Dream Diary - November 8th 2016

Dream Diary - November 8th 2016

A Chapter by dw817

The Crackles / Out Of Control / Penny Collection / Dog Food Commercial / Taco Tuesday / Secret Reagent / A Very Wet Face / Semi-Mathematics / Super Sci-Fi Movie / Traffic Ticket For A Non-Driver



  Dream Diary   


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© September 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Busy dreams ! Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre ones I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] I was in a clan, I guess a part of a gypsy came. We were out in the wilderness in a long floating and stable type of makeshift tunnel that was tethered with engines in the front and back. I think it was hundreds of years in the future.

There were these creatures we called, "Crackles." It was hard to describe. They were like people, but you could see right through them, and they had these white lights dancing over them at all times, and they made a crackling noise when they moved.

Despite how pretty they appeared, they were quite deadly. If they touched you, you were burned with a million gigawatts of electricity.

As it was in the dream, while normally it was especially rare to find one or two in a week, we must've stumbled upon a vein of them, and they saw our encampment and quickly moved towards us !

I left the camp while everyone was screaming behind for me to return, but I didn't. I ran on. Suddenly I ran into one of the Crackles. And I guess no-one really got as close to them as I did.

I could see a person inside. It was like they were there but not really. And it wasn't scary. It was a bit like an angel, a woman with a beautiful smile and bedecked in this sparkly shimmery cloak.

Then she reached out and touched me. I expected to be burned by extreme pain, but felt nothing except the warmth of her hand. Then she pulled me closer to her.

At that point I woke up.


[2] Dreamed I was a student back in 3rd grade. Well, I must've done something truly awful. The teacher had picked me up and was slamming me against this long wooden cabinet, I guess, to knock sense into me or something.

Mr. Elliott was there as well, but he had some type of green sickness. Nasty green oozed out of his pores and he was deathly silent trying to shout or something but no sound came out, I guess cause his lungs were drowning in the foul stuff.

The scene changed and I was out on the street picking up this big cardboard box full of raked up leaves. Someone told me where to put it and I did. Then I woke up.


[3] Dreamed that I was a major collector of pennies. Little copper coins. I had them all carefully catalogued and organized.

I guess I was searching for those elusive $80,000 pennies people were talking about. But I didn't find any. Instead I did find some elongated pennies, pennies with a triangle cut into them, pennies that were octagonal, and pennies that were twice the thickness.

I know I went to a coin convention to show off my collection when someone suddenly grabbed the 4-corners of the tablecloth I set them on, picked up the lot of them and started to run away - and I was in hot pursuit !

I followed them up the stairs when they suddenly jumped out the window - and I couldn't stop in time and was out the window too ! I woke up in fright.


[4] Dreamed I had super powers to make me very strong. There were terrorists in Dad's house, along with Emma, my sister.

I had picked up the entire house from outside and was shaking it to get everyone inside outside, by falling through the patio door.

The scene changed and I was in some type of commercial advertising a new kind of dog food. What the selling point in it was the fact it smelled and tasted like peanut butter candy - apparently dogs liked peanut butter, I didn't know.

I poured a bowl for the dog who was being recorded by camera. The dog took one sniff out of it, sneezed wet in the bowl, then walked away.

I heard the director yell angrily, "CUT !" Then, "Get me a dog that will eat this crap !"

Noisy metallic squeaky wheel cages were brought in and several dogs were inside. Suddenly I just had an impulse. I opened all the cages at once and let the dogs roam free.

"You're fired !" I heard the director yell to me, but I didn't care. You never saw such happy dogs to be free of this.

Then I woke up.


[5] Dreaming I was back in school, I think Elementary. It was lunchtime and there was a big notice with glowing jalapeno lights above the entry door into the cafeteria which read in "salsa" script, "Taco Tuesday."

I entered and the whole room was filled with kids from all grades and classes. If I wanted any food I had better hurry !

Now this dream like many dreams before it have me 'collect' something, in this case, food, and then later somehow lose it all.

And this dream was no different. I got in line and loaded up my plate. Someone ahead of me asked if I got any sour cream. I said no. They pointed behind me that I just missed it.

I asked if I could trade places with the fellow behind me, who eagerly agreed. I did so, then got to the sour cream, but back on my plate, half the food was gone !

I got the sour cream and tried to load my plate with food again, but there wasn't as much this time around.

Someone asked if I forgot the hot sauce. I said yes, but I'm not going back to get it.

Then someone pointed and said, look at that.

I did and it showed some party games taking place on the far side of the cafeteria. I looked for only a moment, when I got back, my plate was completely empty.

I've had many dreams like this, collect and lose.

I finally woke up in frustration.
I think I'm supposed to learn something from this.

Dreamed I was supposed to transport this chemical from a thermos to this location deep in a warehouse.

I guess it played a lot like a video game. There were guards everywhere and I had to stay out of their cone of vision and tiptoe very cautiously around them from behind.

There were all kinds of things to get me in trouble, like metal jacks on the floor, grills on elevated catwalks, causing my footsteps to echo below, and security cameras.

If I wasn't so frustrated trying to get through, I would think it was an awesome video game.

Then I woke up.


[7] It was late at night, it was one of those dreams where the impossible happens and I guess you just let it.

I had crossed the street watching this big armored tank carried by a pickup truck pass by on the opposite side.

Back on the concrete, I caught a high wind and raising my arms against it, was sailing airborne down the road to go see Dad.

Then I heard a crashing sound behind me, and the tank that I thought was carried on, was off its payload and headed towards me. I raised my arms a little higher to get better flying speed.

It was right then I realized whoever was operating the tank was interested in my super powers of being able to fly and sail on the wind.

Then I was stopped by someone ahead, someone in military fatigues and pointing a gun at me.

I had to make a decision. Finally I spoke, "Let's go see Dad, he makes all the decisions for me."

They agreed and we went to go see Dad.

Inside at Dad's house, he was having some type of holiday party. There was a curious game going on where one person needed to lie down on a bed-sheet placed on the carpet. The woman there was wearing so much makeup !

Her face was gushing from the sides like a water fountain and pure pink flowed everywhere, it was really quite nasty. She then touched her nose and there was an audible splash like from a swimming pool as if someone jumped in - and her face ran rivulets of pink coverall even further.

Then I woke up.


[8] Dreamed I was in the living with room with Dad and we were having a heated discussion with about concepts and techniques involving shortcuts for long division and fractional mathematics.

We had books open all around us to support each of our theories. Many pages of paper with ink, pen, and pencil sketches. And we both had calculators in our hands.

We were really going at it when Dad suddenly looked over his shoulder and said quietly, "The window is broken."

I looked behind him and there was a common window with a drape over it.

I lifted the drape and didn't see anything. It was the middle of the night, the stars were out and cars were quietly driving by.

"I don't see anything - " when suddenly an 18-wheeler semi-truck barreled directly off the road and straight towards me - still gazing out the window !

I woke up in fright.


[9] Dreamed I was watching this wonderful and very intense science fiction movie. I think I was at Dad's, sitting on his couch, watching it.

There were camera scenes though showing people in spacesuits crossing over empty sky and the feeling of vertigo for me was very intense.

It was so intense that I felt myself shaking in the couch. Shaking so hard it felt as if I could feel heat in the bones in my neck. Then I woke up and found that I actually was shaking pretty hard. Not sure what caused it unless it was the meds I take at night.

I got up. Forced my muscles to settle down. Got a drink of water, then went back to bed.


[10] Dreamed I was arrested while driving. I was sitting in this really shabby vehicle when the police officer came up to the driver's side window and asked me to lower it for him.

I did. He asked the usual, "Do you know why I pulled you over ?"

Then coherence set in. I don't drive ! I told him that.

He shook his head, "Don't drive at all do you ?" Then fixed me with a steely gaze. "Well don't you worry about that, then. This ticket is for the future when you do start driving."

With that odd statement, he wrote me out a ticket. Then went back to his police car to take off.

And in truth, I really did not know how to drive. I wondered what it was I did to even get up on the road. I touched the accelerator and the car suddenly lurched forward, but then stopped again as I had the emergency brake on.

A little alarm started pinging in the car. I saw I wasn't wearing my seat-belt so I put it on. Finally I remembered enough about driving to take the vehicle out of park, take off the emergency brake, switch on my turn indicator, and slowly worked myself back on to the freeway.

But the wretched vehicle wouldn't go above 5 miles-per-hour !

I suddenly saw a car bearing down on me and the driver was leaning on the horn. I tried to pull out of his way when he suddenly crashed into me !

My car skidded off the road and suddenly burst into flame. I started to remove my seat-belt when a strange notice appeared saying that I could not do so until I had put the vehicle in park. And - sure enough, the seat-belt wouldn't let go of me !

Hot flames licked around my legs and sides ! I reached for the stick shift to put it in park. The car made a horrible grinding noise but wouldn't let me put it in park ! Then I shrieked in fear of being burned alive !

I woke up in fright.

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