Dream Diary - "The Television Channel"

Dream Diary - "The Television Channel"

A Chapter by dw817

I gazed up to give her a better look. Boy did I see her ! Not only was she tall and beautiful, she was wearing a skirt and outfit very reminiscent of the hottie Anne Francis from Forbidden Planet.



  Dream Diary   


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© March 2017 Written by David Wicker
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This particular dream like some of the special ones was quite detailed, so I'll write it out as a single shot story.



We broadcast movies, serials, soaps, talk shows, infomercials, cartoons, and sitcoms on Channel 51. While we are not an especially large or popular TV channel, we do tend to mix things up to keep things fresh and interesting which is what keeps our rating high.

I remember sitting in a large puffy black chair talking to a woman on the telephone.

"Are you listening to me ?" the voice on the other end was asking.

"Wha - what ?" I replied as I had no idea what was going on.

I looked around. I was apparently in a really nice office. I could tell her this, but I think I was supposed to be professional at the moment.

"Where are you now ?" the voice asked.

I tried not to sound like a perfect idiot. "At work." I finally said

I couldn't see her nod on the other end of the phone but I sensed it. "Yes, because you are working." she said. "Now, what is my job ?"

"To help me ?" I floundered, trying to guess what we were talking about.

"And I can't help you if you won't let me. We've got the FCC after us again about that tasteless Betty White commercial. All I need to know is that you're going to red light and yank it from broadcast."

"Yank it ?" I said carefully. How bad can a commercial be ?

Her voice changed to one of a more pleasant demeanor. "Fine. I'll check with avertising and get back later."

I nodded then hung up the phone.

At once there was a knocking at my door. I got up out of my chair to see who it was. It was some guy and an absolutely beautiful and tall woman. This is Steve from programming, I told myself. Bit by bit my memory was returning to me so I knew who I was and what my purpose was here.

"Steve ?"

"Jack, I think you ought to take a good look at this." He held his hand out.

I stared down hard at his hand. It was empty.

"What am I supposed to be seeing ?"

"Her, man ! Can't you just see her ? My relative, Elsa."

I gazed up to give her a better look. Boy did I see her ! Not only was she tall and beautiful, she was wearing a skirt and outfit very reminiscent of the hottie Anne Francis from Forbidden Planet. I did all I could not to swallow my tongue.

"For advertising ?" I asked Steve as clearly I could think of no better way to beef our sales.

"No, man. She's got her own show already in Sweden." and with that he handed me a VHS cassette.

Then she spoke, and with a beautifully delicious accent.

"god morgon, Jack. Jag vill du se min show."

I pondered in my head. "Good morning, Jack. Will you see my show."

"Certainly." I said and smiled wide.

Then a buzzer went off on my desk. A voice on the intercom spoke. I recognized it as Maria, my secretary.

"Jack, you wanted me to give you a 5-minute head start to the meeting. You better go now."

I clicked a button there. "Got it." Then I looked back to Steve.

Steve asked, "Where can I leave Elsa ?"

"Oh, her ?" I had to look her up and down again. "What is it you do again ?"

"Jag dansar vacker."

"What ?"

Steve translated, "She dances. Beautifully." He then handed me a VHS tape.

I didn't want to leave this strange yet lovely woman alone in my office.

"She can come to the meeting too." I felt it fair she see how the others would react to her "dancing."

"Oh ?" was all I could hear as I pushed past Steve to get to the conference room first.

I arrived early, which was good, as I was the head speaker. I quickly grabbed a Styrofoam cup and put some hot coffee in it from the percolator. Written on the cup it said, "Winner." They all did.

It was Margie's idea. She felt if every person had that word written on their cup, it would increase productivity.

Personally I had seen the people work at my firm and never knew them to be lazy or otherwise.

"Jack." Margie came in, addressing me. Then Fred, Maria, Max, Albert, Akachi, and Gregoire, or "Greg" as we called him for short. He was French.

"Anyone see Steve ?" I asked.

No-one replied. "Few more minutes then shall we ?" I said, looking at my watch. I was not above docking someone's pay if they were 15-minutes late to something important.

He finally showed up, with Elsa.

There was a thunderous sound around me. I looked around and saw that every male in the room had pushed away from the desk and stood to attention at the arrival of Elsa. I was at attention too, despite sitting. She was THAT arousing.

"That's fine." I told everyone, glad no-one could see beneath my waist. "Sit down, please."

Else and Steve picked out some chairs on the end of the table.

"You are no doubt aware of Elsa. Steve brought her in as a relative - she says, she dances well."

Suddenly there was applause. Once again, only from the guys. I smirked. The two women in this meeting were going to hate the topic at hand.

"She sent a demo tape. I thought we might watch it together."

That got a few hoots and cheers from the guys.

"May I ?" Margie asked. She was responsible for us not getting in trouble with the FCC. Truly I wanted to see the video, but a quick screening would not be entirely out of order.

"Yeah, sure." I said.

I still had the VHS tape with me. I handed it to Margie and she went in the other room. It was quiet for a minute. I realized she might be some time.

"Okay, next thing on agenda. Cartoons."

"We show them Monday through Saturday from 3pm-5pm. News after."

"What about Saturday ?"

"What about it ?"

I scratched the back of my head in thought. "I want to push through some other shows. Cartoons are mostly for kids. Ideas ?" I picked up a pencil. Twirled it in my hand and tapped the rubber end twice on the table for emphasis.

"What do you recommend ?" Steve asked.

I knew what I wanted, but I wanted to check with everyone else. "I want to have the good old space stuff. What do we have, Star Trek, Buck Rogers. What time are those showing ?"

Akachi spoke now. "Various times during the week. No set schedule." Akachi leaned forward. "They are fillers, really."

I tapped the pencil down again. "We've received a few letters from viewers that they would like it if we had a set time for these sci-fi shows." I flicked the pencil up and down between my index and forefinger in thought.

Everyone was quiet.

Finally Gregoire mumbled, "Super Saturday ?'

* * *

I nodded, "Yes, good time of week, but not that name. Different name. Anybody ?"

Max fairly yelled, "Sci-Fi Saturday !"

Despite the fact he always got out of hand a little at each meeting, he was on the right trail.

"Yes ! Good name ! Okay. Programming ?"

Steve spoke. "I don't have the schedule with me, but how about this ? Other TV channels are showing cartoons early in the morning on Saturday. But what about the good stuff ? The space shows, as you say."

He continued, "How about for Sci-Fi Saturday, starting at 7am we show Jason Of Star Command, Space Patrol - "

Max interrupted. "I don't like puppets."

Steve grimaced, "They're marionettes, you idiot."

Max waved a dismissive hand. "I don't care what they're called, they're dumb. No-one likes 'em."

I looked disparagingly to Steve and sighed, urging him to continue with his train of thought.

"Fine, no - Space Patrol. Space Academy alright then ?"

He paused to see if someone would object. No-one did. He continued, "Lost In Space, Star Trek, Buck Rogers, Space 1999, and maybe finish with some old repeat NOVA."

Maria wrote this all down. She was very good and reliable for recalling the minutes of a meeting.

I leaned back in my chair, impressed. We had the rights to all these shows but had been using them only sparingly. Instead we were spending big bucks on the more modern shows.

I had always wanted Channel 51 to be a classic TV channel, and it would save us a lot of money as broadcasting these ancient gems was considerably cheaper than getting the newest shows out there.

The dollar bills were rolling in my eyes, making a little ka-ching sound like a casino in my head. "I like what I'm hearing here." I told Steve. He smiled in admiration. I then held the pencil, sharp point out and pointed to him. "Make it so."

Then the door behind me opened and it was Margie. All the guys looked toward her with hope in their eyes, clearly they wanted to see what this voluptuous angel sitting at the table could do to benefit the company.

"Can I see you for a second, Jack." she asked me, clearly nonplussed.

I got up from my chair. The wood squeaked against the tiled floor. "Yeah, what's up ?"

She didn't say but motioned me to come inside to the viewing room.

"Back in a shake. No-one leave." I told the remaining crew around the table, and then I was inside, closing the door behind me.

Once there, Margie, still having the VHS tape in the player hit PLAY.

It showed Elsa perfectly naked except for her panties and dancing - badly, on the top of a piano.

"This is just porn." Margie said in an angry and stern tone.

"Yes it is." I couldn't agree more. Damn, she was even more beautiful without that shimmery skirt. I looked to her naked breasts; ripe and full.

"My question is, what are you going to do ?"

"Hmm ..." I said still watching her erotic dancing as she turned around to wiggle her bottom. The cameraman zoomed in the sweet spot. My eyes grew wider, feasting it all in.


I was still staring at the screen. "Huh ?"

"Jack ?"

Still staring. "Wha - ?"

"Jack !" she turned off the player to get my attention.

I grumbled uncomfortably. "Yeah. What ? What is it ?"

"You're NOT going to have this broadcast on our nice clean channel are you !?"

I paused in thought. I wondered if Steve would let me keep the VHS despite how this turned out.

"Are you !?" she was yelling now as it was clear to her I wasn't quite as adamant about this as she was.

I laughed finally, and focused clearly. "No. No. No, of course not. I'll - simply tell Steve that - "

"That his girlfriend is a w***e." Margie completed for me.

"Right. I'll tell him that his girlfriend is a .. ! Well now wait just a minute, Marge ! You can't say that to him !"

"Alright, I'll tell her then !"

"Marge ! Think for a minute, will ya ? Let's do this professionally."

She was quiet for a moment.

Then added, "Well then YOU tell her that she's not welcome here. At least go that far. Take some responsibility of this company for once !"

She certainly was stepping all over my loafers, but she was right. There were other times I was outvoted for shows I didn't like, and usually they costed the company points in the Star Media listings; the say all tell all magazine that could make or break broadcast companies.

I didn't say a word from here. I cracked open the door and invited Steve to join us in the viewing room. I closed the door behind me and all 3 of us were cramped in the room.

"Yeah, what's up, captain ?" That's what he called me when he wanted something. He clearly wanted to see Elsa make it big here.

"Your girlfriend is a complete - !" Margie started.

But I interrupted her, "Marge ! Not now !"

Then to Steve, "Look, Margie is really upset about this. But - have you seen Elsa dance ?"

"Sure have, I think she'd be perfect for our channel."

"Doing - what !?" I really was at a loss to think of anything she could do that wouldn't get us perfectly thrown off the air.

Steve pointed to the screen, now turned off. "You saw how she dances, right ?"

I was quiet now and silent. Finally I spoke. "Look, Steve. It's clear that she has some - talent," I wanted to say this as smoothly as I could. "... but I don't think television is quite ready for her."

"Sweden is ! They already show her entertaining there." he said defensively.

I had to be firm here, "Then you need to take her back to Sweden. I'm sorry. We're a family channel here. Imagine what parents would say if kids saw this."

"Show it at night." he offered.

I sighed, "Steve. We can't guarantee kids will not see it. If we COULD, I would say yes, I really would. But we can't, so no. I'm sorry."

Margie came up behind me and patted me on my back.I gave her a sour look. I wanted Elsa to show me what had she had, but not professionally, and unfortunately I had to be professional here.

With that business concluded, I took out the tape and reluctantly gave it back to Steve. Then opened the exit to return back to the conference room.

But the moment I did I was immediately surprised at what I saw !

Elsa was standing on the table and dancing for all she was worth. At my low level to the floor I could clearly see her hot pink little panties wiggling to the perfect beat of music. Someone had pulled a little AM radio out of the lost and found and had it blaring a rock song.

Around her was a modest pile of single dollar bills. The only other woman that I left in this room was Maria, and she was not here now. Clearly she was disgusted at the horrible scene of debauchery and ran out.

"What's going on here !?" I demanded, furious that the sanctity of my conference room was being defiled by - this - girl !

"I told you she was talented !" Steve offered behind me.

Margie slammed the door behind me in disgust, closing herself in the viewing room.
I turned to look at Steve with a frown on my face. I could punch him but right now I needed to take control of this situation.

I had a little communication panel near my chair. I carefully sat in it and hit a few buttons.

"Security here." a voice said.

"Yes, I need you to - " but that was as far as I got for suddenly Elsa jumped off the table and straight onto my lap. She wrapped her arms around me and grinded her hips hard between my legs.

I moaned in confusion and frustration. She squealed in delight herself and started singing, badly. The guys at the table started to whoop and holler in excitement.

"Told you she was talented." Steve said, still beside me.

"Excuse me ?" security said on the still open line.

It was too much to handle all at once. So I closed my eyes and just - let it happen.

But I woke up before it did.

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