You Think Your Luck Is Bad

You Think Your Luck Is Bad

A Story by dw817

This story is too weird and specific to make-up. Everything you see and read are TRUE and actually happened in real life. Only the names of the companies are changed to protect the guilty ...





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Once again I would like to state that this particular story is 100% TRUE. I can't make up stuff like this. Only the names of the companies are changed to protect the guilty. And there ARE some VERY definite guilty parties involved.

Okay, have you ever had a day or maybe even several weeks where your luck goes South ? That is, no matter how hard you try to do something, that old devil bad luck is there. Luck to the point you are certain there must be some supernatural reason behind why it's so Mercurial and awful.

That there must indeed be a little sprite or pixie that has chosen you out of billions of people to have cast their shadowy spell over, and is absolutely determined to make your life a living hell with luck so bad it's legendary.

Luck so bad, you must literally stand back in AWE of it's raw evilness, that no normal person could possibly have such a miserable set of events follow without divine intervention.

This then I believe happened to me as I have had such incredible misfortunes befall me - and all regarding something I really needed - my anti-psychotic meds.

As you know, I take anti-psychotics every evening to keep the demons at bay. It was when I was ready to run out I called up my pharmacy to get a refill. They told me they have already tried to contact my doctor as it's past due - so they were already on top of it.

I asked what they had done - and what the problem was. They said they faxed my doctor three times now to get a refill but are not getting back any answer.

So I called my doctor. The nurse there stated that there is a new policy. That they no longer accept phone calls or faxes from the pharmacy for refills of any kind and that I must call in person, as the patient, in order to get refills.

I paused for a moment before finally speaking. "Consider yourself called ?"

Yes indeed. It's Monday now, give us to Wednesday to get your prescription refilled. And do you have enough meds to hold you till then ?

I stated, well, I did, last Friday, but that's when my pharmacy tried to call you for a refill - and did not get a return call. I told her that I was out of meds. Which was true. The normal meds I was supposed to take, were gone now. That the pharmacy DID try and reach you last Friday.

That is correct, we no longer accept phone calls or faxes from the pharmacy. As stated we only accept calls from the actual patient to get refills now.

So it'll be ready Wednesday ?

Yes, no later than Wednesday. If it's sooner, we'll call you.

So I had a few emergency pills I snapped in half and - waited till Wednesday. Wednesday came up and no word from them. I called 2-hours before they would close for an update.

I spoke with a different nurse.

I'm sorry, but at this time we cannot refill anyone's prescription. The person authorized to do this is on vacation and we have no-one else to take their place.

What does this mean, I asked her.

It means that we won't be able to get you any refills until next Monday, that's when they're supposed to be back.

At this point I started to feel the squeeze of Bad Luck. So what do I do until then, I asked her.

Do you have any of your meds now ?

No, they're gone. They were gone as of Monday. I take these so I don't wind back up in the mental ward.

She clicked her tongue. I feel so sorry for you, she said. May God bless you until next Monday - to keep you from being hospitalized - but this is all we can do.

God - bless - you ? I asked her with an incredulous tone.

Yes, may God watch over you until next Monday. This is the best we can do. Goodbye.

After that call my doorbell rang.

It was an entirely different pharmacy !

We have your heart pills for you here. Sign here please.

I don't remember ordering this ?

Oh no, Home & Health ordered this.

So I need to change pharmacies ?

That's up to you. It is convenient to get your medications hand delivered to your front door, isn't it ? So we hope you will consider us for all your medication needs.

Thank you ?

You're welcome, ma'am. (As I have a slight beard at the time I am wondering the sanity of the deliverer).

So my heart pills arrived, but still no Seroquel. That would be the Gauntlet. I could feel it in my bones.

The next day I received a call from my Doctor's.

Different nurse AGAIN. I am so sorry about what happened yesterday. I will personally take care of your refill for you. It should be ready by later today. I will call you.

Okay ?

Thank you.

An hour later she called back, your prescription has been approved for refill, thank you.

I called the pharmacy.

We don't have anything yet. If you'll call back in an hour it should be ready.

I waited and called back an hour.

Yes, we have it here, come and pick it up.

I called up my Godfather, Carlos, to take me there. He said, I'll wait for you, you're just going to get that ?


Okay, will wait for you.

I went, grabbed a quick bag of Haribo Fruit Salad (a kind of candy) and paid $8 combined for the candy and the two medications.

The woman giving me my prescription took me to the side. She quickly told me the dangers of the medication and then said, all done, handed me the bag with my purchases. I went back to Carlos, and returned home.

Once home set the bag down, got on the computer to work on a bit of code. My alarm went off stating take your meds.

I went back to the bag for the Seroquel. Inside the bag was the candy, the receipt for the 3-purchases, and nothing more !?

I looked all around and couldn't find it. I told myself I must've tipped the bag over or something in Carlos' vehicle and I can ask him about it tomorrow as I still do have some of my emergency meds to carry me.

I spoke with Carlos the next day, he stated he couldn't find any bottles of pills on the floorboard, under the seats or anywhere else.

I knew I had good hearing. I would've heard if I somehow accidentally kicked them out of the car when he took me home. So - I decided to clean, thoroughly, downstairs, determined that I somehow must've absent-mindedly picked the two bottles out and set them somewhere.

4-hours of cleaning later, no, they were nowhere in sight. I guess the good news was I absolutely and completely clarified that my meds were nowhere at all in my house.

They were nowhere in sight, period. I know I had already gone through a lot of trouble to get this refill and now it just miraculously vanished !?

Already I could hear the evil laughter of the bad luck pixie who had really put me on the spot.

I swallowed my pride, called up the pharmacy and started to tell them, I am sorry, I must've just LOST both prescriptions you just gave me the other day, is there any way I can sign something and get them back ?

They said checking just now they saw that they did indeed charge me for the candy and both prescriptions but had somehow only managed to get me the candy and somehow forgot to give me my prescription the other day.

Really !? I asked. Completely flabbergasted anything like that would be remotely possible.

Really really, she said.

I sighed. My chest hurt. My back hurt. My head hurt. What time do you close, I asked ?

7pm tonight.

Alright, I'll - call Carlos and we'll pick them up then.

Good, look forward to seeing you. Once again we apologize for not giving you your prescription yesterday. That really is very regrettable.

Indeed, what are the odds. I said. WHAT ARE THE ODDS !? And hung up the phone.

It's 5pm now. I need to get ready here, but today, not yesterday but TODAY I should get my meds finally !!!

If not for whatever reason, I'll be back, and I guess write an all-new chapter on my continuing bad luck ...


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