Dream Diary - Apr 4th 2017

Dream Diary - Apr 4th 2017

A Chapter by dw817

Steeple Of People / Switched Samaritan / Millionaire's Daughter / Terrible Transport / Acrobatic Antics / Terrible Thump / He Loves Me / Time Travel Travesty / Too Much Technology / Get The Guinea Pig



  Dream Diary   


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© April 2017 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my sporadic Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Busy dreams ! Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre ones I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] This dream begins where I am on a bus and apparently going to some type of social gathering at a church's steeple. It was big enough for several people to enter.

My problem was there were some bullies who were following the bus. They wanted to take my packages.

The bus pulls up to the church and I am running top speed to the steeple. The bullies are tumbling over each other's motorcycles in their haste to get at me, but I arrive first.

Already the steeple is full of people from church and many snacks and food items have been prepared. Someone is already also prettily playing an organ in the background amidst light singing.

I toss my packages to the floor and wrestle with the lock on the door. It uses an "X" cross that required me to move both wooden planks at the same time. There are some strange holes in the front door, like for a prison, about as big around as your finger and 5 across by 3 down separated by 3-inches distance.

The bullies are struggling with the lock but to no avail.

One of them says, "Hey you ! Get a load of this !" and blows some white powder through the holes.

At first I think it's poison or Anthrax or something, but it's sweet, like sugar. While wiping my mouth free of the residue, I do taste a bit of it. It is exceptionally sweet and delicious.

"Sugar ?" I ask him.

He smiles wickedly at me. "Yeah, sugar. Get a good taste."

But suddenly the whole world is moving around me. Bright and beautiful colors fill the corners of my eyes and everything, every movement I make, is just -delicious- ...

"Ohh ..." I say falling over. "Wha - what is that ?"

"Just some pure cocaine mixed with a little powdered sugar." he laughs back at me.

I can't respond now and slump to the floor, my eyes wide open and tearful from the incredible hallucinations I am witnessing. Beautifully scantily clad angel-like women are thronging above in the ceiling. The simple organ music turns to sepulchral beauty that touches and pierces my very soul.

The front door is bashed in and they attack everyone there. Screams permeate the small area from the women who have attended, but I am too far gone to notice, and no-one bothers me at all.

Finally the bullies are getting ready to leave. They have my groceries and then some.

One turns to look back at me. I am unmoved with a silly smile on my face staring forward. "Might as well finish you off." and with that he grabs my limp arm and injects me in the shoulder with something new.

Now I am swimming in rivers of light and start to sink lower - and lower - and lower. It is like the sound of a waterfall that gets deeper in pitch until all I can hear is my heartbeat. And it, too, slows and gets lower and lower - until it finally stops. I die about as peacefully as you can get.

Then I wake up.


[2] Dreamed Dad, my sister, and myself, had all planned to go to this nice oriental restaurant.

Something - happened though, with Michelle, I'm not sure what, and we have to divert our course to a hospital.

My sister for some reason isn't capable of walking and Dad, old as he is, tries to lift her out of the car, but unsuccessfully.

Finally I pick her up, cradling her in my arms, and find her to be rather light. Then we are approaching the doors of the hospital and I am carrying her in my grip.

It's a strange sensation in my head. All my life my sister has really looked out for me and - in this rare instance, I literally held her life in my hands.

We pass by some especially bright lights coming from the ceiling where I can't see anything. Then I wake up.


[3] Dreamed I was invited to spend the night at this girl's house. While Dad thought it was a regular sleepover, both him and myself did not know that her parents were multi-millionaires.

I arrived with my sleeping bag, Teepo, my teddy bear, tucked deep inside, and my hand-held videogame, a B&W gameboy with just a few cartridges.

I felt like I was 13 maybe 14-years old in this dream, and that the pretty girl who invited me to stay for the weekend was 18-years old herself.

I remember her showing me the bounty and beauty of her home. The sumptuous furnishings in all the rooms. The expansive kitchen, her dazzlingly beautiful bedroom, and even some of the massive and decorative bathrooms.

Finally we return to her room where she puts on some nice music. Currently she is dressed in a none-too flattering shirt and long pants. "Let me change into something better, I'll be right back."

I nod and while she is in her bathroom I am looking over the place. Stuffed animals and dolls are literally falling over each other in a toy chest she has. On shelves are beautiful and rare dolls including expensive figures from well-known anime series and movies.

I am just now checking out her books when she returns. Now she is wearing a pink shimmery silk camisole and silver short silk tap pants with a red stripe going up each side.

I look, no, correct that, STARE and swallow hard. At once my forehead starts heating up and I'm certain my face looked like a bright red cherry right then.

"You okay ?" she asked me gently.

"Sure." I said, and as my voice was changing, it came out tight and squeaky.

She laughed to that. "You're all tense. Here. Lie down."

I was tired having previously gotten little sleep (according to my memories in the dream). I lay back on her bed and noticed it was a canopy with pretty rainbow-colored stars.

"That's really pretty." I said pointing to the display.

"Uh hmm ..." she said, clearly interested in something else.

Then she got behind the bed as there was a little space there, behind me, and rubbed her hands from from the front of my chest on down to my waist, leaning over my head.

Her touch was electric and exciting and at once I shivered with delight. She then picked up my head in her hands and started massaging my hair and face with rough movements. I smelled delicious cinnamon and wondered if she was melting wax in a potpourri container.

This continued for awhile and I was about as aroused as I could ever be - but suddenly the door to her bedroom opened, and Dad was there ! It was impossible, but there he was. And boy was he mad !

I tried to get out of bed, but the girl held on to me and wouldn't let me move now. Dad came close, his fearful footsteps echoing in my mind. Suddenly I woke up.


[4] Dreamed, like many, I was trying to get to school. In this case, I think it was college.

Dad was supposed to have repaired my bicycle, but he hadn't. Inside the garage was this piece of plastic from a broken mechanical battery-powered race car designed for little children.

I picked it up and turned it over so the undercarriage faced up. The I took some of the back and molded it in my fingers, to make a kind of ignition. I turned it with my finger and it launched out the garage.

It was impossible for it to move, but there it was, going along at a nice clip of about 20 miles-per-hour. I entered oncoming traffic for the freeway, but as hard as I willed it to, the device never did go much faster than this.

Vehicles honked their horn at my tiny plastic carriage and drove angrily around. I was fearful now I would be involved in an auto accident. I then leaned forward and did everything I could to try and accelerate it.

There was a scene where I was stopped at a red light when a bunch of my trading cards blew out into the street. A pretty woman in her 20s was picking them back up again.

"Hey, those are mine !" I told her and started to get off the chunk of plastic, but I felt at some level if I did, it would never travel again.

I reached out absently and grabbed one card that was in the air.

"That's mine !" she said and snatched it from my hands.

"How about the others ?" I asked.

"You're too big to play with trading cards now, aren't you ?" she said back.

I shrugged and finally she collected all of them before the light turned green. Then my "vehicle" lurched forward and I was back moving with the traffic again.

At some level I knew I was sleeping and trying to imagine where the vehicle SHOULD be were it running at the right speed. But even with all my mental powers and concentration the vehicle never did go faster than about 45MPH, and that was downhill.

Suddenly the freeway made a strange turn and I was walking. I was in a strange forest with a bunch of other scientists. The trees were as weird as you can get. Appearing sort of normal, more green than brown, and had rounded "lips" on all sides.

One tree "walked" up to me and kissed me hard on the lips. I hate to admit it, it was really sensual, the orifice being rubbery and sticky. But then a scientist came up and asked how I felt. I said fine, but a moment later I suddenly puked up a live crawling worm !

The scientist looked at it, nodding his head, and wrote something down on a chart in his hands. Then I felt sick again and two more worms came up. I felt like I could really throw up hard now !

The scientist/doctor was mumbling, "You're very lucky. I think we found our perfect incubator."

Then I woke up retching. I was fine, but the dream of coughing up live worms was horrible.

This is also not the first time I have dreamed of riding 'something' to get somewhere. I know a dream previous I was actually riding just a piece of smooth wood that floated above the ground - but it also would not travel very fast.


[5] Dreamed I was finally going to use my telekinetic powers to make some money.

I had signed up with this team of circus performers calling themselves The Fantastic Flyers. We were going to perform on stage live for this hotel.

The manager looked at our group and scoffed that it didn't appear we had any skill in us at all and the entertainment we would provide would fall down flat on its face.

I had enough of this naysayer so I concentrated for a moment and lifted him straight up in the air with my telekinetic powers. The roof was really high so I made sure to put him right at the top before letting him back down gently again.

I know I was a kid in this dream, I think 12-years old or so, and while in my mind I thought he would be happy for the ride and to see proof we really could perform, in actuality once back on the ground he fearfully pointed at me and said I was some type of sorcerer !

I didn't like that, but it was time for our performance. I went into the dressing room to get into my costume when a really pretty girl was there, like a show girl from a can-can program. She had a large pitcher of orange juice and asked if I would like a glass before I return to the stage.

I said sure. She smiled and was talking about the importance of vitamin C when I noticed the drink tasted rather chalky. She smiled and said maybe it wasn't mixed right as it was from a powder.

"Tang ?" I asked, but then a moment later I slumped over sleepily unable to keep my eyes open. Quick as can be two strange men entered wearing matching gray business suits and bundled me up in a large set of comfortable bed-covers and finally into a big metal chest.

They carried the chest outside to a waiting limousine which tore away from the road. Then I woke up.

This is not the first nor last time I would have a dream about some secret company wanting me for my superpowers. It is definitely one of the key elements in my Future Barrier books.

You can find the first book available to read in its entirety online


Dreamed I was being held prisoner in an all-brick prison. There was no way, not even with my dream strength, could I grab the bricks and pull them out.

But then I remembered a technique I had used in other dreams. Where I punch a side of the wall. In school, it would shake the entire building frightening bullies and keeping them away from me. In this instance, it shook the prison and rattled loose one brick, where I could see out of.

Beyond were many guards. They didn't look American but from some foreign countries. They saw me looking through the opening and at once reached for their firearms.

"Shoot him !" someone said in a thick Russian accent. I immediately pulled my head away as hot lead fired through the small opening to collide against the far wall.

So then I punched the floor. The one part of the ground that wasn't brick but dirt. This caused the ground to well up in a funnel and I fell straight through it.

I was surrounded by darkness when some strange mice-like creatures approached me. They were really cute, about half the height I was and kept saying, "Chu chu."

I finally realized they were worshiping me as being some type of savior for breaking them out from being locked underground. Then the dream ended.


[7] Dreamed I was in my teens and some other guy in college was completely smitten with me. Not a girl, a guy.

He was exceptionally polite and kind. I liked him a lot for this, but I didn't like the fact he liked me - the way he did. But apparently that didn't matter. His family was super rich and they moved especially quickly towards getting us two married together.

My own Dad for some reason was completely ineffectual in this dream and said that I need to handle this on my own. Do I love him ? No. Then tell him that.

But I couldn't. And the wedding came the next day. He had me dress up like a woman in a beautiful and expensive bridal gown and he himself was handsome beyond all understanding. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, and I suspect no-one there except the family and him knew that I was a guy as back then the only hair I had was on my head and nowhere else.

In the crowd I recognized Beetle Bailey from the cartoon strip, but somehow my mind still believed everything happening around me was real.

After a sumptuous celebration, my groom drove us away an in expensive sports car with a sign on the back window, "Just Married," and he was already planning our honeymoon.

And - I didn't fight him. He seemed so happy. True as life we had sex, with him aggressively on top, in the beautiful hotel room and he cuddled up next to me afterwards in bed and said he loved me with all his heart and kissed me right on the lips.

I had to think about this for a second. I had really never taken a strong stand for anything nor defended myself, not until I reached my 30s and in this dream I was either 19 or 20. I just - let things happen around me.

Sure it was a great adventure to do this (see the movie "Yes Man" w Jim Carrey), but it also put me in some rather controversial and compromising positions with others that were hard to get out of.

I suspect that was what I was supposed to learn from this dream, not to let others always dictate where and what happens to me and in my life. Then I woke up.


[8] Rather amazing dream. I am with Rose, walking down the road to some street bazaar when we run directly into her Mom.

I know it's impossible as her Mom died more than 20-years ago, but here she is. Sound of wind and limb and looking great.

"Mom !" Rose says and at once they are caught up in hugs and earnest looks of surprise.

The three of us then find the bazaar and a restaurant within so her and Rose can catch up on lost years.

But before we get there we are beset upon by bullies, apparently from my college, and they want both Rose and her mother to hand over their purses.

And somehow I am being blamed by Rose and her Mom for what is happening now. I tell them I can fix this.

I reach in my pocket for a calculator and pull one out. Its buttons are rearranged and it is a wonderful but dangerous type of time machine. I point it at the bullies and they start walking backwards away, much to the relief of the girls.

But then they start to sink in the ground and bright red flashes appear around them, like they are melting or something.

"You're killing them !" Rose says in a panic.

I hit a button on the calculator and freeze them in time. Then forward, then backwards, but at a different angle. Then things got even worse. The whole world started to twirl up, like white and blue paper confetti for a cat with bones crunching from victims below and weird sounds like the very dead rising from their graves.

At first I was terrified and didn't know what to do, but then I realized there was no way this could ever happen, so I must be dreaming. And I even pinched myself and curiously could not feel any pain.

"Screw you all !" I laughed, telling the world around me and then promptly woke up.
This is the first time I had ever recognized I was dreaming when using a time traveling device to "correct" things.


[9] Dreamed I went to a computer camp. I couldn't have been older than 12-years old. I do remember bringing an amazing device that directly interfered with a television's broadcast and instead would show cartoons from a memory chip I carried in my pocket.

I was a big hit with the kids there. I could also play video games on any screen, even projection televisions which was used by the counselors there to show campers dangerous things.

When the screen changed to one of Space Invaders, I knew then I was in a lot of trouble. The counselors grabbed me, stripped me of my great technological devices, and locked me in a cabin for the remainder of the day.

But I still had one with me. It would interfere with everyone's cellphones for miles around. I activated it. Suddenly I heard frantic keys working at the lock of the cabin I was in. I hid the device in a nearby bunk and all the counselors came in to glare at me.

"Problem ?" I asked with an innocent expression. Apparently not innocent enough as I was hurriedly dragged to a bus where the driver took off in a flurry of cobblestone and pebbles.

Then I woke up.


[10] Dreamed I was a guinea pig, apparently having escaped from some carnival where they were being given out to kids as presents. I know that my fur was sticky from finding abandoned candy apples and fluffs of cotton candy, all delicious but hell to groom out of my fur later.

Then there was a bunch of little kids chasing after me. At that age they were quite spry and nimble and it was the best I could do to not get caught.

Finally I was out of the fair grounds and looking around. I saw a comfortable looking house and did an amazing jump straight through the mail slot. I found a pantry and gorged myself on the delicious seasoned crackers there.

Later I woke up and saw someone had opened the cabinet and was shrieking at the top of their lungs, apparently not liking to see me all fat with their food. Then I woke up.

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