FB4-11 "The Mouse That Roared"

FB4-11 "The Mouse That Roared"

A Chapter by dw817

I had hoped that my earlier friendly talk with Skunk would make her soften the blows to come and maybe she would even voluntarily bow out so I could get out of this awful fight.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 11 - "The Mouse That Roared"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I guess there was no backing out of this now.
I had hoped that my earlier friendly talk with Skunk would make her soften the blows to come and maybe she would even voluntarily bow out so I could get out of this awful fight.

But no, as soon as Angel blew the whistle, Skunk immediately went into action. She leapt from her seat and did a perfect cartwheel towards me. I dodged out of the way and - well, that was my tactic. To just avoid her until her strength was spent.

But she seemed to be aware of this and stopped cartwheeling now to chase me around the ring.

The other girls were disappointed at my lack of bravado and yelled, "Boo !" to show just what a chicken I was.

And that was fine with me. It was then I started planning for the wrestling move my Dad taught me. I held out my hands in order to grapple with her when someone from the audience yelled, "Idiot ! You can't use your legs or arms in this fight !"

And they were right. The rules WERE earlier explained to me. So now my hope sank to my feet. I would have to use one of the two methods, either smash with my chest or my butt. But as I was thinking what to do I noticed Skunk had jumped towards the springy cable surrounding the ring and turned 180 degrees to head towards me, crotch first !

I started to turn around myself to run away but was unsuccessful. She had hit me perfectly in my chest causing me to grip it in pain for a moment and back off. But then I thought, hey, if she can do it,I can do it !

So, grinning to myself I jumped against the cable and hurled my own crotch right at her, straight at her face !

But when it collided, all she did was smile and back off to watch me as I doubled over in extreme pain. While a girl may not feel very much getting that smashed, a GUY ? Oh yeah ! It hurts like ... oww ! That's the only word that could come to my mind !

Angel was delighted in seeing me fall though and crowed what I wouldn't think, "That was nuts, wasn't it ?" And the other girls guffawed at the cruel joke.

As for me, it felt like someone had ignited my crotch with a live fire. I was rubbing it all over trying to get it to feel normal again as the other girls howled in laughter. Skunk was grinning at me too. Yes, that was indeed stupid of me to do that. So while she could attack from below up front, I definitely could not.

But I could still hit her with my chest. As she came closer I suddenly leapt up, pulling my arms behind me and *THWOMP!* hit her straight in her own chest. She bounced off of it like rubber hitting the floor hard, and crawled to a corner clutching her own belly now.

"Finish her off !" I heard Mouse from the crowd of girls say. Unfortunately she was alone in the sentiment as the other girls told her to hush. Clearly everyone except her wanted to see Skunk win and I would be subjected to - well - whatever it was that was written on that paper. I wouldn't let that happen though !

No-one had rung the bell to stop - so feeling the fire dissipate from my loins I went in on the attack deciding my chest was indeed a good weapon. But as soon as I thought I would connect with her chest, she suddenly dived to the side and my chest instead hit the hard metal rung holding the cable up.

Now it was my turn to fall over, and be in serious pain ! I didn't know if I could get back up from this. I reached some fingers up under the bra to feel my chest. I wasn't bleeding but I was definitely in agony from hurling my chest into solid metal.

I turned to sit on the ground for a second, my head leaning back against the soft white pillowy material that was supposed to protect the wrestlers from hurting themselves on the edges. So what did I hit anyways ? I turned my head to look for a second and saw it was indeed metal but that I had aimed too high.

Apparently real wrestlers were aware of where the pillowed material began and the metal ended and avoided hitting it. I turned my head to contemplate this for a second when suddenly my face was smashed in by Skunk's butt !

 I was still too weak to move. Skunk looked over her shoulder seeing I really was down for the count after hitting that hard metal. She then pulled up for a bit and humming contentedly gently nestled the crack of her butt right down on my face and nose smooshing my head hard into the pillowy material !

I was so shocked that I froze up ! I couldn't raise my legs to get free from his angle so I started to pull up with my arms when they were suddenly grabbed and then pinned from behind !

* * *

I heard Angel whisper warm and seductively in my ear, "Just enjoy it." and with one of her hands pinning both my arms behind me in a professional hold, the other she grabbed my head and hair to make sure I stayed right where I was, getting the business end of Skunk !

And even though she hadn't used her secret weapon on me at this point, I was still catching the horrible scent of it from earlier, and my eyes watered and I felt faint with a hot fever.

Then the girls all started yelling, "Stinkface, stinkface, stinkface !"

That was until I heard Mouse's normally quiet voice speak up, "That's cheating ! Let him go !"

The other girls got quiet to hear how Angel would handle this. She still had a tight grip on my arms and head so she grimaced when she spoke, "How is Skunk cheating ?"

Mouse would not desist though, "You ! You're holding onto that boy with your arms and hands !"

Angel shrugged, "Yeah, so ?"

Mouse came closer so I could hear her better, "Well you're not even in the ring - and your own rules were that you're not supposed to use your hands - and wrestlers must be in the ring to be counted valid !"

Angel made a sound of clear frustration and let me go. It was less than a full a second I stared straight ahead up into Skunk's panties only to jerk my head out of the way and dive to the floor to get free of her imposing butt.

Mouse then spoke triumphantly, "So Cube wins by default for interference from the referee !"

Skunk then seeing her prey had escaped, complained, "That's not right ! I was doing everything legal ! It's Angel's fault she messed up our match ! Blame her, not me !"

Angel murmured under her breath, "Yeah, you were part of it though, Skunk." She finally sighed again, louder, "Fine ! =I'll= enter the ring and we'll BOTH B&B wrestle Cube down."

Mouse shook her head, "That's two against one. That's still unfair."

But Angel was ready for this. She smiled, "Fine, Mouse. You can be on his team. We'll do a two-against-two. Winner takes all !"

Mouse grumbled, "I didn't want to wrestle today !"

Angel spoke louder, "Then crawl back into your mousehole and let Cube Boy here lose by default." She flipped her hair around, "What's him to you anyways !?"

Mouse sighed herself, "Alright, fine, I'll enter. But no more cheating !"

She then got into the ring. The first thing she did was to look me over as I was still prone on the floor. My eyes were red and stinging and my nose was running from how awful the ordeal I went through.

She came down to apply a kerchief to my nose and face. Then she whispered, "Shake it off, Cube. And - do you remember how to make that blue square appear on the floor ? Can you do it again ? To trip up one of them ?"

I nodded. I knew I could do a lot more. Hell I knew I could levitate the whole wrestling ring with everyone standing in it. it was just - I couldn't do it right then. Damn this unpredictable power that Darceon gave me ! Were emotions getting in the way of me being able to make use of internalized SIM ? I would need to practice to get better at it.

Mouse was oblivious to my deep thoughts and spoke a little louder, "Hey, Earth to Cube. Are you there ? Come on ! Can you get up ? We've got to beat them in this next round !"

I spoke but my voice was ragged, still a little out of it from Skunk. "I thought Angel was refereeing ?"

Blade then spoke behind me with a pretty oriental accent, "No. I referee." I looked and she had the whistle around her neck now.

"Gimme a sec." I said and half-crawled and staggered to my corner, alongside Mouse.

"10-seconds !" Blade said. "Then we begin round 2 ! The final round !"

I looked to Mouse more closely now. Wow. She was really pretty and it was interesting that like most of the girls here, they were in some way spliced with some kind of animal. Mouse truly did have whiskers, but they were cut short so they wouldn't get in the way.

She had mousy brown hair, if you'll pardon the pun. And a thick and likely muscular tail sticking out and above where her shorts began, nearly 5-feet in length.

I asked her a quick question, "You know how to use your tail to fight, right ?"

She nodded, "Yes, but that's not allowed in this B&B battle. I can't hit anyone with it. Only breasts and butt, remember ?"

I thought for a second, "But you can use it to your own advantage, right ? There are no rules against that ? Maybe grip on to the wrestling cable and do some special attacks with your chest and lower ?"

She nodded again but her face lit up with the idea, "Yes, I can ! Good idea ! Okay, I'll focus on that. Here, you take Skunk like you were doing earlier and I'll take Angel. I know some of her dirty moves and I'm certain I can floor her with them."

Then Blade spoke so everyone could hear:

Final match ! Cube and Mouse versus Angel and Skunk !

We're ready ! Get set ! *TWEET* Go !


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