FB4-10 "Here Comes A New Challenger !"

FB4-10 "Here Comes A New Challenger !"

A Chapter by dw817

But Skunk was ready for this tactic now and did an impressive somersault to dodge them. Or so I thought ! She actually followed that up with an amazing jumping cartwheel and suddenly ...




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 10 - "Here Comes A New Challenger !"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

And then the match was underway !
Solitaire came out strong and fast from her corner. She was quick on her feet and kept rubbing the tips of her fingers together making interesting sparks of light to appear. I wasn't sure how this would help her until Skunk came out of her corner and then Solitaire whipped out some cards from nowhere, shot out like from a pistol, and they slid directly under Skunk's feet !

Skunk wasn't paying attention to this and went whizzing on the slick cards sideways but caught herself. Then she did something really strange. She hopped forward on her two hands and hand-walked over to Solitaire, her butt in the air. She was called Skunk after all, I could only imagine what would happen next.

Sure enough Solitaire's eyes grew wide with fright in seeing her tail in the air and she dived to one corner of the boxing ring to avoid getting hit by this thin brown gas that emitted from the backside of Skunk's panties a moment later.

I was going to say, "Eww ..." but everyone else cheered wildly and enthusiastically so I cheered, mildly anyways so as not to stand out. I thought about it. Sure enough the wrestlers were using whatever moves they had from their special abilities. But me ? If I were chosen what would I do ?

The fight carried on. Solitaire got right up to Skunk who was still walking on her hands when she dropped to her knees suddenly, smashing Skunk's head against her muscular thighs. She did it with such force that it toppled Skunk even from her upside-down position.

Solitaire looked ahead to see that Skunk was backed up against one of the pillowed corners, struggling to stay standing and trying to decide what to do next.

Solitaire then moved quickly forward and violently smashed Skunk's chest in several times with her own breasts. I wasn't really sure why she was doing this until I saw Skunk fall to her knees, clutching her ribs in pain. Solitaire then turned around and sat directly on Skunk's face like it was a chair !

My eyes grew wide with shock as the girls behind me cheered all the more.

"Get up. Get up." I was whispering to myself. Turn your head, do something !

But it was clear Skunk was out of breath from her hand-stand attack earlier. That couldn't have been easy to walk on your hands like that. A tense moment passed as Solitaire continued to smother Skunk with her pantied bottom when Skunk finally reached up a weak hand to push Solitaire away.

At first Solitaire just slapped the lone limb easily away but Skunk, struggling for air then used both hands. She shoved hard on Solitaire's spongy bottom to get it out of her face - and was finally successful.

Angel then stepped forward to blow her whistle sharply.

"Half point to Solitaire." she said. "Return to your corners and prepare for round 2 !"

Skunk got up to her corner and looked really upset about what happened. I put a foot in the ring and looked back to Angel to see if she would mind.

She didn't. I reached over to a bucket where a damp towel was and brought it forth. Skunk saw me approaching her and waved me away.

"I'm here to help !" I offered.

She finally agreed. I wiped her face and chin gently with the damp towel. I couldn't hold my tongue and I spoke angrily, "That was disgraceful what Solitaire did to you earlier, you know ! You couldn't do that in a real wrestling ring I'll bet. You'd be disqualified !"

Skunk shrugged, "It's part of the rules. It keeps us strong." She looked over my shoulder to Angel who was getting ready to blow the whistle.

Skunk pushed me away, "You better get out of here unless you want a faceful yourself ! Angel's ready for the next round I see !"

I took the towel and deftly slid under the ring to watch from the other side.

Sure enough, Angel blew the whistle in a sharp tweet and then the two were at it again.

Solitaire noisily tapped her fingers together causing sparks until two playing cards appeared in her knuckles and she deftly tossed them at the floor to tangle Skunk.

But Skunk was ready for this tactic now and did an impressive somersault to dodge them. Or so I thought ! She actually followed that up with an amazing jumping cartwheel and suddenly she had gripped Solitaire's unsuspecting neck with her two strong ankles and incredibly flipped her in the air backwards with her beneath her !

So the tables were turned ! Skunk was now sitting nicely on Solitaire's face wiggling her bottom causing Solitaire to burn up her breath under the fabric. And Skunk additionally held on to Solitaire's legs which were raised up and in the air, preventing her from untangling and getting free.

Solitaire stopped struggling for a moment, I think to try and figure out a different way to get free of this humiliating wrestling move.

But it wouldn't happen. Skunk eyes suddenly narrowed, her nose wrinkled, and then she blasted Solitaire with an expelled puff of brown gas from her bottom. That was all it took and Solitaire's legs and hands suddenly grew immediately limp and lifeless.

And then I got a whiff of the gas as I was downwind of it. Wholly smokes ! That was awful ! I knew what a skunk smelled like and let me assure you THAT WAS NO SKUNK ! That was a pooty smell, like the inside of a backed up toilet. Like diarrhea. It was awful !

I dodged around the ring back to Angel to get away from the horrid stench. It was no wonder Solitaire was knocked out by it. Pure hydrogen sulfide and methane I thought to myself. An actual deadly combination if they were used in large amounts.

"Hold !" Angel cried out. Skunk stopped wiggling her bottom to see what the ruling was. Angel looked on to see that Solitaire was not moving at all.

"Break !" Angel said a moment later and Skunk got off of her. Solitaire stayed just where she was and didn't move an inch, her eyes were closed and her face was screwed up in a look of frozen disgust, her tongue lolling out to one side.

Then Angel counted loudly, "1 ... 2 ... 3 ..." but Solitaire didn't move a muscle. She was clearly knocked out from the horrendous stench of Skunk's special ability.

She then yelled louder, "Winner ! Skunk ! By a nose !" Angel said and tweeted her whistle. Everyone clapped and cheered, probably more to the terrible joke than Skunk's prowess.

I saw Blade then quickly climb into the ring to drag Solitaire out of the arena. Once there she put her on a table and three girls came by with fresh water, towels, and they kept slapping Solitaire's face to wake her up, telling her the match was over.

Skunk stood in the middle of the ring, clasping and shaking her hands together like she was being congratulated. I was about to look away when I noticed something shiny on the arena floor.

It looked like an earring but I couldn't be certain. With the wrestling match done I felt it was safe to climb in and retrieve it - maybe it was Solitaire's ? Maybe I could be friends with her for returning it ?

But no sooner had I set one foot in the ring Angel yelled, "Here comes a new challenger !"

* * *

Instantly I tried to backpedal out but two girls rushed forward to shockingly push on my butt to keep me in the ring !

"I'm not - I'm not ..." I stammered fearfully. Then the remainder of the girls not wanting to miss out grabbed me from all sides and bodily threw me in the ring.

Angel gave me a wide leer and spoke like she was on a microphone, "He's a little shy, folks. But don't worry, Skunk will straighten him out, now won't she ?"

With that the crowd of girls gave a loud cheer.

I slapped away at the girls all handling me - preventing me from leaving the ring. Then I leaned down to the floor level of the ring which was head level of the room itself to whisper to Angel, "I don't want to do this !"

With that there was a loud, "Awww !" and "Weenie !" and a bunch of other mean names I'm not about to write in here, but Angel tilted her head with a smile and said, "What if you win something, Cube boy ?"

I looked to her and rolled my eyes, "What could I possibly win that's worth anything here ?"

Angel was ready for me. She said, "How about your own personal room so you don't have to clean up on the sly in the other girls' bathrooms each day ?"

What ! She knew ? Hmm, but maybe that wasn't too difficult to figure out since there weren't any bathrooms anywhere else except the private domiciles.

And that would be pretty sweet to have my own room. I could then lock the door from the inside when they do silly activities like this so I wouldn't have to participate. Besides. I thought about Skunk.

She was a little smaller than me I know and Dad showed me this cool wrestling move for school when other girls wanted to tease me. Once Skunk was on the floor and I had her in a pin, it would be all over for her.

But I wanted to play this out properly, "Yeah ? And What do I get if I LOSE ?"

Then all the girls got quiet and started whispering like mad.

Angel saw this and didn't want to miss out. "Gimme a sec, will ya ?" and she dived into the crowed of wildly whispering girls. I saw Blade run from the group to return with some paper and a pen.

As they were busy I went to where the shininess was and saw it was only a drop of water, possibly from me as I was carrying that damp towel earlier.

But I didn't waste this time waiting for them. Instead I did some exercise and stretching in the ring for a few minutes, for I didn't want to pull a muscle at the wrong time when I needed my flexibility most.

Finally Angel came back and held up two scrips of paper. "Here is the notice that entitles you to get your own personal room, if you win this wrestling match." She then held up another scrip of paper, "This is the notice that states what'll happen to you if you lose."

" 'Happen to me' ?" I quoted her.

She smiled toothily, "Yeah, we all decided. All in agreement, right girls ?"

They cheered and applauded in agreement.

I quickly reached for the paper when she pulled it out of my reach. I whined, "Give it to me !" She shook her head. I sighed, "Well, what's written on it."

She grinned, "That's a secret. But just you worry about how great it will be to have your own room to yourself."

With that the other girls quietly nodded in agreement.

But then Mouse stepped forward to complain. "He can't wrestle in that !"

"What's that ? What's the problem now ?" Angel asked, annoyed. I was beginning to see that Mouse and me might get along very well because she wanted the rules to be fair here, something I was certain Angel would let slide by against my favor.

Mouse was insistent though and pointed, "He's wearing a robe. He needs to wear - well, something besides that."

Angel scowled. I was beginning to believe whatever happened to me if I lost would be of benefit or at least a great source of amusement to Angel - and possibly the other girls. Nonetheless Angel spoke.

"Alright you big crybaby. Here !" and Angel thrust me a pair of panties and bra.

That got a round of high pitched whistles of appreciation. I looked to them, apparently a spare as they matched what Angel was already wearing.

I REALLY didn't like the way this was going. I leaned back down to the floor to talk to her, hoping the others couldn't hear. "I'm not wearing anything - under this robe !"

She took it in stride though and said, "You heard him folks ! Are there any tailors in this room ? Dev needs help changing into his wrestling uniform ! Do I hear any volunteers out there ?"

At that point all the hands shot up and all the girls were saying, "Me me me !" I noticed one girl had both her hands up and was giving me a devilish smile. I'd seen that rape smile before in Tyr. Clearly she'd cop a serious feel on me before actually helping me. I swallowed hard hoping it wouldn't be her.

Angel was just about to pick someone when I asked myself, (Who do I trust ?) Then I blurted out, "Mouse ! I choose Mouse. She can help me change. Okay ?"

There was a long row of, "Awwws ..." from the disappointed girls but Angel allowed it, and Mouse came up to appear in the ring.

I realized why they called her Mouse. She had cute little fuzzy ears, true whiskers which apparently she kept short for safety, and a tail as thick as two of my fingers. That tail looked strong and prehensile, like it could really defend her if need be and I suspected she was quite agile with it.

I managed to put on the undies from beneath my robe without showing anything to the eager and wide-eyed girls off stage. But then I had to take off the robe completely to hear catcalls and whistles of them seeing me in naught but the skimpy panties Angel offered me earlier.

Mouse then stepped forward to carefully and professionally put the bra on me.

I thought I looked bad enough without having to go full cross-dress here. "I don't need this !" I told her as she adjusted the straps from behind. "I don't have any - "

But Angel interrupted me, speaking like an announcer, "You can only strike your opponent with the clothed part of your body. If you decide not to wear a bra now, player, then you cannot hit your opponent with your chest later as that will be considered an illegal move as it is unclothed !"

I grumbled but Mouse nicely patted me on my back. Then she whispered in my ear, "You saw how Skunk won the last match ? Once you see her bounce in the air - GET OUT OF HER WAY ! She can only do that special move a few times before she's out of breath. If you can tire her out, then you can close in for the victory ! Now go on, I wanna see you win this !"

I nodded to the good advice, though I really didn't like the way I looked.

"To your corners !" Angel said, trying to get everyone serious again despite how ridiculous I looked. Mouse disappeared under the ropes. I went to my corner and sat on the chair, contemplating what to do once Skunk was tired and it was time for me to do my special wrestling move.

I didn't have too much time to think about it when Angel tweeted sharp on her whistle and then, "Fight !"


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