FB4-14 "Introductions Are In Order"

FB4-14 "Introductions Are In Order"

A Chapter by dw817

I was beside myself with curiosity of all the guests come to visit me. And sure enough, they were, well, as rudely as Dempsey put it, 'freaks.' They each had some kind of animal attribute ...




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 14 - "Introductions Are In Order"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

As I became familiar with the hospital's girl guests, back in Giza, things were on the move.

Dr. Willoughs, the doctor that initially treated Tyr, had indeed gotten a plane ticket, and with him, the two archeologist girls, and Dr. Seisbee, they were all going to take a flight halfway around the world to Tyr's home and residence.

The doctor hoped to become famous for 'founding' Tyr and her unique ability of teleportation and telekinesis combined.

. . .

The police who had earlier been looking for Antony's stolen vehicle were not making any progress and retracted the search, much to Antony's dismay. He sighed and just then, his sister was outside, honking her horn, to get him out so they could go to a hospital and try to reattach the severed finger.

. . .

With Tyr, Dempsey had returned and with a nice meal and lunch for her. Trusting that she wouldn't try to escape, he put a chair to prop open her door, sat in it, and they talked for a bit.

Dempsey was not the brightest candle of the chandelier but did question her as to how she came into her telekinetic ability and other such 'magical' elements. He said if she was completely honest with him in answering his questions, that her Mother and her could get out of this hospital and be back home - today !

Tyr, eager to be free of this hospital spoke about how Dev and her first received the plugin, how Dev managed to get SIM to speak, and from there, a lot did happen.

Dempsey learned the plugin could duplicate items, even itself, it could create this slightly glowing blue barrier that was impervious to anything at all, and with proper direction, could create new unique items.

He wrote all of this down in a notepad he was carrying. He was especially interested in the Barrier ability of the plugin for military purposes. He pressed, "You're certain there is no way to get past this barrier ? Bullets ? Missiles ? Even a nuclear bomb ?"

Tyr nodded, "No way that I know of."

Dempsey nodded, "Very interesting.." He tapped his pen on the pad and looked at Tyr, "It seems that you may not have much to do with this plugin at all, that in fact Dev can yield this 'juice' to grant abilities to anyone, not just you."

Tyr nodded, "Yes. He even gave some to Lilly and now she can talk with Choo Choo. But now I'm beginning to believe it lasts only temporarily."

Dempsey's face puzzled up, "Who or what is Choo Choo ?"

Tyr explained, "That's her pet squirrel."

Dempsey clicked his pen open and added that in his notes. "Anything else ?"

Tyr shook her head. It wouldn't do to tell him about Lorraine and how she was literally from hell, summoned by Lilly and herself.

He looked over Tyr, to see if there was anything she was holding back on. Satisfied there wasn't. He spoke, "These are good answers. We'll de-ice your Mother and let you two go home. You've been most instrumental in helping us understand this - plugin device."

Tyr was concerned though, "What about Dev ?"

Dempsey shook his head. "We might've been able to release him today too if he would divulge the location of the plugin, but now you are telling me this device is an actual part of him, sort of like a parasite. And like the goose that lays the golden eggs, we don't dare hurt him, but we also can't let him go. We need more 'eggs.'

He continued, "If there is some way he can 'transfer' to one of us the complete ability of this plugin device, then he would just be a simple boy again of no use to us and we can let him and his folks go. That is what we are going to work towards, anyways."

He pointed his pen at her, "You, though. At this point we don't have any further need for you nor does the boss here. Let me get things ready for your Mom and yourself to leave here - today. I'll keep you informed."

With that he left. Tyr tried the door and it was unlocked. But she didn't leave. It was possible if she 'escaped' on the day of her release, they may just lock her up for spite. Instead she decided to finish her nice lunch and take a nap until Dempsey returned.

* * *

I was beside myself with curiosity of all the guests come to visit me in my room. And sure enough, they were, well, as rudely as Dempsey put it, 'freaks.' They each had some kind of animal attribute about them - with a few exceptions.

Angel was just your average bossy girl but when she got mad, she could exhibit a pair of ghostly and glowing wings and fly up about 10-feet, no higher, and could swoop in and attack.

Blade had no extra appendages but was indeed extremely skilled with knives. And even with simple plastic kitchenware knives, she could do some damage.

Solitaire, like Blade, also had no external animal features, but could conjure (at least i think that's what she was doing) playing cards on the fly and release them with enough force as to make them dangerous projectiles. She also claimed and I believed had the ability to see into the future - a real fortune teller.

Skunk was just that, a girl with a skunk's tail. While she was more agile than most with her acrobatics, bottom-line she smelled - well, just like a bottom. Not pretty at all despite the perfume she surrounded herself in. It just wouldn't cover up her terrible pooty smell. She was simply called, "Skunk."

Mouse came to visit and sure enough had a long mouse's tail, rather strong from what I could tell and she was quite nimble with it. Her ears were shaped like a mouse's and she had trimmed whiskers which could probably not be cut completely as they would grow out again. A simple name, she had "Mouse."

She held out a furry paw, "Allow myself to introduce ..." But then her voice petered out in confusion as I don't think she gave me the quite right welcome. She said her special ability was, of course, her prehensile tail. She could climb metal bars with it and use it as a whip in attacks.

After her there was a silver-haired tabby. She in every way looked like a large cat except for her hands and feet. While they were furry, they were not paws but human hands and feet.

She came to visit me by walking on all fours and apparently fairly easily. She told me her name was, "Kit Kat" and that for her special ability, she could see well in near darkness and enter a room without making a single sound by padfootting.

Once she left two girls came to visit me simultaneously. They were quite fantastic and grotesque at the same time.They were two girls, an odd set of twins to be sure.

The first having the head of an awful fish but a regular lower extremity complete with a flattering skirt and regular human legs and feet. She was rudely named, "Fish Face." But I guess it stuck so she accepted it.

The other had the head of a rather attractive and beautiful girl with faux seashells covering her breasts but below her waist was pure fish with pretty rainbow scales. She could walk and effectively on her two fins, apparently from years of learning how.

She named herself, "Mermaid" and rightfully so as she looked to be the very deal from the sea.

I scratched my chin thinking about it. A guy that wanted to date one of them would have to decide which was more important to him. A pretty face or an accessible below, but not both together. I shook my head smiling slightly - what a world !

My last visitor was the fox I saw earlier and now I mention her here because she always wore a fox's mask over her nose and mouth, like a dust mask for a construction worker with a fox's face prettily drawn on it.

I could not see her face at all and she had a long and bushy fox's tail. But sadly she could not control it or move it. I'm not sure why she wanted to hide her face. She was kind and polite to me yet I couldn't help wonder if there was some secret about her I didn't know. She was simply named, "Fox."

Aside from some other girls who had attributes of other lesser known animals, that was the entire lot of it. Angel came back in after everyone had visited with me and told me were going to have a banquet as it was Saturday.

She explained that one of the long tables in the main reception room was used and all kinds of good food were placed on it and we all sat around the table, eating and conversing. It was a good way for disputes to be settled and new business to crop up. I was invited to attend it.


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