FB4-05 "It All Makes Sense Now"

FB4-05 "It All Makes Sense Now"

A Chapter by dw817

Harold, my Dad asked, "Do you think you have something ?" James nodded. "Yep." He waited for traffic to abate and walked out to the road to point out some suspicious rubber treads burned ...




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 5 - "It All Makes Sense Now"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

As Angel and her crew continued to eye me suspiciously, back with my Dad and his detective neighbor, Jim, they were retracing what they hoped was the same driving course my Mom took earlier before we were earlier run off the road.

James the detective was most definitely a professional investigator. He slowly drove up and down all the roads leading to and from the hospital. Finally he saw something suspicious and pulled over.

Harold, my Dad asked, "Do you think you have something ?"

James nodded. "Yep." He waited for traffic to abate and walked out to the road to point out some suspicious rubber treads burned into the pavement. Reaching down he fingered it. "This was recent, too."

He looked left, then right, then left again. "The screech came from ... " he pulled out a pen and marked on the road a triangle. "This direction."

He stepped off the road back into the vehicle. My Dad followed. "Correct, and we are going the right way now."

He then drove half speed much to the dismay of the traffic behind him which angrily roared around him, leaning on their horns as they did so.

Finally he pulled over again. Waited for traffic to clear and was back in the street.

"More burned rubber ?" Dad asked.

James shook his head, "No. But you can see the pebble pattern here. It veers off in this direction." He took out his permanent marker pen again to draw on the concrete. "This way."

He stepped off the street but this time didn't go back in the car. Instead he started walking on the sidewalk ahead. He walked for a short while when there was a bridge. Immediately he started to work his way down into the ditch.

Dad's eyes grew wide when he recognized his own vehicle, slumped slightly in the water, devoid of life.

James smiled triumphantly. "And this is what she was driving, correct ?"

Dad nodded, more than impressed with the detective skills of his friend and neighbor.

Dad spoke now, "So - that means Dev and her are back at the hospital ?"

"Likely." was all James would say.

"So - how do we get in ? The receptionist said they weren't there."

James nodded, "Yes, and on the phone she identified your son without even asking his name. They're there alright. The trick is to get in. And I have an idea how to ..."

. . .

Back at the desert hospital, the doctor there confided what he knew about Tyr to the professor, Dr. Seisbee, and the other two other girl archeologists, Danielle, and Margot.

"That's incredible !" Margot said.

"No more incredible than what happened on the plane." Danielle chided.

And now the doctor was curious to what miracle happened on the flight. The trio, telling all secrets now, confided in him.

So now there were four people aware of what Tyr could do, and were the sky stones somehow caught up in all this ? For Tyr not only had telekinetic ability but teleportation !

This kind of scientific find could simply not be passed up. While Dr. Seisbee and the two girls could not afford a plane ticket to the states, the doctor that examined Tyr earlier could.

He left the hospital and immediately booked a flight for the states at the address Tyr had on the inside of her purse when she was earlier unconscious. He vowed he would get to the bottom of her amazing superpowers and what created them.

. . .

Tyr meanwhile was bicycling to the hospital where I was being kept. It was a harder and longer ride than she anticipated but she feared the worst for her beloved Dev if she didn't get there in time ! It could be the Arkos Institute all over again !

Her legs burned in complaint but thinking as to how cruel Stefani was earlier to her, she pushed her muscles to the limit, and finally arrived ! She locked up her bicycle and directly entered. Only a block away now, my Dad and James were rapidly returning to the same hospital as well !

It seemed inevitable they would meet each other !

. . .

One-million years in the future it seemed like all the professional aloofness and smugness that HUM had over the humans there had petered out in a weak whimper. He was genuinely concerned for his own safety now and that of Earth's - which seemed in jeopardy now that a galactic breach was underway and tearing up the sky.

That was until in a strange show of an illuminated disc showing a world beyond it opened directly where they were. For the Chronotrons had returned !

And as they had no shape of their own they immediately assumed the identity of Murphy and an aide standing next to him. Their legs fluttered eerily behind them in a pool of zero-G impossibility as they neatly glided over to where Hum was standing.

While they earlier appeared to Tyr and me, angry for breaking the laws of time, here now they seemed quite friendly and gentle to the yellow giant.


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