Dream Diary - June 21st 2016

Dream Diary - June 21st 2016

A Chapter by dw817

The Christmas Store / The Foreign Shop / Overeating / Punishment For The Rich / A Lifetime Supply Of Sopapillas / The Deadly Flowers / The Batporter / Bad Camouflage / The Nature Of The Game



  Dream Diary   


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© June 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dad was having one of his Christmas parties again and I was 10-years old. I don't know why but in most of these dreams, they seem to be too noisy an affair for me and I always find a way to leave. Usually by impressive means.

I know I was ready to go to my special place, a secret room, by a panel in the floor opening from in front of the refrigerator.

Now while I knew the passage was cold, soon I would be in my warm room with all my teddy bears and toys.

But that was not the case this time. Instead I tumbled down a chute and there were frozen foods and other frozen items all around me.

Because I was warm, they immediately stuck to me. I remember thrashing about in a bin trying to get out and all manner of frozen food trays were stuck to me all over.

Stranger still I was apparently in a cave, somewhere in the arctic and there were miners. They saw me and yelled, "Ice Monster !" and started running in all sorts of directions. I tried to speak but couldn't as one try was frozen to my lip.

Finally there were gunshots fired around me and I woke up from this strange dream.


[2] Dreamed it was just a few days from Christmas. It was classic with just a hint of snow in the air and the smell of burning firewood. I think I was young in here too, about 12-years old. And I had $100 in money and change.

I was in a 99 cent store but instead of selling regular items, all of the items in here were related to Christmas.

Everything, greeting cards, paper-towels, plasticware, toilet paper, ear spoons, stationery, and types of candy.

They all had Santa Claus, Frosty The Snowman, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and many other signs and symbols of Christmas including decorated trees, snowflakes, presents, angels, candles, and festive ribbon.

What was especially odd is that I was the only customer in there.

Now, any dream I've had where I'm buying stuff, it always seems to vanish long before I get to checkout, and this store was no different.

Despite loading up my shopping cart with all kinds of candies, candles, and cards, by the time I got to check out they had mysteriously vanished, and - when I went back to replace them, it was as if the item was never for sale to begin with.

I've had many dreams of this kind - I suppose it is to mean something, I just don't know what. It's frustrating to have.

After finally seeing a near empty cart despite filling it to the top earlier, I finally woke up.


[3] I dreamed that Dad had a staircase leading up to a new level of the house he never had before. Something I have always wanted to do was ride the handrail from the top to the bottom by sliding on it.

I started to do so when suddenly the middle of the staircase dipped straight down, along with the railing, and I was sliding underground !

Further and farther I slid, until finally I arrived in this odd little curio shop. Everything was related to religion, but printed with prices I couldn't understand. They weren't normal digits but a series of squiggles.

I picked up one item, a candle holder and brought it to the front to ask how much it was.

"Dracher Ventis." she said.

"What ?" I asked.

"Dracher Ventis. Ontofee erbok dewanth ?" and she pointed to the label as if this would help me.

After communicating (or lack thereof) in this store, I finally woke up and got to wondering why there are so many different languages spoken in the world - and how much better - at least appearing on the surface - it would be if we all simply spoke the same language.


[4] Dreamed there was this galactic phenomenon, some terrible creature that was strangely called, "The Shopper."

It had devoured whole galaxies, much like Star Trek's Doomsday machine, but instead of being shaped like a carrot, it was more like a whorl, a spinning series of bends in the fabric of the universe.

A trap was set by a space captain named simply, "Peevers." He had placed a purple banana in its path.

A purple banana was well known throughout the universe as one of the most unlikely of items ever to exist and was rumored in itself to contain galaxies within galaxies. One race of creatures revered the item as a god.

The Shopper came close and devoured it, along with the captain. The universe looked doomed. Then suddenly there was an eruption. The purple banana was not used to being ingested by a galactic cancer, and as such, started to burst outward.

The Shopper exploded into trillions of bits of light, energy, and matter, and everything it had devoured was returned once again back to the universe.

I then woke up from this strange dream.


[5] Dreamed I was at school, high school, and had uncharacteristically lost my temper.

I was being sent home because of an earlier fight I got into a bully while in the hallway between classes.

Apparently the fight was so bad I was to be kept home for a full month - until I learned to behave.

In the dream I was immensely wealthy. A chauffer waited on me from a limousine directly outside the school.

"You've done it now, master David." he spoke discouragingly. I gave him a look and he was silent.

As we started up on the freeway he spoke again. "Have you decided what you are going to do a month away from school ?"

I didn't answer and instead looked out the windows. A storm was brewing, just a mild one. Eventually rain spattered on the windows and right then I started to cry. It wasn't my fault ! =HE= started the fight, and - I didn't even end it. We were just broken up by the gym teacher and P.E. teacher.

My chauffer was quiet now. He turned the bend to the house and despite the dream stating I was wealthy, the house he was pulling into was Dad's from reality. The one I grew up in.

"You'll have to stay here I'm afraid." he said as if the place were foreign to me.

"But - this is Dad's home." I countered.

"You really did receive a good bump on the head, didn't you, master David ? No. This is where you will stay, as punishment, until you are no longer grounded."

He pulled into the driveway, stopped the vehicle, opened the door and let me out.

I walked up to the door and fumbled for some keys I didn't have.

"You won't need that." my chauffer spoke and pushed on the door. Inside, everything was exactly as I remember Dad's home.

"A bit seedy but I'm sure you'll make do." with that I was ushered inside and the door was locked.

I laughed and reached for the door, but just as he intended, the lock was on the outside, so I was locked =IN= this place with no way out.

I rubbed my head a bit trying to wonder why it was I knew this place so well despite it apparently being the first time I had entered it. There was no-one around. I walked to the kitchen when suddenly I woke up.

Dreamed I was at the same Mexican restaurant that Chris and me went to the day just before, Rosa's Cafe.

I had told him I was going to order sopapillas, but apparently changed my mind at the last minute and ordered a regular meal the same as his.

And - apparently that is what dreams are. We make a different decision ?

So instead of a meal I told the checkout person that I would like a plate of sopapillas. He motioned me closer and whispered in my ear.

"How would you like to have sopapillas every time you visit ?"

"What do I need to do ?"

"Purchase this card." and he reached under the desk to show me this gift card.

"This card will let you have a plate of sopapillas every time you visit, no other purchases necessary."

"When does it expire."


My eyes widened. "How much is it ?"

"It's $50, but pays for itself with 5 visits. That is unless you want to pay $10 now for a single plate of sopapillas."

I was sold. I reached in my wallet and pulled out a single $50 bill and handed it to him.

He rang up the purchase, then scanned the gift card. Typed some stuff on the register, then scanned the card again.

"You're all set." he handed me the card. "You would like a plate now, wouldn't you ?"

"Please. And don't spare the honey !"

He pointed to this odd contraption that was to the right of the condiments. "Slide your card through there and fresh sopapillas will be put on your plate."

While Chris was waiting for his meal, I went to the sopapillas dispenser, slid my card, held my plate up and waited.

Nothing happened.

Chris got his meal and asked me what the hold up was.

"It's not giving out sopapillas I told him."

"Dummy, you have your card upside-down." he took my card turned it 180 degrees and handed it back to me.

I shrugged and slid the card in again.

The crazy thing lit up and had a bright pixeled animated scene showing banditos running away on horseback. Then a big Texan star in yellow lights filled the scene. The display ended and a single small sopapillas fell on the plate along with a stingy glop of honey.

I waited. Nothing else happened.

"Man, I want more than that !"

I slid my card again but THIS time the machine wouldn't give it back. I pulled on my card but it wouldn't break free !

The animated scene appeared again but this time the lights in the restaurant went out and the animation was all done in red scary lights. Instead of banditos it was skeletons that were riding horses.

There was a weird thumping from the machine and suddenly sticky honey sopapillas by the dozen started to pour out from the dispenser ! I tried to run away but slid on them as the floor was rapidly filling up with honey.

Warmth and the smell of sweetness was all around me. Then I woke up.


[7] The mayor of Texas had ordered these new flowers to be our state flower and to replace the Texas Bluebonnets.

While there was quite a bit of protesting, it was clear to see why he wanted them. They were dazzlingly brilliant in colors, wrapping around the rainbow of tints and then some. They smelled heavenly, like fresh baked cinnamon bread, and could grow under any circumstances, extending as high as 3-feet in the air.

The petals fairly gushed with sweetness and there was a recipe to make heavenly tea with one of these new flower petals.

It was all good and well until a terrible thunderstorm cropped up.

The rain in itself was not so bad, it was the lightning, which flickered dramatically across the landscape.

The special flowers were drenched in rainwater, but suddenly a bolt of lightning flashed right into the midst of them.

The electric charge surged straight through the water and the flowers raised up on their stalks, growing additional feet in height, and the soft sweet petals turned into hard and sharp branches and thorns.

Then they attacked ! They pulled themselves free of the dirt and started towards residence doors knocking on them with their branches.

Unsuspecting people opened their doors and were promptly devoured by these nightmares.

A flash of fire went out and then the flowers were ablaze ! They screeched in such a high pitch it hurt your ears - then suddenly I woke up.


[8] Dreamed the 1960 Batman series with Adam West was real, and I was Robin.

In one of our adventures, we manage to rescue this small girl too, she is about 4-years old and for some reason, no-one, not even foster homes will take her - so me and Batman decide to raise her on our own.

I know I was more interested in science and technology than Batman and spent most of my time building gadgets that would help us. When one time I was reading an article involving the intricacies about teleportation.

I am successful, but just as I show it to him, the Penguin has drilled from outside to under the Bat Cave and manages to steal it.

With the teleportation device he and his cohorts can steal money from Fort Knox and not even leave his living room. But as always happens with bad guys, their cool inventions eventually die on them by being overworked and overrun, and that includes the teleportation device, which finally fizzles into a pile of burnt circuitry.

I am dressed as Robin investigating this bakery for leads to the Penguin when someone injects me with a needle from behind. I collapse into hers and another person's arms.

I hear her speak, "Thees vittle one vill tell oos the secret of telepeartation." It is Olga with Egghead.

There is darkness, then silence, then I wake up.


[9] Scary dream. I am at this nursing home doing a reading of Winnie The Pooh when there is a shriek from down one of the hallways.

I throw my book down, run out the door, and go to find where the noise came from. I am at the entrance to one of the wards when I see it. A nurse who has her mouth covered with her hand in horror and - a strange sight.

An old person on the floor, their bottom half completely missing as if something sharp toothed had ripped it free from them. The person was obviously dead, and then I hear it, a strange sound, like metal clicking down the hallway followed by a very off-key music box.

I go to look and see at first what appears to be a normal woman in a wheelchair, but the wheels aren't rolling, they are lifting up and squeezing, changing shape until they are like the tips of fingers, padding their way across the hall. It was as if the wheelchair and the woman were all one piece. Like a bad attempt at camouflage.

The woman herself looks terrible, her head is off to one side with puffy welts. As she gets closer, there is a strong feeling of danger - and then I see it. Her entire front has opened like a hinged mouth and she starts to accelerate towards me, the metal fingers of the wheels slapping hard against the floor, eager to not let this prey get away.

Then I wake up.


[10] It was the far future. Time Travel was so common it was included on digital watches now so if you ever think you are going to miss your appointment, you can simply adjust the clock to be there on time while everyone else arrives late and puzzled.

Because traveling through time held zero dangers and no singularity, one brave team of programmers came up with a video game where time travel was part of the challenge.

It was played in an arcade, hard to duplicate the code, and in it, you were supposed to outguess yourself.

You would send messages to the future and determine if you can outthink yourself and what answer you MIGHT'VE chosen if you went one path, or chose not to, in another.

Because the game was so cerebral and well-designed, not just kids wanted to play it but fully grown adults. The game had a bold statement too. "Know yourself."

Indeed because it allowed you to see the future self, playing non-stop for for several hours increased awareness about yourself and made you that much more intelligent to avoid future pitfalls.

I remember I was playing the game when suddenly a nasty message arrived from the future - from me to me.

"I will kill you."

I thought this was odd and using my digital wristwatch, took a picture of the scary message, then ended the game prematurely. I teleported from one pod to the next until I was close to my destination. The designers of the game.

I remember climbing a very long flight of marble steps, then before reaching the top, I woke up.

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