Dream Diary - February 1st 2017

Dream Diary - February 1st 2017

A Chapter by dw817

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© February 2017 Written by David Wicker
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This is a special entry. Last night I forgot to take my anti-psychotics.
Bad for me, good for you. You get to take a trip down my very busy brain.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre ones I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Perhaps it is because of films I have seen in the past and the fact I missed taking my pills is why this particular lurid dream focuses on such a very strange topic. In it, I am awake and aware. Not like most of my other dreams.

Before this, I am having whole days and weeks of no memory - what has happened to my time ? Am I getting senile ?

Yet 4 letters come to my memory and they are DULC. By remembering these 4-letters I am subject to very real hallucinations of being kidnapped by the Chinese embassy or some such foreign power that hypnotizes people to do terrible things.

I call 911. They ask what the nature of the emergency is. I tell them, I'm remembering things. Important things. They ask what. And then, my mind goes blank again. Like someone closing a door. No, the door was never there. But now it is. It is that sort of power and control in the brain.

And then it finally comes to me.

There are long passages with me staring forward, tied down in a chair so I couldn't move a muscle, and someone whispering in my ear. Strange things, nonsensical things, all full of politeness and eagerness. And despite their strangeness, they have a very definite and important meaning to me:

The widow who tells fortunes in the shade of roof tiles.
The ceiling fan brings a message releasing epithets.
The maiden who sleeps under the veranda has a pulse.

These simple words were like the Holy Grail to me. I would read them and weep, I would speak them and feel my heart flutter in excitement. They would move me beyond emotions. It is these things they whispered to me - and they were the meaning for my life. My livelihood, my strength, and my meaning in the world.

I would kill anyone, do anything, all for the meaning, the definition, the very core of these all important words.

It is the ghosts of dead crickets from a long and cold winter. They would rasp their legs together like it was the middle of summer - and fill the empty silence around me like a hurricane fills a teacup. The shattering, the chattering, it was all the same thing. Noise held a pattern to me once again.

The carpet becomes an ocean of movement. The very fibers waving and writhing among each other like copulating snakes. And I cannot even walk from one room to the next lest I become enmeshed in their coils.

It was like I was slipping in and out of two different realities. One was being tied down in a chair, the other was being strapped down in a wheelchair in a mental ward. The saddest part was, Rose was with me in the mental ward, there were tears in her eyes and she was yelling at me to calm down.

I'm not doing well ... damn, one pill. All it takes is one missed pill - and I go to pieces.

You know what I'm talking about. Your jaw hurts, you want to shout things that don't make any sense to anyone except yourself and you have to force your mouth closed. Bite your tongue, clamp your teeth, purse your lips, whatever it takes.

In any case, the dream finally ended. I guess I was staring ahead when I woke up. I knew something was wrong. My whole body was burning up in a fever. And there were tears in my eyes. The roof tiles, the ceiling fan, and the very lovely maiden with her bright shiny red pulse. It all made sense. And - only for today.

I couldn't sleep anymore. It was like math was tumbling down and it was hurting my head.

But tomorrow I knew I would be back in the haze. Back in the mist, sleeping, dreamless, and well to the world once again ... the almighty power of Seroquel.


[2] This next dream (these always go in reverse order so this dream is before the one above) was a little more down to Earth. Not quite so crazy. I was in my 20s and had accidentally bicycled my way into a very bad part of town, and a dead end at that.

Curiously, Carlos was there, too. In this alley, however, were some very bad people. Wrong side of the railroad tracks, and what have you.

One fellow approached, very tall, and with a stiff dirty top-hat with strangely colored and florescent ribbons, apparently the leader of this crew, apparently. He had to have been in his 20s as well, very dirty hands and black fingernails. He offered I hold mud in my hand for him.

He reached down with his hand, scooped up some wet dirt, and put it in my hand. I at once flung it down and told him, I didn't want to. It's dirty.

He beamed a smile at me like I had done something truly wrong - to err against him. He said in a deep voice, "You p
robably never touched any dirt in your life. I'll bet you're a real silky boy, aren't you ?"

"A what ?" I asked him.

"Silky. You're so white you probably have silver spun silk come out your butt at night, don't you silky boy ?"

"I don't think - " I began -

But he interrupted me, "Why don't we just find out for ourselves ?"

And quicker than I expected it, he had already pulled out a knife and slashed the back of my shorts and underwear revealing my bare butt to the world.

He whistled and his mates guffawed in wicked laughter, "Would you look at that, it's like being blinded by the white moon, and not one hair to block the view !"

When I didn't say anything because I felt ashamed, two of his mates grabbed my shoulders and forced me to the ground, keeping my bare butt raised in the air. It was clear what was going to happen next.

But I didn't let them. Not again. For I was really mad now. Really mad ! I told him I was going to turn into the Hulk if they didn't let me go. That really got him laughing now.

"I don't believe you, boy !" he said.

But Carlos was there to counter, perhaps to protect me. "I think you should perhaps."

As for me, I don't know why I said something so silly, but apparently it was working. I felt my skin start to get harder, like rock, and my fingers turned green.

All laughter had died now, like someone shot a paper heart with a big metallic harpoon ten times the size. I had that sudden impact on their derisive humor and heckling.

Carlos warned the fellow hassling me to back off or I would indeed turn into the Hulk and pound him and his friends.

"Not bad advice at that, old man." my antagonizer said incredulously, back up and looking on to see I really was changing.

I was still mad they tore my shorts though so I continued to change and was ready to attack the lot of them - when - suddenly I woke up.


[3] Dreamed I lived in a world where there was always a double of someone. It was not so much strange as it was unknown - no-one knew how this happened. It was just something that did, many years apparently before anyone could remember, and it was something that was accepted and taken for granted.

I know when I was a kid, my best friend was myself. I got older, also the same. But then the other "me" wanted to go his way, and I thought "his" way was a wrong way. It was then I realized or at least believed that the "duplicate" of myself was a bad thing and should be removed.

I told others this, they thought it was crazy thinking, yet I did put together a gun. Made out of cardboard. Really quite pretty, but completely non-functional. It didn't do anything. But I warned the other "me" that in time, I will have this gun working and it would remove all the "duplicates" in the world, including him.

But then he said something odd. "What if I'm the original ? That means your fancy pistol will remove YOU and everyone else, and they may not be people you even thought were duplicates."

That got me thinking. And, I guess I didn't really know what to do at that point.

So then my research went to mirrors. I was on the verge of discovering where the duplicates came from. I wondered if there was a way to duplicate reality, not just people.

So I came across something. Something incredible. It was me, in all the incarnations of my life, all ages, life, death, birth, movement. I was holding my arms out and I guess because every possible facet was seen, my arms become like crystal, like the movement in a circle was a perfect thing.

And they turned into angel wings. My own arms - became beautiful glowing angel wings. I was moved to tears by their flawless beauty - and it made me wonder what angels - what they really were. I woke up with tears in my eyes.


[4] I had arrived to a friend's swimming pool at night. It was really cool cause it was heated, and felt great. I was in my 30s and my friends were likewise.

One asked when I was going to shave or get a haircut. I scratched my chin and told him I only did it when I visited Rose, why did he ask ? He said cause I looked just like him. I asked if that was a problem. He said no, he has a hairstylist spend hours to look like that.

So I was rather pleased with the way I appeared in the dream. Another of my friends had this great big plastic robot thing in the pool that was all lit up with neato lights and you could walk on like stilts but it made you look like a robot.

I asked if I could try it. He said sure. Then I walked around and it made me stand 7-feet tall. Then he tried to get it back from me but I was having too much fun and with my longer legs easily stayed out of his reach.

Finally exhausted, he got out of the pool to get a beer. He asked if I wanted one but I don't drink so I said no. Cola then ? Yeah, that'll be fine.

I finally worked my way out of his waterproof robot thingie and we just sat on chairs to talk about RPG construction and dynamics. Finally I woke up.

All in all, it was a pretty nice and normal dream.


[5] Dreamed I was at a restaurant by myself, sometime in my early 30s. It was Christmas eve and I oft do this, go to a restaurant all by myself and order a simple meal. Hoping. Hoping some crazy figure all dressed up would come and greet me. You know, like Jack Frost, Frosty The Snowman, Rudolph, Santa, hell, I'd even settle for the dentist, Hermy.

But every year it was the same. Many happy people showing up - absolutely no-one knowing me, everyone had their own families and friends - but not me ... but that would change, at least in this dream.

I had just ordered the New Orleans Potato Casserole when this one attractive girl who looked like she had never cut her hair in her life confronted me.

"Speckles ?" she asked. I shook my head.

"Booger ?" What a name ! Again, I shook my head.

"Oh, then you must be Pooty Face !" she said her golden hair waving in all directions and flashed me a grin with wide teeth.

Was she being serious ?

"David, actually." I corrected her. In truth, I really did want to meet and talk with this energetic and absolutely gorgeous young woman.

"I knew it was you !" she blurted out and sat down. Apparently she had brought her own fork to for suddenly she reached out and took a bite of my casserole across the table ! I stared at her with a shocked expression. I hoped I wasn't encouraging someone homeless to partake of my meal !

"What's wrong with ya, Dave ? Can't you spare a morsel to a poor and hungry little waif like me ?" and she gave me these adorable bright green puppy-dog eyes.

"Guess not." I said and pushed the bowl towards her.

"Thattaboy." she said and greedily finished it all.

"Anything to drink in this joint ?" she yelled at me.

I offered her a sip of my raspberry tea, if just to keep her quiet, upon which she drank the whole thing !

"Oh, that hit the spot ! So what're you up to these days, Dave ?"

"I'm still working on code."

"What kinna code, mate ?"

"RPG Maker, stuff like that. Things of which dreams are made of." and smiled at her.

"Dreams, huh. Not much of a market for those. Hey, you eatin' that ?"

I looked to see what left on my plate she hadn't already devoured and saw I had some neatly wrapped, "Captain's Wafers" - quite simply butter crackers.

"Help yourself." I offered.

"Don't mind 'tif I do, Davey boy !" and she used her fork to jam into the package and dragged it across to her. In seconds the crackers were in crumbles and vanished down her gullet like she had a vacuum pump attached to her tonsils. I was truly amazed at her voracious appetite.

Her pretty eyes flashed with constant mischievousness at me and her head kept darting left and right like she was on the lookout for someone to up and lift her out of the restaurant for being so kooky.

Seeing she was in the clear she settled down slightly. "You don't remember me, does ya ?"

I shook my head. I know I would've remembered someone as cute and outgoing as her.

"Shame too. I still got your baby."

"What !?" I said and was up from the table in an instant confronting her with the outright lie.

She reached out and tweaked my nose. "Now I gots your nose !" she crowed happily.

Of course I reached out to touch my nose, it was still there.

"Aww, you going to go ruin it, set your cute butt back down will ya ?"

I did but was intrigued to know just how far she would compliment me, "You think I'm cute and that I ... ?" I began, hoping she would fill in the rest.

"What is there to think about, handsome !" with that she got up, pulled out my chair to the side, I was too shocked to move, then SAT in my chair facing me, ground her butt in my lap so I would definitely notice, then wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big tangerine flavored lip-gloss kiss.

I was starting to feel pretty good about this particular Christmas eve when suddenly I saw Rose at the other end of the table. She was about ready to spit hot rivets she looked so mad and jealous right now !

"Who's your 'friend' ?" Rose asked me between clenched teeth.

"I haven't a clue !" I told her in all truthfulness. But Rose had enough. She got up and reached out to slug this naughty girl in her pretty grinning freckled face when she ducked suddenly and instead Rose whaled into me !

She hit me so hard I was knocked out of my seat and the minx was so spry she jumped off in time.

"Can't hold your liquor, huh ?" the cute girl said and tsk-tsked down at me as if it was my own fault for falling out of my chair.

Rose was there in an instant and patting my hand, "I'm so sorry, I was trying to hit - " but then I blacked out. Then I woke up.

This was the first dream I ever had of someone so obnoxious, precocious, and curious. I hoped to dream about her again later, minus Rose that is. :)


Dreamed I was 15 or 16. I was living with Dad in a hotel. This has never happened in real life but I have had many dreams of living in a hotel room. Anyways, Dad told me to get dressed as we were going to a nice restaurant within the hour.

I managed to find everything I needed except one sock and one shoe. Dad called and said, "We're leaving !"

"Wait for me !" I said and showed up. Dad at once glowered down at my bare foot. "We have to go ! Where is your other shoe ?"

"I don't know !" I said - and really I didn't.

"Find it !" Dad said, and looked at his watch.

I had one minute to find where my stuff went. I looked, and found Dad had my last shoe and my last sock in his own clothes drawer. I thought that was pretty strange, but then he called out after me, "Did you find it ?"

"Yes !" I cried back. And hurriedly put both on. Dad was dressed in a flattering Tuxedo, and my sister, 20, she was in a nice type of flowery dress that went down to her toes.

"Princess." I said mockingly to her.

"Weasel." she sneered back at me.

Dad sighed, told us to straighten up or we wouldn't go, and then we were out the front door of the hotel and ... up a rope ladder ??

Sure enough, Dad, my sister, and me, were heading up a rope ladder apparently into a helicopter above. I tried to look forward all the way so i wouldn't be scared, but it was a longer climb than I anticipated. Dad went first, then my sister, then me.

I paused for just a second to look up to see how much further it was and saw my sister's face sneering down at me. Her long dress was flapping in the breeze and she was biting her bottom lip as if deciding on something. Suddenly she started to step quickly back down the ladder !

I was too afraid to step down myself so I just froze in place and closed my eyes in fright hoping she would just go away. A good moment passed. I strangely felt soft fabric brush against my face so I opened my eyes in curiosity to see my evil sister had cocooned my head up in her dress !

I looked and saw her bare legs. A foot above was her waist and underwear. The fabric I felt was the inside of her dress.

I was trying to decide what to do to get out of this terrible predicament when she carefully foots down one more rung so her butt was now inches from my face. She knew exacly what she was doing and had gauged her distance perfectly hoping I would lose my grip in shock of what I was seeing and fall.

But I held on tightly. Noticing that I was just going to stay where I was and just hang on for dear life, she waggled her butt straight in front of me now tauntingly. I groaned uncomfortably and stared in disgust at it with squinted eyes - but just for a moment.

Finally I was mad enough I was going to punch her hard in the leg, hard enough to bruise the skin ! I wrapped my right arm carefully around the ladder rung to hold tight and backing my head away from her swaying butt, I started to swing at her with my left fist when suddenly somehow both Dad and my sister had quickly climbed aboard the helicopter leaving me still hanging onto the rope ladder.

I quickly tried to climb the last bit of length when suddenly the ladder was extended from above, causing me to fall several feet below, but still hanging on where I was.

I had no choice but to look down now to see the ground was swaying terribly. Something was wrong with the hovering ! I looked up to see the helicopter tilt and careen dizzily. "We're too heavy !" the pilot said on a loudspeaker so everyone could hear.

"Something's got to go !" Dad yelled.

I looked up to see my sister leering down at me over the side. "B*****d !" I called up to her for what she did to me earlier.

But I realized then I shouldn't have said anything at all to her. Not with her safe and above me like this. She smiled evilly and I could see the bottom of her eyes reflect back as she looked down contemptuously, once again deciding my fate.

"Little creep," she said simply, and then suddenly somehow unhooked the ladder. I fell straight to the ground on the hard concrete and it felt as if I had broken every bone in my body. I could only see the helicopter fly on and everything faded to black. Then I woke up.


[7] Dreamed I was playing this massive online RPG game. Everyone in my high school was on it. So while I was not very popular at school in real life, I went entirely by a different alias and personality so no-one would discover who I was.

As it had a camera so you could truly see who you were playing against, I wore a silly Chewbacca mask that was hard to breathe in, but no-one said anything about it.

Suddenly on the speakers there was derisive laughter from several others. I looked to the cameras to see one small fat fellow get up, the front of his shorts were stained. He had apparently been playing so long, he had peed himself.

"It's not funny !" he said as he ran off the camera. I smiled, glad it didn't happen to me.

The game itself was really quite interesting and genius in design. Unlike other RPGs where you were rewarded for mind-numbing patience, this particular game rewarded you only based on taking dangerous assignments and showing absolute bravery in them, facing death at every corner. And you had to do it quickly or lose the bonus !

It was sink or swim. Many people who played sank the first time and didn't want to play it again, preferring more relaxed game play. But others, like me, stuck with it, and played the dice of life and death with our characters, amassing great wealth and experience points in only a matter of days.

I heard a gasp of frustration and looked behind me. I was apparently in some friend's room and Chris was working on building a dragon out of balsa wood. He had just gotten started but I remembered him telling me he was going to have it finished and built a week ago.

"You should've started sooner !" I told him.

"Hey, I'm doing it at all, that should be enough."

And then I thought about it. No that's not enough.


While perhaps a week wouldn't matter for starting a project, whole years, however, they could eat right in to you. I thought about people procrastinating on things they did. Not those that put it off for just a few days - and did it, no, I was thinking of people who promised they would have something done years and YEARS ago - and never ever did it. Not even to their passing day !

That's sort of like a small death in itself, I thought. I knew I was supposed to learn something from this dream and that was, CARPE DIEM, or SEIZE THE DAY.

But that was not enough. I heard one of the players call out, "Illegitimi non carborundum !"

Just then I burst into tears at the amusement of the other players. Because the "player" who spoke, however, was none other than my Dad. And, I knew he had passed away almost 10-years ago now.

These very words he spoke to me when I was growing up, and they meant, "Don't let the b******s grind you down."

So I suddenly woke up and in tears over the thought of him and the wonderful parenting he gave me.


[8] Dreamed that my Dad had made friends with a spirit. This spirit was somehow housed in a simple tulip bulb, and it was talking to him. I didn't want to say that my Dad was crazy and imagining this. You know, when you're young, as I was in the dream, anything your parents say is the gospel truth - always.

So, I believed him. And it was just as well as unlike a normal plant, this particular one grew and grew, and it was scary to behold. It had sharp leaves, as sharp as razors and just as dense. It burrowed through the table top in the kitchen where Dad had it and rocketed up to the ceiling where the high cabinets were.

I told Dad I was frightened by it. He assured me it was quite safe. Then he touched one of the razor sharp leaves, but it did not cut him. Instead the plant grew soft like pink cotton and a beautiful rainbow bouquet of blossoms emitted from the top.

To complete the picture of beauty, a lovely scent drifted out like perfect sandalwood and rose petals.

I smiled. This went on for a few days with Dad watering and tending to it. But then the plant grew too big for the kitchen and the mass of it crashed hard into the ceiling, with all its beauty, and tore straight through the timbers there causing pieces to fall to the ground. I was worried it would tear up the house so I started saying, "Get rid of it, get rid of it !"

Then the scene changed and a terrible memory from my direct past was pulled forth. "Get rid of it, get rid of it !" I said again, but this time, Dad was fighting a large poisonous snake that had somehow come up from the sink and he was stuffing it head first down the garbage disposal with the machine turned on !

Nightmarish stuff, I think I was 6-years old at the time and that harrowing memory never left me. Even today I shudder at the sound of a garbage disposal.

But the scene changed again and I was in some type of wonderful greenhouse. There before me was an absolutely massive and soft tulip bulb, apparently fully grown now, and big enough to walk into.

Inside was the silhouette of a beautiful woman and she was talking to me, inviting me to visit her there.

"Join me." she said simply, and the petals opened up and I could see she was the most beautiful girl in the world - and in naked splendor. And, it was like the most sensual and arousing thing you had ever seen, like a massive and perfect pucker opening up to admit you. And I was moved and stimulated by what I saw, and I stepped in. And thick green tendrils went all over my body to caress and kiss me. I shuddered in delight.

A minute later, more tendrils came out and a sticky liquid was smeared on to me. Without any pain whatsoever and instead experiencing excruciating pleasure, I melted directly into the tulip bulb.

In a short time, I had fed the plant and the woman inside smiled gently and moving her arms across her bare and perfect bosoms, the the leaves closed around her showing only her silhouette again.

The plant made a repugnant gurgle, it's appetite was clearly fulfilled.

Then I woke up.


[9] Dreamed I was in a strange setting. Apparently at school, some mean kids had somehow managed to throw a real stick of lit dynamite at me as I was trying to unlock my bicycle from the back of high school.

They were all giggling with cheap jokes like, I would go out with a bang, and some such nonsense.

But at a level, I sensed I had the power of duplication. As they watched I picked up the dynamite. They chortled all the louder saying now I would lose a hand and be called LEFTY or some such nonsense.

"Did you throw this ?" I asked them.

They were gone in wicked giggles, hoping it would ignite soon, ending my inquiry.

"Or perhaps it was this ?" I cross my hands and suddenly I have two sticks of lit dynamite.

Now they are watching with wide eyes, so I take it a step further. I cross the two sticks and have four. I tuck two under my arm pits and hold the other two in plain sight. The fuse hisses and sparkles on them all in plain sight.

Now they're being entertained as it's really a bit of a magic trick I am showing them. "Don't forget these !" I say and with a wave of my hand the 4-sticks turn into 8 which I cluster around my arms.

They are stepping closer, fully amazed at my magical prowess and are even clapping in appreciation of the trick.

I smile, having a bit of an audience now and start to perfectly juggle them. They applaud and whistle loudly now.

I grin and speak excitedly, "For my next trick - " when suddenly all 8 sticks go off blowing up me, them, and a good portion of the still chained-up bicycles back there.

A moment later, one fat little dumpy kid rides by on a free bicycle who saw the whole thing. He looks to the place of the explosion and gives a nasty wet bronx cheer. Then he struggles with the pedals to ride quickly away as if someone might chastise him for his rudeness.

The dream ends.


[10] Very sad and depressing dream. Sammie, a good friend of my Dad had died very early, me knowing her for only a few days instead of years as I had. We were at the funeral. Dad was terribly upset.

The music was lovely, quiet words were spoken, people came forward and gave meaningful tributes. There was a quiet ceremony afterwards with vanilla cake and then I went home.

But somehow, somehow, this one death changed my life. And it didn't make any sense ! My whole being - my whole BRAIN was entirely shifted from the death of someone I barely knew.

I struggled to hold on to the ME, the me that was there before this event. But it was slipping away, like grasping bits of glass that cut you the harder you hold on to it. I was no longer me, I was someone else.

I was a new person, forever changed and altered entirely and somehow affected by the death of almost a complete stranger. It didn't make any sense at all to me ! Then I woke up.

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