FB4-17 "Smack Attack"

FB4-17 "Smack Attack"

A Chapter by dw817

I did as Angel requested and as I did she spoke shakily clearly trying to hide how good this felt to her, "Un - Understand I'm the leader here. That ah - that makes me the President."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 17 - "Smack Attack"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Tyr had just reached the 7th floor underground.

The elevator doors opened slowly revealing a nearly dark room. Lined against the far right wall was a series of glass coffins which Tyr later found out to be solid blocks of ice. So cold that they couldn't even melt despite being in 40 degrees temperature which the room was.

Mr. Widd and Mr. Kidd were over in a corner playing some card game with a space heater by each of their feet. Umeko was nowhere in sight.

Tyr crept carefully amongst the shadows until - right there ! She saw her own mother being kept in a block of ice. She shivered, not so much because it was cold here but in fright - imagine, to be frozen in a block of ice - forever ...

Tears welled up in the girl as she looked desperately for a way to free her Mother from the frozen coffin. But it wouldn't happen soon enough. Suddenly Mr. Kint spotted her with his keen eyes and spoke.

"A mouse has entered our house !"

To which Mr. Widd responded, "Tis the same girl we caught, escape again she shall not !"

At which point the two dashed over to where Tyr was standing. Panicked she pulled forth a large rubber hose attached to her Mother's coffin and sub-zero temperature vapor shot out to hit the two culprits where they stood !

At first nothing happened, they just growled and kept pushing forward. But seconds later they slowed their actions and after that, they were frozen in place. Their own eyes turning glassy amongst the relentless temperature until they were motionless statues themselves.

And apparently this was the way to free someone from the coffin as once the hose was removed, soft warm lights appeared at the sides of the cage that held the ice block upright. The heated lamps moved by motors to eliminate all of the ice.

A good minute later, Tyr's Mother was free - and shivering ! It was bad enough to be in 40-degree temperature, let alone be WET !

She huddled up against the heat lamps which now powered to maximum strength. Tyr stepped back because the warmth was too much for her.

Tyr' Mother, Annie, seeing her darling daughter reached out to give her a nice warm hug.

"Mommy !" Tyr said, so happy to have freed her from this prison. "You're back. You're back !"

"You're back, honey. And I - " and her voice trailed off, remembering having bitten Dev on the ear, hard enough to cause it to bleed.

She put a hand of grief on her forehead, "I did - terrible things. But I - I was so WORRIED about you !"

"It's okay. I'm right here, Momma !" Tyr said, and they hugged again.

Annie then looked around to see the two evil agents frozen where they were. A little water dripped down from them as the room was heating up from the lights to free her.

Quickly she turned around and hit the one large red button there and the heat lamps turned off. The agents remained frozen - and Annie and Tyr were now headed for the elevator - to exit this nightmare !

. . .

Back with me, it was the same stupid thing all over again. I knew with Scant when the bully gave me a toilet swirly each Wednesday, it was a way of showing that he had control over me.

So too did this "butt kissing" thing seem to be. A way for Angel to show and assert authority over me - and to show this to everyone who saw it. It was silly - yet, I did see the truth behind it.

Surely anyone that kissed anyone else's a*s would in some way appear to be inferior to that person. Especially the more people that saw it.

I sighed, I was tired. I needed rest. Let's get this silly thing over with. So without even bothering to kiss in the "wrong" area, instead I kissed absolutely in the right area - eager to be done.

I could hear her gasp, and from what I wasn't certain. Surprise ? Pleasure ? A bit of both ?

She started to say something about how good that felt but caught herself. A moment later her voice was shaky but spoke clearly enough, "Ver - very good, Dev. That was - not bad. Not bad at all. One more, for the road, just as you did the first time."

I did and as I did she spoke shakily clearly trying to hide how good this felt to her, "Un - Understand I'm the leader here. That ah - that makes me the President."

I nodded, fine. You're the president of this hospital prison. Whatever. Then I asked, "Okay. Are we done yet ?"

* * *

But then one of the other girls on the landing watching, apparently excited at what she saw, got directly to the right of Angel and hiking up her skirt bared her pantied butt as well. As I looked on in frustration she spoke, "Well, I'm the vice-president, so I'm next."

I started to protest but Angel, finding her authoritative voice finally spoke in a commanding tone. "You heard her, she's next ! Get going !"

I grumbled but reluctantly kissed her as well. This time I turned to leave when I could hear behind me some other girl was lining up beside the 2nd.

"I'm next ! And I'm the - " and she paused to think for a minute. Finally she continued, "Oh yeah, I'm the Chief Justice."

I turned and in a flurry of movement and quick whispering, ALL the girls lined up with their butts sticking out, each mentioning some fictitious office they were in.

Speaker Of The House, Chief Justice, Secretary Of State, the list went on and on all the way down to first fiddle, second fiddle, and third fiddle.

I saw where this was going.

I also realized if I didn't do as I was expected to do here that I could get thrown out and I had no doubt the "guys" in the next room would be even more hateful and abusive with me, likely me getting even hurt - or killed !

So ... I just did as they wanted, right down the line. And there certainly was a lot of them. To keep my mind off of it I started thinking of a programming language that used the 10-digits of 0-9 where zero was like the ENTER key and the other digits represented command entries.

I was actually enjoying daydreaming about this phantom operating system and started to run a program in my consciousness when the next person I started to kiss had her NAKED butt sticking out for me !

She was leaning so far out to make sure she wouldn't wouldn't get missed that in my distracted mentality I had almost touched her bare pucker with my nose - but managed to stop myself in time !

I looked up to see it was Angel who apparently had jumped from her first position across and waited for me to get to the very end of all the other girls. And the END it was. I could see that.

I was so angry and so disgusted at what she did and what I was seeing that I started to spew out a list of loud profanities but was cut short by Angel. "Hey ! That's okay. It's okay. I was just checking to see if you were awake."

"I'm awake !" I retorted angrily. I felt like salt was stinging my eyes what I was seeing.

I could tell she was thinking, scheming. Then she spoke invitingly, "You sure you don't want to anyways ?"

And she waggled her bare butt inches in front of my face, her pucker in plain sight. I closed my eyes to the nightmare and groaning uncomfortably spoke, "Yeah, I'm sure. That is -  I mean, it's not going to happen, Angel. Not - not now. Okay ?"

She hiked back up her undies and turned to look at me. I had reopened my eyes to regard her. She narrowed her eyes wickedly and spoke quietly I think more to herself than me, "But maybe later then ?"

My own eyes opened wide with anger and resentment. That is not at all what I said !

She could see I was furious so she raised her own voice again and spoke imperiously, "That's fine, Dev, we're done here. You've passed the initiation. Go to bed now."

I grumbled to myself and started to leave. Behind me the girls were all whispering excitedly but I couldn't make a single word out. In any case, I didn't want to. Gossip. Gossip. GOSSIP !

I beelined straight for my room and the first thing I did upon entering was to take a shower. A long and hot one. I had done it before, I would do it again. I took the bar of soap and sucked on it while tears streamed down my eyes remembering the first time I had done this.

It was back in the reading room, and the situation was very similar. Very similar indeed. That sort of thing could really take the wind out of your sails.

Now I honestly couldn't sense or taste anything bad with the silly 'initiation' I did earlier, but I'd be damned if there wasn't.

I scrubbed myself spotless, top to bottom. I even took a little shampoo and gargled with it. Not enough to make myself sick, but pretty close to.

Once I had stepped out a dried off I took a mint out of its wrapper and enjoyed sucking on it with a tall glass of water while watching a bit of the news on the screen.

Each meal that I received earlier came with a little sugarless mint and I had been stockpiling them just for when I really wanted one - which was now.

There was good news on the screen indeed. Apparently the internet was going to be coming back, tomorrow, so both the newscaster and myself hoped.

I could put up with all the stupid nonsense these girls were doing but having the internet back would definitely make it a lot easier to keep my mind off of their stupid teasing and pranks which I knew were to follow after this.

It would still be worse. A whole lot worse if I were over in the guys quarters. I realized this and I was certain Angel did too.

Still grumbling to myself and dwelling slightly on what all I saw this evening, all of those girls butts in my face, I whacked the pillow one hard and angry shot with my fist, but was then asleep moments after.

. . .

The flight to Wanabee had just taken off and the doctor, scientist, and two girl archeologists had fastened their safety belts ready for the long journey across the continent.

On the way they quietly discussed amongst themselves all the 'miracles' they had seen Tyr do. As they continued to get closer and closer to their destination, so too did their excitement and interest in finding this miraculous girl.


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