Dream Diary - Doctor Who Special

Dream Diary - Doctor Who Special

A Chapter by dw817

Doctor Who Special - 2 episodes [1] "Quadrillic Sand" [2] "Too Much TV"



  Dream Diary   


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© June 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Good afternoon ! I am writing you from my new location. I'm beginning to see why there was a vacancy - it is right next to a swimming pool full of kids, and boy do they like to yell and splash a lot all day !

I've since moved my writing headquarters upstairs and will turn downstairs into organized storage.

Ah, but even here - the strange dreams continue. This time, you are greeted to a larger two-pack instead of 10 smaller dreams, apparently in tribute to Sylvester McCoy of the Doctor Who era.


[1] Some of the early Doctor Who episodes were on a very tight budget, and apparently this dream was no different.

I dreamed that Doctor Who was not a TV series but a real thing, and I was a companion with the incarnate Doctor Who as visualized by the successful actor, Sylvester McCoy.

I was with the Doctor at the console like most episodes begin, when a warning beep started up, sounding quite a bit like morse code.

The Doctor was intent on listening and got astride the speaker. "Yes, yes, but why !?" he said to on-one in particular.

Then as if answering his question, the beeps changed pitch and got faster.

The Doctor did not say a word but set coordinates for this new destination and pulled back the WARP lever. The Tardis made its telltale and signature sound to state it was underway.

Then it stopped. He looked over his head and a display screen opened up revealing an almost blue planet. He hit a button on the console and the planet changed to a series of complex squiggles and lines, still in the shape of a planet.

"Oh dear, we can't have that." The Doctor mumbled to himself.

Then entered new coordinates and we were off again.

The Doctor finally addressed me and mentioned to me the importance of delivering something called Quadrillic Sand to a planet overly rich in moisture. He used the TARDIS and teleported down to the surface of this dusty and barren planet.

He pulled a lever back to open the TARDIS doors and started to exit. I went with him. We were on a very dusty planet, like in the middle of a sandstorm and everything was tinted orange.

He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small cardboard box with strange writings on the side.

He held it down to the ground and using cheap effects of a fan blowing and the sound of a vacuum cleaner, made it look like the box itself was sucking in a giant gust of the orange sand.

The doctor held it up to see it was topped with orange sand. He laughed to himself and was back in the TARDIS, and I followed after him.

He closed the door and set new coordinates. These I recognized as the one where the almost solid-blue planet was. We arrived.

The Doctor then did something strange and gave me his signature question mark umbrella.

"You'll need this." is all he said.

Then I stepped out and it was like the biggest flash flood rainstorm you ever saw. Using cheap effects, the camera focused on a bathtub that had partially submerged cardboard buildings, supposed to represent the structures of the planet.

These were superimposed on a green screen behind us.

"Far too much water." the Doctor said and I nodded in agreement. I clicked a button on the umbrella and it automatically opened to shield me from the water.

Then we met the residents of the planet. I have to give credit to the special effects crew for placing on them tubes across their face where colored water moved up and down in them.

"A mutation." the doctor observed coolly.

I was frightened by what I saw. "What - what is it ?" I asked the Doctor.

He replied in an angry tone. "They're turning into fish."

"What ?"

"Fish. You know, FISH, that swim in the brook ? It's a byproduct of their technology. This planet has learned how to extract energy from common tap water, but it can have terrible side-effects with the ecology and environment such as you see here."

The Doctor then pulled out the sand box from earlier before and gave it one hard shake up into the sky - which released the sand into the atmosphere promptly ending the rain and creating much needed dry land where the residents could go and stand in safety.

Using stop-motion photography and fading from one image cell to the next, it showed the 'tubes' on their faces recede and finally vanish - to reveal normal people.

The doctor explained to me that the planet was so full of moisture for so many years of chemical waste that it was creating a genetic change in the people so they were more aquatic than land driven.

"But it wouldn't work !" he said taking the umbrella from me and shaking it for emphasis.

He then went on to say that the mutation was premature, it would not complete itself, and everyone would drown, being half turned into a fish and still half a man as well. The price to pay for finding and making use of an unstable method to creating energy.

The people realized the Doctor was their savior and came out in great droves to thank him. This continued on for another minute - when suddenly the dream ended.


[2] This second dream also has to do with Doctor Who and Sylvester McCoy. Sorry, no Ace here. Just me and the Doctor.

As in other episodes he had received a message from another galaxy and planet - but this time it was an invitation.

The invitation seemed friendly enough. We take away your cares. We take away your problems. We take away your concerns. Please, come visit us.

And so me and the Doctor did.

One of the first things we noticed was how beautiful everyone seemed. As if a slight blemish of the skin or wrinkle in the forehead was just not permitted.

Naturally our arrival sparked a whole slough of people to point and stare. But they weren't being rude, they were just noticing how different we were from the rest of the population.

One handsome fellow appeared. He was dressed in a strange black and silver jumpsuit and had a had that extended from the top of his head to connect to his shoulders, leaving a strange diamond-shaped appearance.

"And you must be the Doctor." he said holding out an eager hand.

The Doctor himself was surprised and delighted. "Why yes ! I am ! Were you expecting me ?"

"We expect everyone eventually." he said and somehow in the back of my head that sounded a bit sinister.

But the Doctor took no notice of it.

"We were just getting ready to sit down and watch some TV. Would you like to join us ?"

"Absolutely. Thank you !" The Doctor replied, apparently eager to learn of this society through its broadcasts.

"And you must be - David."

"How do you know my name ?" I asked suspiciously.

"I saw you on the telly." he said and laughed.

That caused a flush of red to flare up in my cheeks.

"What about my privacy ?" I demanded.

"Oh, David !" The Doctor admonished. "Come on, don't be a wet blanket ! There's so much to see and learn here !"

"You go on ahead." I told him evenly. "Maybe there is a library around here ?"


"What ?"

"You can call me A."

"Is that an abbreviation for something ?" I asked him.

"There are no shortcuts on this planet." he said and beamed me a wide smile.

"Fine. A. Where is the library ?"

He pointed, "Go straight down this street. Make a left. You can't miss it."

I nodded and left the Doctor to find the library.

As I walked on I realized all the buzz and conversation from passers by was not about their own lives but of TV shows. That in itself didn't seem too strange but the more I traveled the more I realized these people had no conversations about anything else.

I finally approached the library. "I'll get in some good reading." I told myself.

Like the people the library itself was a beautiful building, meticulously constructed with painstaking detail and ornament.

I walked in and quickly realized all the books were behind protective glass. Above each selection was a slot for a key.

I would have to get to a librarian in order to examine one of these. I quickly hunted one down from the main desk.

"Could you help me please ?" I asked her.

"I sincerely hope so." so replied cheerily.

"I want to read a book."

"Pardon ?"

"A book. I want to see one of your books."

"Oh, that's different." she said, and then I had to puzzle in my head what was different with what I said earlier.

"Any particular interest ?"

"Local history."

"A popular topic to be sure." I then followed her to a shelf. She inserted a security key and pulled out one of the books.

"As an outside visitor, this should get you started."

"You saw me ... ?"

"On T.V." and beamed a pretty smile to me.

I grumbled, took the book, sat down in one of the chairs, and opened the cover.

Inside was a large camera lens, but no pages or even a video screen.

"How am I ... ?" But that's as far as I got.

Suddenly the lens flared to life and shot a green beam straight at my eyes. I couldn't look away - and it was painful !

Just then I saw T.V. All around me ! An advertisement appeared spoken by a slick announcer.

"Don't miss the new upcoming series, Life Of David ! On tonight after the Life Of A Timelord !"

Then I felt myself melting, I was melting into the book ! Before long there was nothing of me. The book suddenly closed.

The cute librarian I saw earlier came back and using a tool removed the label where it said, "Local History" and instead replaced it with, "Life Of David."

There was darkness all around me, it was sticky and painful like being shocked constantly. Then I woke up.

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