FB4-07 "The Quick And The Dead"

FB4-07 "The Quick And The Dead"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr set down her phone on top of a Coke machine and still wearing a hospital gown ran streaking past the nurse shrieking, "I don't want a shot ! You can't make me !"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 7 - "The Quick And The Dead"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Tyr was clever. Oh she was a clever girl ! She knew just how to approach this.

She hurriedly locked up her bicycle and entered the hospital. Using a hairpin she unlocked one closet labeled "patient undergarments."

She hurriedly changed out of her own clothes to a hospital gown open from the back and nothing else. She held up a mirror from her skirt pocket and fluffed her hair to look tattered and awful. She hid her own regular clothes in an empty box labeled, "Rectal thermometers."

Retrieving her cellphone, she hid in a corner and dialed my phone number, going from station to station to see if something would happen.

She went by one nurse's station and sure enough Dev's phone rang clear and true from inside a Lucite box. The nurse turned to look at it but Tyr dropped the connection. The nurse glared at the phone then turned back around to her desk. Apparently she had been seeing it ring several times now.

So Tyr now knew where my personal belongings were. She surmised I couldn't be far from here.

Setting down her phone on top of a Coke machine she ran streaking past the nurse shrieking, "I don't want a shot ! You can't make me !"

Sure enough the nurse there reacted immediately. She clicked on her intercom and yelled, "This is Barbara from 5th level East entry ! We have a code Aqua here !"

A male voice responded, "This is Mr. Kint. Confirmed. Identify subject, please ?"

Barbara paused for a moment in thought. "Female. Violent red hair, short in height, probably 16-years old. Came running by yelling something about not taking her medicine."

Kint laughed. "And that's got you worked up, nurse ?"

Barbara warned, "She's faster than she looks. She could easily find the 7th or 8th floor accidentally and then where would we be ?"

Kint sighed, "Okay. We'll take care of it. Keep an eye on her if you can."

The nurse shook her head, "What ? She's already gone. I told you she was running. You'll have to chase after her !"

"Can't you ?" Kint asked, a little sourly.

She replied, "No ! I have to stay here at this station."

Kint answered beatifically, "Nothing is as painful as being detained where you do not belong."

"What !?" the nurse exclaimed reading this as an insult.

Kint apologized, "Forgive me. And worry not my dear, we will be there shortly in two shakes of a lamb's tail." then the line clicked closed.

She muttered to herself about idiots working in the hospital.

Tyr waited just behind one of the concrete posts to take all of this in. "So, Dev must be on one of those floors, the 7th or 8th !" she whispered silently to herself.

Tyr was just getting ready to sneak back around when an elevator door opened behind her. Standing inside were two men, dressed in solid white clothes.

The short and wiry one was Mr. Kint and was wielding a capped hypodermic needle, while the other one, Mr. Widd was built like a brick; absolutely muscular.

Seeing Tyr right in front of them their eyes grew wide in recognition. Kint exclaimed, "Providence befits the patient !"

Widd was also surprised, "And there's the patient ! Let's get her !"

Tyr was terrified, but only for a moment. Then laughing she screeched, "You can't catch me !"

And then a grand chase ensued. While the orderlies were indeed fast runners, they couldn't catch Tyr cause she was agile, darting left, right, up, and down, even making incredible jumps over furniture and anything else in her way.

At one point she had hopped up on Barbara's desk and leaning forward mooned the nurse straight in her face as the gown was cut from behind for such an occasion.

Barbara was not amused and placed a hand over her eyes from Tyr's exposed and imposing pink and hairless bare bottom, "You stop that ! Get off of there at once you naughty NAUGHTY child !"

Tyr looked back, delighted she was mere inches away from her terrified target, grinned, and stuck her tongue out at the shocked and highly offended nurse. Then she was gone again when Widd tried to grab her off of the desk.

Tyr was now having fun with these slow guards. "Oh boys ... ?" she said melodiously because they had completely lost where she was.

"Imma gonna powder my nose and I'll be right back atcha !" at which point she ran into the girl's restroom. Sure enough they stopped to stare at the door.

"We may not continue, I fear, Mr. Kint." said the first to the second, not wanting to enter the opposite sex bathroom.

"Indeed, 'tis forbidden this, to enter of here, Mr. Widd." said the second to the first.

Mr. Kint was doling out yet another, "Yet for the brave, I hold a solution - " but suddenly Mr. Widd was not there. He scratched the back of his head wondering where he went.

Tyr was laughing. The bathroom was empty so she flushed all 8 toilets in unison creating a terrible din in there. Then looking at the high ventilation window she spryly jumped up to peer out.

Sure enough, several bushes were out there and the ground floors below. She hopped up to open out the window and was just climbing down from the multi-layered set of bushes when suddenly ... !

"Got you now, Princess Nopants." the voice of the missing orderly, Mr. Widd, said and wasting no time, grabbed Tyr's arm and injected it with a needle of his own.

Replacing the cap to the hypo he spoke burly, "You're not the first patient that's tried to escape out of this window." he told her.

Tyr was feeling really weird now. Everything was dizzy and she collapsed on her own two legs. After a moment it was like heavy sand was pouring into her brain. A moment later she was asleep by the strong drug, snoring softly.

"Okay, back we go, Gingerella." he said and hoisted her up to carry her in both his arms. He then returned to the entrance and brought her to one of the nurse's station to get an identification on her and which room she should be in.

. . .

Back with my Dad and his neighbor, James, they were making rapid progress back to the hospital, but James had an idea. He went to the trunk and pulled out a few things.

One of which was a folding wheelchair, the other an outfit for a doctor, the other still, one of those awful open-from-the-back gowns. Bundling the clothes into a towel, he stuffed it in the seat of the wheelchair.

They locked up the vehicle and approached the entry to the hospital, where a policeman stopped them.

"What do you have there ?" he asked suspiciously.

James shrugged, "We're just returning the wheelchair."

"What's in the bundle ?" he asked, looking at the tied towel in the seat.

"Colostomy diapers. For medical examination."

The officer looked over the pair now. My Dad grunted and pointed to his side like he had a colostomy bag attached to him.

James panicked for a moment thinking the officer would be too smart to believe that, untie the bundle, and see the doctor's outfit, but no, the officer looked positively sick now just thinking of the grown man's dirty diapers.

Holding his nose he told the two, "Get that out of here !" and waved them on through.

Then they were inside. The first thing they did was carefully roll the wheelchair to a corner and waited for the hall to become empty. Then using the flat end of a credit card, opened one of the larger closets where they changed clothes.

"Why can't I be the doctor ?" my Dad asked putting on the horrible open-from-behind hospital gown.

James explained, "Because I've had more experience with costumes and outfits in my detective work. Now SIT !" and told my Dad to sit in the wheelchair.

He did and James was all set. Dressed like a doctor, my Dad as a patient, they looked carefully outside waiting for the hall to clear again and then wheeled him out.

"How are we gonna find my son ?" Dad whispered to Jim.

* * *

"You leave that to me." Jim said reassuringly. Then asked, "What does your kid's cellphone look like ?"

Dad replied, "It's just a regular Cell-O-Fame phone. It's got a sticker on it, captain, circular, ... no, circumference ! Yeah, Captain Circumference. It's a show."

Jim smiled, "I know the show. My nephew likes it too. Let's get started, shall we ?"

And, sure enough, Jim did his job well. He went to each of the nurse's stations stating that his patient had lost his glasses and were they in the lost-and-found there ? He gave a weird description of them too, bright glittery pink trifocals.

Naturally no nurse had glasses of that kind but it gave Jim a chance to ruffle through the lost-and-found for that station to try and find my cellphone. Sure enough, they found it !

He carefully closed the lost-and-found drawer leaving my cellphone there and pulled out of his own pocket a horrid plastic pair of lenseless pink glittery glasses.

"Here you are, Mr. Phillips !" Jim said and put the gaudy things on my Dad who only smiled at the whole thing.

Then he spoke earnestly to the nurse, who of course was Barbara as this was her station. "I need to see an inventory of incoming patients too, if I can, nurse."

Barbara hesitated only for a moment. Maybe it was the sight of that crazy girl running by, but she felt she had to be suspicious from here on in. But it quickly passed.

"Certainly, doctor." and she stood up to let Jim in the computer to see the patient results.

Going through them carefully he saw lots of people, but I was nowhere listed there.

He scratched his chin in thought. Then spoke to the nurse in a tight whisper like it was a real secret. "Where did you put Dev Borne ?"

Barbara looked surprised for a moment. But then whispered back, "He's at least blood-type AB 1.5 Negative or deeper. You surely know what that means !"

Jim nodded his head to convince her that he did. He stood in front of her, staring her intently in her eyes. Apparently this wasn't enough information he was saying with his looks to her.

Barbara shrugged, "Have you forgotten ? He's on the 8th floor with all those other freaks."

Jim then smiled and raised his voice trying to sound professional, "Of course ! The 8th floor, just where I was headed."

Barbara was on the alert now looking intently at Jim's hand and not seeing something that should be there. So she asked craftily, "You're not taking him there, are you ?"

Jim had only seconds to try and guess what the correct answer would be here.

"Ah, yes, of course I am. Is there a problem with that ?"

Barbara narrowed her eyes on him. Then popped them open suddenly like she would accept this.

"Very well." she said and sat quietly back down at her station.

"Very well." Jim repeated, hoping she was convinced he was the real thing.

He started to wheel Dad towards one of the doors when the two familiar orderlies showed up blocking their path.

"Like lambs to the slaughter, their bones become fodder." Kint drolled.

"Nicely put." Widd said in admiration to Kint.

"Thank you." Kint said to Widd, bowing respectfully.

"You're very welcome." Widd said to Kint, twirling out a generous hand.

"All in good - " but then nurse Barbara interrupted them, pointing to Jim and my Dad, "Nevermind your drivel ! These are imposters. Both of them ! Anyone working here knows the 8th floor is completely restricted - except for the freaks, and those are never processed here."

Kint opened his mouth wide in a leer, "Wolves in sheep's clothing, their mischief exposing, Mr. Widd."

Widd flexed his muscles disparagingly to my Dad, "The deception is clear, and their trail must end here, Mr. Kint."

Dad started to get up from his wheelchair when Kint leaned in close showing my Dad a hypodermic needle. He tapped the side of it to show a drop appear from the sharp needle on the top.

He then spoke, "Oh please do. Please give me a reason to inject you with this." he said in a challenging tone to my Dad. Dad sat back down in the chair, afraid. Jenkins laughed nastily as he pulled out straps to tie my Dad down in the chair.

Then he approached Jim smirking nastily, "I'll bet you're not even a real doctor. What is this, something you bought at a Halloween store ?"

He tugged at the name-tag and sure enough it was plastic, unlike the shiny real copper ones the real staff was wearing here.

"On your knees." he demanded to Jim, pointing the hypo to him.

Jim despite knowing a good deal of boxing and self-defense complied for fear of my Dad getting hurt.

He then addressed the nurse, "So we got 'em. Now what do we do with 'em ?"

Barbara shooed her hand in the air, "Just keep them quiet for now, Kint. Put them with that woman, what's her name ? Oh yeah, Susanne Borne. Same treatment plan."

Dad's eyes grew wide at this, deeply concerned. "That's my wife ! What have you done to her !?"

Widd came up from behind Dad on the wheelchair and squeezed rather hard, his neck. "Oh don't you worry, she's sleeping like a baby. Just like you two will be. Come on, it's nappy time for busy busy boys such as yourselves."

Dad started to raise up out of the seat but Widd merely tightened his grip causing my Dad to gasp for breath. "I can make this very unpleasant for you, or you can go peacefully, which will it be ?"

Dad sank back in the wheelchair and Widd patted my Dad, rather hard, on his head. Another wheelchair had arrived. "Get in." Kint demanded of Jim.

Jim could see these big men were nothing to trifle with and getting up off his knees complied. Kint tied him in the new wheelchair so he couldn't escape as well.

Widd spoke like he was addressing young children now, "And if you're extra-special good, I might bring some yummy yummy vanilla ice-cream later for you, how does that sound, my kiddy winkies ?"

Dad just looked down in his lap helplessly. Jim had sat in the wheelchair but it was clear to Dad that he was ready to spring and attack at a moment's notice once the bonds were released.

Jim then spoke, "Who are you fooling ? You're going to kill us, that's where you're taking us now, to die, you MURDERERS !"

Kint chuckled in the back of his throat, "Why, we can't do that ! This is a hospital. It's a place for rest and healing !"

He stopped Jim's wheelchair to regard him fully in the face and spoke in a deadpan serious tone, "We won't kill you. I promise you that. But - you might be here for a very long time ... Yes."

Satisfied that was enough answer he started up Jim's wheelchair again and they worked their way to the elevator. My Dad was wondering how on Earth they could keep 2-floors secret, but then looked at the panel and only saw 6-floors showing as lit blue buttons.

He thought for a moment too, there WERE only 6-floors. He could see that from outside. There were no other floors !

His heart raced, maybe this whole thing was a joke to them, that they might let them go now ? But no. Kint stepped forward to the elevator control panel and held his palm up against there.

It was then he saw Kint was wearing a curious metal ring. He then pulled his hand away and the panel popped up with the magnetic ring showing wires for the first 6 floors. Mounted inside were two more buttons ! 7 and 8, and lit a dark red to show their importance.

Kint then hit the "7" button and instead of the elevator going up, it went down, into the ground ! Jenkins then replaced the panel with his other hand where it clicked into place again.

Dad looked at Kint with wide eyes. Kint smirked and said, "No-one will find you down here. We'll set up a nice bed for you two so you can each have a pleasant sleep."

Dad looked to Jim who had managed to pull something out, a small razor ! And was busily and quietly cutting at the bindings that held him in the chair ...


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