Dream Diary - June 7th 2016

Dream Diary - June 7th 2016

A Chapter by dw817

Beyond Beads / Napoleon From The Future / My Universe For A Tea Maker / Deadly Reflection / Accordion Complex / Tubeheads / Underwater NInjas / Thousand Dollar Bill / Answer Plant / Matter Of Taste



  Dream Diary   


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© June 2016 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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Good afternoon ! I am back, still not quite moved to my new home address. It's supposed to happen tomorrow at 8:30am, and as promised I said I would continue my writings starting June 2016 even if I wasn't moved yet.

I've had quite a few new dreams since then so here are 10 out of my brain and queue.


[1] Dreamed I was back in a mental ward. This one was not quite so run down as many of my other dreams have been. No, it seemed quite new and the staff seemed very responsive to the patients needs.

I was in some type of classroom where the teacher was showing us that we use 15% of our brains. We were working on dropping beads on a mat and apparently whatever fell there dictated how our lives would go.

At first I didn't think this would amount to anything. Then I saw a fellow next to me. Every time he dropped a bead, it fell on the one beneath until he had a foot tall pillar of beads perfectly balanced on each other.

I smiled at him for his prowess but he didn't seem to notice. Then he picked up the beads from the bottom and squished them together causing a bright light to emit from between his fingers. I smelled burned flesh but, once again, he did not seem to care.

Then he pointed his finger at walls and charts and they immediately turned into scattered pinpoints of light darting and dancing in all directions.

"Matter to energy." he said simply enough.

The teacher in the ward seeing this at once called for security to detain him. But he only had to point his finger at the two guards and they too turned to scattered dots of beauty and brightness.

Then everyone in the classroom was screaming and crying, I guess afraid that they too would be turned into collective masses of light and energy the same way.

For some reason I was not afraid. Then I felt someone grab me from behind and was yelling, "David ! We have an incident here ! Go to your room !"

I looked at her and for some reason I couldn't move or speak. She angrily fished a needle out from her skirt and injected me hard in the side of my neck with it. The drug was so strong I could taste it in the back of my mouth, like very clean metal or copper.

I imagined I was somehow at the bottom of a drinking fountain, as if I had shrunk, and there was nothing but clear and stainless steel all around me with a waterfall from the faucet above flowing around me.

I felt myself drooling and suddenly pitched over, all the muscles in my body giving out. Then blackness. Finally I awoke.


[2] Dreamed I was living in abject poverty in the streets of England back in the 16th century. It was me and a bunch of other guys. We were about 10-12 years old and could barely find enough food for us to eat from one day to the next.

Suddenly the sky cracked with a loud sound. I looked up to try and see dark clouds and perhaps thunder, but it wasn't this. Instead the sky cracked open as if what was pushing through it was immensely difficult and solid.

From the crack sailed this wonderful and beautiful boat built for 100 people. It hissed and emitted a kind of weird purple radiation that felt like electricity. I ran to get out from under it. The boat then grew level with the street and floated on past.

At the helm was none other than Napoleon Boneparte, the great French war hero. He motioned the boat to stop and ran over to one side where he saw me watching the whole scene in awe.

He spoke, "I would like YOU to record this event." and he handed me this object that looked exactly like a normal hammer.

But it wasn't, it was electrified and it burned my skin to hold on to it for too long. I took it and beat it against the side of the boat but Napoleon spoke again, "It's not a hammer, it's a camera !"

Seeing I wasn't going to do anything more than beat on his beautiful ship with it, he motioned the ship to pass on. The 'hammer' was still burning my grip and I couldn't even drop it.

Finally I gave it one almighty whack into the ground and there was a bright flash of light and a dull and loud popping sound like being up close to a light bulb that burnt out. Darkness, then I woke up.


[3] Dreamed I was somehow part of the beginning of creation. While I had the ability to create worlds, water, and air, I was more interested in designing and building a tea maker. That is a beautiful electric kettle that was specifically designed for making hot and fresh tea.

In the dream though, I had to sacrifice whole galaxies and planets just to get the right elements for my tea maker. Solar systems ignited and exploded in never before seen cataclysms.

Oceans burned up and were refilled again 100 times the speed of light. Moons and stars flashed and winked in and out of existence, birth and death in a matter of minutes, and yet in all this, I was still having great difficulty building this tea maker I wanted.

Something peaked in the back of my brain. Why is this so difficult ? Perhaps gods were not meant to create tea makers ? Perhaps I should leave earthly wares to earthly beings ?

With that thought Earth suddenly came into view, teeming with life, and as the centuries passed, mere minutes for me, I saw tea makers being made by the busy and tiny hands of humans.

I reached down with my invisible hand and took one of them for myself and replaced it with a meteorite, about 14-inches across as payment. Deep within the meteor was a diamond the size of an egg.

I started to make tea for myself from man's invention, feeling tired from all the work I had done. After my cup of tea, I slept. Then I woke up back in bed.


[4] Dreamed I was some type of superhero. Flying was a real pain. I had to concentrate on where I needed to be and, if it wasn't too far away, I would suddenly be there. I do remember pushing apart boards from buildings, links from chain fences, and mortar from walls.

My ability to 'fly' was not an exact science and had serious problems.

Nonetheless I still managed to get around the city and free others from criminal activities.

There was one bad guy who held up a mirror. I saw my reflection in it and wondered if I could 'fly' to him ?

Suddenly I felt myself sucked into the mirror and it was like a bouncing of reality. I could not get free of the mirror. The bad guy put the mirror on the ground. Suddenly I saw his big foot reach over to step on it.

The mirror cracked and I felt like my whole body shattered with it. Darkness. Then I woke up.


[5] Dreamed I was living in a strange apartment complex. It could open and close the size of it like a vertically placed accordion.

I was in the building as it was descending and I saw beautiful Christmas scenes on the building across the way by looking out a window. They were really quite lovely and charming.

At first I thought the 2nd building was the one doing the projection of images, but then looked down from the window and saw a metal disc about as big around as 4-fingers and it was emitting a laser light to project the image on the opposite building.

I felt as if my own body were flattening with the building over a short time. Then I woke up.


Dreamed we had blended our society with aliens from another galaxy many years ago.

These creatures looked like normal naked men and women except for the head which was very flat and had like an elephant's trunk and a pair of rubbery lips on the end.

While for the most part there was no prejudice, there were small faction groups that despised them calling them "tubeheads," being quite frightened and angry of their difference to normal man.

What they offered mankind was unusual to say the least. While they breathed in air just like us, they breathed OUT this strange vapor that was immensely healing and healthy for humans - it also smelled great, the best smell any human would ever know.

They claimed (the aliens) that one person could live to be 150-years of age easily if one of their kind was part of that human's family and partook of the vapors they emitted during their lifetime, which was approximately 200 years.

I was watching a silly TV show and my roommate, "Ton Tshei" came to sit down next to me. She looked at me for a moment, her tube snaking out to examine me, before finally placing it in my lap. This was an invitation for me to partake of her vapors.

I picked up the tube and held her rubbery lips up to my nose taking a deep whiff as she blew out gently.

It was like a thousand beautiful honeysuckle flowers, the scent of spring, and taste of a fine summer rainstorm, the sweetness of crystal sugar. It was truly the most incredible and beautiful smell I had ever known. She continued to blow for many more minutes, having the lung power to blow out for a full 10-minutes before needing to take a breath.

I leaned back in my chair taking the tube with me and took another deep whiff. Suddenly I fell asleep, then woke back up in bed.


[7] I heard a voice, a loud one in this dream. That we should explore our own Earth for its treasures before searching to space.

I was part of this team of ninjas. We were hired by this expedition team that claimed to have drilled 20-miles straight through the Earth's crust from the deepest part of the ocean. Strangely there was a perfectly breathable atmosphere and somehow pressure equal that of the surface.

We had arrived to fight off these bizarre creatures so safe exploration could be conducted. The creatures themselves were really strange, like large bulbous naked buttocks with six fat pink tentacles reaching out both to grab food and for mobility.

At first our team thought they were harmless until they grabbed one of our troop and shoved him straight through the anal cavity of their being. We heard him whimper and even saw him push out his boot on one side of the rounded body, being consumed whole.

He pushed and pushed making a sound of stretching rubber, and then was still.

We were horrified but we had a job to do. I was given two large clip sabers. I launched into attack one of them when I realized that one tentacle was different from the others. While five ended in rounded tips, the sixth was tipped with a suction cup of some kind.

As I got close it hurled the sucker straight at me, hitting me on the forehead. There was a momentary wet smacking sound then it was retracted.

I felt good, really good. I didn't want to fight, I didn't want to do anything. I just wanted to collapse right where I was and think about flowers and clouds. I crumpled over with a silly smile on my face and the creature mashed its buttocked maw directly on top sucking me straight in past the horrid puckered mouth.

There was a sight of brown sludge, stickiness, darkness, then I woke up.


[8] I chanced to come across a thousand dollar bill. I walked into a candy store and asked the proprietor there, can you take this ?

He looked at it carefully, turned it over. Ran a security pen over it to truly see it was a thousand dollar bill.

"Absolutely." he finally said. Then added, "What would you like ?"

"Maybe some jelly beans."

"What flavor ?"

"Maybe a mix ?"

He nodded and picked out a big brown paper bag. Went beneath one of the machines and filled the bag. Then he handed it to me. It was pretty heavy, at least 3-pounds.

"Do I get change ?" I asked him.

"You certainly do." he said then reached into his cash register and handed me a single bill.

I took and looked at it. It was definitely not a dollar bill though it had the perfect dimensions of one. Instead it had the candy company's name on it and in bright friendly letters, "I owe you some money."

I shook my head and put the weird bill back on the counter.

"This isn't going to work." I told him. "No, I'd like some change, real dollar bills and coins if needed."

But he wasn't there. I looked behind me and saw that he had secretly and quietly left the store and was running to the bank across the street. I set out after him when I suddenly tripped carrying the heavy bag of candy. The bag burst open and jellybeans went in all directions causing auto accidents and people on the sidewalk to point and stare.

Then I woke up.


[9] Dreamed I had bought this weird 99 cent item. It was a plant that when given a pen gripped in its leaves and stem could answer questions by writing out the answers on provided paper.

At first I thought it was a hoax, but I asked it what my name was and it wrote it out - so I bought it. I was going to see Dad as he would likely have some interesting questions for this answer plant.

Dad was home, I saw him, told him about the plant. Dad picked up the pot it was in and set underneath it a large piece of blank paper.

Then he spoke, "Plant. What is the nature of the universe ?"

The plant took the pen and started writing busily on the sheet. I didn't understand any of it as it was a series of mathematical marks, arrows, and formulae, but Dad's eyes got wide at the resulting output.

Suddenly the pen started to glow strangely and vanished. A weird person appeared, it was me but not me. Because this 'thing' had its mouth open and inside was like a glowing ball.

"Forbidden !" it shrieked in a weird voice and a bolt of energy shot out of its mouth instantly vaporizing the plant.

I was terrified and ran into the kitchen, the den, the back of the house, the yard, and was just about to reach my neighbor's house when I heard the familiar zapping sound, and I too was vaporized in the glowing ball of energy emitted from the knowledge guardian.

Then I woke up.


[10] I guess I was watching this horror show with Rose. In it there was this very psychotic and deranged man who was building 'art' from body parts of his victims.

He was methodical and meticulous in his work. He used every part of the human body to create unique tints to the paintings he did. He used no ink, paint, or lead. Only the fluids emitted from a human being.

I was not liking this movie and told Rose. She said if it's so scary for me, I can go upstairs and watch some Sailor Moon episodes.

I agreed and went to climb the stairs, when I heard a blood curdling scream from Rose.

I rushed back down the stairs to see the TV was cracked, not like something hit it but rather something broke FREE from it. Rose was no longer there.

In it's place was a perfect and putrid painting of her clearly made from her body parts.

I awoke in a fright.

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