P&C RPGS - Chapter 20, "All Together Now"

P&C RPGS - Chapter 20, "All Together Now"

A Chapter by dw817

Today we're going to put it all together. The previous 18-chapters and reach a conclusion. So, yes, this is the FINAL chapter of this discussion !



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Chapter 20: "All Together Now"

Some details, ideas, and musings I've had experiencing effective RPGs and RPG Makers

© July 2019 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

Last week we went over the types of terrain a player can walk over and step on to. Today we're going to put it all together. The previous 18-chapters and reach a conclusion. So, yes, this is the FINAL chapter of this discussion !

First off, let's recap what this writing is about. It is NOT about ways to teach you to play RPGs. No, it is to teach you how to write YOUR OWN, as well as possibly a custom RPG Maker.

The chapters previous covered quite a bit, from going over the history of RPGs from early times to modern, how to power up your player through consumable items and the classic INN, the order of players in combat and out of, the importance of good special effects, images, and audio, usage of weapons, armor, spells, and items.

The importance of what people say to you and how to recall it for later, adding just the right ambience through background audio effects like rain and wind, and visual effects to add to the mood, why it is better to have more than one player than just a single one, the usage of numbers and math to keep track of statistics of your players.

Describing just what a dungeon is and how to automatically build one, discussing the value of warps and how they are implemented, encoded, and recalled for later usage, a look into the types of viewpoints offered by many different RPGs, how to control and make use of NPCs, sprites, and other non-player characters.

The desire to use either sprites or panel-based imagery and how to create both, the desire to understand the mechanics behind mini-boss combats and major-boss battles, a look into of how multiple players can be useful outside of combat, an in-depth study of the "cool down" and how it can be beneficial in both turn-based RPGs and real-time ones.

Side quests and the definite importance of them compared with the main quest a game has to offer. And lastly, knowing what it is the player steps in (for sprite-based RPGs) and how it can directly affect the player and create interesting logical puzzles.

You can reach these chapters HERE:

Phew ! And there you have it ! Yes, that's quite a bit to think about ...

This chapter will cover only one more territory and then I think you'll have enough to work with so you can create your own adventure game, an RPG or RPG Maker.

And that is inspiration, ideas, and what has and has not been done so far regarding building RPGs.

First off, you should know that the concept of hero versus dragon to rescue the princess has been done over and over again. Sure you can go ahead and write your own if you like, but it may not be so well received as a carefully thought out and chosen plot.


As for what I have =NOT= seen yet are any turn-based RPGs using material from Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien, and a great many other major movies. Don't forget cartoons !

There are no turn-based RPGs also for Dexter's Laboratory, Power-Puff Girls, Adventure Time, Speed Racer, Tom & Jerry, Atomic Betty, Barbie, Beverly Hills Teens, and Bugs Bunny and friends.

For some reason game developers just want to write action/fighter/real-time tactical games with them, and that's fine. But what about us others who want to read into a great story, immerse themselves with a complex system of tables and values ? What about them ?

But consider this, Metal Gear Solid. Would you believe me if I told you that there is a turn-based card game for it ? Yes, and no, it's not something you play with cards on a board at the house. It is a true fairly complex and absorbing game that is played on the Sony Playstation Portable.

In fact, they made two of them, called, Metal Gear Acid 1, and Metal Gear Acid 2.

Let me show you the back of the box on the first game.

So you see, even with a highly action-packed concept like Metal Gear Solid, it =IS= indeed possible to write turn-based games. Heck if you think about it you could even write a turn-based Space Invaders game. It's already been done with Centipede - I kid you not.

So what is it you want to write about ? What great plot do you think will completely absorb people into it and accept attention and interest ? Something with lots of great graphics, sure, lots of animation, lots of background music and incredibly drawn background scenes.

These are a good start, but the MEAT of your game is ultimately all going to be based upon what you choose as the subject matter. Medieval ? Sci-Fi ? Fantasy ? Horror ? Comedy ? Tragedy ?

Someone once mentioned that books are limited to 7 plots. You would do well to read this article provided by Wikipedia. [LINK]

So it's all up to you, and remember, there are a great many books and videos out there that have never once been made into an RPG. You may have a pleasant surprise by a high number of people interested in your project because it =IS= based on a popular book or movie.

You never know until you try ...

And that's it !

I hope you enjoyed this rather complete tour. All that is left now is to open the Q&A regarding any of the material you've learned here and from the first chapter. If you do have any questions, feel free to enter them in below, and I might even make some new chapters after this one if it's something important that I might've missed.

But if you think you've got it all figured out and you're ready to go - then I say GO FOR IT ! And please, look me up later if you'd like me to test-play your RPG and/or RPG Maker no matter what medium or programming language you choose. And I will be more than happy to play it and critique it for what I know. I would definitely enjoy that ...

Take care until then ...

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