FB4-06 "Cookies And Milk"

FB4-06 "Cookies And Milk"

A Chapter by dw817

She turned her head and raised her voice, "Whaddya think, girls ? Should we release him ? Or leave him this way all night ?" The jacket had already caused my arms and fingers to go numb ...




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 6 - "Cookies And Milk"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The girls continued to regard me with suspicious eyes.

I spoke in a trembling voice, "It varies. I - I have no special abilities of my own. But - I can sometimes give special abilities to others."

Strangely Angel seemed to buy into this.

"Go on." she urged politely.

I looked around. It was obvious all the girls here had some degree of superpowers themselves. From the way they decorated their eyes and eyebrows, from their clothes, and sometimes additional features including animal tails. I realized right then that these girls even individually may have more uniqueness than I ever would.

I added, "That's about it, really. Sometimes, things happen I can't explain. Sometimes not."

"A regular Pandora's Box are you ?" Angel asked, some smugness entering her tone again.

She stepped closer as did two other girls. "So - you're not going to blow up the building if we release you from this strait-jacket ?"

I nodded, "I'll do my best not to."

She turned her head and raised her voice, "Whaddya think, girls ? Should we release him ? Or leave him this way all night ?"

The jacket had already caused my arms and fingers to go numb. I looked to the others with a hopeful and hopefully pathetic look, like I really was in misery.

They grumbled amongst themselves but finally reluctantly agreed it would be cruel to let me spend the night in this restrictive outfit.

"Blade, if you would." and she stepped back. Stepping forward was a pretty oriental girl who had a sash of iridescent violet in her hair and violet eyeliner to match. She held out a single plastic knife, like you might get from a picnic basket, and faster than the eye could follow, she jerked it in a downward motion cutting the other with a "whoof" sound.

Suddenly the strait-jacket I was in fell away, cut neatly in two, and not one scratch on my arms !

"That's impressive !" I said generously to her rubbing my tingling arms.

She smiled slightly, bowed, and returned back to the pack of girls by the door. Angel stepped forward again.

"That better ?"

I nodded.

She then took the key from earlier and unbuckled my feet from the padlock binding them.

I started to get up but she stopped me, "Not yet, boy." and held up a restraining hand.

I sunk back into the wheelchair.

Then I heard the familiar sound of a door opening, "Cookies." a voice said from it.

Angel looked back at me and hissed in a whisper, "Not a sound out of you." and they all left the room, closing the door behind them, to get their milk and cookies.

. . .

Back with Hum the two beings known and identifying themselves only as Chronotrons approached. One placed a hand in his yellow trembling one. "Be at peace, Hum. This will all be over very soon."

The two then looked over the computer, "Galactic breach. 'Tis why we are here."

The two then stepped to the center of the room, furthest from the consoles, and touched their heads together from behind each other and a strong wind started blowing out of both of their mouths. It was not a normal wind, it was more like a vacuum, yet in reverse, and it was black and scary, like you could see things in the darkness.

Murphy, smart man that he was would have nothing to do with this and had piled himself into a corner and covered his eyes in abject fear. His aide in the room did likewise.

Colors too fantastic to name also poured out of these beings mouths. They penetrated the deep level metal and structure to touch the air outside. Then visibly you could see it ascend, higher and higher, until it reached where the galactic breach was taking place.

* * *

The pilot was dead, turned into pure antimite, along with his spacecraft which was why he couldn't eject earlier. The strange blackness and myriad of fantastic colors within them sparkled, reach out, and touched and enveloped him in a gentle embrace. Then it went out to fill the ship and the breach. In seconds everything appeared as it was again.

The eerie sound of inverted wind had stopped and Murphy uncovered his eyes to look.

Hum could see this in the scanners and did in fact relax now, which seemed to please the Chronotrons. They stopped what they were doing and approached again to look at the sensors. All was normal on the display except that the pilot and his ship were gone.

Murphy was the first to approach them, "What - what did you do ?"

The first Chronotron spoke to him, "We 'borrowed' a pocket of time. Time previous to this incident, and overlaid your reality with it."

"Borrowed ?" Murphy asked, confused at the statement.

"Yes, from 48-hours ago of your standard time. We made a copy of what was there two-days ago and 'painted' it directly into your current reality."

"The pilot ?" Murphy wanted to know.

"Deceased." the Chronotron said, flatly. Murphy started to speak angrily but the Chronotron held up a hand to stop him. "There was nothing we could do. He was already dead."

Murphy grumbled, "So you can't bring the dead back to life."

The Chronotron smiled at this, "It is forbidden, but not impossible."

"So what now ?" Murphy asked.

The Chronotron stepped back to look slightly to the ceiling. "Your work here is done. We have foreseen there is no way you can retrieve the plugin - not with your primitive technology, not even with Hum to assist you - not without irreparable damage to your timeline. We must - we must let time proceed as it has - and is - and was."

"But the plugin !" Murphy said, raising his voice. "It's going to corrupt the timelines !"

The Chronotron tilted his head quizzically to Murphy, "No, it won't. We have foreseen this. There will be a time to act, when needed, but it is not now and we cannot - now. Time there must proceed as normal, untouched and tainted if need be. For if we attempt to stop it again - to retrieve this plugin, we will do far more damage to all the timelines than they could ever survive."

"So we do NOTHING !?" Murphy exclaimed.

The Chronotron smiled again, "That is about the gist of it. We will contact you again when it is possible to act - without danger. We are taking back Hum, however. He has seen enough action."

Then turning to Hum spoke in a strange and almost musical tone, "Come, Hum. It's time to rest. You did your best. Please be our guest - and leave it to the rest."

The strange rhyming and musical way in which it was spoken caused Hum to smile with tears in his eyes, almost as if the voice were hypnotic and his very own parents were calling him.

Hum got up to join them. "Time to come home, son." The Chronotron said to him in a distinctly unique voice, possibly one of Hum's own Mother. Then the two Chronotrons faced each other and breathed on Hum in the middle. The strange black cloud poured out of their mouths again, but this time to envelope the three. In moments they were gone.

Murphy sat back painfully in his chair. He looked to the computer but its contents were wiped clean. He looked to the backup of data it too was gone.

The Aide next to him seemed to be almost sleepwalking, "Sir ?" He asked. "Sir ? Can I ask why you are here at this hour ?"

Murphy smiled slightly. Not only did the Chronotrons repair the area of space where the breach was taking place but apparently wiped all instances in memory of it in everyone else - except him.

Briefly he looked up the pilot's full name in the roster database. He, too, was gone. His parents records were there, listed as civilian rather than citizen, categorized as having no children. The dead pilot truly was plucked right out of time. Out of existence of human thought ...

Murphy shook his head. The power of these creatures was incredible to behold indeed ! He nodded shakily, "I'm - sorry. I was working late. I'm tired now so ... I'll go home. Lock up, will you ?"

The Aide spoke, "Yessir. Have a good rest, sir."

And with that the light winked out on both of them.

Somewhere millions if not billions of miles away, a beautiful set of rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and other precious stones were set into a grid nearly a quarter of a mile in diameter in nothing less than flawless marble. Each shone with an eerie light behind them. Suddenly - one of them winks out. The others continued to shine unfettered by its absence.

A large unseen being of incredible mass and might casts a fearsome shadow over the futuristic display panel. From its silhouette it can clearly be seen as more demonic than human, standing miles high. Then it speaks and its voice is more a rumble, like thunder than actual human vocal chords, "So it begins."


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