FB4-08 "The Tomb Of Perpetual Sleep"

FB4-08 "The Tomb Of Perpetual Sleep"

A Chapter by dw817

"Once a particular temperature is reached, nozzles on the side then spray the body with pure droplets of water, and the temperature continues to lower, until you are a sold block of ice."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 8 - "The Tomb Of Perpetual Sleep"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Jim was still busily sawing away at his bindings with the razor.
That is until the elevator suddenly bumped signifying they had arrived to the 7th floor, or one floor underground of the hospital.

Mr. Kitt and Mr. Wint wheeled out both Jim and my Dad, but were in no hurry to get to their destination. They passed by these long blue-aqua cabinets that were frosted over. Inside Dad could see there was a person ! Apparently encased in solid ice !

Then he came across Mom ! She was not in the cabinets but on a gurney and in a plastic transparent encasement like a lid to a coffin. Inside a mask was attached to her face and she was stricken of all her clothes except for a long metal panel that went across her midsection which flashed lights and showed a display of her life signs and stability.

Mr. Kint, the more talkative of the two explained.

"It's a simple process really and quite genius if I do say so myself. First, we put you to sleep with the Tangerine gas. Once you're at your deepest level of sleep, REM sleep, a valve is then turned on to lower the temperature inside the encasement close to absolute zero."

"Once a particular temperature is reached,  nozzles on the side then spray your body with tiny droplets of water, and the temperature continues to lower, until you are a sold block of ice. Then we wheel the gurney to HERE and a motor will raise you up at an angle and you can be neatly fitted in with the others. Our own little metropolis of ice."

He held his hand out, "For a person encased this way, their temperature is maintained, there is no breathing, yet the heart continues to beat very slowly and the person continues to sleep and dream at their deepest level of consciousness. For years, if we so choose, and they never age or have want for anything."

"You won't get me to do it !" Jim yelled suddenly and bursting free from his bonds ran towards the recesses of the massive room for a better weapon or something to defend himself - where none were in sight.

Kint groaned unhappily, "Now that is just annoying behavior, isn't it ? Mr. Widd, if you please."

"Certainly, Mr. Kint." he said and then approached where Jim was hiding.

My Dad stirred from his seat, still bound but Kint had already pulled forth a scalpel from his pocket and pointed it to my Dad. "Don't worry, you'll have your turn for cold sleep, too. Just be patient. We're professionals."

Jim seeing that Widd was on top of him used incredible fighting maneuvers that would've toppled a normal man. But Widd was not normal, being muscular almost to the point of a superman, he grabbed Jim's razor and crushed it in his grip only causing a few drops of blood to spill from his fingers.

Then Widd leaned his arm back and waited for Jim to tire from his useless fighting, which he did, and then smashed his meaty knuckles straight into Jim's jaw, who collapsed unconscious in an instant.

The sound of fighting was over so Kint spoke, agitated, "Do you have him now, Mr. Widd ?"

Widd spoke in a deep tone, "Yeah, I have him. He put up quite a fight, too. I think I broke his jaw."

Kint nodded, impatiently, "I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. Well bring him here so we can get started, would you please ?"

Widd picked Jim up by his side with one arm and hauled him back to throw his unconscious form onto a fresh new gurney. Widd bound up his hand in a few bandages and then as Dad was still bound in the wheelchair, he was he saw this vicious pair do everything they explained earlier they would do.

They straightened Jim out on the gurney so his legs and arms were flat, removed all his clothes, and examined his wallet. They then entered his name and photo into a nearby computer, and then placed a metal bar over his middle that monitored his life signs.

A mask was then lowered to his face which hissed with the candy sweet vapor of Tangerine, and in seconds Jim was snoring softly from a drugged sleep. They then put the plastic canopy over the gurney and set a timer.

Kint came back to my Dad and explained, "It can take several hours for our guests to enter their deepest level of sleep. But don't worry, we're not going to make you wait that long. Now - we can do this a few ways. The easy way or the hard way. How would you like to get it ?" and he brandished the scalpel in front of my Dad.

* * *

Widd pulled forth a new gurney. Dad just stared at it and nodded slightly, tears forming at his eyes.

Kint nodded in return. "That's just fine. Let's try for the easy way, shall we ? You just do everything we say and no harm will come to you, I promise."

He turned his head, "Mr. Widd. I want you to watch him closely. If you see any sign of him resisting at all, you come in here and show him how to behave, will you ?"

Widd nodded, "Absolutely, Mr. Kint. he'll get a lesson he'll NEVER forget."

Kint smiled, "Oh you have such a way with words, my handsome giant."

Widd grinned. It was then Dad realized that these two must be gay lovers, not that it would do him any good at the moment.

Kint unbuckled the wheelchair's restraints from behind. Dad got up and looked around for a moment. Widd was in the corner reading a comic book that was really designed for juveniles but kept looking up to make sure the proceedings were going as they should for my Dad.

Kint then motioned with the scalpel, "Wallet."

Dad relinquished his wallet. Kint looked it over briefly, "Oh my, you are indeed the husband of the Susanne Borne we're already preparing here. Well we'll make certain to place her beside you. So if you please, let's step this process up and you get on the gurney now. Just the way you saw us prepare your friend."

. . .

Back with me the girls all came back with glasses of milk and bags of cookies. I licked my lips hungrily. Then Angel spoke.

"What ? You want a cookie or something ?"

I nodded, respectfully.

"Think we can get you to do a trick for us ? Then I'll get you a bag of cookies and milk."

I leaned my head back a bit, still sitting in the wheelchair and spoke, "I don't know."

Angel was cross now, "Well show us SOMETHING, anything ! There's no reason you're here unless you've got some superpowers of your own."

I screwed my face up into a frown. Angel came forward to console me by rubbing the back of my head, "It's okay. We're all friends here. Don't be shy."

I nodded. I did - well, what I did best, which was the barrier. I reproduced the barrier as I did the first time I was introduced to SIM. A small glowing blue cube, a few inches high, appeared in the middle of the floor. I think though it worked was because Angel was touching me and it put me at ease.

Angel watched, slightly frightened. One of the girls, laughing, was going to step on it, but Angel yelled, "No ! It could be dangerous !" At which point the girls just got down to the floor level to examine it more closely.

"Can you make it bigger ?" she asked me.

I nodded. I thought for a moment to double the size exponentially so four of the original size cubes would not fit into the one size I made it. Or I tried to. Suddenly it fizzled out and vanished completely - and I was suddenly out of breath from the experience.

She grumbled, "So it's difficult for you to do this, hmm ?"

I nodded then spoke, "It depends sometimes on my mood. If I can relax, it helps."

Angel was getting ready to add another question for me when a sound went off. A digital voice spoke, "Curfew is in 15-minutes. All girls return to their designated quarters."

Now I asked a question, "What about me ?" I was going to ask where I would need to be for curfew but Angel took it to mean that I wanted a snack.

"Nice job, cube boy." and she handed me the rest of the cookies in her bag plus her milk she hadn't yet started to drink.

To answer my other question she said, "You'll stay here in the projector room tonight. There's a bathroom over there. Tomorrow. Well tomorrow we're going to get you do to better than you did tonight. We have a foolproof method that always works. And we need to determine who you'll bunk with."

"Bunk with ?" I asked.

She raised her voice in a commanding tone, "Yeah. We don't want you alone, cube boy ! We still don't know much about you, your ability, where you came from, or even why you were admitted here instead of the boys next door. You'll have to earn our trust, you understand."

I nodded. With that all the girls left. I heard a chair being placed up against the door handle outside so it was clear they didn't want me to leave this room, at least for tonight.

I finished up the delicious cookies, drank the milk, found a beat up army blanket under one of the cabinets and pulling out one of the cushions from the wheelchair made a crude bed. With that, I went to sleep as best I could. I knew tomorrow was going to be a busy day ...


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