Dream Diary - March 2nd 2016

Dream Diary - March 2nd 2016

A Chapter by dw817

Bicycle Accident / Zoo In My Closet / Mr. Fabulous / Magic Plunger / Hamsters Rule The World / Mental Missiles / Santa Is Alive And Well / Time Crime / Ball Trap / Good Old-Fashioned Lobotomy



  Dream Diary   


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© March 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] I've had dreams similar to this one. I am in a beat up old apartment, not one I ever had in real life. And I have very bad neighbors who are pounding on the walls because - well - SOMETHING is always making noise downstairs where I am and it's past midnight.

Whether it was a radio I couldn't switch off, an alarm clock that wouldn't stop ringing, it was always SOMETHING, and no matter how I tried I just couldn't get my place quiet.

This dream was like that. Rose was with me in this one and we were dressed for bed. Then for some reason she got in her head that we shouldn't sleep but go out and see what restaurants are open 24-hours, get something to eat, and maybe the neighbors will be quiet by the time I get back.

We took this weird bicycle that was made for two. There was only room for one person to pedal and there was another smaller seat behind the front.

I sat in it and Rose took off pedaling. Looking over my shoulder I could see the light on in my bad neighbors' apartment. They were upstairs while we were downstairs, and they were yelling about something.

Rose was pedaling faster and faster until after a few blocks she careened into a tree completely throwing us off it and wrecking the bicycle in the process. While she shrugged it off I was livid. I need that bicycle for school I told her. Now how am I going to get there ?

By bus she offered innocently ?

Rose then said instead of a restaurant, let's go to a club. This one. And as it turned out, we were right in front of a club I localed many years ago. We went inside, danced a bit, then wondered how we could get home.

There was an old friend of mine there who lived upstairs of the club. We went to go see him.

Need transportation home do you ? He asked.

I nodded. How about $20. $10 from Rose and $10 from me.

He scratched his chin, maybe.

Alright, how about this. $30 just from me out of a $50. And I reached in my wallet and pulled out the large bill for him handing back Rose her $10.

He looked at it briefly. Yeah okay. We'll leave in just a few minutes.

This gave me a moment to look around and it was then I could see he had wall-to-wall solar bobblers, all over the place. Hello Kitty, Terminator, Alien, Strawberry Shortcake, and more. And all really kind of scary since they were all bobbling at once to the bright lights up here.

I asked him why he had so many. He said he was selling some to friends outside the United States as they are in demand there. At that point I woke up.


[2] Dreamed I found this secret passage in my closet upstairs. Inside it was like being in a small zoo. There were animals in cages everywhere, and it was all cheerful and brightly lit.

Messages were along the way that read things like, "Please feed the animals." "Please pet the animals."

This was kind of the opposite of what I was expecting. I passed by one tiger cage and saw a tiger in it leaning against the bars.

While he had his back to me, I gently petted his fur. He turned around in an instant but instead of growling or swatting at me, pushed harder against the cage for more affection. I smiled and pet the tiger. Then a lion came over and I pet him too.

There was a machine there so I put a quarter i and got these little treats. Sort of like beef jerky treats. I tossed them to the lion and tiger and they went to gobble them up.

I walked a little further and came across a door that said, "David - owner."

So =I= was the owner of this lovely zoo somehow ?

I walked into an office and saw a woman vigorously rubbing her back against the wall.

I asked her what the problem was. She said she got too close to the Boojum cage. I asked her what kind of animal that was.

She said it was a very evil and poisonous creature, like a two tailed serpent. So saying she pulled off her blouse and showed her back to me.

On it were ugly and filled boils. It was really nasty. She asked if I could clean them for her and handed me a small cloth with some alcohol.

I felt so much pity for what happened to her. I'll do better than that, I told her, I'm going to remove them all.

How, she asked ?

Well the first thing I did was get some thick gloves on cause I didn't want to get it on me. Then I found a smock and saw it covered the complete front of me. Finally I put on a welding helmet.

Then I reached for a massive towel, put it under the tap and got really hot water on it.

I asked if she was ready. She said she was. I told her to sit in a chair. I pulled a chair up beside her. Told her I'm starting now, and pushed against her back - HARD with the towel.

Little wet explosions went off around my gloved fingers. I had already closed my eyes but felt I was rather violently sick anyways. I kept scrubbing hard and it was like that plastic wrap you have with bubbles. I went over each and popped each one, scrubbing vigorously as I did so.

I was about to stand up, open my eyes, and apply alcohol to her back when I awoke.


[3] Dreamed I had overslept. I had already missed my morning classes at High School and Dad was nowhere in sight.

I received a knocking on the front door. I went to answer it when it was this fellow all dressed up in a blue jumpsuit and carried a surf board that had a pink ribbon down the middle of it.

"Yes ?" I asked.

"How would you like to be able to get to school on time ?"

I smirked, "How did you know I missed my classes ?"

He sighed and gave me a look like there are more important things to worry about.

I finally nodded. "Yeah, sure, but how ?"

Then he stood back and said proudly, "Well I'm a superhero for one thing ! Mister Fabulous they call me !"

I shook my head, "I don't believe it."

He then grabbed my arm and said, "Before the day is done, you will. You will believe it."

Then we got into this funky car of his. It was like 3 bubbles were glued together and no less than 5 lawnmower engines working in unison to motor this thing.

"Made it yourself." I smirked.

"Get in." he said simply. And, I did. He hit a few buttons and we were off. And - apparently this vehicle could drive itself ! He reached around and grabbed a soda, then offered me one.

"What kind do you want ?"

"Mr. Pibb ?"

"Last one." he said and handed it to me.

I watched in marvel as this vehicle neatly dove in and out of traffic, patiently waited at traffic lights and obeyed every good rule of the open road.

"This car is fabulous !" I told him taking a sip of the rare treat and drink.

"It gets better."

He reached over and hit a square red button that had a gold outline around it and suddenly the vehicle was airborn. The silly bubbles were actually functional now and it funneled air underneath it to lift it into the air.

I was looking out the window in amazement now.

"Can't let you see the base though."

I laughed, "How are you going to stop me ?" There was no way I was going to miss what I was seeing. We were headed straight for a mountain and I knew it had to open up to let us in.

Suddenly I felt a pinprick of a needle against my arm. I looked crazily at the ceiling and tumbled over in an unconscious lump. Then woke up.


[4] Dreamed that Mr. Simmons at school was a really nice guy. I know I was in his class, it just finished up, and there was this girl there that kept stealing stuff out of my backpack.

I looked back at her and she had my wallet this time. At the time I had two wallets. The one she had contained all my money. The wallet really looked strange with bright colors, purple, red, and pink.

Anyways I started running after her from the classroom leaving my backpack behind when I ran headlong into a different girl. We both bounced off of each other and a little black bag she was carrying spilled open - revealing diamonds she had stolen !

Also I saw this weird little suction cup, like a miniature toilet plunger. For some reason I tapped it to her neck, then got up.

People started to watch and I spoke, walk forward, walk back, stop. Then I went to a guy who was watching this. I took the plunger off of her and stuck it to his neck.

"Take your hat off." I told him.

Someone scoffed nearby, "Oh, he'll never do that. Have you seen his hair ?"

But sure enough the magic suction cup on the plunger did its job again and he promptly brushed his hand over his head knocking his hat to the floor.

"Impossible !" someone said. Then they all made a dive for the suction cup. I grabbed it and wielded it like a weapon.

"Keep back !" I told them. Then more to myself. "This cup controls your mind somehow."

The scene changed and we were on a bus headed somewhere and everyone was still trying to take the suction cup away from me now that they knew what it did. I woke up shortly after.


[5] Strange dream. I'm working in the back of this grocery store and there is a huge icebox there but it is locked. Written in red letters outside with what I hoped was just red paint it read, "I'm sorry."

Outside there was a hamster keeping guard. He was dressed very smartly in a fine officer's uniform. It was then I realized hamsters had apparently taken over the world and I had better behave or I could be punished if I didn't treat them with absolute respect.

Not wanting to get involved I went to the front of the store and wasn't surprised to see a whole bunch of hamsters in a row walking by cash registers. People worked behind the registers but I could also see they were chained in irons to the position.

I walked over to one young girl that was crying and told her, it'll be alright. She looked up with tearful eyes. I hate hamsters anyways, I told her, hoping to cheer her up some.

Suddenly and with terrifying movement her whole face opened up like a rubber mask with gears and sitting inside her head was a hamster. Apparently the girl was nothing of a sort but in fact a very high-tech robot !

"Infidel !" the hamster in her head shrieked and then suddenly other hamsters were biting and clawing me all over ! I awoke in a fright.


Dreamed that it was hundreds of years in the future. Somehow I was still alive and the same age I am today. I had this device hooked to my head which allowed me to shoot down ships that were coming down from the skies.

I remember I volunteered for the assignment and apparently only certain people had the mental capacity to work these mental missile devices.

The scene changed and I was in a room with a bunch of other soldiers. While they were dressed for combat, I was in a simple white T-shirt with blue jeans. The only thing that separated me from them is I had this pin I wore which was actually a miniature high-tech computer.

It relayed information about me to them. Blood pressure, heart rate, salt levels, everything. While I couldn't understand what was being spoken of in the meeting I knew it did not apply to me.

Finally my name was called and I looked up. The person leading the meeting looked at me and said, "David. We have to get our hands dirty now. I want a mud fight, do you understand ? I don't want you to show one iota of compassion to these alien invaders. You are to kill them all with extreme prejudice. Am I crystal ?"

I nodded both in fear of what I had to do and at the stern voice directed at me.

The meeting ended and I woke up.


[7] Dreamed something traumatic happened. It was so traumatic that I couldn't remember it and people around me were actually frightened that somehow my brain blocked what just took place.

Finally Chris was there. His eyes were wide open with fear and he timidly offered me this small pink pill.

"What does it do ?" I asked him.

"It will help you relax. It will help us relax too. We're scared. All of us are by what just happened. And - you say you don't remember it at all ?"

I shook my head. "I don't remember anything." I took the pill and swallowed it. People around me looked slightly relaxed. I wondered if somehow I had done something terrible myself and that was the reason they were scared of me.

A few seconds later I slumped over and my whole body went into paralysis. Shortly after I fell asleep.

I woke up what felt only a moment later to see I was in an emergency ward. I immediately rose out of bed to ask what's going on.

"He's breathing !" someone said and they were wearing a medical mask.

"Touch and go there, buddy !" someone said grabbing my arm. "Thought we lost you for good back there."

"No, I'm fine. Let me go !" and I struggled to break free.

Seeing I was going to be a problem they released me. Then I saw Santa Claus enter the operating room.

"Santa !?" I asked incredulously.

He looked around him and finally spoke in a deep voice. "Where ? Who, me ??"

I smiled, "Sure. Who else wears a red suit and has a beard like that."

There was gasped whispering around me which I could barely make out. "Is that what he sees ?"

I ignored it though and got off the operating table and went to Santa to give him a big hug.

Then I spoke with reverence and respect, "I have and always will believe in you, Santa. You are the best guy ever. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise."

He looked down at me, his whole face puzzled over as well as I could tell around the snowy white beard. Dad then appeared from another doorway and there was a great look of relief on his face.

"Oh my god, I thought you died !" and he came running up to me. Then I woke up.


[8] Dreamed I was involved in a situation where I am at a crosswalk and there is very busy traffic driving from left to right. I am patiently waiting for the light to say WALK when I see a woman dart out into traffic !

Suddenly she is hit hard by one of the cars and blood sprays all over the windshield and she bounces back about 20-feet, clearly dead.

But I won't have this ! I touch the right finger to make time reverse and it does. Then I go out and try to save her. But it's not working ! Everything I am trying is failing.

Suddenly there is a weird sound like glass breaking but what could be described as glass a mile thick, it is almost deafening.

Strange worm like creatures writhe through new openings in the sky. Someone appears from one of the holes riding a type of high-tech anti-gravity surfboard and yells, "Who's been tampering with time ?"

I am terrified at the accusation and try to mimic him, "Yeah, who could've done that ?"

He immediately hones in on me. Then sprays me in the face with something. I fall over and he hits a button on the surfboard which causes a metal box to spring out and latch around me. He taps a different button on the top and the box becomes airborne.

"You're coming with me !" he says angrily and both him and me float through one of the cracked openings in the sky. Then I wake up.


[9] Dreamed Rose, not me was in the mental ward this time. I had somehow managed to help her escape by going through an exit strangely marked, "Disney Exit."

Inside there were many different kinds and colors of plastic balls from the side of your finger to as big as you were, and we were wading through them, trying to find the exit on the other side.

For some reason we aren't making much progress. I look up in frustration to see if there is a rope or something - and then realize more and more balls are falling from the ceiling down on top of us.

We won't be able to move if this keeps up ! I tell Rose to start running but she asks, "How do I do that ?" in a weird tone of voice.

I tell her, run, run, RUN !!  But it's like she barely knows how to walk. The balls start to squeeze in tighter and tighter until neither her nor me can move. Then the light goes out - and I wake up.


[10] I saw Jimbo in this particular dream. I don't think of him too often. Somehow him, me, and Rose were all part of this weird insurance policy.

The policy was if anyone was ever admitted to a mental ward that the remaining parties would leave that person there and be able to collect all the personal possessions of the person committed.

Naturally in the dream I was the victim of this. I was in a room with a woman who had a whole tray of needles. She was holding up each of them into the light as if they were valuable jewels or something.

Finally she looked at me and said. "I can stop the pain. I have that ability. Do you trust me ?"

I didn't answer. I've always hated needles, even just to check my blood at the doctor's.

"Do you trust me ?" she repeated.

I kept quiet and didn't say anything. Finally she added, "All you need is a good old fashioned lobotomy and you'll be right as rain."

Then she came after me with one of the needles and I suddenly woke up in fright.

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Another great set of dreams dw817. I love that you have a broad variety of dreams. Is this dreams from just one day or multiple days.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Hi Tsubaki. I'm not sure. I wake up about 8-9 times a night. When I do, I speak into this voice reco.. read more
Tsubaki Kuro

5 Years Ago

Sure thing.

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