FB4-18 "It's All The Rage"

FB4-18 "It's All The Rage"

A Chapter by dw817

Okay, now I was furious ! I checked the bathroom mirror and my face was flushed red. I was gonna punch Angel so hard she'd wind up in the hospital ! I would be certain of that.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© August 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 17 - "It's All The Rage"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I had woken up. Something was troubling me.
I checked the clock to see that I had only slept a short 15-minutes before I was conscious. I guess I had a lot on my mind at the moment.

My main concern, and a silly one at that was to realize that it would be impossible to generate a programming language using only the digits 0-9 as if the zero key truly was the ENTER key then it would be impossible for any variable to hold a number that ended in a zero.

I sighed. Drank a little water, pulled out some paper and pencil and started to work on a solution.

As I fevered over the code I looked in the mirror in my bedroom to see the robe I wore earlier hanging up. From the mirror, it looked like someone might've written something on it.

I dismissed this as an optical illusion especially owing to my tiredness and continued to work on this virtual assembler.

The solution was simple but unfortunately required me to add another switch to the ten. I single red button that meant SEND whatever command I had fed in.

It was fine that the first 2-digits after execute specified the code location. I drew an arrow key from a sample set of digits to the red SEND key.

The more I worked the more it gnawed in the back of my head that something was written on the back of my robe. Obviously I couldn't read it from the mirror and the distance it was. "5ta3 55a rof e3rf." Some kind of code ?

But finally I finished writing and got up to check out the robe, as an excuse to wash my hands and face and get back to sleep.

But no, there it was, just before I entered the bathroom. Written in all caps clearly from a black marks-a-lot. I realized that when Angel came to give me a hug and rub her fingers sympathetically on my back that in fact she was writing something, and it was nasty, and it was clear all the other girls could read it too.


That's why they reacted the way they did after I had done the 'initiation' with Angel. That's why they all insisted I smack them as well.

Okay, now I was furious ! I checked the bathroom mirror and my face was flushed red. I was gonna punch Angel so hard she'd wind up in the hospital ! I would be certain of that.

Growling I bunched up the robe under one arm as evidence and went to open my door with the next.

Unfortunately, my door was locked again, apparently from outside. I grimaced and pushed on the door to try and break the lock but it wouldn't happen.

"Angel !" I yelled at the top of my lungs but apparently my room was not only locked but soundproof as no-one responded and clearly they would've if they heard me.

I sighed, the fleeting anger trickling out of me to be replaced by abject misery. A few tears came to my eyes realizing that all this time Angel had been nice to me, that she was just setting me up for failure.

And how often had this happened at school with Scant ? More times than I could count.

I half-heartedly punched the door's frame, determined to do damage to something before the evening was over - and I did. My wrist immediately burned in pain. And yes, it was probably the first time I had ever raised my hand in anger.

As for now, I was howling in pain and ran immediately to the bathroom to run cold water over my aching fingers. I also tried to move the fingers in my hand and they were in agony in the attempt. Likely I had broken a finger or two in my display of anger.

Sighing now more with concern for my broken digits, I wrapped my fist up in bandages found under the sink and still tearful went back to bed.

I slept. I can't say I necessarily slept well but at least there weren't any nightmares I could remember. And I guess that was as good as it was going to be.

Morning had arrived. I stretched lazily to see my door was open when sudden pain shot through my right wrist reminding me the stupid folly the night before. I cupped it carefully in my other hand and started to put on a new robe to see if breakfast had arrived.

But I stopped myself. I went to go retrieve the original robe to show Angel, but - that particular robe was nowhere in sight ! I looked all over. There was no doubt about it. Someone had come in likely early in the morning and took out the incriminating evidence of Angel's wrongdoing.

Growling I left my room and headed for the breakfast station where the trays of hot breakfast were being served by Angel.

I started to address her with a shout but seeing my wrist bound up she reacted immediately. "Oh you poor dear ! What happened ? Oh my gosh ! Did you break something ? Let me see ! I want to help you !"

And, just like before all the anger I held towards Angel petered right out, like a hole in a bucket, like a bad electrical connection. My rage just fizzled out completely in the sudden and remarkable kindness of Angel.

The other girls there flocked around to see.

"Now give him room !" Angel said a little angrily. "He's likely in a lot of pain." Then she addressed me, "Dev, I can fix up your wrist if you like. Would you like breakfast first though ?"

I shook my head. Words failed me. She was being so NICE to me now and yet yesterday I still remember the hateful words written. But there she was now, the most kind and considerate girl there ever was. So - isn't it possible it was my imagination that I saw those hateful words written on the back of my robe ?

That in fact she never did write them, and I was half-asleep or half-awake and only imagined that she did ?

I sighed, mostly for the pain to my wrist. Angel took that as a signal that I wanted her to look at my wrist first.

She snapped her fingers and Mouse came forth to her attention.

Then Angel spoke, "Dev has been involved in an accident. I'm going to see if I can help any here. I need you to take one of these meals and put it in his room so he can have it later."

"Yes ma'am." Mouse spoke dutifully and did just that.

Angel then bid me to unwrap my wrist so she could examine the fingers. As she did so I wailed in pain causing the other girls to chatter amongst themselves in concern.

Finally Angel pulled back. "I think he broke one of his fingers. The pinky it looks like. I'm going to take care of it. Now the rest of you go on with your regular day. I'll let you know when Dev is back."

With that she took me by the hand and led me into her own room. She then silently closed the door behind us - and just like my room I quickly found out it was soundproof.

. . .

Tyr and her Mother had been skirting around, trying to avoid being seen and ultimately did reach the 1st floor despite incredible odds of not making it. Strangely at this landing no-one was there to stop them.

Tyr spoke to her Mom, "I still need to rescue Dev. He's somewhere on a lower floor."

Annie didn't want this. "Baby, just - come home. Okay ? We can find out about Dev later."

But Tyr was insistent. "No, I'll be alright. I promise. Just - go back home. I'll either call you from here or bicycle back, one or the other. But I'm gonna find and get Dev out of this evil hospital."

Annie had tears in her eyes but she nodded, "You always were headstrong you know, sweetie."

Tyr nodded, determined to search for me.

Annie gave her a big hug and then pulled back. "Now you come straight home once you finish here ! I don't want to have to come back because - because I think they'll be looking for that. You be careful ! Be Safe, Tyr !"

Tyr smiled. She would be alright. There was only one floor she hadn't tried on the elevator yet and that had to be where I was.

Annie kept to the shadows and left the building. She then hailed down a taxi and started the trip to home. Tyr hit the lowest button on the elevator and rode it to the destination.

. . .

Dr. Seisbee and company had another hour's flight before they entered Wanabee, and they were ready to meet Tyr again, and this time find out exactly how it was she could do what she did.


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