouth to suck on should they so choose while they played with it.

Stefani coughed suddenly for no reason that turned into a silly laugh at the end that burned her chest. Her body was determined to get its way since this time she thought on the mind-numbing and sheer stupidity of the manufacturers of the toy who actually took the time to make the toy inviting for oral use.

DUMB DUMB DUMB her brain screamed in laughter, and she had to agree.

But she was becoming stronger against the twisted world of Polly Rocket and it's disastrous imagery and bizarre line of props so she rapidly dismissed it.

She then let go of the firing trigger, as she had forgotten to in her shock at the awesome power of this 'deadly' device and the n****e retracted with a wet and angry squeak back into the firing chamber ready for another round of blatant and wanton destruction. She pipped out a laugh at this and then bit her lips closed still holding in control of herself.

She did wonder though if children could actually buy this in a toy store today without being over 18 she asked herself with disbelief ?

To answer this question, she turned the toy over and held it up to her face to read the small print etched into the base of the grip:

(C) 1999 Polly Rocket Inc.

* Pacifying Ray Gun *

Another fine product of Slammo Toys !

And much smaller print underneath that read:

For ages 5-13. Warning, This toy may present a choking hazard if used properly.

Stefani was not sure how much more of this insanity she could take without going through another fit of dangerous and rib-breaking laughter so she turned her eyes away from the psychotic label trying hard to dismiss it in her head that SURELY it had to have been a misprint and they meant to say "if used IMproperly."

She finally holstered the pink doomsday device again to her belt. But it did remind herself of something to do to Tyr later once Arkos was done with her.

She looked at herself one last time in the mirror turning around and examining herself. You know, in truth, she looked completely ridiculous !

She felt the pinkness creep up on her seeing how stupid she looked right now, but as she realized this, the pinkness bounced off of her as she was finally becoming immune to it's influence having laughed so hard earlier at every asinine other thing about the show.

She rolled her eyes and finally sighed, glad to be free of her momentary lapse of composure, "Okay, let's get this over with." and left the dressing room to turn to the left and knock plaintively on Arkos' main door.


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love it. great chapter here. I will read the whole thing when i finish my writings, this is a really good book as i can tell by reading a few chapters. Great work.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Hi Tsubaki. It's just about done. I anticipate about 5-6 more chapters. Then I'm going to take a bre.. read more

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