FB2-70 "A Very Silly Show"

FB2-70 "A Very Silly Show"

A Chapter by dw817

"Yes I am ! Polly Rocket from the - ahhm - planet Voovah !" Stefani said and took a pose to show how super heroic she was. Tyr was still not convinced, "You're too tall, and your butt is too fat."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 70 - "A Very Silly Show"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Stefani knocked on Arkos' door plaintively and heard a soft chime. The door opened and she entered. She could see that Tyr was mesmerized by the cartoon which was still playing on the big screen.

New green text flickered on Stefani's visor. "Stand on the triangle. And standby for 'teleportation.'"

A bright blue triangle shone on the floor being beamed from above by a laser. She looked up and saw several such devices. She had no doubt in her mind some were quite lethal. Perhaps she should learn more about Arkos' defenses before she try to overthrow him.

She dutifully stepped away from the door which closed quietly and walked up to stand on the triangle which flickered slightly.

Suddenly the screen snapped off and there was a cataclysm of smoke and explosions coming from Arkos' chair. Stefani feared something went wrong but then Arkos wheeled out his chair and started in a terrible dialogue, "I'm going to get you Tyr ! I'm Sping-Turr from the other dimension ! Arr Arr !" and then he slowly wheeled to where Tyr watched in horror.

She shrieked loud and clear, although it was hard to tell if she was just upset at being interrupted from watching her show or she was actually frightened of Arkos' visage.

New green text appeared in Stefani's visor. "Rescue her !"

Stefani put her arms on her hips and straddled her legs impressively, "I'll save - " but she didn't get very far because she was suddenly pelted from above by a combination of smoke bombs and small fractionary grenades, harmless, but with thick choking smoke.

"Goddamit ! That's enough !" she said out of character and coughed hoarsely. Tyr turned to see the light-show spectacle and opened her mouth but she wasn't sure who was scarier, the odd wheelchaired forehead stapled horror in front of her or the too-tall pink skirted figure behind her.

"I'll save you !" Stefani said again, coughing the remainder of the incendiary smoke from her.

"Who are you ?" Tyr implored.

"It is me ! Polly Rocket !" Stefani said with fierce conviction.

Tyr wasn't going to buy it, "No you're not." she said and sounded angry.

"Yes I am ! Polly Rocket from the - ahhm - planet Voovah !" and she crossed her arms menacingly and took a pose to show how super heroic she was.

Tyr was still not convinced, "You're too tall, and your butt's too FAT." and Tyr smiled at the last word.

* * *

Stefani stepped forward threateningly, "Listen you little monster - " New text flashed on her visor. "Tell her you appear differently in this universe."

Stefani sighed. "Fine - I - appear differently in this universe, I really am Polly Rocket - and I'm here to save you - brat." She just had to get that last word in to show she was mad at being called fat.

"Uh huh." Tyr said uncertainly, not sure what to believe.

"Ahhrr !" Arkos said unconvincingly and then started his wheelchair towards Tyr which took her gaze away from 'Polly.' She shrieked again, apparently finally deciding the fellow in the two-wheeled mechanism was much scarier than a giant freak mutated Polly Rocket.

"What do you want, villain ?" Stefani asked, trying to get into character again.

Arkos, also falling into character replied. "To take over the world ! And you can join me ! Don't you know how good it is to be bad ?"

Stefani ad-libbed, "No, I guess I don't."

Arkos replied, "Well, you must've missed my class !"

Tyr tugged on Stefani's skirt, "What did he say ?"

Stefani had just about enough of this noisome girl and roughly yanked her to her one side speaking crossly to her, "He said to kiss my a*s." and then slammed Tyr up against the wall causing her to fall down.

Tyr struggled to get back up but then Stefani bne down slightly and mashed her pantied butt up against Tyr's face pinning her there.

She chirped like a squeak toy against Stefani's bottom, "I can't breeze, ma'am !" and struggled to free herself waving her arms uselessly. She also couldn't see what was happening now.

Arkos hissed at Stefani in a harsh whisper, "Stefani ! You're ruining everything ! Let her go !"

Stefani grumbled to herself but relented, "Yeah, whatever." As Tyr wiggled out from her bottom Stefani added, "I'll save you !" but her voice was still feeling a little deflated that she hadn't convinced Tyr she really was Polly Rocket from the cartoon show.

She whipped out her gun where Tyr could see her and depressed the firing trigger. There was that odd hiccup again and the pre-recorded squishy sound followed by a second later, the wet n****e popping out.

Arkos was ready though and put on a show. A sparkly firework shot down from the ceiling that exploded on impact in his chair giving the impression she shot him there.

He suddenly leaned back in his chair. "Ohh, you got me, Polly Rocket !" and then reached forward to turn his wheelchair in a tight counter-clockwise movement spinning around like he was out of control.

Then he jerked his control forward and backward to make it shudder for a bit. He gave a not-so convincing dying gasp and finally stopping with his chair facing away from the pair.

Tyr spoke first after a long silence, "Is he - dead ?"

Stefani went over to investigate. Obviously Arkos was perfectly okay and he whispered to Stefani new instructions.

Stefani returned back to Tyr, "Yeah, he's a goner. C'mon ! Let's get you strapped in the Polly Rocket so we can get you out of here !"

"Okay !" Tyr said cheerfully, and held out her hand for Stefani to take it.

Stefani took it but was REALLY sick of this whole silly show and charade. "Yes. Fine." she said acridly. "Let's go."

As per Arkos instructions they went over to a large metallic table. There he strapped Tyr down as she complained, "What are you doing ?"

Stefani was quick to reply, "We don't want you hurt during galactic turbulence so you need to be strapped down tight."


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© 2016 dw817

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Another beautiful chapter in this book. Great work.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Very silly story. :D I should finish this book in the next 1-2 chapters. Glad you're liking it.
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Tsubaki Kuro

5 Years Ago

sure thing. I already have it in my library.

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