FB4-16 "Aviation And Initiation"

FB4-16 "Aviation And Initiation"

A Chapter by dw817

Angel spoke to me,"Dev. I would like to welcome you to our group. Anyone here knows no-one is fully accepted until they have undergone initiation. We do it one way. You get a smack, or I get a smack."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 16 - "Aviation And Initiation"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Now Tyr as you remember was not the same height as your average adult. In fact for her age, she was rather diminutive. So she had a good long look at the elevator controls putting her nose right up against the frame. She thought she saw something so she bounced up to click off the elevator lights to look.

Sure enough a red-light peeked right around the frame of the main buttons. Removing a bobby-pin from her hair, she carefully pried off the controls to see a new set of controls in the back. Buttons 7 and 8.

"Sneaky." she said with admiration. Then hit the "7" button shown there.

. . .

With me, Angel was still waiting for an answer to her question. Did I know anything about this ? What ? Blade stabbing Skunk in the bank ? I certainly did not.

I shook my head. Angel then looked to me to see some smeared ink on my legs.

"What is that ?" she asked, pointing suspiciously.

I could only tell the truth. "Two girls wrote numbers on my legs while we were eating earlier."

"What numbers ?" she asked.

Blade shot a warning look to me. That it would be bad if I mentioned her. But I could only tell the truth. "8 and 10."

Angel thought for just a moment then murmured, "Skunk and Blade, I see ..."

Angel then stepped forward, smiling not so nicely, "And - being the gentleman you are, Dev. Did you take advantage of any of these girls ?"

This was easy to answer, "No. I did not. I just went back to my room to sleep."

She then pointed straight to Skunk. "So these two girls then entered of their own free will ?"

I nodded.

Angel nodded with me. "I see ... Blade, you're probably going to go to the box for this stunt. Skunk ..." She sighed. It was apparent to me she was good friends with Angel. "I don't know what to think. Just - let me call a medic."

Angel grabbed a nearby towel and told Skunk to lie face down on my bed. There she pressed a clean towel up against the wound to stop the bleeding. With her other free hand she reached into her skirt and pulled out a small silver box. She hit a button on it.

"State the nature of your emergency." a crisp woman's voice answered.

"Stabbing. Heavy wound. Blood spilled. Room 17."

"Medic is on the way." the voice said and then clicked off.

Angel approached me, "Better get in here." and ordered me in the closet to hide from staff.

I grabbed the robe nearby as I was only in my undies and did so.

A few minutes later more girls had arrived to see what the hub-bub was and then Umeka arrived with a medical kit and two unknown physicians.

"God." she said wordlessly seeing the growing red circle around the knife and towel pressed to Skunk's back.

She approached and took Skunk's hand, which was all cold and clammy now. Her breath was quick and shallow. Likely she was going into shock. "Okay, honey." she told her. "I need you to squeeze my hand as tight as you can. Tight. Tighter ! Okay ?"

She then put a washcloth up against her mouth. "This is really gonna hurt !" she told her.

And she pulled free the plastic knife letting it fall to the floor as Skunk screamed muffled into the washcloth.Her and the two physicians then quickly went to work and bundled her front and back with tight-fitting bandages to stop the bleeding.

"Surgery." she said simply, then the two physicians put her in a wheelchair and took her out.

After they left, "Who is responsible for this ?" Umeka asked.

At this point Blade had curled herself into a corner hoping to be forgotten, but it would not happen.

"Missy." Umeka said, addressing her in a severe tone.

"Ma'am." Blade responded meekly, bowing respectfully.

Then Umeka pulled out her own little silver box. "One for the Box." With that short sentence she clicked it off.

"No. No. No !" Blade cried. I had no idea what The Box was but I suspected it wasn't pleasant.

A few minutes later Dempsey arrived with a wheelchair and a small copper container. Umeka reached for the lid and lifting it showed a hypo ready for use. She then spoke to Blade, "Willingly or unwillingly. Which is it ?"

* * *

"Willingly." she eagerly said and stepped forward. Dempsey roughly checked her over to make sure she didn't have any additional weapons. None were found, he made her sit in the wheelchair and strapped her down heavily in it.

Umeka yawned. It was like 5am. "I'm going back to sleep. Dempsey, you take care of this. Put her in the Box, remember ? 3-days punishment. Then we'll talk with her and see what really happened here."

He spoke in his deep tones, "Box. Got it."

Umeka left the room. Dempsey paused for a second. Then went to the closet and shockingly knocked his heavy knuckle there. "Goodnight, Dev." he said.

The other girls where aghast with fright. But - that's all Dempsey did before wheeling Blade out.

"He knows." Angel said in surprise.

I stepped out of the closet to address her after Dempsey left, "Of course he knows ! He's the one that put me here !"

"You poor baby." Angel chided and bid me to come to her. I did so and she rubbed her fingers on my back while I was still in my robe. "You've had a really rough time of it, haven't you ?" she asked.

I nodded, tearful, "It's been awful. All because of - " and I was going to say Plugin but decided to keep my mouth shut. "All because of - of this - this situation !"

Angel pressed hard on my back with both hands which felt really great I had to admit, making little circles there with her fingers.

Finally she pulled away, "Well, we'll certainly do what we can to make you comfortable."

I looked over my shoulder to the other girls and they all had this kind of creepy smile about them. But once they saw me looking in their direction they earnestly shook their heads like they wanted merely the best for me.

I sighed. "Well, I'm going back to bed." and started to shoo the girls out the door when Angel stood in my way.

She spoke suddenly, "Now, Dev. While everyone is up, why don't we get this initiation over with, hmm ? Won't take but a minute. Then you can go right back to bed and sleep late if you like."

She then led me by the hand over to the main hall where everyone watched and listened.

"Dev. I would like to welcome you to our group. As anyone worth their salt here knows no-one is fully accepted until they have undergone initiation. We do it one simple way. You get a smack, or I get a smack."

I shook my head, completely confused.

"It's very simple." she said and reached for a shelf where a long paddle was sitting. On the paddle were the words, "Honor."

My eyes grew wide with fright. "Now, either YOU get a smack - with THIS !" and she popped it soundly against her hand clearly frightening me.

"Or ..." and he voice trailed off into a truly evil looking leer.

"Or ?" I prompted her.

"Or - =I= get a smack."

"I have to - paddle you ?" I asked. Surely this was not the case here.

She smiled sweetly, "No, silly. You get to smack me - " then looked up to the crowd of girls still in their robes and tap-pants. "Where do I get smacked, girls ?"

"On the a*s !" they all eagerly shouted at once.

My face blanched, "You mean - "

"That's right, Dev. You get to kiss - my - a*s."

I shook my head in fear and revulsion. Both sounded awful !

Angel leaned closer and didn't really whisper very quietly as she could still be heard by everyone else, "No different than the way your girlfriend treats you I'm understanding."

With that there were titters and giggling from the group.

But then she pulled back full of business, "So which is it, Dev ? I get to smack you or ... you get to smack me ?"

I think she gave me maybe 5-seconds before raising her voice, "Fine ! Turn around and bend over then !" and readied her paddle to hit me with it !

I coughed to clear my voice, "Wait. No ! That is. Okay, I'll - kiss - I mean, I'll smack you ... there."

Wordlessly she put the paddle right back on the shelf and turned me around to face her. "Oh, you will, Dev. You most certainly will."

She then took my hand and led me back to the exercise rooms where we entered the one earlier I had wrestled her in. She started to climb up the short steps to the landing when she stopped me. "No, Dev. You stay down here."

The other girls all piled up on the raised mat to eagerly watch.

Angel explained what I needed to do. "Very simple, Dev. You just smack me right on my butt, and I don't mean the cheek, and once I'm satisfied that you did a good job, that's your initiation. We're done, and you can go back to sleep. Simple, right ?"

I nodded, sleepily.

She narrowed her eyes at me, "Fine." Then turned around to lower her skirt to reveal her scanty panties to me. I walked to where she was and the raised landing made her the perfect height for the dirty deed.

"Right on the a*s !" she reminded me, bending her legs slightly and leering up front where I couldn't see her.

. . .

The group from Gobi had just finalized their plans for taking a flight to Texas, Wannabee - in hopes of meeting Tyr in person.

The group spoke as they waited for the plane to arrive.

The doctor, of course, was all abuzz with excitement and said (for the hundredth time) what he saw Tyr do and how he managed to call her house and somehow she 'teleported' there to answer the phone.

Both the young girl archeologists, Margot and Danielle were not the least bit suspicious or unbelieving of his words. They saw what they did in the cave with Tyr half-conscious and were convinced there was definitely something tricky about her.

Seisbee tagged along too, cordially paying fare for the two girls and himself. He was convinced that Tyr was somehow linked to these three earlier Sky Stones they had and shared the properties of them. He definitely wanted to question her further on this.


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