Who Am I ? (2019)

Who Am I ? (2019)

A Story by dw817

A post that lists most of my works with clickable links.


Who am I ? I'm dw817 and I write imaginative whole books, short-stories, articles, instructional, and poems. For a summary and listing of all my current works, read on.


My primary work. What happens when a teenage boy and girl come across a piece of technology from one-million years in the future ? A grand adventure: Future Technology, Unrequited Love, and Absolute Vengeance. A clear one for both teen and adult literature. Read all chapters ONLINE now !


My secondary work. This is an interesting bit of writing. The first book is non-fiction so it recounts what actually happens when I was hired to work for the government in a room full only of WOMEN. Each teenage girl trying to outstink the others in their perfumes and outdo the others in their business outfits. And then I show up, a teenage boy really, and how they treated me there and WHO they hired to keep me in my place. A clear one for both teen and adult non-fiction literature. Later book is fictional as I grew rather fond of my female boss. Read all chapters ONLINE now !


Clearly a fan-fiction story of quite a few chapters. I address the issue of what happens between Episode IV (A New Hope) and
Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back). I mean we're still on Yavin in the first Star Wars movie, then suddenly we are on the ice planet of Hoth with no interim video to explain - what happened ? This then is my interpretation of how our intrepid adventurers of Luke, Leia, and Han are forced to leave Yavin to Hoth - with quite a bit of deviltry from Darth Vader himself even though the Death Star has been destroyed. A clear one for teen literature. Read all chapters ONLINE now !


Sometimes you just can't get enough of a good thing and have to write it out and share it with others in additional chapters and
pages. Here are some other books I have written that do indeed contain multiple chapters for their subject matter. Read all chapters from all books ONLINE now !

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WANT MORE ? Try out these other short-stories, writings,
and articles I've written - all available to read ONLINE now !

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