Dream Diary - September 22nd 2016

Dream Diary - September 22nd 2016

A Chapter by dw817

Assassination Attempt In Space / Homes For The Homeless / Conversion & Batman's Son / Magic Beads / Silly Date / Elevator Action / World War Zzz / Monster Attack / Simmons Song / Indentured Janitor



  Dream Diary   


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© September 2016 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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Welcome back ! Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] In this dream, I apparently was not human but an alien from a foreign planet. I was doing a routine mission, sweeping the Earth to look for any nuclear reactors when I was ordered to receive this incoming passenger. An ambassador of some kind.

She arrived through the airlock and at once I noticed she was barefoot and had a mouth for each foot.

As for what was where her mouth would be was a gaping hole that could only be to expel waste.

I couldn't help but stare at it intently when suddenly she got mad and yelled from her toes, "How DARE you !" apparently being insulted that I wouldn't look at her feet during conversation.

If I thought this would affect her gait I was completely wrong. She launched into an attack against me, pulling out a surprising number of sharp blades from her gooey sides to cut at me !

Fortunately I had pulled forth a laser gun from my holster and steadied it on her. She retreated and I looked down at her toes which showed great anger in her 'facial' expression.

"This is a terrible insult you do to us !" she said from her feet, still livid from earlier.

Some guards arrived. I did not call them, but I knew they were here to help me.

They approached and disarmed her ... and DISARMED her !

She was apparently a warrior of her race and had a large number of bladed weapons, some quite beautiful, all quite deadly. Then they ushered her away in handcuffs.

They had only traveled a few feet when she snapped her bonds. One guard stoutly smacked her in the head, and it fell off with a shower of sparks.

Despite her unusual body arrangement, she was some type of robot !

While I didn't say anything, the guards quickly dismantled her into a heap of parts. One guard approached me and gruffly spoke.

"Good thing we caught this." and he held up a silver type of rounded box.

"Why is that ?" I asked him unaware of what it was.

He gave me a look with his eye like I should know better. "Captain, surely you recognize this a mark 17 thermal detonator. Had it gone off, half the ship would've been vaporized in the blast - including us !"

I could only nod my head, not wanting to appear any less intelligent than I already did.

The guard continued, "In any case, we'll take these parts to storage, and contact the ambassador that was SUPPOSED to arrive. Clearly there is some treachery afoot here in the transportation."

I nodded again and he left. At this point the dream got a little blurry. I think it was because I realized this couldn't be real and I was in fact dreaming. Shortly afterwards I woke up.


[2] Dreamed I was homeless and staying rent-free at the church.

According to my memories, I had lived there for years. My only job was to be a janitor and clean up after every Sunday and engagement and get-together of other parishioners.

I remember mopping in one bathroom when one of the workers at the church said that they had something for me.

I was hesitant at first. In my mind I remember being bullied tremendously from a homeless shelter and I was cautious. He was with someone else though and gently added, "Go ahead. Everything is fine."

So I started to follow after him. He went straight into the church where the cross was. He reached up to touch the center. The cross descended then split apart 4-different ways in an interesting movement and vector.

Then it opened up, into a long hallway full of beautiful and scented wood and ... beyond this was another world !

I stepped through and it was like I was in another time too, and at some ancient village. And - it was friendly. You could smell it in the air and tell from the hospitable and gentle talking going on from women outside washing clothes and doing chores.

At some level I realized everyone that was here was ultimately homeless - yet this new world in here, it was ready for the homeless, to give them homes and lives.

I was ushered to a room. It was beautiful - but I remember the water did not work properly.

I told the person who was me that this was the case. He then sent me to a different room. Not so beautiful, rather plain in fact, but it had running water.

I think I was supposed to learn something from this. No-one benefit can outweigh the other. Then I woke up.


[3] Dreamed that someone managed to convert animated .GIF files to true 3-dimensional representations. But they were gaseous in nature and like rays of glowing light, they left through the computer screen and to the top of the ceiling and into the sky where they illuminated it.

The scene changed and I was somehow in the family of Batman, but I wasn't Robin or even Batgirl. I was someone else, Bruce Wayne's true and unspoken of son. Someone who didn't have super agility, strength, or speed. I was just - me.

There was some kind of bad guy that shot a light out of his lantern and when he did, it greatly slowed down anything that it hit. I remember leaving a grocery store when I was attacked by it.

I tried to run, tried very hard, but it was like moving through quicksand up to my neck. I finally fell over and the bad guy was upon me. Batman, my Father, was there though, and he attacked him from behind.

Then I woke up.


[4] Dreamed I had these beautiful beads. They were so pretty, everybody wanted one. While I had a whole bunch, anyone I showed them to was determined to get them ALL for themselves.

They would do any pay anything to get them. I realized then despite my generous nature, I had better hang on to these as clearly they were priceless and if sold, might even fetch millions.

I remember walking by - I was at some kind of craft carnival. I saw a woman making a Space 1999 handgun from a piece of wood. It looked completely authentic as she was painting it.

I spoke with her and said, if she could make me a wooden phaser, now the Mark I, but the one with the handle, from the original series of Star Trek, I'll give her one of my beads.

At first she didn't seem interested. Then I showed her the bead and her eyes lit up. Her mouth opened wide and she said, yes, whatever I wanted. And started work at once.

As I stayed with her, a crowd of people were developing in the distance, and I knew at once they were thinking of a way to shanghai me and take my beads. I started to run away and they were after me in an instant !

I was not getting away and they were closing in when I suddenly woke up.


[5] Very crazy very busy BUSY and vivid dream. I think I was 15-years old and being bullied at High School by this one big kid. It was so monotonous and awful ! And I didn't see a way to end it.

I was talking with one of my friends, a girl at school named Maggie, and she suggested a perfect way I could get even with him.

I asked how. She said to dress like a girl. I said WHAT !?

She smiled and said again, dress like a girl and go out on a date with him. She'll tag along incognito and take photos. Then later we can blackmail him into leaving you alone by showing him the photos and that you were his 'hot date.'

At the time it seemed like a good idea. I went along with it. She invited me to her house, her bedroom, and she had all sorts of wigs. She tried one on me, then offered some of her clothes for me to wear.

I told her I can't do that ! She said, well, if I can't she will, and gave me an evil smile.

I sighed - and left things in her hands. Sure enough, awkward as it felt, I let her undress me and put some of her clothes on me as what she thought looked good. And I hate to admit it, looking in the mirror, I really DID look like a girl, and cute at that. I swallowed hard.

What was I getting into ??

But sure enough, she set things up for the date. I was a blind date for him. We went out. He actually was a perfect gentleman at the restaurant, but at the drive-in theater - forgive my blunt words - he tried to get in my pants !

Maggie was there grinning all the while and snapping photos from the back seat, but this was getting too much for me ! I opened the car door and started to run away, and as I did, my clothes seemed to get caught on the ground from bits of bramble and stickers.

So the more I ran, the more the clothes came off of me, and of course that only encouraged my 'date' to run after me that much harder.

Finally I woke up out of breath and feeling quite ashamed of this bizarre and embarrassing dream.

Dreamed me and Rose were over at Dad's house, but he was some type of millionaire.

He gave me this silver key which was good for an elevator he had in his home. We were to go to the 4th floor underground and there was an expansive cafeteria there for her and me to get lunch.

But as the elevator traveled on its way, somehow it ran into a police car. Rose and me were fine, but the policeman was badly hurt and the police car itself was a wrecked mess of metal.

Both her and me were trying to drag him out of the car fearing it might explode when - as crazy dreams are - this inspector showed up to investigate the whole thing.

"I believe it was sabotage." he said thoughtfully.

I myself thought it was too perfect that an inspector would show up just in time for this so I added, "Yeah, and I think YOU did it too !" and pointed an accusatory finger at him.

The dream swirled out and then I was in this incredible and beautiful museum. There was an exhibit of 2001 stuff from the Odyssey movie. One of which was those cool space pods they had in the show.

I stepped in and a digital voice spoke, "Welcome to the future !" Then it spoke about the making of the movie when suddenly and with disappointment, I woke up.


[7] I was young in this dream. I think I was 12 years old. Somehow it was the future, further than we are now, like the year 2030. A war was taking place, a World War after our own civil ones. I think my job was to supply soldiers with non-armaments, like bandages, canteens, and food packs.

I remember I was SO tired. I was so exhausted from doing this day in and day out. I was being berated by one of the captains. He thought my performance was so shoddy, he kicked me down a ditch I couldn't climb back up.

I was in there for some time. Finally a rope was lowered and it was a private that rescued me. Once out I collapsed again.

Then I saw this beautiful woman. She was like from Resident Evil or something, a real warrior. She said to me, "You've got to open your eyes. You can't ignore this. You're here and you need to survive !"

Then she pointed down the road and there were these futuristic robotic trash machines that were sweeping the concrete - and I was in the direct path !

I struggled to get up against my aching muscles. I was so tired ! All I wanted to do was sleep. But I managed to struggle, get up, and sought refuge alongside the edge of the building before collapsing again.

The dream changed slightly and I was coughing up blood. For some reason I was eating plate glass and - as impossible as that sounds, it was not going good. I woke up coughing hoarsely. Got a drink of water. Then went back to sleep.


[8] This was just your classic dream. But instead of a guy in a rubber suit, it was a giant microbe that had neatly adapted itself to its new size and environment.

It was like some type of giant glowing orange amoeba, and it was after me ! I was at Dad's house, and the lights were glowing red. Down the hall I saw this horror and was trying to run away - run away.

And - you know how these dreams are, you can't get away. I finally awoke in a fright.


[9] I was back in High School. I was with my writing instructor, Mr. Simmons.

Strangely he wanted me to sing, "Noo Gan Ehk."

And, I did, slowly at first. And then the dream had anyone and everyone singing it. And - it was so beautiful ! The vocals and instruments playing were just heavenly. It was like one of the prettiest songs I ever heard, and I just wanted to shout it out now.

My throat was so sore from singing I had to stop for a moment to find a drink or something, and that's when I woke up.


[10] Dreamed I was homeless again. The dream was very stark and very real. I remember the cold air caused me to shiver, and my belly groaned in hunger having not eaten for 2-days time.

I was in this night shelter. Not only was I given a mat but I had to sit on the floor with other people who had their mat.

I was not to cross over my mat on to theirs and each and every person had to respect this, maintain peace, no fighting, no noise, and no crying. These were the rules.

I was also given this futuristic device. It was like a headset you put on, but you could see an undistorted movie with a lens that was mounted in front. Sound went through the ears so it didn't disturb anyone.

I watched the strange movie for a moment. Something to do with drowning. Then got up to use the 'community bathroom.'

It was really filthy. There was a manager there. I asked why it wasn't clean. He said there was no way to keep it clean with the amount of traffic it was going through.

I was wanting to sit on the toilet seat but even that was dirty. He handed me some paper towels and I started to clean. And as I did, more and more people came to me, to give me cleaning supplies.

"Look, I'm not the janitor." I said. But they wouldn't hear it. Finally someone stuck a hat on my head that read, "Janitor."

So - I guess I was. Then I woke up.

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Haha, some of these are good. :) I have so weird dreams sometimes too.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Is that the thing on Zone-tan? I saw something like that xD

4 Years Ago

Youtube should have it. Let me see ...


Wah ? The.. read more

4 Years Ago

Haha yeah xD

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