FB4-20 "A Swirly To Remember"

FB4-20 "A Swirly To Remember"

A Chapter by dw817

One stepped forward looking impressed, "Looks like your little pussycat's got a bit of a yowl there, Wizard." He nodded, agreeing. "Nothing a toilet swirly wouldn't fix, though, Razor."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 20 - "A Swirly To Remember"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I looked at that teddy bear which was the prize.
There was no doubt in my mind at all this was Teepo. But didn't I have Teepo in my bedroom ? Where last did I bring him ? My mind raced with the possibilities.

But emotion overcame logical reasoning. I spoke out loud, "That's MINE !"

Angel greeted me with another one of her condescending smirks. "Oh ? You want this, Dev ? Can you not go to sleepy-weepy without your teddy-weddy ?"

The other girls snickered in amusement, all except for Mouse who looked at me, shocked that I would make such an outlandish claim that this random stuffed animal belonged to me.

"It's - mine." I said. The tears welling up in my eyes again.

Angel came over and patted me on the head which I did =NOT= like at all. "Well, Dev, it not yours yet. It's the prize we have for today's wrestling match. Understand ?"

"You're fighting again with your ... " and my voice trailed off trying to remember the stupid rules from last time.

"B&B." she said finishing my sentence. "Breast and butt. But no, not this time. Instead we'll take turns hugging each other. Whoever falls first is the loser. It's a pretty straight-forward competition and is determined by upper body strength."

I grimaced not wanting to participate. That is until Angel took Teepo and dangled him in front of my eyes like live bait for a fish. I snatched for him but she pulled back in time. "Ah ah ah." she chided. "Not unless you win. You =DO= want to participate then, don't you, Dev ?"

I sighed. This wouldn't be that bad. Guys were always stronger than girls. At least that's what Dad told me anyways. I narrowed my eyes with conviction, "Yeah. I'll participate. But if I win - "

She cut me off, "If you win - you can have your precious teddy bear." She narrowed her own eyes at me, "So don't be a spoiled child and just say it's yours - not unless you win, baby boy." And dramatically held up a hand and watched as my eyes followed it to snap the front hem of her skirt for emphasis.

I swallowed uncomfortably staring at the crease in her skirt. The others sniggered again at the rude attitude she was giving me. Finally I just stepped back, nodding respectfully.

"Good." she said with finality. "Then shall we go to the gym now ?"

. . .

Back with Tyr, the group of adolescent youths started to close in on Tyr with hungry looks in their eyes.

One, bolder than the others, approached her first, "What do we have here boys ?"

"A delicious present to be sure." another said.

"A little baby. All dressed up for us, isn't that right ?"

"Yeah. Sweet babe. Tastes like cherry I'll bet." someone from the back ranks said eagerly.

The bold one reached forward and grabbed Tyr by the arm. "You're coming with me, doll-face."

"Let go of me you - " and Tyr was lost for words.

The others guffawed at Tyr's timid voice. She struggled to deepen her voice, to sound threatening. "Let go of me ! You - you PERVERT !" she finally screeched in a very loud pitch.

The others stopped their approach with wide eyes. One stepped forward looking impressed, "Looks like your little pussycat's got a bit of a yowl there, Wizard."

He nodded, agreeing. "Nothing a toilet swirly wouldn't fix, though, Razor. Got to flush the fight out of her first. Get her squeaky clean - and give her the right mindset."

With that they all crowded in eagerly. Tyr grunted and strained but her little arms and legs just weren't strong enough to pull free.

The one called, "Wizard" then bodily picked her up by her waist and headed for the community bathroom that was part of these premises.

* * *

"No. No !" she shrieked trying to get free, kicking her feet. But with all of them pressing up against her and holding her in place, there was no way she could get free.

Two from behind flung open the stall door in the bathroom and Wizard thrust Tyr down near the toilet. It was ghastly for her. Unlike the semi-clean ones at the school she went to, this one clearly was not as well maintained and had yellow stains and ... she didn't want to think about what ever else was caked on the sides of the toilet bowl !

In a smooth movement Wizard had forced her to her knees, her wailing and struggling all the while.

Seconds later he grabbed the back of her neck and thrust her headfirst in the toilet. Then shockingly he sat on top of her while facing the door !

The boys howled and chortled with laughter at the terrible predicament they put Tyr in. She struggled but it was no use. His fat a*s was just too big to pull free from. Finally she moaned and coughed uncomfortably as the full stench of an unclean toilet hit her straight in the face.

"Flush it for me, Razor, will ya ?"

The adolescent boy in question came forward and pressed down on the flushing mechanism. Wizard wiggled his bottom forcing her head deeper down the bowl. Seconds later you could hear her trying to talk angrily but suddenly her words were garbled in the water causing an even louder roar of laughter from the boys.

Wizard got off of her for a second to lower his pants rubbing his thighs vigorously, but Tyr was too dizzy from the flush to raise up; something he was expecting. Then with a mean grin easily sat back down on her in his underwear this time facing the opposite wall.

Tyr turned her head slightly and was now aware that he was sitting on her in only his underwear and struggled hard to get free ! She gripped the sides of the toilet pushing up but they were too slippery. She put her head back down and fumbled around with her hands looking for a pipe to the toilet - anything to grab for leverage.

Suddenly her left hand had grabbed something smooth and metallic. She gripped it hard and pushed down immediately regretting her folly when she realized it was the handle to flush the toilet ! The one she was in ! She had flushed herself ...

That brought a new round of raucous laughter from the boys who now called her a dumb-a*s for managing to stupidly swirl herself in the boys' toilet.

Tyr wouldn't have this humiliation though and started to yell angrily again about how she was going to kill Wizard DEAD once she got free but her voice was suddenly covered over by the water again getting a nasty wet gurgling out of her sounding awful now as she blew bubbles out of her nose fighting for breath.

After the flush receded all you could hear from Tyr was sobbing and pitiful moaning, her wet fingers returning to the sides of the toilet to steady herself. She was really dizzy from the second flush now and it was all she could do to not pass out in the water.

Wizard got up to look at Tyr whose head was still in the bowl and her voice continued to moan pitifully about the terrible state she was in. She was still too dizzy to stand up just yet. He waited for a second to see if she would raise up. It was clear she could not.

"All washed up." he said triumphantly. Then he bodily lifted her out of the water to set her rear end down straight down into the cold water with a hard splash, her waist and thighs stuck inside the bowl and her legs draping over the sides so she couldn't pull free of the toilet. Her arms hung uselessly at her sides.

He then approached her as she shivered from the cold. Tyr's mouth dripped saliva and drool and toilet water bubbled out of her nose as she snuffled trying to regain her breath. Her head reeled slightly, still dizzy from being flushed in the toilet twice now.

Wizard took advantage of her lassitude and pressed forward, the cotton of his underwear bulging hard and baring up against her freezing wet nose adding sudden warmth to it.

She crossed her eyes on the imposing sight in confusion and bewilderment. He smiled, tucking both thumbs around the hem of his underwear as he spoke easily down to her, "You know what to do here now, don't you princess."

. . .

Back with Annie, she had taken her vehicle and returned home. She had Tyr's cellphone number but didn't call it. She knew her daughter was almost 18-years old. One more year. She didn't want to appear as a doting nanny so she let her try to find Dev on her own.

She went to Tyr's room to look around, a little uneasy, remembering what she saw the last time she was here. It was impossible ! Absolutely impossible what she saw.

She gripped Tyr's nightstand for support and spoke quietly to herself, "I - I didn't imagine it. I saw it. It was confirmed. She - my daughter - she vanished. She's back now. I - I need to call her. Make sure my baby's safe. Even if she can do this - this witchcraft !"

She continued to tell herself these affirmations when the doorbell rung.

Curious she went to go answer and opening the door saw four people. Two teenage girls dressed a little loosely for the cool air outside and two men. One was old with spectacles and a walking staff and the other looked like he was from the military.

The one with the horn-rimmed and golden spectacles spoke first, "Ma'am. Are you the Mother of Tyr Cryshta ?"

"Who wants to know !?" she retorted defensively, used to people in authority coming to her door about the bad things her daughter had done.

He identified himself as Dr.Seisbee an archeologist and a specialist in the occult and unknown. He stated his reasons for the visit, "We were hoping to speak with your daughter. You see, we're from Gobi, that's Mongolia if you don't know your geography. And yes, that is from halfway around the world. That's where we saw her last. We took a special flight from there to see and visit with her HERE. You know NOW why we traveled so far, don't you ?"

Annie's eyes grew wide. So her daughter had truly somehow teleported all the way to the other side of the planet ! At first she didn't say anything. She could see the remaining 3 people were very interested in how she would respond to this.

But after this look of shock she bit her lip in anger and stuttered, "I - I don't know what you're talking about. That's utter nonsense ! You have the wrong person. You're trespassing. Get off of my property !" And she flung the door closed, only to have it stopped solidly by the back end of Seisbee's walking staff.

She was at first wondering if she had broken the item but not when he pushed the door open with it.

She could see it wasn't in fact cheap wood as imagined earlier but a burnished bronze, solid, heavy, clearly valuable, likely hundreds of dollars, and had a small copper figure of an owl sitting on the top of it. The other three remained outside to see how this would fare.

He sniffed, fatigued, tapping his staff soundly down on her floor by the entryway. "We really don't have time for pleasantries I'm afraid, madam." He looked around to see the house and any sign of this miraculous girl, Tyr. "So where is she then ?"

"GET OUT !" Annie shouted at the top of her lungs not at all impressed by Seisbee's brazen demeanor. She added threateningly, "Get out now, or I'll - I'll call the police !"


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